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we caught in between the big powers in the region. india on one side and on the other side i mean we were both india and china you know able to you know resolve their differences and not have small countries. in between you know it's very difficult for a small country not just the maldives but also for other developing small countries in east asia and africa but you know we need development funds from somewhere and unfortunately in our. us not providing that kind of development financing and so many countries not just maldives are being forced to go to china because those funds are available from china and you know when you have a democratic country where people's aspirations are high expectations suddenly going up you know the constitution that you have you are entitled to the you have a right to housing you have a right to safe drinking water then the government is forced to do something about it for
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a president. more from former president all these mohammad wahid son after the break. vivienne westwood in downing street to protest a government energy plans that critics say will cause earthquakes in britain let alone lead to global destruction of the more governable part two of going underground. america's allies even members of the g.o.p. donald trump is sticking to his campaign promise to recast washington's trade relations with the world the reaction has been loud in swift only on the verge of a global trade war. four man are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row
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there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because do not shoot around a corner. welcome back with still with the former president of the leaves. mother with the why mr the she had was so popular with his famous demonstration of climate change in the power of climate change i mean what is your opinion about the latest scientific evidence suggests your country will disappear it within eighty is. unfortunately that's the reality we have to face but in the meantime you know in the immediate near future we're going to be experiencing rough weather third of the maldives islands ordered severely you know as a politician you go around the island number one demand today is help us protect the beaches just recently one of the southern islands which is the only island at
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all in the world it's called formula it's is. below sea level but it has a rim around it. that protects the ocean from coming into the country but that is eroding now and just last month they had major flooding and they have two three freshwater bodies on the island they all can contaminated now because of this so more lives is threatened absolutely and it's not a long term trends because some have suspected that the this is with a desire for aid in that actually so my winds there is they're getting bigger we also have the technology to be able to expand islands and reclaim thence there are deposits of sand in the ocean that can be taken out and for building and grazing i dance and that we are doing quite successfully because that technology is in for was in china which is doing all sorts of climate change activities the greasing
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solar and so on whereas in washington president trump obviously has dissolved the paris climate change agreement do you think developing nations also will turn away from washington because of this key issue of climate change when it comes to the economics of developing world nations i think people are not stupid they know what's going on in climate change and people believe in it now paris accord was difficult it was it took a long time to get to paris and so you know us it's unfortunate that they're you know pulled pulled out of it but most of the nations are going to go ahead with the accord and you know india china all of them are. investing heavily in renewables they have set high targets for adopting renewable energy so i'm optimistic i think we together we will be able to deal with this issue of climate change how invented is this competition between india and china over the maldives especially given that they are obviously in the brics movement the new trade to block do you think to an
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extent it suits the european union and the other major nations that there is this fight between these two massive piles it is definitely not healthy for motives i mean india and china may have had their differences over other issues for a long time. and saw no evidence in prime ministers greeks were in mandarin. but you know but they also cooperating on technology on economy affairs and so on and trade so i mean it's unfortunate that a small country like motives is seen to be taking sides when it asked for assistance from from either of those countries you know they said this is a problem in many small countries and i got to singapore quite often i think they have the same kind of difficulty you know caught between big powers but that's something you know i think that heads of state from small countries need to also talk to each other and you know compare notes and see you know how do you how do you deal with this was your first question how do you deal with this kind of
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competition and i don't think there are any in answers to that but ironically for those critics of washington foreign policy in latin america in africa in southeast asia it could indeed be the united states that destroys your country not through any kind of foreign intervention because it fosters climate change i hope not because you know the private sector in the u.s. is not going along with strong president trumps policies you know many of them have said you know they would buy it so our i'm not so desperate and hopeless i think the united states also has a kid all to play especially. you know technologically the united states is able to contribute much enormously to. new. knowledge is a renewable energy in particular and just finally i must ask this because i know this goes out in the in all some of the maldives and some of those twelve hundred islands what about trade union rights and rights of workers in all these different
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hotel complexes because how on earth does the central government in mali keep tabs on worker rights when it seems like big multinational hotel chains are running those islands it is very much self regulated now we have a labor council for labor affairs which which listens to complaints that come from . really. yes yes you can i mean they have the power to visit any resort and see to. yeah unfortunately because of the geography many of our workers have to stay away from their families their families and their inhabited islands but they have to come and live on the. resort island so that's a huge disadvantage but many resorts allow them to go back to their resorts. but still the pay is so good in the resorts most of them prefer to work in resorts even over going to fishing or president thank you thank you.
