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tv   Documentary  RT  June 6, 2018 6:30pm-7:31pm EDT

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and. there's this sense of celebrity living in that there's this sense of celebrity living inside inner the inner earth and certain structure. the off there's the sense there's this sense have of. waking up to send waking up to something staying stable. and cool cooling kind of ceiling kind of see the needing to little different to little different than we can than waking up in a house that's made up in that country house that's made it conventional conventional . material material sells. because because a little is a little more can i connected it to the outdoors to the outdoors as well you know when you're well even when you're indoors indoors it's but it's quite it's quite comfortable comfortable i think to think to like to like. a few people can match you people can not compare to compare and be nobody you know being any
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international ship to to a woman or man or in a center sense to use to you know you know a sweat lodge a sweat lodge. like want like once you're inside of it's your inside of it you but you do feel you should watch it you feel that you feel that you need the needs of the needs of being taking taken care and care of. as you as you're saying you feel the same you feel the solidity you solidity you read you really should you feel careful. careful but i but at the same the same time time it goes in both and it goes in both directions actions and so you need to take care of you you need to take care of your house a house you have your house to take care of you problems to take care of you properly but.
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we just we just close close the skylights the skylights which of which are basically basically the hut hut and during this year in the. evacuee kuwait's through these the sky it's through these the sky lights and you can because it's nice it's no night time time we just want to we just want the heat and the heat and this time to stay and stay inside the house said the house. over and every night which is closed now which is closed to me please it's retaining me please it's retaining me opening. day release. we use use touch tires payors for the car they struck structure of the building we call them sure of the building we call them. radio radially really reinforced in
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four rammed earth force rammed earth bricks and bricks is what that's what they really really are that the tires are retiring ideally are radially reinforced reinforced with steel fist with steel for being tire being tires but those but that work that works perfect perfect freek. for a radio radially really reinforced brick bourse brick. full of. full of. down did it compacted earth packed and earth they become covered they become compression burn pression brick sticks. and and they're laid just like they're laid just like bricks and they and they allowed to last for us forever ever termite termites don't don't eat them they don't they don't rot rot and and they're tremendous mendus structure and tremendous year and tremendous thermos thermal mantle mass mass and thurman thermal mass the mass is what you what you want you
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want to to hold the whole temperature chasse holds terror mass holds temperature and picture. and and that that makes makes it so that so that that. the building still building stores he or seat. or the window for the winner in the in the he did he just brought his brought in with the sun but in with the sun. absorb into the walls absorb into the walls and given back when you've. given back when you need it most at night heat it most at night. but let me.
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go to back to back to just one just one. this points point. you're not going to not get any really really wally wailing on this thing yet getting on this thing yet because the church the church still thought i was three so obviously the throw. what we're going to do is i'm going to use the what we're going to do is i'm going to use the tool to push the material into this hole to push the material into the side wall of the. sidewalk and. i think i feel welcomed and everybody everybody here here and welcome here and welcome you not just this session but to not just in this session but to gloat the whole damn good global family and i have kept this promise from all over the all
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over the war on the world we've had students from students from a different a different country countries trees speak. english english. but. ok ok so this is celeste this is she's my friend and she's from my friend and she's from portugal unfortunately i come from from flint. my name is my name is mario mario. i was born in a breeze and i was born in a very similar move to puerto rico many moved to puerto rico. two years eight years ago. as kind of our dream dream and then we then we guess look at slam but this fan but this superstar. superstar.
