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actually put some more in you do when you little has bags of time we get to go out and then we're going to start another big. i moved here straight out of extra school in one thousand and two. and. started working there is existing already in. community. ships and so i started working up there. just doing basic stuff mixing and. intrigue level. this is. the first earthship community this is an extreme say that no one thought it was ever possible to build on a site the state demonstrate he built anywhere in the world would be impossible to believe him ashot house on the site why because to level the pad that you need for the foundation you have to dig so far back into the hell that you have to do
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a massive engineering retaining wall hold it back these buildings just tech and the hell itself and there's no power and water systems up here the cost to get if you didn't get you in our ship how would you power get water and sewage with a conventional house there's no way to get that infrastructure on this extreme slope and. well i stayed because. i knew i was really into the idea of living. sort of taking care of myself. and i think i was initially attracted to like. the idea of homesteading you know creating your. own stead and doing generating everything from that and so this idea is very much like that. idea that only. really attracted me to be able to control. my own power my own heed my own water you know
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to be in control of all of that and to not be reliant on any. outside source for any of those things i'm pretty into the educational side. enjoys students. alexy and. they go on and do after they're here. all the different routes so many different projects from academy students i mean a huge variety. so this ken rudin cameroonian orphanage made me part of their orphanage and part of the status and then go and i went back a year ago and i built the first house of the center with different volunteers most of them who i met through us a biotech chip and we started building the house and we train local volunteers. and most of the children also from the orphanage were participating and so it was just a beautiful experience where we all shared you know knowledge and how we wanted to
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see the worlds. was. you know you knew she was. this is a moment where we finished the time foundation which basically was to separate the whole house from the grounds on top of the ties it was just magic it was beautiful there so you see you do it most with yourself. and i did in our cells we had a lot of fans over the years helped us out with different projects. you know the creek plastering of the big wall that was down with our friends and stuff and damien. and people have because it sometimes there's things you can't do that and they get the big knot on the ceiling and that's a whole neighborhood came together and carried this out.
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a play for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so one more chance with. the piece it's going to. forman are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row
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there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. which. he is going to do drills grinder maybe the mixer. if he has time and so group two will start with them. i am going to do the table saw. so i'll take group three. so so. these get turned into great. to me that while.
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there was a woman to beat me and that played a. window. in the world to be given to me i think. yeah you know. you try to get more of a curve of your of the story line you don't care and she didn't make. even a lot. of you need to if you made. one of the cans i started using them before they started making aluminum cans i use the old steel beer cans and they're made very well but they do rust over time but we rarely use them as structure they are simply a panel wall in fail curtain wall and fill our forms and the real strength of a canned wall is the same mat it's really a way of forming say man the cans could go away and the curtain wall would still
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remain the form would still remain cuz it's it's a hollowed out honeycomb of cement so it's really a cement wall with cans used to form it on the cans take no weight or anything and sense there are no known now they don't rust they're just an ideal brick to do a lot of things with we've made domes involved in arches and we use them the pack out the tires we use them for interior walls or use them in a lot of ways. so this is the gravel pits and all of the earth and gravel that was taken from here is. it was used to build the road between towers and three spiritus the sixty four so basically they took all of the earth out of this area and now we're building houses on to it and the idea is to turn it into a vibrant community but also to have you know vegetation and grow food onto it so basically you know from what we have done to kind of take from the earth we're
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trying to give it back in another way and create a sustainable community here and we're going to go and visit brenda who lives there right now. hello hello thank you i heard very well the l.s.c. is filming is ok. cool. yeah this is brenda she's she was an academy student born in chicago raised in ireland but mostly chicago after the academy i went back to chicago and sold my house just there's something about living in these earthen structures or sleeping in these earthen structures that is just so comfortable. i sleep better than i've ever slept in my whole life the double greenhouse gives you three zones of temperature. here is the diagram of the building this is the global modular ship the winter sun comes in heats the building they are and it just it they the mass was always cooler so it
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just leaks goes right into the mass and stores up and that we have a big story bank there it's like a big sister sister stores water this stores heat i've had people in our nightly rentals that we learned from come to me the next day and say we it was winter we went to bed we put the quilt on you know wasn't cold but if we put the quilt on to it to winter. and in the middle of night twelve o'clock or so we kicked the quilt off because it was too hot and we slept comfortably without the quilt what do you have you have a warm for something that comes on and heats the house automatically at night that you're not telling us about no it just takes that long for this air space to lose its temperature to ask for the wall to come on the wall comes on the second that it senses that this space is cooler he goes out that house that's made out of and that doesn't have like cement on the other side of something that's going to stop it will regulate humidity and keep fifty percent humidity inside your house at any
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time you know it might be more you know you take a shower is going to be a little bit more but it's just basically going to go out through the walls and go outside and this is the this is a pure play right. there react. well right so that's a good mix we looked that's what if we had it if we had it even a bit dry you would see this even more because like the other ones would just break completely. just. reuse it again. there's a. way maybe we could just. aspen.