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well while climate change threatens the destruction of the maldives protesters were out in force here outside the house of minority government needed to raise them a on world environment day this week fashion icon vivienne westwood and their son fashion designer joe cora came to the heart of government to deliver planet in the yours which they say is a representation of armageddon caused by plastic pollution and climate change we spoke to them about what they consider to be the tory do you predict factor coalition governments hypocritical policies on fracking and plastic. i mean westra joke or thanks for agreeing to this interview outside the house of the prime minister to raise a may he got into downing street this time around last time there were problems what have you come here to do today while we're here on world environment. to deliver some important reports to the reason why. the reports
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about any office any of us has the most fracking license is all paid licenses issued by the government. seeks to become the biggest trucking company in the u.k. there are already impulses. of. propane gas from the united states and eighty seven percent of any else's business is in manufacturing plastics eighty seven percent if they want to frack the gas to use the gas both to pay our pay up power their plants that makes plastics and turn the east into eslinger to make poly isolation which is plastic. and we're here on world environment because the united nations to does in fact. again. you know put up the warning flank about the amount of toxic
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plastic waste that is infesting and oceans in our environment last week all the media was something. of that why only yesterday recognized by the government what we're asking to raise it today is ham over the last five six years we've been sold this idea that we need fracking for energy security is making millions of tons of more polluting plastics helping our energy security this isn't making millions of tons. polluting disposable plastic and we were asking the government why you can't do that and finally say saints see the writing on the wall and stop this madness it's crazy the living you hear the writing on the wall is this government is an agent for this moms who is.
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giving them the right to frack for plastic i mean they're an agent of pollution given the right to a monster to frack for plastic that is the writing on the wall since joe started complaining against fracking the number of people in this country who are amfi fracking has risen to about eighty percent is the gas spec difficult to calculate our government is empty paypal that's what i'm saying it's not it's pro rob a shell monster and it's empty paypal any of us didn't get back to us in time for the specific allegations made here what is now happening about injunctions and law against protests against this industry the fracking of cereal and plastics i mean any of us. have been gaming the british legal system in order to
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tying this injunction and their injunction that they brought in a secret court hearing where no one was able to go and represent themselves no one was able to put a different point of view they were managed to obtain through the chancery call the business called the do not specialist in human rights issues is one of the reasons why in your sim i believe took the case to the to the chancery division. they convince a judge to effectively give them the most draconian interim injunction in british legal history. one of the reasons why it's so draconian is because it's against persons are not now what that means effectively is it's against everything it's against the whole world these injunctions normally are used for as both type situations stalking type situations where you have a clearly identifiable culprit and you say to that person if you come on this land
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again if you do any of these actions again then you're going to be subject to the terms of this injunction. they have areas that cover millions of square countries so that if their debut steps on their courage to die even though there's no fence around it there's no signs in wouldn't know where you are you are potentially putting yourself in a position where you could face two years in prison and have all your assets. lower here in this country the same you should be aware so that you have the choice to decide whether you want to step on that piece of land and put yourself in that predicament facing imprisonment or no now has anybody supposed to be aware of it so these these these injunctions a fundamentally problematic with human rights that for example in chapters and in eleven of the human rights allow you to sit down in the road and make approach it
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as long as you is long as you want to if you feel that some place that you need to make yourself that is the price that we all pay for having human rights and having a democratic society and vivian to julian of course on drug treated tension in west london or the ecuadorian embassy as determined by the united nations they could or in foreign minister now saying he's not complied with agreements to not intervene in the internal politics with third party countries it's not a matter of censorship that he has lost all his internet connectivity and indeed some would argue this. to ready to go outside world of our for this legal team what do you make of the people to blame are the british government for keeping julian trapped in the embassy because they have been completely he's committed completely framed and set up and what they do is they keep changing the goal posts i've come