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everything changed everything changed you know label a three hundred sixty city green last night in the n.d. . so. i need a. cane thanks again you guys don't think so you guys are super grateful i'm sure grateful i'm sure you know we are here we are there they are too hard too so you. are not for nothing we are ready you know to go back to wherever you know just go back there and how you can help revealing only put it put it differently go from there run around. and say thanks thanks. from every from everything and reaping recently from personally from puerto rico to go to mexico mexico. this is how house this test this type of hype of houses house
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is very good very good because it's resistant to hurricanes because it's resistant to hurricanes. and as well as as well as quakes quakes. also fwe think think of canada california for me and the world in the wildfires fires that they that they have have become because you can you have you have the tires highways are protected checked it's in it's all covered it's all covered with a berm this house could it also this house could also produce protect protect you know you know from from farm fires in the fires in the future which are. so here's this here's a simple simple survival of all it's the first one though it's the first one that we've built ever and we've built ever and since the since then we have and we have built and built several all over that several all over the world the worlds.
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come on come on in your work you're welcome. so these so these houses of course houses are called simple simple survival levels because because because the systems themselves themselves and sell it also and also though the way the way that they can be built they can be built should should be be easy fees ether any to anyone in the world one in the world olds with a set a set of plans and of plans and basic basic training training to be able to bring to be able to build the city hold the systems the stems themselves selves ourselves are sustainable they enable the same as in all other are the same as in all other us ships but they're very basic ships but they're very basic and they and have they lower costs have a lower cost in terms of in terms of disasters us through the relief leaf the
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the electrical actual system in this house is also a system in this house is also very good very good travelling for traveling because because this is this is us this is our storage storage system system which it consists of in which it consists of a car a car battery battery and then it has and it has different different fused fuses which can be which can be found they found anywhere anywhere in the world in the world and also old and also in in so an inverter. it what it works works with with a flex a flexible solar panel solar panel which is which is on the roof on the roof roof which which you can or you can also share so travel travel with with so with so with to two bags bags basic basically you clee you can can go with go with yourself your solar system but the system. so all so all the water this being the water that's being used and used in this how this house comes comes from the red in the rain it's been hard and it's been the rain harvested on the roof and then it's
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getting and they're stuck in getting stuck in systems which are the systems which are behind the behind the house the house and then and then from from there and then it come that it comes. to to do this all get this water also organization isn't moving much will will with which is the shares as i said as i was saying was saying very simple simple and i'll show you exactly will. show you exactly what how it works so let's say if you want to move you want to move that you have ensured that you have enough water water in the motor in the morning for morning for the shower the shop when you come back from work let's say when you come back from work let's say you basically open the valve basically open the valve . it act it activates to fix the part of pump and pump and. the wolf wolf.
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basically this is. that it was it was full. so so one thing it's footfall it all it just it just overflows over there because we have closed because we have clunk clunk from the rattle around the. the wall of the water gets to get through cycle by the plants recycled by the plants. again and. this is the water you. use is the water you use use is it is it old all the rain where the rain water for you give you yeah i want our water back here five green would remind me of t.n.t. sponsor with their pants over there once the end of the n.p.r. and here finally at the end. so you start when everyone goes through several filters that sprinkle filters that sprinkle.
