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tv   News  RT  June 6, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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thank you. general in the name of. the pentagon as long as there is no is no want to one will ever know what so ever know how many civilians were killed were killed killed in this in this theory and there in city in city of rubble of rock up that's all that's off the after amnesty in a city international international claimed claimed the us a us led us led coalition mission may have may have committed committed would walk for crimes you know i'm storing the little during the liberated ration of the of this city a city last year last year. as a syrian just furious in germany germany after the new after the us the new us
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today was the day was accused of louisa q. lending use of lending support support tickets to far far right groups rights groups in your in europe for. me maybe he needs to be needs to be a little bit more careful careful just do this just think this do this just think. that the e.u. is crossings e.u. is crossing swords boards with the us that the us servants over nudie annuity imposed posed to trade trade tower terrorist threats from promising missing council measure council measures from next week from next month and calling the move and calling the move by washing to buy a washington illegal then illegal. very
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very warm welcome you are watching all marty and camille watching r.t. international national with no with me me nicky anneke aaron now aaron now tops a top story tory. it's been a year since it's been a year since the start of start of the art of the operate peroration titian to libya liberate the syria syrian syrian city of rockets from iraq from isis i still felt but but the huge human cost human cost operate operation nation's still still remain remains unclear is unclear of course according to bring to the u.s. the u.s. led us led coach coalition in the number a number of civic civilian civilians killed or killed in the battle for rockets over iraq or will never will never be ever be no known in a as far as far as. how do we know how do we know how many civilians were or how many civilians were killed kill i'm just being aren't honest i'm just not being
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honest no one will ever know one will ever know anyone who know anyone who claims they all know is lying or claims they all know is lying if it comes harms is honesty and dishonesty international national regional releases a report leases a report accusing the us accusing the u.s. led coalition led coalition were led to lead close lists and dog and artillery tillery strikes the strikes during during the battle for the battle for iraq a rocker the report that even reports suggest even suggests the current coalition militias may have committed may have committed war crimes or crimes as artie's as our. french franco explains explains.
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getting to the ball getting to the bottom of what was of what really was really happy happening in iraq but being in a rock as as the america americans are concerned allen allies were freeing it laws were freeing it who who will be bill be bother bother to do that or to do that or or it'll take a little tejas take ages the prose of war behind the prose of war behind these walls these walls may have may have thought thought but spread screwed crude ne ne what was it that was inevitable that of all coalition claimed precision claims that its precision and campaign ad campaigns are pains aloud it's a bombed out it's a bomb islamic state islamic house ecstacy house of rocca well called raca while causing very few very few severe civilian casualties casualties do not do not stand stand up to sit up to scrutiny scrutiny me based on information nation from amnesty
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international and from amnesty international is field investigation and public news field investigation and public reporting coalition reporting coalition air and artillery strikes killed hundreds of civilian artillery strikes killed hundreds of civilians and injured many more ins and injured many more open amnesty's report open amnesties report and you'll find words like and you'll find words like this purpose proportionate in it and discriminatory minute bombing bombing the use the use of of white flight phosphorous claims which could burst claims which could turn a turn into a right beaten to a disaster reputational disaster if it's proven proven. i think things that is that amount amount to war two war crimes lymes the u.s. led the u.s. . mission to free run to free iraq a when aka went on for more than one for more than for four months months from it's
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from june sixth sixt to a total tobar twelve or twelve twelfth last year and here and the pen the pentagon took on proud and proudly told the world they'd fired only told the world they'd fired thirty thirty five five thousand our ten thousand artillery round hillary as well rounds while they were at they were at it at it they fired more rockets and ratified more rounds in iraq a series syria than any other than any other marine the other marine the tillery battalion and any marine or any marine battalion since the beat of talents and yet now in war it's the vietnam war. yes yet we kept hearing up hearing from from those whose order those whose orders matters matter how or how cautious cautious they war stay war there is no there is no militant been known military in the world's history in the world's history of the three that is paid is paid more attention
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paid more attention. to the limited limited she should version bill you can be sure that i'm going to go you just administer the guest administered from the crown the battle for you and for you. and the coalition military coalition military we're not perfect but perfect we can go make a mistake we can make a mistake and in this colleague i don't work and interfere in this kind of warfare credited to will happen but we won't happen but we are at the good you are of the guys good and munition guys and munitions people people on about a battlefield if you don't know the different different people you can't help wondering how you can help wondering how many how many innocent low innocent locals general goals has general mattis has is actually actually mentally met that i'm sure you're sure you can find them you can find many of many of those those wards who are genuinely good genuinely great frate full to the cold to the coalition for killing and taking off or kicking i sell i sell out out but but just just compare