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up with a term that is really flout saying public justice throughout the world and it's called rule of law and it's the british government to practice mis rule of law they have no legal reason what so ever to keep in there there's nothing the three stone that they can keep in there with they keep inventing things just for the sake of keeping in there why this is all to do with america because i think britain would actually like to say to julian ok you can step outside the door we have nothing to arrest you for police you can go but if they do that then they've got the trouble america wants him extradited and they don't want to deal with that you know they don't want to say all america you're our best friend but we don't want to extradite him do you mind know they don't want to do that they don't want
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to be in that position you know so i think that's what's going on and i'm going to get him out of there with this move through love law i for the law means i for miss rule of law and not for the law and not help get you in the sound there i'm going to give free so why i'm going to get a pop group to start singing are for the law they already did you know public opinions got to be a against miss rule of law review restaurants jo couric thank you jane. vivienne westwood and joe cora speaking to me outside prime minister tourism aids house for the show we're back on saturday with a special going underground to celebrate fifty years of revolutionary record label trojan records with filmmaker d.j. and musician dog lets the director of that most political of bands that clash till then keep in touch with us via social media day fifty one years to the day israel
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sees the golan heights from syria today the illegally occupied land is being drilled from fossil fuels by a company linked of all the u.s. vice president dick cheney former u.s. treasury secretary larry summers news cause of rupert murdoch and james woolsey the former boss of the cia. radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are. this more than seventy houses about one hundred forty people with families living here but. it's really
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a way of forming same as. the sun's coming in and heating their house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and using the plant starts to process the sewage we create our own little. fear. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be us. that are going to be for us it's like the before last three in the morning can't be good but. i'm interested always in the waters of knowledge. and ask questions and.
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this is. the church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not know the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that of that's not as the i intend then i conclude that it is this is out in. its path.
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top stories here on r.t. i'm misty international says the u.s. led coalition in syria may have committed war crimes during the battle for last year that has the coalition admits that the real number of civilian losses will never be known. fury in germany over the american ambassador is vile to champion europe's conservative groups. he needs to be a little bit more careful these days. and we have a world cup special for you in this bulletin as manchester united manager joe as a marine you're unveils his predictions for the group stage while another member of the r.t.e. team star goalie peter schmeichel gets cultural in the host city of st petersburg.
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the. second piano concerto solos me. just turning midday on wednesday june the sixth here in moscow this is our city international look very warm welcome to you today. first at least eleven people have been injured in an explosion at a grain storage facility in the french city of strasburg three people are said to be in a serious condition at a local prefecture has confirmed the incident and warned people to avoid the area however they haven't provided any additional information on what might have actually caused the explosion. as far as how do we know how many civilians were killed i'm just being honest no one
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will ever know anyone who claims they will know is lying it has been one year since the start of the operation to liberate the syrian city of iraq from i saw it all comes as amnesty international releases a report that accuses the u.s. led coalition of relentless air and artillery strikes during the battle to report even suggests that the coalition may have committed war crimes as it now investigates. getting to the bottom of what was really happening in iraq as the americans and allies were freeing it who will be bothered to do that or it will take ages the prose of war behind these walls may have thought but scrutiny was inevitable coalition claims that its precision and campaigns allowed it to bomb islamic states
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house of rocca while causing very few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny based on information from amnesty international's field investigation and public reporting coalition air an artillery strikes killed hundreds of civilians and injured many more open amnesty's report and you'll find words like this proportionate and discriminate bombing the use of white phosphorus claims which could turn into a reputational disaster if proven things that amount to war crimes the us led coalition mission to free iraq a went on for more than four months from june sixth to a tobar twelfth last year and the pentagon proudly told the world they'd fired thirty five thousand artillery rounds while they were at it that fired more rounds in iraq assyria than any other marine that tillery battalion any marine battalion since the vietnam war yet we kept hearing from those whose orders matter how
