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and as to why amnesty has chosen to highlight this yes there have been civilian deaths there we know that there's been civilian deaths in syria but we also know the modus operandi of isis and their affiliates in isis strongholds what they will do is actually move it into a city where there are civilians and move into their homes now if those civilians don't escape on time they're going to be killed if they try to escape so if they don't get out they're going to be there and they're always used as collateral damage we had forces outside of baghdad in iraq that had to kill civilians just to get out isis stronghold locations so this is something that we do know and i think that's one thing the commander is talking about it is highly unfortunate some of the stories that amnesty pointed to that so many family members die even one of them being a baby in these airstrikes being somebody who's been in areas where isis has been liberated because of coalition airstrikes it is very clear to see the damage that is done to homes from the air strikes however in some of these villages the villagers who have survived some of them were able to escape before isis came in and are so happy that isis is gone they don't have to worry about they're happy to
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rebuild but again i mean this are these are different circumstances and it is important to investigate to make sure that all of all proper protocol and measures were done but again we are dealing with a genocidal actor which both russia and u.s. coalition are both fighting actively in syria and you know we have to wipe out genocide but these are people that even embassy has never seen before like isis other terrorists of this nature that will use babies children women and innocent civilians as collateral damage as human shields to make sure that reports like this do come out when they're not related indeed while the u.s. led coalition is accused of having killed a number of civilians in iraq a campaign the u.s. is disputing amnesties dates already what do you think about that. well i think it's important for the u.s. to look at it i know a lot of strong responses came out from some of the u.s. top generals but it is going to be important for for the u.s. to at least go through the data and see what happens to the people that were talked to and why this is different why there have been u.s.
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air strikes in other countries namely in northern iraq where civilians did not come out angry about the u.s. strike what made this one different so i do think we have to be careful that being too soon one thing i would state though is that this report came out from the base office the main headquarters of amnesty and united kingdom who was themselves and having their own problems within their own government of human rights violations and freedoms even imprisoning people for freedom of expression or at least enough people that were known to be i dissent but visors so you know it's important to remember that the connections there but i do think the u.s. will have to get looked at least look over the report and speak with some of the people who can that can give them the details about this they were a little bit of discrepancies i saw with and from the stories. was unlikely that would you say that these allegations of war crimes could potentially be trying to do any cause a little. there's really not going to be any likelihood if this is a scenario and i'm not saying that this is but if this was a scenario where there were war crimes violated these are international criminal
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laws there are four basic international criminal laws it can be tried under the hague or international criminal court the u.s. is not a signatory to that so there is no jurisdiction however they could put pressure on other international and regional bodies and so we would be able to see this be tried however if there was justice that there was wrongdoing on the part of the u.s. military in any way that will be handled and it would have to be handled in-house within the u.s. military themselves international law or attorney jennifer bridgend thank you for your time thank you. he was in syria while the u.s. led campaign to liberate iraq owes ongoing these all some of the reports filed by our correspondent on the extent of the devastation and how iraq has residents were affected by the battle the u.n. estimates that's an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every day nothing is left in iraq except for destruction because of the coalition and the
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strength of the coalition. some villages worldwide towns some neighborhoods were demolished in the likelihood of more than eighty people civilians were killed in two us said strikes near the syrian city of bragg many have. died in iraq and that strong the massacres in iraq are committed by isis and the coalition warplanes together what can i say the streets are full of. a lot of it appears and has said russia will work to strengthen ties with all stria in spite of e.u. sanctions almost sco the russian later visited vienna on tuesday on his first international trip since starting his fourth term as president. has the details. it's been an incredibly busy hectic day for vladimir putin between all the talks negotiations conferences and press conferences they talked about a whole host of issues and themes that have worried russia and austria of course
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one of them being sanctions we believe any politically motivated restrictions of protectionism these tools for resolving political issues are in the end useless in achieving the ultimate goal they're damaging for both sides and i think everyone's interest in lifting the sanctions russia are included we realize it is difficult for individual countries to voice and you know the reasons why however this doesn't stop us from developing ties with austria it can indeed be difficult to voice an independent position in europe on the sanctions against russia for a variety of reasons one of them being that the united states has kept up pressure in european states to keep the sanctions up another reason might be going against the flow of europe has established position in the austrian chancellor himself said that as his country as you examine chairmanship of the council of europe that he won't rebel and lift sanctions against russia but he did admit that he's