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so. so this this abyss into the house this into the house is houses where is where the. the the black a black water quater or sell sell as well as. so so you can see it's really g. can see it's really change change the. the live the landscape out here where it's and skate about here where it's sage brush is sage brush is the natural ensure the environment here but as vironment here but as we are containing the sewage as we are containing the sewage and and and using to plant stuff using to process plants the sewer stuff to process the sewage ridge. we create our own little we create our own little. well. here
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here. in the toilet when the toilet is flush the pump is flush the pump panel panel sucks up that sucks up that water water air and flushes the toilet with clinton flushes the toilet with clean deemed that you use used to wash water there so that's so that's really water the water is used for washing dishes the water is used for washing dishes there is in the washer dryer is in the water use fire is used for watering the plants and it's cleaned up for watering the plants and it's cleaned up by the plants then the water on the plants then the water is used pumped back to her and is used pumped back to flush the flush the toilet toilet it then it goes outside outside and lands landscaping scaping so that's so that's a concert conserving for time served and using four types of use of water water and and as you can as you can see even see the sun the sun's coming is coming and it
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man it's winter mentor this is the sun's kunz coming in homing in and and and heating the heating the house the house and being and being stored stored in memory and massive massive wall of walls walls that that absorb sort of the heat of the heat and then give it and give it back back. and then and then they like the electricity tricity of coffee of course culture morristown photovoltaic panels them from photos from the take criminals from the sun and the houses besides on and the houses built using bottles and notes using bottles and plastic plastic bostic bottles and also including k n n's. i think first i first learnt learned about michael right about michael reynolds when i was in the halls of college i was in a college class house. and send someone not one mention engineer entire talking
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about in a combat environment environment for me and immediately that he laid the idea of the idea of building with tires and with tires and the public purpose marcus metairie ontario's fellas resonated with me made with me i thought that maybe it made he if you could create your own you could create your own. self-sufficient power self-sufficient power and deep and be just kind of disconnect information from the ground the bread bread you could create your own and you could create your own pullup political and set of power and social power that would not be so not be so heavily influenced by unplanned i spot a corporate or predator a governor government enter a interests about about a person's personal freedom freedom. and he said you see i haven't done even to get out get out a little
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a little less actually actually probably put some more some more of. you do ibut i really do into a little house has baggage so it's. going to start another big sur another big. i'm. here's truth here straight out of no thanks and thanks for school to school of. eighteen and twenty two. and. started working very work there is an existing or there is existing already already. email community. of ships and so on and so i started so i started work there and they're. just doing basically just doing basic stuff sixto from enough mixing and i mean. intrigue entry level level.
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she says. this is. the first earth and the first ship christa earthship community community this isn't it this is an extreme extreme say say that that no one thought it no one thought it was ever was ever possible to possible to build on build on a site site the sea to see if the democrat demonstrated straight to him that he built anywhere oh the anywhere you know where i live in particular where i would be impossible to believe this of a bill of compassionate house and national house on the sites i. why because to level that because to level the pad pad that you need for the founded that you need for the foundation that she'd have to have to dig so fixed so far back into the hell are back into the hell now the the you have to you have to do
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a massive n.g.o.s massive engineering retaining water nearing retaining wall hollow hold it back hold it back ack the these those buildings just tends to suck and the heck and the hell it sell itself. anderson and there's no power and power and water systems of here and water systems of here the cock the cost of gas to get if you didn't do it if you didn't do an arson or ship how would you power get how would you power get water and water and sewage with it can measure and sewage with a conventional house there's no way to get a house there's no way to get that infrastructure that infrastructure on the streets in this extreme slow. oh well. well i stayed i because stayed because. i was really i mean i was really into the idea. into the idea of living living.
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sort of sort of taking care of myself myself. you know i think i think i was with initially a traditionally attracted ducted like to like. the idea idea of home stem standing letting you know creating you know creating your. own home the homestead and in doing generating everything from doing you know generating everything from that and so this idea from that and so this idea that this is very much very much like just like that. idea the idea i had you understand was that no no no. it really attracted me to be attracted me to be able to control it with a control over. my own power or my own he my own power my own he my own water you know to be my own water you know to be in control of all of that
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he in control of all of that and to not be reliant on any and to not be reliant on any. outside sled source worse for a new friend who knows those things things. i'm pretty in pretty into into. the education the educational cycles i. enjoy student jordan students. alexy like seeing what they what they go on to go out and do and do after they're here doing after they're here. all the different routes all the different price so many different so many different crowd. it's from academy students i mean from academy students i mean a huge variety. huge variety. so this can ruin so this can ruin cameroonian orphanage main cameroonian orphanage made me part of their orphanage and part of the psni part of their orphanage and part of the state
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to say to sis and then this and then go. and i when i went back back like a year a year ago to go and i and i built the first hill the faust of the first house of the sense and with with the different version from tintin is most most of them who asked of them who i met i met through a biotech check. and then we start he said if you'll be building housing the house we train local volunteer us we train local volunteers. and with the children also from the office the children also from the orphanage will participate financially ting painting and. it was just a beautiful experience just where we did a full experience where we. had you know and you know knowledge knowledge. and. how old we want to see the world we want to see the world.