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compare care his work his words words to some to some of the will of the witness at this accounts count started our team hard hard what while in iraq in iraq there was that definition there was that in effect and like in washington that we would direct we would directly targeted by the code be targeted by the coalition if they recognizance craft film that they should if they recognizance craft filmed this it was a low altitude it was a low altitude it was very it was very clear very clear there were no terrorists and yet there were no terrorists in the area area but there were kids play they were playing in the states playing in the streets streets and wheels and we were collecting collecting water. and i knew that i thought i knew the fish the end of the rope i thought i knew the fish the aircraft bomb you saw him using force and force for us for us it taught him talk it's everyone everyone is on it is not his not hidden i didn't i said i still owe the coalition the coalition is boman brendan randomly if you're sitting at home timidly if you're sitting at home
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a bone may come down on you there are houses that collapsed on their home a bone may come down on you there are houses that collapsed on their residence and the guns could not get and they get out couldn't get out all this happened because of the air all this happened because of the aircraft craft that they will because they were plain claim comes and arms and strike strikes against for instance a fence a five story building story building i see i so would be on the set it would be on the second floor can floor well severely while civilians audience on the sort of the third and fourth and fourth floors floors. how comes that comes the play the plane still in still strikes strikes then extend most of most severely and the aliens died died the night the nice terrorist first. and we were and we weren't a learnt alone alone in the hearing bill and hearing those whirring calls were calls from that from that it was stated stated serious syrian city and city human humanitarian groups saw and interior and groups on high alert high alert had to many more had to many more hors d'oeuvres to share with share with us and the and
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the rest of the of the world world they're out there are worries there is about about how this how this operation operation with with effects of acts of billions billions of where we're concerned about the safety and protection of more than four hundred thousand protection of more than four hundred hundred thousand people and people in iraq. as these operations commence to use as these operations commence to strike. again it is most needed as well. if you're not you're. already already so so you know if you believe that you know the actual numbers will number or even point out who is going to who was. under. it if you thought if
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you thought any of any of that lead to lead to a change or change of tat of tactic back to expire that's by the coalition or at least in the pot least an apology. i'll have to tough to tell you they are the shield that shield that themselves from scrutiny with themselves from scrutiny with month monthly monthly casualty reports altie reports we've we've been locked in largely largely focused focusing on seeing on the fate of rock rock a civill civilians illions in our in our cover coverage bridge. internationals now weighed in internationals now weighed in with some see some serious serious work work. it could be hard it could be a hard time we hear we hear something something new new from the from the usa us pros are pros of war. well we know we have requested comments from a number i have requested comments from a number of humanitarian organizations and humanitarian organizations the internet
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international criminal committee for the remedy for the red cross across replied replied saying it saying it repeat repeatedly to be expressed expensive west current for the second cern for the safety of rockers civilians of rocket jury for civilians during the city's liberation while the un the city's liberation while the un agency for children said it where the agency for children said it has it has no in from a no information on the martian on the matter we spoke to joshua landis directly spoke to joshua landis director at the center of middle east at the center of middle east studies studies at the u.s. at the university of oklahoma omer who believes the u.s. was in a he believes the u.s. was in a hurry hurry and marry and therefore for refusal refused to enter into negotiations to enter into negotiations. i don't doubt that the united i don't doubt that the united states states has used has used efforts efforts great efforts not to kill
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people great efforts not to kill people but in the end in the end there are enough courage there and they were true they were in a hurry the very the u.n. when asked them asked the multiple multiple cycles times. to give up give a break break so that since it's a billions billions it is going to get out get out they they didn't want to negotiate with the u.s. they said we're going to want to negotiate with ins they said we're going to kill to kill them on them on the battlefield and a feel they feel they didn't we didn't want them as prisoners prisoners in another in another one the guantanamo tunnel no since since this to the gulf the gulf war or. nine hundred ninety the ninety the first gulf war the united states for the united states constantly mostly insists that it did says that it didn't count in count the end of the enemy it didn't know how many it didn't know how many were many were killed killed and it was and it wasn't going to i'm going to try to find out try to find out. later later on on there were there were some that i'm best to gauge pressed against but. by and large in large large that has been that has