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a tough times and austria would do what it could to defuse the situation and he's being backed by other new european leaders. that we will support opening up to russia which has consolidated. which has consolidated its international role in various geo political crises in recent years we will push for a review of the sanctions system starting with those that risk punishing the russian civil society. another reason for this newfound eagerness to make up with russia could be the fraying relationship with the united states the unpredictability of donald trump washington has slapped new tariffs on european companies on european goods and that has incensed leaders all over the
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continent so making up with russia could be not only of political but also of financial sense take for example liquefied natural gas that the united states has been thrusting on europe that doesn't make much financial sense says the austrian president. recently there's been some let's call it reproach on the part of some american politicians who suggest that the use to dependent on russian gas but the fact it's been overlooked is that american liquid gas if i'm not mistaken is two if not three times more expensive than russian gas so it makes little sense from a purely economic perspective to replace russian gas with american liquid gas to be blunt there shouldn't be any expectation of sanctions against russia being lifted in the anytime soon over night or in the foreseeable future but what we heard today as well in the in the weeks preceding this this meeting with these meetings is that
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the currents in europe shifting political analyst giuliani before see thinks economic benefits that should outweigh the political motives. you mentioned all you have to do when you're in this section of utah to last an expert to show russian pre-buy sound we're going to be w. needs to work on their economic crisis. or the russians could be an important market we can restore. the trade agreements as we have and as we. say we can overcome all the problems. you're going to hear any program countries are against you know this these cannot understand the. economics of e.g. a foreign policy but this is the right model for the workshop in response to work this is a great shot of the family were some of the many countries in europe. as outrage continues over israel's use of lethal force against protesters in gaza the u.s.
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is remaining unwavering in its support for its middle eastern ally most recently washington's ambassador in jerusalem dished out some less than diplomatic advice to journalists covering the rallies in which since march at least one hundred twenty palestinians have been killed. well the american ambassador to israel david friedman has attacked the media for what he says is failing to fairly cover the recent protests along the israel gaza border he said that when you have a situation of some forty thousand protesters storming the israel border under the cover of burning tires and with pistols and other tough cocktails that situation is unprecedented and he says that israel did the best it could and yet despite this ninety percent of media coverage was biased and critical against the israeli
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defense forces the american ambassador did however concede that some criticism against israel is legitimate now israel's position has always been to blame him us for the protests and the ensuing violence and this is a position that american officials have echoed a mosque terrorist backed by iran have incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure and we understand that israel has a right to defend itself urged the members of the security council to exercise at least as much scrutiny of the actions of the hamas terrorist group as it does to israel's legitimate right of self-defense now despite the fact that american officials have come out in support of how the israeli army behaved in dealing with those gaza protests there has been unprecedented criticism in the international community particularly by human rights groups you have for example human rights
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watch saying that the i.d.f. they hevia was a bloodbath you have the united nations saying that it was outrageous you have amnesty international saying to quote if there was a horrifying use of live ammunition against protesters now the latest figures we have from the gaza health ministry are that one hundred and nineteen people were killed in nine weeks of violence the situation on the ground is still tense and unfortunately we are bracing ourselves for those figures to climb. journalist and filmmaker david sheen has been documenting the racial and religious tensions in the region for nearly a decade he told us he believes the u.s. ambassador's coalmines off part of a concerted effort to deprive palestinians of their rights and surely he's saying you can't report on any massacre doesn't matter the death toll goes up into triple digits or if there is medics or whatever journalists are being shot you can't report on any massacre unless you first frame it within
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a narrative that justifies it. you know this is ridiculous this whole trumpy an attack everything is fake news unless you declare the narrative as we see it and i think it's pretty clear that they're overwhelmingly demonstrating that the israeli government isn't just trying to defend itself but is actually trying to destroy any idea of palestinian nationalism any idea of the chance that there could be some levels some measure of equality. international nuclear watchdog confirms that iran is preparing to restart the production of a chemical compound that can be used to produce nuclear weapons to iran earlier sent an official letter informing the organization that it stepping up its enrichment capacity. right now the electrical infrastructure and utilities in the towns are ready for hundreds of thousands of sensitive work units we started the work yesterday we sent a letter about the start of some activities to the i.a.e.a.