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was was. was was. this is a this is a moment where we finished the time famine where we finished the time foundation which basically undateable which basically was to separate the whole house from the was to separate the whole house from the grounds on top of the tide grounds on top of the ties it was just magic it was beautiful it was just magic it was beautiful there so you see you there so you. so you do more with yourself more with yourself . and better than ourselves and better than ourselves we have friends over the years how we have friends over the years how just out with different projects out with different projects. you know the green plastic you know the great plastering
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of the big wall that was done with ring of the big wall that was down with our friends. in day my friends. and damien and. me and. you know people have because it can people help because it sometimes there's things we can't do that sometimes there's things we can't allow to make it this big except on the sound they get those big except on the ceiling that's our ceiling that's our whole neighborhood came together and carried this out the whole neighborhood came together and carried this out.
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i think the last to the i think the last to the interventions military interventions interventions military interventions schol. schol. those always we'd be to leave the those who are as we be to listen to the learned that there is in the rishi some to be learned in the regime change or super from upset then taking change or super from upset and take to iraq with saddam hussein to iraq with saddam hussein take a daffy and leave you to take a daffy and leave but i think this is. i think this is her baby to listen and think we should we all listen and think we should we all should to learn to go talk to people to learn to go talk to these nation listen so we should be used nation
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listens to a regime change is not force who should accept our changes will force who should accept our limits but clearly meets but the ideal for regime change or the ideal for regime change will be literally into the shoes from outside the us military interventions from outside the us is mostly all that. mostly all the. yes.
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the. ball more often than it is. in the. business of gunning down in humans only humans only. debbie does she don't think is she just them things and judge of this and judge again and again as i can do with under the age of joe if they're dealing with this on the stand up stand up on the monday i was with will soon be in the in that are that are equal be quibbled to include it in just as much as my son and i wonder what equals or study cluelessness just asked me if i. don't
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was jim's own was. just as well don't. we don't need done so don't sit on him the name of the. deal would you would that do that to those of those who would be meeting minutes is unnecessary as this is this is to us or us at all to all those to the sitting sitting on. the. twenty seventeen twenty seventeen. and militant should militant shelling in syria syria.
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recognize. us with. us. and through that peace through that peace you can you can submit submit. a video of the video. he is going to he is going to do. the drill drill right right or maybe the maybe the mixer the mixer. if you used him oh i'm so groups and so groups who will sort of start with them it's
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them. i am going to do i'm going to do it came to the table saw will saw oh. so i'll take a group of three. to get. you to stick to. it so. these kids get to trying to integrate it. just so we. know and if i don't know what i am going to come up i'll follow up. but it was a mess and i'm going to beat me teach me ok. i play let him play to.