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in the years. when the tea is a thing can make a really nice time you know and make it a piece of art. where in what we call the phoenix or shift and it's just a flamboyant example of all the things that are in all the others well yeah we're in them is the middle of a high dry desert cold and hot and this is making the example of the fact that if the tannic all rain forests can be built and not use any fossil fuel whatsoever to create this kind of. an environment so environments can be created on this planet with the planet itself we do not need a nuclear power plant to make a house or a botanical gardens work. a lot of people think that you have to be a hippie in a teepee in the mountains to be green or sustainable and it is showing that you
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don't this is showing you have quite a nice existence without using any of fossil fuels are dumping sewage into the oceans and reversion things like that in other words it's just an understanding an eighth grade under. standing biology and physics that makes this work. yeah and. this is going to be.
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you know i think you know i think you know at least our basic floss of these. housing would have a major impact on a global scale i think some of the major obstacles to that happening is a lot of time government. without a doubt also corporations i mean in the u.s. there's a lot of places where they don't want you to use solar electric councils they want you to stay with the grid so you because you're supporting an entire. wealthy industry and there's a lot of talk about you can't catch water and other country other states say you can't go off the grid unless you pay taxes there they tax you on solar panels they're trying to do a lot of laws to still control people. here in the aware that unlike the central
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florida area and make. a living completely out and they came in and like. so you have secret there anymore and i made her want to get back on the gravy. and that you think it legal to like catch water on a lot of areas. yeah you know yeah especially for even thinking like for drinking forget it. i guess you just have to do a lot of work around with the more developed the country is the more difficult it is to do these kinds of things and it's industry and government isn't necessarily and certainly not a lot of times looking out for the people. for their own interests yeah absolutely the u.s. they're looking out for their money for money i mean we elected donald trump for good say. it's all about money in the u.s.
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it's all about money. that's the only thing that matters i mean it's it's nice to go to other places where there are not so industrialized and developed where there are more accepting to these kinds of ideas. so some of the more challenging places can be the u.s. or europe. but. yeah. i think they. one of the fundamental things that make has been fighting for is to get our turn in an experimental building except in local or . state wide and national building codes it's easier for people to develop experimental harms not just earth ships and now the state mascaras scrutinising that all over again and tell him not to continue working on this sustainable
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development cast say so. it's kind of sad to see that there would be a life. there are now in terms of acceptance and all this and found. love of the thirty's it's still a struggle. new mexico is known for having tested you know nuclear bombs for a long time and well michael rendell tried to do is to basically say if we're able to you know blow these bombs out why are we not able to build alternative buildings that don't necessarily you know go to codes but that makes sense and function better than buildings to really know if they if they do try to stop humans from getting sun getting rain. getting wind if they do try to
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stop that they will have an uprising like they have never seen before i'll die fighting for their. so the first ship is just providing a very clean sustenance that is in countering the phenomena of the planet in a way that that it could make people become more a part of the planet like trees our trees are really a part of the planet you can imagine the planet without trees so i would like to see if you can imagine a planet without people but the way the people are treating the planet now i like to imagine the planet without people because they're destroying it i want people to evolve into their real potential and that potential is actually being hard to.
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face with frustration and dismay for america's allies even members of the g.o.p. donald trump is sticking to his campaign promise to recast washington's trade relations with the world the reaction has been loud in swift only on the verge of a global trade war. goosey a good. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away
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with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard was not know the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that it has not been as the i intend that i conclude that it is this out in. this. case both. for. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. for some want to be preached. at you like to be for us this is what the before last three of them or can people
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get. interested always in the waters in the house. and ask questions and. top stories here on r.t. international amnesty international says the u.s. led coalition in syria may have committed war crimes during the battle for. the white house the coalition admits that the real number of civilian losses during the liberation will be known. the u.s. ambassador to germany is accused of meddling after he says he wants to empower conservatives in europe. maybe he needs to be a little bit more. world cup team was at full speed with the legendary coach joe making his first predictions goalkeeper peter schmeichel revealing the beauty of city st petersburg. that the size of the.
