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the german team showed great game at previous tournaments and the high quality of football was also demonstrated by the spanish team i am sure there are going to be other title contenders but the strongest will win you've will do most. in the years to have a couple of footballers whom i consider extraordinary and who can obviously lay claim to the title among russian and soviet players it is live among foreign footballers it's pay leg well i also like mara dawna keep. that discussing old time footballing great sandbagging as world cup predictions and there's excitement for which country will lift the world cup when the final in moscow next month we have been picking the brains of perhaps the most famous manager out there shows at marino and how the tournament will play out.
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says mr merida let's go through the group step by step whenever you're ready. i'm not ready because it's very difficult i don't want to be emotional but i have to be i will go to contradictions because i want my players to wean but i also want my place to go on holiday so this is going to be tough but i would say to you know why as weights and when the go. they have experienced players they have the right mentality and i think russia has to finish second and. then the crucial match will be russia against egypt and this find to be a reality for testing pressure to finish second in the group well. to win the group b. . and i will show relate to that i am totally portuguese because i want to finish
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second in the world maybe down the home team russia is going to play against their domestic spain see a scene from will brawl to finish first. the fight to finish second. before the surprise come on australia let's finish cycles. and in group d. a single fellow will finish first. this one is going to be hard to play well for an african team. so will be brazil in the name of change to go on holiday so switzerland who finished second i'm so in the month of need to hold on to. and in the group germany has to win. i think mexico is finished second of. video.
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and if you feel up to testing your knowledge against the might of marine you know head to facebook or twitter and follow the hash tag match marino there are three rounds of predictions from the group's stage on woods now another member of the world cup team danish goalkeeper peter schmeichel has been checking out russia's host cities for us will stop. checked out some of the culture for the meantime with . it's.
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i mean the thing peters both stadium and i have to say looking up at the fabulous everyone watching football you will have a great view. but then i look down and there's no pitch but don't worry that's because this is a smart stadium they roll the pitch out and when they need it they're both back in and here is the pitch just laying there. being pruned and the way they roll it back in is. just normal wheels it looks absolutely. spectacular. it takes about ninety minutes each way at the moment the pitchers in the sunshine getting ready to be tested for the seven games of the be played and i think the pick of the punch there must be that costa rica gets another shot at brazil and i will call i've been told that st petersburg is a fantastic state i'm peter schmeichel and i'm so weak it's find out is that true.
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when i started to travel around to the eleven old cities everyone said to me once he gets think he does you will see something truly amazing my first stop the peterhof policy where the sas used to come every summer it's summer residence and it's beautiful. and i got the privilege to turn that fountain on. i think and looks pretty pretty good with the water coming out of it and also i think i did. pretty good job. cause they lived a charmed life i can tell you the. fountains statues. it's so
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extensive again all the cool all the glitz. that lives the size me like the hotel in staci web brazil is when they come to think you just put your place kusturica if they see this it must feel right at home. i'm enjoying my time as a tourist the grounds they are in first if i have to say it's well worth a visit. my favorite musical pieces is not enough second piano concerto the challenge and the foundation is a big football fan happens to be one of the feeds from us to us from the top on top of being one of the best in the world would you believe it he's here in st petersburg so i've decided to go and see. how.
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i want. to see him play piano so i know. the. second piano concerto soloist better make. that choice played out for me this is my favorite play in the way we play and it's . ok.