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the window open window bring. some of the. city be ready to bring i think i think come out come out yeah you know you know ok this is. me. trying to get me trying to get more of a curve of your of the security through on the street one can you know we don't care if he she didn't make thirty she didn't make. each she didn't a lot that means. even the law. should be if you need to eat you. if you show me. where the left hand the cans and i start started using to do using them then before they say before they started making aluminum can making aluminum cans and i used
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a beer can and since and then they're made very very well but they do what they do rust overtasked over time but when we rarely use them they use them as as structure they are structure they simply are simply panel wall and a wall in fail and fail curtain wall and infill feel are are for farms forms and then the real strength of a can while the real strength of a camel is the same all is the same ant mant it's really it's really a way a way of forming forming sing see me man. the cancer the cancer could go away and go away and then the. hurt the hurt and all would wall would still remain still remain the remain form in the form and still in which remain to remain can cause it's. it's a hollowed out honeycomb of cement honeycomb of cement so it's really
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a cement wall so it's really a cement wall with cans used to form it cans used to form the cans take no way or anything the cans take no way or anything and since there are no known now they don't rot incense there are no known now they don't rust they're just an ideal brick to do a lot they're just an ideal brick to do a lot of things with we've made domes involved of things with we've made domes involved in arches and we use them that's an arch is and we use some of the pack out the tires we use package out the tires we use them for interior walls or use them into some for interior walls or use them in a lot a lot of ways. out of ways. so this is the gravel. so this is the ground pits and all of the pulpits and all of the earth and gravel that was taken from his birth and gravel that was taken from from here it was used from here it was used to build the road between towers and for us to build the road between towers and created us the sixty four and the disputed us the sixty four so
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basically they took all of these so basically they took all of the earth out of this area out of this area and now we're building a house and now we're building houses on to it and the idea is to else is on to it and the idea is to tear tenant into a vibrant community into a vibrant community but also to have unity but also to have you know vegetation have you know vegetation and grow food onto it some grow food onto it so basically sickly. you know for from the. what we what we have we have done done to kind of a kind of take of take from the earth from the earth we're trying to give it but we're trying to give it back in a can in another way other way and creates a sustainable and creates a sustainable community and we're going to go unity we're going to go and visit one of the brand. who lives there right now no bread bread no.
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help hello hello hello. thank you i'm going further with me i mean let's see let's see he's filming is going is ok. cook a. cool. oh. yeah this is brenda yeah this is brenda. she's she's was an ex you was an academy that any student of the student born in jordan chicago raised in ireland but mostly chicago just in our land but mostly chicago go after the academy i went right back to show i went right back to chicago and sold my house house. just so there's something about there's something about living in the living earth and stream these are pictures or certain structures or sleeping in the thing in these earthen construct structures there that is that is just so just so profitable inferable.
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i sleep sleep but better than ever so never slept in my hot and well i have my whole life the double the double greens david house gives you three three zones of temperature of tatar which are. here is the diagram here is the diagram of the building this is the global mandala this is the global modular starship the winter sun comes comes easy and he and the heats the building they are building a are. and it just it's just it's a the mass walls of the walls always couper so it is like this least six goes right it goes right into the mass and stuck to the my words asons up in the stores that we have up and that we have a big story of the big stories bank there spare like a big second big certain sort of cistern stores water and stores water matter this stores he has stores he. i've had i've had people in our nightly rentals that we
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learn from people in our nightly rentals that we learn from them come to me the next time to me the next day and a and say we it was went we it was winter. we went to bed we put the quote we went to bed we put the quilt on you know what you know wasn't cold but we would put the quilt on to put the quilt daughter and to it's winter. and and in the middle of night in the middle of night twelve o'clock or so o'clock or so so we we keep the keep the quilt quilt off because off because it was too is too hot and we so hot and we slept kind of comfortably with the baby without the quilt what do you quilt what do you have you have you have you have a warm warm floor or something that comes in that comes on. and heats the house and heats the house ought to automatically eclipse night night that you know that you're not telling us about telling us about up no no no it just it just takes that long takes for that lot of this
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a long for this air spare space today's to lose its time lose its temperature to ask for they to ask for they wall to come on the come up the wall come up the wall comes on the second look at that it said it senses and says. that that this space this space is aces couper he goes out he goes out. the house that's made out of a house that's made out of a and that does and that does it doesn't have have like symbolic cements on him and the other side of some the other thing that's the side going to stop it something that's going to stop it will regulate humidity and keep regulate humidity and keep fifty percent fifty percent humidity percent humidity inside he inside your house at your house any time at any time if you know you know it might be more you know it might you take the more his show is going to be you know you take a shower is going to be a little bit more a little bit more but it's just just basically going to go going to go out through through through the walls and goals and go out type and this is a this is
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a this is this is a. place right. place right. now reactor there reacted well right well right. so that's a good mix so that's a good mix yes we like this we like them with this one but. if we had had it if we even had it in a bit dry you would see even if it is even more dry you would see this even more because like that it's like the other ones would just break just break completely. was.