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. these developments come with the iran nuclear deal on the verge of unraveling the two thousand and fifteen accord that was the result of long to announce negotiations that lifted international sanctions against iran and in turn to run gave up its nuclear aspirations and significantly limited its enrichment program but now that the u.s. has scrapped the agreement sanctions are being imposed again and washington is warning there's more to come. we will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the iranian regime the leaders in tehran will have no doubt about it seriousness these will indeed end up being the stronger sanctions in history when we are completely he has reacted to iran's latest moves saying that although it doesn't constitute a breach of the deal the revival of enrichment activities by to run exacerbate the already fragile situation meanwhile both iran and washington are putting pressure
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on europe issuing threats and also masons is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran i think it would give the answer you say the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments. european countries seem to expect the iranian people to both suffer from the sanctions and give up their nuclear energy activities abiding by the j c p o e limits i'm telling those countries that this is a dream that's never going to come true this will never happen. was a mohammad marandi of politics professor at the university of to iran believes iran has so remarkable restraint and the ball is now in europe's court. i think without a doubt the iranians have shown a great deal of patience so far when the americans pulled out many expected the
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iranians to pull out immediately as well because after all this was a multi lateral agreement and the united states is the key antagonists and if when the united states pulls out the. agreement really becomes almost meaningless however you ronny and showed patience and they told the europeans that if they're willing to grow backbone and stand up to the americans protect their citizens protect their business people and their corporations and companies and banking and financial institutions with real commitments if there have solid if they bring forth solid commitments to show the iranians that they're willing to do this then the wrong can stay within the agreement but otherwise if the europeans are just going to give verbal support and back down and allow their companies to be sanctioned and punished by the americans then there is absolutely no reason why the iranians should stay in agreement. if the world cup starts only eight days from now
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and earlier we got a close up look at the biggest prize in football class coming up after this short break stay with us.
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can say anything he wants to say. you can't fire you know it won't be another election until twenty twenty and he's gliding into twenty eighteen probably won't even many representatives and support and there's a lot this year. welcome back while it's eight days and counting until football's showpiece tournament totem and kicks off right here in moscow thirty two nations will bounce laid out to get their hands on the world cup trophy and earlier we got a close up look at the biggest prize in the sport. i am really proud to tell you that there is more than just a special reason for me to be wearing this golden tide because here in this studio right now we're going to show you
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a very special shiny gold guest can we please have a lot for. the actual true free world cup winners get their hands on after the final the winning team will lift this exact trophy above their heads and this is the one that they keep only for a short while. before the ultimate possession they get a called the so-called winners trophy which it looks like exactly this one but only made of bronze and it's a gold plated bronze so even lionel messi scene is the best footballer today can't touch it indeed this is the one in on li made of eighteen karat solid gold. official fee for world cup trophy and only heads of state and people world cup winners can touch this magnificent fold the price how far has the trophy traveled
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on its tour trophy traveled from kaliningrad to vladivostok literally a massive geography we estimated that around forty million people lives in the nearest proximity to the cities where the traffic visited any special moments in russia in kaliningrad for instance a young guy made american marriage proposal to his girl and that was really really touching and almost you know i almost had tears in my eyes and a lot of new words coming to see this trophy after their wedding there was. a longtime fan of football he was around sixty years of age and the guy was crying and i haven't seen you know a sixty year old guy crying this side of the trophy. as the excitement builds over which country will lift the world cup in the final in moscow next month r.c. has been picking the brains of perhaps the most famous mileage out that
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a marine air on how the tournament will play out and we invite you to challenge the special one and make your own predictions. i don't talk to the emotional but they have to be i will go to contradictions because i want my players to win but i also want my players to go on the whole it is so this is going to be tough so if you feel up to testing your knowledge against the might of marine e.o. head on to five facebook over twitter and follow the hash tag much merino to make sure you don't miss any of the games there will be two rounds of predictions from the group stage to the knockouts with the first starting this wednesday. meanwhile teams are beginning to arrive in russia ahead of the world cup's opening game the overall squad is the first to touch down in moscow they are in group b. for the tournament and will face one of the favorites spain as well as portugal and morocco the rain in coach describes qualifying for the world cup in russia as a dream come true adding that it has taken
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a lot of effort and the terminations on the part of his players. plenty more to come at the top of the hour during his then if you can. believe it. world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of eternity but there was one more question by the way it's going to be our coach. guys. i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the football with you and do all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and ten world cup in russia meet the special one. just like the radio. latest edition of big. taste with frustration and dismay for america's allies even members of the g.o.p. donald trump is sticking to his campaign promise to recast washington's trade