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i want to. see you we need to just live. with a little make its manufacture come sentenced him to a public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts and be the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room sick. to lose the real news is really low. level
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blogs telling you of the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to do socks for the tell you that but because of the public by file for the most important news. often after doesn't tell you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our loved ones. it is good of you to join us today angela merkel is under pressure amid calls to expel the u.s. ambassador to germany it comes after richard grinnell who's been in the post for roughly a month says that he is working to strengthen that right wing movements in europe
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is peter on. at the beginning of the last century then american president theodore roosevelt said the u.s. diplomat should speak softly and carry a big stick while the current u.s. ambassador to germany he's opted more for shouting loudly and using that stick to smash diplomatic norms have a look at what he had to say to the right wing news site breitbart the right lot of conservatives throughout europe who have contacted me to say they're feeling there is a resurgence going on i absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout europe other leaders while i'm but for the good now is announced himself as the all right cheerleader in chief in europe some people in berlin on top be that such a senior diplomatic figure is involving himself in the day to day running of european politics hiring king officials from me from me united states and maybe needs to be a little bit more careful i cannot imagine that i never never ever but i'm fifty
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years now and never ever had heard something similar over the last decade this is still gusting this person should be so no one of our country we don't do this in the us and they did do we shouldn't do that. this is horrible and the u.s. government this is a shame sorry for that but that's my opinion i think he should have been more diplomatic and i believe that the right wing isn't on the right way to be pushing. it that's i wouldn't call this incident and then john affairs but as a diplomat who should be more neutral politicians on the left say the ambassador who's only been in the job for a month should but he's bags and go home and bus it is a representative of the stays and not a political movements u.s. ambassador now however does not behave like a diplomat but more like a far right colonial officer we won't tolerate such behavior it's nice to have
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a hand here it is not only. a breach of etiquette it is also a violation of the vienna convention on diplomatic relations there is an article forty one in which it is very clearly stated that embassadors shall not interfere in internal affairs he has to go because he has broken too much porcelain in germany he has become a real hate figure and that is not a good platform for a us ambassador but this isn't the first scandal that mr goodell's been involved in just a few days into his tenure the opes german businesses with these comments after washington pulled out of the iran nuclear deal as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical saxes of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down the peroration some mediately ambassador grinnell's brush shoot from the hip style certainly seems to be from the same playbook as president donald trump but he may well find out the hard way that envoys are expected to act and behave in
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a certain way whether they're at home in d.c. or here in the german capital peter all over. the fifty sixth mission to the international space station is set to launch next hour r.t. jaclyn of google is there. this is the vehicle by which the latest crew members will be making their way to the international space station a trio includes dr serrano on chancellor from nasa so the approach from moscow's most and alexander gerstein from east to now for the american and the russian this will be their first trip into space but for gareth this is already his second time around and he'll be taking over as station commander on the i asked us the three
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have been training intensely for months together now and according to gary twitter some of the exercises are less than pleasant. for the astronauts social media is a way to connect with the earth even from so far away. and. shared. with everybody who's interested. when they're on the on the terms. the most and work with. the conversations with the apparently actual antigravity is easier to handle than the training required in order to prepare for it during their six month stay on the station three will be carrying out over three hundred experiments ranging from topics on the effects of space on human bones to robotics to quantum physics and the hope is that the results of those tests will one day be able to benefit those of us way down here on
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earth but it's not all work and no play the world cup may be taking place on earth but the results will be followed in space as well or better riding on the outcome of the movie. do. you. the third some was food in the soup even though this isn't going to need to. use the year to see the new can we do it do you do do we need new theme through the floor that certainly is the new tools we need to exhibit this is the. blastoff is next to our thanks for joining us here on our international we are back with more. in july twenty seventh jane hull and i'll set up
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a freelance journalist working with our team to militant shelling in syria. to honor his sacrifice quality has established a holiday memorial and they will recognize more reporters who often risked their lives for the sake of the truth and through that peace you can submit to your published works in a video form britain format until june the twelfth go to orlando to party dot com. to see a good. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is
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a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not known the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i intend to. i think you look at it tuesday's out in. itself to me. the reason we call these our ships is because they're a ship to sail on the seas of tomorrow that's kind of why we call it that they're
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not a house house needs power lines coming in and gas lines coming in and so we had lines going out and water lines coming in. a nurse ship is a bessel a machine that provides all of these things there are six things that humans need on this planet they need water they need comparable shelter that doesn't use fossil fuel they need electricity we need to treat their sui generis some way and they need to treat their garbage in some way and they need food these housing units called earth ships address all of these things all over the world and these are the same six things that humans all over the world need to have addressed. so living in the community here in the greater welds there's about there's more than seventy houses about one hundred forty people with families living here who know what when i was little i used to feel like some kind of like. a fairy
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a living there because you know it's so very. very organic very unique let me say something like i was a woodland fairy living man a secret castle and. it feels really. really sad. and there's this sense of solidity living inside an earthen structure there's this sense that. waking up to something stable. and cooling can see the two little different than we can get the house that's conventional. materials. is a little more connected to the outdoors as well even when you're indoors but it's quite comfortable i think to a few people can compare you know being in a suit to whom or in a sense to you know sweat lodge like once you're inside of it you do feel much that you feel you need to being taken care of. as you say and you feel the solidity you
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really feel careful but at the same time it goes in both directions so you need to take care of your house for your house to take care of you properly. we just close the skylights which are basically the hut during the day evacuated through the skylights and because it's no night time we just want to hear at this time to stay inside the house every night which is close to the close it's retaining the opening to release. we used tires for the structure of the building we call them. radially reinforced rammed earth bricks as what they really are the tires are radially reinforced with steel for being tires but that works perfect for
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a radially reinforced brick. full of pounded compacted earth they become compression bricks and they're laid just like bricks and they'll last forever termites don't eat them they don't rot and they're. remender structure and tremendous thermal mass and thermal mass is what you want to hold temperature mass holds temperature and that makes it so that the building stores heat for the winter and the heat is brought in with the sun. absorbed into the walls and given back when you need it most at night. so two buckets just went to. this point you're not going to be really wailing on
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this third thing yet because the church still thought i was free so we're going to do is i'm going to use the tool to push the material into the sidewalk at the time . i thought well everybody here and welcome you not just this and but to a global family that had this from all over the world we've had students from eight different countries speak english. ok so this is a list. my friend and she's from portugal i come from slovenia my name is mario. i was born in greece and many moved to put. two years ago it was kind of our dream and then we got slammed with this super storm and everything changed you know three hundred sixty degrees night in day so there were twenty. came down things to you
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guys great for i'm sure you know we are there to not think we're ready you know just go back to how revealing we got from the ground. i. from everything that happened recently from puerto rico to mexico this house this type of house is very good because it's resistant to hurricanes and as well as quakes also if we think of california and the wildfires that they have because you have the tires are protected it's all covered with a berm this house could also protect you know from fires in the future. so here's a simple survival it's the first one that we've built ever and since then we have built several all over the world. come on you're welcome.