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just. just. use it again. but will not or should be expensive but will the energy be its. way ok maybe we can just wait ok maybe we can just me and spend. and spend. you know you. could make a really nice really nice you know you know you can make it a piece of piece of art art.
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where in where in what we call the and what we call the feeling speaks in the search for shift. and it's just just a fluffy examine examples and full of all the thing of all the things that are in all the others that are in all the others well yeah we're in them is the middle of a hydro yeah we're in them is the middle of a high desert. desert hot cold and hot and. this is making the example of this making the example of the fact the fact that at the tannic all the cold rain forests can be. built. and. in not using any fossil fuel the fossil fuel what so whatever so ever to create to create this kind of this kind of. an environment so environ so intimates current and be created can be created on this planet this
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planet with the planet the planet itself. we do not we do need not need a nuclear power plant a plant to make a house to make a house or a botanical gardens work. gardens work. a lot of people think that a lot of people think that you have to have to be a hippie in a teepee to be a hippie in a teepee in the man amount and to be greener system sustainable animal. and this is this is showing that you don't know this is just a show you have corn you have quite a nice existence this and with without using any with out using any of fossil fuels our fossil fuels are dumping sewage into the oceans dumping sewage into the oceans and rivers and things like that and i was in rivers and things like that and it's just an understand how the words it's just an
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understanding an eighth grade understanding an eighth grade understanding of biology and physics thing of biology and physics that makes this work. that makes this work. yeah yeah
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. yeah i think you know i think you know i think you know at leno at least there is there there are basic floss of these basic floss of these. to housing to
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housing would have would have made a major impact your in fact on a global scale on a global scale. i think some of the major off some of the major obstacles cools to the rest of that half of the bang bang is a lot of time. is a lot of time government government. without without a doubt a doubt but i'll also also core for a corporation nations that's i mean i mean in the u. s. in the u.s. . there's a lot there's a lot of places places where those where they don't they don't want want you to use solar like use solar electric patrick countenance they want you to animals they want you to stay with the grid to stay with you because you're the grid so you're because you're supporting an entire supporting an entire. wealthy an industry both the industry and there's a lot
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a lot of tough talk about you can't can't catch. water water and other kind of other country other country other states say states say you can't go you can go off the grid unless you paid unless you pay tack taxes. or they tax you on so on solar panels or panels there they're trying to trying to do a lot a lot to a lot a lot of. people. here in the here in the berliner aware that not unlike the central florida area area and make a. living to live in please the aberrantly out period and when i. came came in and then and like mike. there i didn't live there anymore and i think more and i made it made her to make it on the grid back on the grid. and that if and you think it legal
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to like touch water like a legal like touch water on a lot of areas. and a lot of areas. yeah yeah yeah yeah especially for even like for a drink specially for even like for drinking forget it. forget it. i guess you just have to do a lot of work around i guess you just have to do a lot of work around with the more do more develop of the l. of the company country injury is the more difficult it is the more difficult it is to have to do these kinds of do these kinds of things are things that. it's just it's industry industry and government government isn't. necessary serially really in certainly in certainly not not a lot of a lot of times looking at times looking out for where the people people.