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been the protocol of the u.n. the protocols of the u.s. which is not which is not to count the enemy to count the enemy and to to and to try to and to try to keep it keep it secret secret really early. angela merkel is under pressure and the merkel is under pressure and. also calls to expel expelled spell the us a u.s. ambassador to germany is ambassador to germany it comes it comes after last oh richard richard cohen now who's been l. who's been in the job in the job for job for just in just a month month said he's working to strengthen right that he's working to strengthen right wing movements across europe when movements across europe artie's artie is peter peter all of a lot of i looked deeper and deeper into the story into the dory. the beginning
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at the beginning of the last of the last century the three then american american back in president president theodore theodore roosevelt roosevelt a belt said the u.s. said this diplomat should u.s. diplomat should speak speak softly and carry softly and carry a big stick a big stick while the current the current u.s. u.s. ambassador to germany germany. he's off he's off to war for more showed off a shouting laughing loudly and using using that stick nets to stick to smash mush diplomatic norm diplomacy have a look at it norm's have a look at what he had to say what he had to say to the right to the right wing new site you cite breitbart it bought. the right lot of conservative lot of conservatives throats you wrote europe and europe who have considered contacted me to say to set their feet their feeling there is a revealing there is a resurgence going on surgeons going on i absolutely will absolutely want to empower other consensus empower other conservatives wrote europe other wrote europe
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other leaders. while. the growth of the good now is announced himself as the older now is announced himself as the all right right chicks cheerleader leader a juror in chief in europe europe some people some people in berlin. one on top on turkey that see that such such a see a senior being a diplomatic figure is involved isn't it himself valving himself in the day to day running of european policy in the day to day running of european politics six. from me from me from me from me and a united states states. and. maybe he needs he needs to be a little be a little bit much more careful careful i can i cannot imagine imagine that in that i never never never never never have and i'm fifty fifty years of years now and never ever ever ever had had it so it's something you know something similar a similar. to this is still is this
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just a state. this this person person should should we be so no no not one of our country to country we don't do that we don't do this this and the u.n. the u.s. and they did and they did. shouldn't do that didn't do that and. the this is this is horrible horrible and and the u.s. government this is a shame us government this is a shame sorry for that but that's sorry for that but that's my opinion and i think . i think he should have been more diplomatic and have been more diplomatic and i believe that the right wing is not there but i believe that the right wing is not the right way to be pushing by the way to be pushing. that's i wouldn't call this that's i wouldn't call this incident affairs incident and then john affairs but
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this. the diplomat who should be but as a diplomat who should be more neutral politicians all more neutral politicians on the left say the ambassador the left say the ambassador who's only been in the job for a month should he's only been in the job for a month should bucky's bags and go home like he's bags and go home and thus it is a representatives of ambassadors or representatives of their stays and not have political movements or stays and not have political movements u.s. ambassador grinnell's u.s. ambassador no however does not behave like a diplomat however does not behave like a diplomat the more like a far right colonial office but more like a far right colonial officer we won't tolerate such behavior we won't tolerate such behavior it's nice to have a hand here with you it's nice to have a hand here it is not only a breach of etiquette it is not only a breach of etiquette it is also a violation of the viet it is also a violation of the vienna convention on diplomatic relations and
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a convention on diplomatic relations there is an article forty one there is an article forty one in which it is one in which it is very clearly clearly stated that embassadors shall not be stated that ambassadors shall not interfere in internal of interferon in internal affairs he has to he has to go because the go because he has bridges broken broken too much too much porous porcelain insulin in germany and germany he has become a he has become a real hate feel hate figure and that is not a good year and that is not a good platform for a us ambassador platform for a us ambassador or for this this isn't this isn't the first first scanned scandal that made all that mr good as good as being involved in just else being involved in just a few few days into his ten days a year into his tenure the opes a german business and business with businesses with these these common comments it's after watching washington pulled out into and pulled out of iraq the iran
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nuclear nuclear deal a deal. as the. as a little trump trump said u.s. u.s. sanctions will target sanctions will target critical saxes of critical iran's economies of iran's economy german companies doing business german companies doing business in the us and iran on should should wind wind. mediately. to the ground after their grinnell's brush holds but shoot brush shoot from the from the hip style hip style certainly seems seems to be for all to be from the same plan the same playbook playbook as is present president donald trump trump but he may well fire he may well find out find out the hard way to weigh the envoy's either envoys are expected to expected to act act and behave in a set a certain way whether the way we are at home whether they're at home in moment d.c. d.c. or the here in the or here in the german capital capital peter all of these are all over r.t. r t berlin. former u.k.