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when they. come through here if they see this must feel. all right i just twenty eight o'clock on june the sixth here in moscow welcome to the program on r t international the entire news team here rounding up this hour's top stories. it has been one year since the start of the operation to liberate the syrian city of iraq from ice so the actual human cost of the operation remains far from clear according to the u.s. led coalition the number of civilians killed in the battle. will never be. as far as how do we know how many civilians were killed i'm just being honest no one will ever know anyone who claims they will know is lying it comes amid the
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international releases a report that accuses the u.s. led coalition of relentless air and artillery strikes during the battle for iraq the report even suggests the coalition may have committed war crimes during this. explains. getting to the bottom of what was really happening in iraq as the americans and allies were freeing it who will be bothered to do that or it'll take ages the prose of war behind these walls may have thought but scrutiny was inevitable coalition claims that it's precision and campaigns allowed it to bomb islamic states house of rocca well causing very few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny based on information from amnesty international is filled investigation and public
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reporting coalition air an artillery strikes killed hundreds of civilians and injured many more open amnesties report and you'll find words like this proportionate and discriminate bombing the use of white phosphorus claims which could turn into a reputational disaster if proven things that amount to war crimes the u.s. led coalition mission to free rocka went on for more than four months from june sixth to a cobra twelfth last year and the pentagon proudly told the world they'd fired thirty five thousand artillery rounds while they were at it that fired more rounds in iraq assyria than any other marine that tillery battalion any merino battalion since the vietnam war yet we kept hearing from those whose orders matter how cautious they war there is been known military in the world's history that is paid
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more attention to the limited food bill you will be in the guest of minister john the battle for you and the coalition military we're not perfect guys we can make a mistake and in this kind of warfare credited will happen but we are the good guys and munitions people on a battlefield know the difference you can't help wondering how. many innocent locals general mattis has actually met i'm sure you can find many of those who are genuinely grateful to the coalition for kicking myself out but just compare his words to some of the witness accounts our team heard while in iraq there was that in effect in washington when we were directly targeted by the coalition after the recognizance craft filmed us it was a low altitude it was very clear there were no terrorists in the area but there were kids playing in the streets and we were collecting water and i knew that all that i knew that if the aircraft bomb using force for its targets everyone it is not hidden i still the coalition is boman brendan lee if you're sitting at home
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a bomb may come down on you there are houses that collapsed on their residence and they couldn't get out all this happened because of the aircraft it will plane comes in strikes for instance a five story building i said would be on the second floor well civilians on the third and fourth floors how comes the plane still strikes then more civilians died than once all terrorists and we weren't alone in hearing those worrying calls from that devastated syrian city humanitarian groups on high alert had to many more whores to share with us and the rest of the world there are worries about how this operation will affect civilians we're concerned about the safety and protection of more than four hundred thousand people in iraq as these operations commence we've investigated it was. not a year in coalition authority so you actually believe that the actual number remains what about of course i wonder if you thought any of that led to
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a change of tactics by the coalition or at least an apology i have to tell you they sealed it themselves from scrutiny with monthly casualty reports we've been largely focusing on the fate of rock of civilians in our coverage and nationals now weighed in with some serious work it could be high time we hear something new from the us pros of war. on friday the russian president vladimir putin will visit china for the shanghai cooperation organization summit it will be his second foreign trip this week ahead of being casement he was asked by journalists whether he would be bringing any gifts first chinese counterpart. will you bring me give peace here it won't be a surprise if i say in advance what exactly i'm bringing. you
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know. i told you before how the chinese businessman told me how chinese love russian ice cream i promised him i'd bring some over myself and so i brought you an entire box of ice cream as a gift. let it be a secret between me and you i will whisper it to you later. let's talk correspondent. for us right now good morning what else can reveal in that interview . well it was a positive constructive and somewhat playful and sweet between president and said
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the chinese media and it comes ahead of the state visit to china one cimi eight now when asked about the relationship between president putin and his chinese counterpart president xi jinping and that's a bit putin said that he was a good and reliable friends that gather they talked about world affairs and economics and also that putin shared a very special day with the president in true russian style let's take a listen. chairman cieszyn pink is the only world leader with whom i have spent one of my birthdays i just have not had that kind of relationship with anyone else and my schedule did not allow spending my birthday with any of my other foreign counterparts but i was able to do so with decision. now during this three day state visit president face and let's turn this shanghai cooperation organization seventh also known as the as c.e.o.
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it started as a year asian alliance but then grew to become a global alliance infiltrating india and pakistan as well and together these countries make up the fourth largest production of world g.d.p. and they also make up forty three percent of the world's population now it's also a security organization as well so the topic of north korea will no doubt simply come up during the state visit but when talking about the korean peninsula in the instigate president putin said that they want to go down the path that will define us tensions between will read. it was stopped by the north korean leadership has taken unprecedented steps towards deescalation of tensions and frankly i did not expect that. i can understand the north korean leadership when they say that for the full denuclearization of the peninsula they need absolute guarantees of their security and how else could it be it is not possible to imagine it any other way especially after the tragic events
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that happened in libya and iraq the north koreans remember them very well. because i still hope that this meeting a very brave and mature decision u.s. president donald trump has made to have direct contacts with north korean leader kim jong un will take place and we all expect a positive outcome from here in the good future. now president putin and the world are eagerly awaiting this meeting between president trump and the north korean leader but another eagerly awaited event is of course their football world cup which kicks off on edmond she in the fourteenth as well but enjoying this interview and sums up the chance to ask president putin some questions and they were obviously still pull related saying is the big event history to kick off since we all know president putin is a great friend of his schools and this is what he had to say on the matter.


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