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cautious they war there is been known military in the world's history that is paid more attention to the limited value of the guests administered trying the battlefield and the coalition military we're not perfect guys we can make a mistake and this kind of warfare ready to happen but we are the good guys and munitions people on a battlefield know the difference you can't help wondering how many. innocent locals general mattis has actually met i'm sure you can find many of those who are genuinely grateful to the coalition for kicking myself out but just compare his words to some of the witness accounts our team heard while in iraq that was the second version of we were directly targeted by the coalition after their recognizance craft filmed us it was a low altitude it was very clear there were no terrorists in the area but there were kids playing in the streets and we were collecting water and i knew that all
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that i knew that if the aircraft bomb using phosphorus it targets everyone it is not hidden i still the coalition is boman brenda mli if you're sitting at home a bomb may come down and you there are houses that collapsed on those residents and they could not get out all this happened because of the aircraft it will plane comes in strikes for instance a five story building i said would be on the second floor while civilians on the third and fourth floors how comes the plane still strikes then more civilians died then i saw terrorists and we weren't alone in hearing those whirring calls from that devastated syrian city humanitarian groups on high alert had to many more whores to share with us and the rest of the world there are worries about how this operation will affect civilians we're concerned about the safety and protection of more than four hundred thousand people in iraq as these operations commence to strike we've investigated was. not
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a year in coalition authority so you actually believe that the actual number. under reported if you thought any of that led to a change of tactics by the coalition or at least an apology i have to tell you they feel that themselves from scrutiny with monthly casualty reports we've been largely focusing on the fate of rock of civilians in our coverage and nationals now way did . with some serious work it could be high time we hear something new from the u.s. pros of war. on friday the russian president vladimir putin will visit china for the shanghai cooperation organization summit it will be his second foreign trip this week and of being he was asked by journalists whether he would be bringing any gifts for his chinese counterpart. will you bring me give peace here it won't be a surprise if i say in advance what exactly i'm bringing. you
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know. i told you before chinese business man told me how chinese love russian ice cream i promised him i'd bring some over myself and so i brought you an entire box of ice cream if you give. me a secret between me and you i will whisper it to you later. if you touched on various topics from regional security to birthday surprise presents and football. and he
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has this is a doubt that president case will be bringing a gift in with him during his state visit to china. to meet president sees the tale of very good friends. there they will take a listen. chairman cieszyn pink is the only world leader with whom i have spent one of my birthdays i just have not had that kind of relationship with anyone else and my schedule did not allow spending my birthday with any of my other foreign counterparts but i was able to do so with decision ping. now during this three day state visit the president facing let's turn this shanghai cooperation organization seven also known as the s c i am together these countries make up the fourth largest production of world g.d.p. and they also make up forty three percent of the world's population now it's also a security organization as well so the topic of north korea will no doubt simply
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come up but when talking about the korean peninsula in the instigator president putin said that they want to go down the path that will have to use tensions between north korea and. syria to produce go to was stopped by the north korean leadership has taken unprecedented steps towards deescalation of tensions and frankly i did not expect that. i can understand the north korean leadership when they say that for the full denuclearization of the peninsula they need absolute guarantees of their security and how else could it be it is not possible to imagine it any other way especially after the tragic events that happened in libya and iraq the north koreans remember them very well. because i still hope that this meeting a very brave and mature decision u.s. president donald trump has made to have direct contacts with north korean leader kim jong un will take place and we all expect
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a positive outcome during this interview and the chance to ask the president and some questions and they were obviously related thing is their cut which kicks off on the fourteenth. that's a difficult one there are many title contenders there are latin american teams like argentina and brazil we also know that the german team showed great game at previous tournaments and a high quality of football was also demonstrated by the spanish team i am sure there are going to be other title contenders but the strongest will win you for the most. i have a couple of footballers whom i consider extraordinary and who can obviously lay claim to the title among russian and soviet players it is live yes sion among foreign footballers it's pale a well i also like mara dawna the people.


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