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ambassador to syria where you and chaos to syria and bahrain key to far right all input failed to forward fails ambassador cornell's comment last comment crossed the line boss the line. it's very it's very disruptive tried to go with. the mathematics that rank rank that's not true surely it's. advocate they. swung by to put it one by political to call workable work they've got to go if they get there and actually and actually no no no no big big diplomatic diplomatic protocol i pulled through before i pulled. the plug and play will not will not become become very very tough a standard standard operating intervene in practice practice or i'm back or i'm
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back to good important good figure of the important european countries because it's really it's really really quite a quite exceptional for all for an american and an american ambassador back from germany here in germany germany which eventually which is what they give but they give a lot of life it. would be enough but i think some of the united states. but there was a. there were no name. but this but this year of new york by and and that's he's only been an ambassador for we've even ambassador for one month four months. obviously it hasn't burned the house and the room all the rules of the game because of the game . they use about eight years about to embark on to embark on a trade war with trade war with the with the us with us blokes with the bloke
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announcing plans cannot think plans to retaliate which tally eight eight that's off that's off the washington slaps tariffs on steel tariffs on steel and l. and l. and l. a million million imports import this month this month. but the new duties star new duties start applying flying in in july july it is it is a measure but and. reporter a portion of this but response to the unilateral also the unilateral oh and even in the legal eagle decision decision taken by the united states united states to impose study of so started its on the europe on the european. exports which sports week which regulates the regular act the measure as well as the effect is measures will effect such american states such american staple a pollie debt as harley davidson motor would say no to scientists cycles jiggles
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gains and gains painted and painted bus or their bus or they will also also target target still get stale and are under range of range of aquaculture of agricultural products cultural products artie's daniel bushell parties daniel bushell has more well has more. yusuf solidarity and nothing but a. house of os of car cards off to europe giants from old off to europe giants from energy energy behave better he was the most top dog so the makers of put to the makers of persia and c and c toy in. wrapping this scrapping billion million euros euro iran on project it's a two to brute route. the european investor the european investment bank and boy yes the the twenty twenty eight member members of the.
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of of. supports the e.u. the e.u. but ignoring but ignoring sanctions is incompatible sanctions is incompatible with state state of the us of course and it gets gets worse and worse from brussels our source is. painful new painful new u.s. tariffs u.s. tariffs on your own europe's. top law however some of us some see all this as a condom see all this as a coming plan big business unless these these days is especially european european union union in american business is whether in american business is whether they're buying banks. automobile companies companies i t. . companies at least any other b. other business there says there's so interconnect connected acted that america that
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america will. continue to use that leverage use that to try leverage to try to penalize penis' allies some of some of the european european company companies who who maybe may be doing better. doing business with iran iran china charmer to tehran iran again and again breaking up and breaking up the trans a trans that land that land take them to marry marriage bridge e.u. ministers a human rights and this is right an angry angry over open letter letter demanding a message to market wanting america exempts the them from from iran's on sanctions sanctions as close as close allies weeks allies week with the extra expect that the extra territorial territorial effects of u.s. second receive u.s. secondary sanctions would not be enforced would not be enforced on a yani you entities and individuals you entities and individuals and the united and
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the states when i decide us respect our states will thus respect our political decision little decision and the good faison and the good faith of our economic economic operators within the rate is within the e.u. legal territory you legal territory. and and while while we're waiting awaits washed washington thing to react reaction action there's then there's the small small matter of friday friday's g things jevon or is the seven or is that g g thirty six plus on on. it would be a joke it would be a g.'s six plus was one of the united states of the united states have decided to raise decided to raise to a response to a response to. that decision. and it is unjustified this is very unfortunate to fight this is very unfortunate if it isn't it is
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unfortunate because what you know because it is it will. cause a lot of will. cause a lot of damage to our damage to our steel and aluminum steel and aluminum industry industry it is my fault it is an example because the genetic because this is further weakening the transatlantic this is further weakening the transatlantic relations relations since european union with the european union want to turn to to avoid this avoid situations situation you wouldn't you wouldn't want to want to be a you're a crowd right now does this in the. top for top firms be to be true through the party like a party line or the wine or the wall dadaji bullets splits from from the trump of the trump ministry in a straight. u.s. the u.s. senate has consented to is considering a bill to exploring a bill to expand the presence of the turn of the president's war powers will power as a model among us to the story off of the fake story off of the play they were they
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were. playing.