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relations with the world the reaction has been loud in swift only on the verge of a global trade war. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. thanks for hanging out with us i'm bart chilton coming up today it's been a year since the united states with drew from the earth wind that word has us leaving will hurt or hampered efforts to save the planet from global warming well as tyson slocum the director of public citizens energy program and artist caleb mop and joins us from moscow where he's attending an international forum we'll ask him about tariffs and sanctions and more plus in the wake of the u.s. supreme court decision supporting a colorado bakers decision not to bake
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a cake for a same sex couple marriage we asked americans lawyer might happen tony what this may mean for other businesses all that straight ahead but first let's get some headlines the hunt is on for sky broadcasting the british culture secretary has allowed twenty first century fox and comcast to pursue bid for the british broadcaster officially kicking off a betting war fox's bit affectively offers roughly eighteen and a half billion pounds while comcast bid is close to twenty two billion secretary met hancock officially found that the two bids create no concerns with regard to public interest or broadcasting standards sky and it suitors will have to meet with officials from the department of culture to finalize details on how the process will proceed mr hancock told parliament that he will insist that any deal preserves sky as a u.k. based news source fox's bid for sky has become a minor political lightning rod in the u.k. the shadow culture secretary tom watson of the labor party responded to secretary
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hancock in parliament saying quote where the fox does the deal to fail it could leave sky news. isolated from sky and owned by a foreign company with few news interests in the u.k. it's hard to see how that would be in the public interest. and mexico has imposed a twenty five percent tariff on imported u.s. steel a direct and equal response to u.s. president donald trump's action mexico went further hitting a list of products including bourbon cheese pork cranberries and apples with tariffs or twenty to twenty five percent of twenty to twenty five percent the mexican interior minister acknowledged that the responses were calculated to create quote unquote political pain saying that is sending a clear message that this sort of thing benefits no one these trade wars and affects us all meanwhile top trump economic advisor larry kudlow said today that on the north american free trade agreement president trump has
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a preference to actually negotiate with canada and mexico separately mr cupples comments appeared to firm up president trump suggested on friday in response to a question about nafta renegotiation that he would pursue separate bilateral agreements with canada and mexico but mr kudlow also said the president's not going to leave nafta sort of hard to figure these guys out right negotiators have reportedly reached agreement only nine of thirty chapters of a revamped nafta in mexico fierce nafta critic leftist andres manuel lopez obrador led in a recent poll for the july presidential election by a two to one margin. and turning to the financial crime blotter there are two big stories out of australia one involving commonwealth that's the country's largest bank on monday the nation's finance intelligence agency recommended a fight against commonwealth equal to seven hundred million dollars the penalty is meant to punish and in theory deter lax enforcement of money laundering laws the
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fine if approved in bure in a bureaucratic review would be the largest corporate civil. altie in australian history and on tuesday australia's competition and consumer commission accused the former heads of the australian branches of deutsche bank and citi group and a number of their colleagues of a cartel conduct with regard to a twenty fifteen capital raise for a.n.z. bank australia's financial sector has been in the spotlight for a year related to a public misconduct inquiry which is uncovered many instances of unlawful behavior . a year ago june first president trump said he would accept the paris climate agreement at that time many of the largest u.s. companies said that they would stick with it and do their part to reduce global warming and you know help save the planet there is that and here
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a year later what's the status gladys we turn to the energy expert tyson slocum the director of public citizen's energy program tyson thank you as always for being with us we really do appreciate it yeah great to be here ok so have they kept their deal some of the we talk about a lot of times on this program apple and wal-mart g.m. and others that are doing things with regard to renewables but in large part are the corporations u.s. corporations doing their part to continue with the agreement the paris climate agreement yes some of them are i mean half of the fortune five hundred companies have some sort of either sustainability or renewable energy pledge that they are adhering to and so what we're seeing across the country is a big driver of renewable deployment in the united states is corporate procurement and so whether it's i.t. related companies like apple and amazon and microsoft that have big power intensive
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server farms whether it's big box retailers like wal-mart and others that are doing some of these installations on their own properties or if it's consumer facing companies that are. concerned about consumer preferences for clean energy and sustainability so they're making pledges so we're definitely seeing more and more corporations go into the marketplace and and produce or procure electricity to not only meet some of their social obligations but also because it's the least cost option when you talk about you know when you say the word perp. that really means that they are looking at it from a business perspective and you talked about the drivers what are the other drivers that businesses are looking at when they're making these procurement decisions in favor of renewables right so it's the availability of some of the products like power purchase agreements or being able to do on site generation but also a big driver here is the fact that twenty nine us states and the district of
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columbia have mandates that utilities and other entities produce or procure a certain amount of their electricity and so what that does is it drives a whole secondary market of what's known as renewable electricity credits and that is a big financial tool that a lot of companies are getting to make renewable deployment even more economical and we've talked about this before and i don't want to get into it now but about the whole carbon credits and trading and i blubbed that stuff i think it's the way that way to go when europe's done it but not doing it enough they're doing it but not enough in the u.s. now we talk about energy on the program in particular crude oil we talked last week because crude had risen so much although it's taken a slide in recent days. it looks like coming up at the opec meeting that both saudi arabia both opec including saudi arabia the largest producer and russia who has joined.


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