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well there or there own influencers yeah yeah absolutely absolutely the us they're looking out for their money for money in the u.s. they're looking out for their money for money i mean we elected i mean we elected donald trump for good see donald trump for good say terry it's all about money and perry it's all about money in the u.s. it's all about money. it's all about money. that's the only the only only. thing the thing that's i mean it's it's it's nice nice to go there to go to other places where this is where. they're not they're not so it's so and the industrialized just you realize them doesn't develop develops what's where they're there they're more and more except except thing to thing to these kind of these kinds of ideas and of ideas. and so are some of them so some of the more more checking plays in places could be this could be the you
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need the u.s. us. or europe or europe. you don't. know. look like. half half. if he can hear us is here up here and. i think this is i think that it one of the five one of the fundamental mental thang the things that was that my husband has been fighting for is to get fighting for is to get all turned alternative and extend experiment and mental building building except except in. local. state. state why why didn't i did national building building can't have it it's easier and easier for people for people. to develop externality experimental heart
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it's not just a matter of heart it's not just share ships and now the steps and now the state of mass care is greatly mascaras scrutinising and i think that that all over all over again and time here again and tell him not not to continue in ten years when you are working and working on this and this just to sustain a sustainable development well that i'll just say i cast say. south. it's kind of sad sad to see that to see that. life. there are there along now in terms of xers and acceptance and openness and all the sure wish and friend from. staying of all the states and of all that it's still it's still a struggle struggle. you
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make new mexico soko is no is known for head on for having tested tested you know nuclear but you know nuclear bombs for a long time for a long time. and. well michael read or tried to do is to based what michael rendell tried to do is to basically say if we're able to say if we're able to you know blow these you know blow these bombs out. why why are we not only not able to able to build to build or to turn it alternative buildings that don't necessary things that don't necessarily you know you know go to go to cold codes woods but that makes sense but that makes sense and. and that function function better and better than the buildings and buildings too right to vote no but you know if they if they if that if they do they do try to try to saddest start up
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human summons from some. getting getting some sun sun and. getting getting rain rain in. getting getting when when if they if they do try do try to start a stop there up there. they will they all have it will have an up and up rising rising like thing like they have may have never seen but before for i'll die i felt dieting for that i fighting for that. something so they know the first verse chip chip it is as jeff just provided he's providing anding and very very clean clean such sustenance destine it's that
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is in case encounter countering praying for the phenomenon at the mouth of plants lan it you know in a way the way that it's dead it's dead it could make could make people become more of part of the planet or a part of the planet like that like trees trees are dark tree trees are really a potter really a part of the planet you part of the planet you can imagine imagine the planet in the planet without three without trees he's so so i would like to see i would like to see if you can imagine you can imagine the plan the planet of the people people go with but the way that the way that people are treated people are treating the planet nagging the plough and it now i like to imagine i imagine the blight to imagine the planet without the planet without people cause there's no cause they're destroying it i was drawing it i want people to evolve on into the real the real political tensions show and the hotel and the chill is actually chill is actually being hard being. hard.
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face to face with frustration at restoration and dismay and america's may because of america's allies allies even even members of the g.o.p. opie dubey donald troubled trump is something is sticking sticking to his into his campaign from campaign promise to read to recast cast washee washington street in strained relations made relations with the worse with the world for all three of the reaction action has been loud has been loud and since wits with a lot of a we on the verge of a bit of a global global trade trade war a war. or. let
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me play golf ball the.
7:28 pm
but the pentagon's long stays know is no one who won will ever in the world though ever know how many civilians were killed were killed killed in this in the story and there in city and city of rubble of rock her cup that's all that's off the
7:29 pm
after amnesty in a city international the international claimed claimed the us a u.s. led us led coalition mission may have may have committed committed with war for crimes you know i'm storing the little during the liberated ration of the of this city a city last year last year. as a syrian just here in germany germany after the new after the us the new u.s. ambassador ambassador is accused of louisa q. lending use of lending to the poor port talked to far far right groups rights groups in your in europe for. me maybe he needs to be needs to be a little bit more careful careful do this just think this do this just think. beyond the e.u. is crossings e.u. is crossing swords boards with the us that the us servants are the new the annuity i'm home posed to trade trade tower terrorist threats from promising missing
7:30 pm
council measure council measures from next week from next month and calling the move and calling the move by washing to buy a washington illegal then illegal.
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