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a play to. play for many clubs over the years so in many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the for you but what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super families it's the age of the superman to kill you narrowness. it's money just kill you narrowness and spending stupidity twenty million all bandicoot to twenty million and one player. one player. it's an experience like nothing it's an
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experience like nothing else only because i want to share else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so beautiful guy my great so what chance chance for that's what. i think's going to take the next minute. oh welcome back and welcome back a group of constitutional expert a group of constitutional experts have appeared in front of the u.s.
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senate let's have appeared in front of the u.s. senate to give bev to give their view on you on whether the whether the predator president didn't she should have a could have additional partition almost all powers to wage war to wage will use american american custody to on has the details. the the for the author and. for the authorization for a station for use of military for use of military force has always been a source has objective khan's always been a subject of controversy given diversity given that the cut the constant constant touche and rotation requires congress to declare war quires congress to declare war but the new a u m f or but the new a u m f would officially transfer those would officially transfer those powers to the president but with powers to the president but with all this talk about limiting all this talk about limiting presidential war powers send the president a war powers senator rand paul who chaired the subcommittee rand paul who chaired
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the subcommittee hearing said that the new proposed hearing said that the new proposal would actual would actually exceed expand to present a presidential authority to order to wage war waged war we're still into it war's war seventeen years seventeen years from now we've always came quarter passes and there are no living quarter passes or there are no limits on war or. let it be met if we know that there were some there were a lot of us who wanted some of us who were more and more and thank thank you considering that it ought to considering that it authorizes war against at least eight groups rises war against at least eight groups that operate in over twenty different that operate in over twenty different country countries and then one of the panelists said that this and then one of the panelists said that the new version would a new version would allow to allow the present the president to didn't to declare war declare on any air war on any group or any group or country country including putting the u.s. west but a president i said at the subcommittee at the subcommittee hearing hearings were
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but we were both both democrats and republicans republicans akins and and even one even one in an independent senator pendent senator who are all unified in who were all unified in bashing the proposal bashing the proposal arguing arguing that it would that it wouldn't let. limits limit from saddam's authority to wage already to wage war but expand it let's talk more but expand it let's take out without what else the panelists had to say what else the panelists had to say do i want my say i want my sold sixty year old going to go into war or against against al shabaab al-shabaab in somalia in somalia. my son probably can't find somalia and my son probably can't find somalia on a map. and probably very and probably very few people even believe in this room know who in this room know who it is because it's going to be very it's going to be very hard hard hard to get a view to get
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a veto pito prove prove maturity gritty to to take the name of a nation it came of an accused terrorist group or numerous group or nation off the ocean off that list of list just and so and so it's going to be virtually going to be virtually impossible to do that that we're going impossible to do that that we're having this kind of having this kind of a cumbersome accommodation or sation. about whether the president whether the president could kill americans kill americans in america arkan's in america or whether the or whether there's a president can and can and getting gauge in perpetual war war war in a matter of a matter how noble he believes that causes how noble he believes that cause is this speaks of speaks volumes of humans about how how low low we we have seen have sunk and built and believe it or leave it or not they're not there wasn't real wasn't really any of blind pully any of blind partisanship but
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partisan to see ship appearing big this hearing they criticize the size of both dies both democrat mccrie tick tick and and republican administrations publican and restorations for transfer of power abusing using presidential war presidents a war powers powers but but sec senator senator sander anders' made a special appear made a spy. perience at the hearing and he was at the gate a very can hear him and he made a very convincing vincy arguing argument bringing up the three bringing up the three different in different instances when the us interest and says when the us intervened being without congressional all out congressional authorization to emphasize the need to emphasize the need to limit it to limit presidential authority presidential authority number one number one thousand nine hundred fifty three the nine hundred fifty three overthrow overthrow iran democratically a lot of a critically elected leader did leader a number two or two vietnam and three of course and three iraq of course you render said that these travis said that these travesties happened because people was the