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so these houses are called simple survivals because the systems themselves and also the way that they can be built should be easy for anyone in the world with a set of plans and basic training to be able to build the systems themselves are sustainable the same as in all other us ships but they're very basic and they have a lower cost in terms of disaster relief the electrical system in this house is also very good for traveling because this is our storage system which consist of a car battery and then it has different fuses which can be found anywhere in the world and also an inverter it works with a flexible solar panel which is on the roof which you can also travel with so with two bags basically you can go with your solar system. so all the water that's being used in this house comes from the ring is being harvested on the roof and then it's getting stuck in systems which are behind the house and then from there it comes to
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this water organizing module which is as i was saying very simple and show you exactly how it works so let's say if you want to make sure that you have enough water in the morning for the shower when you come back from work let's say you basically open the both it activates the pump and but with. that basically it was full so one thing it's full it just overflows because we have plus a look around the want to get through cycle by the plant again and. this is the water use is it all the rainwater yeah our water is pure five remotely if he spouts over there one of the n.p.r. finally everyone goes through several filters that screen people.
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so this this into the houses where the black water. so you can see it's really changed. the landscape out here where it's sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we are containing the sewage and and using the plant starts to process the sewage. we create our own little oasis here. in the toilet is flush the pulp panel sucks up the water and flush the toilet with it cleaned that used water so that's reusing the water the water is used for washing dishes then the water is used for watering the plants and it's cleaned up by the plants then the water is used pumped back to flush the toilet. then it goes outside and does landscaping so that's a conservative four time use of water and as you can see the sun's coming in it's
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winter the sun's coming in and heating the house and being stored in massive walls that absorb the heat and then give it back and then the electricity of course comes from photovoltaic panels from the sun and the house is built using bottles and plastic bottles and cayennes. i first learned about michael reynolds when i was in a college class and someone mentioned earlier talking about the environment and immediately the idea of building with tires and repurposed materials resonated with me i thought that maybe if you could create your out self-sufficient power and be disconnected from the greg you could create your own political and social power that would not be so heavily influenced by corporate or government and trusts about personal freedom. and you see i've dug it out
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a little bit actually put some more of you do i really do a little house bag to get it all. started other. i moved here strain of school as i tend to do. and. started working there is existing already. community. ships and so i started working up there. just doing basic stuff mixing in. entry level. this is. the first earthship community this is an extreme say that no one thought it was ever possible to build on the site the state demonstrate he can build anywhere you know where it would be impossible to believe that shot house on the site why because to level the pad that you need for the foundation you have to dig so far
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back into the hell that you have to do a massive engineering retaining wall hold it back these buildings just tech and the hell itself and there's no power and water systems up here the cost to get if you didn't get you in our ship how would you power get water and sewage with a commercial house there's no way to get that infrastructure on the six trips and. well i stayed because. i knew i was really into the idea of living. sort of taking care of myself. and i think i was initially attracted to like. the idea of homesteading you know creating your. own stead and doing generating everything from that and so this idea is very much like that. idea that only. really attracted me to be able to control.
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my own power my own he my own water you know to be in control of all of that and to not be reliant on any. outside source for any of those things i'm pretty in the educational side and enjoy students and. i like seeing what they go. i want to do after they're here. from all the different routes so many different projects from academies to i mean a huge variety. so the cameroonian orphanage made me part of their orphanage part of the status and then go and i went back a year ago and i built the first house of the center with different volunteers most of them who i met through biotech and we started building the house and we train local volunteers. and with the children also from the orphanage participate.


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