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american people and us and us congress was mis was misled by those led by those administrations administration saying that saying that congress congress should should be appy asking asking tough tougher questions about question of the woman's about the about the wars the us the us is involved involved with with not just not just debating debating the libby legality ality the orders. but the but the proposal proposal. was also authored third abide by a senator senator corker corker. who's been braided who's been braided by his own party his own party for kerry for criticizing his size and trunk trump and and it was also it was also authored by several authored by senator tim tim kaine a hillary clinton's running to hillary clinton's running mate during the twenty sixth during the twenty sixteen elections of these are these are two of trump's fears who have trump's fiercest critics on foreign policy but critics on foreign
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policy but as a senator senator kay kane has has for years for years pushed to push to limit presidential authority to waive dental forty to wage war so it's a little bit can war so it's a little bit confusing as to confusing as to why why he authored what expanse spanned president presidential lunchroom. more power more powers and some have mark some have mockingly asked of senator tim lee asked of senator kaine had even read his own bill but cain had even read his own bill but both corker and both corker and cain have never said cain have never stopped shop short of criticizing the sizing trump so trump so it's difficult to determine it's difficult to determine if their intent if the engine were intention was to actually produce actually prevent war or if it were if it was just just another soon other way to resist or a way to resist but the on the underlying question is their line question while the lis while the legality of these war should be discussed already of these war should be discussed will the premise of these wars also be to build the premise of these
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wars also be discussed like senator rand paul recommended like senator rand paul recommended. the new account. the new account of the executive director at the wrong pull the executive director of the wrong poll institute things the new law would have to shoot things the new law would effectively put congress which would be put congress so the job this is my job. this is much much worse than the presidential much worse than the president's current authority it grants current authority it grants what judge and jeanette's what judge andrew napolitano called politan who called unconstitutional mission unconstitutional mishmash to allow the president ash to allow the president to declare war forever to declare war forever wars without congress' wars without congress' involvement whatsoever
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is a huge alben whatsoever there's a huge disconnect in washington call disconnect in washington congress loves the wars florist loves the wars lore is what washington is made of war is what washington is made of war is washington's number one exports washington's number one export says congress officially thrown out says congress officially throwing up its arms and saying you know what up its arms and saying you know what we give it's all over we give it's all over we're just going to sit back we're just going to sit back sit in front of the camera collect our past sit in front of the camera collect our paychecks and do not a checks and do nothing. on find and find a plot a vladimir putin putin visit to to visit to china the china the shanghai cooperation high cooperation organize a organization size ations summit summit and head to head of the trip does that jet
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trip journalists also lists off the russian president and prime whether he didn't whether he would be giving any would be giving any kid a gift to his to his chinese counterpart counterpart chinese. will you bring will you bring me. here it won't it won't be a surprise if i say in advance if i say in advance what exactly what. i told you before chinese businessman chinese businessman told told me to me chinese love route chinese love russian ice cream russian ice cream i promised them
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i promised. myself i self and so on so i brought you and i brought you an entire tire box box of ice of ice cream scream as again as it gets.
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to be a secret between between me and you. i will whisper it to you later. that the interview touched on interview touched on various topics from various topics one region regional security channel security to birthdays and birthdays on david and even foot football will help hellacious that they have. a small say the states out south that president that president casey will be facing will be bringing bring a gift along with him during his state visit gift along with him during his state visit to china and to china on jean valjean a way to meet to meet great presidents and seek the seed seed to take the to the to do a very good friends they were very good friends that one present it doesn't appear to me to look at that they would they would have this well with him as well. as. chairman chairman cieszyn pink is the only one season pink is the only world leader
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with whom i world live speaker wouldn't one of my for whom i have spent one of my birth birthdays sais i just have i just have not had that kind of relationship with not had that kind of relationship with anyone or anyone else else and must and my schedule by schedule did not i would not allow spend allow spending my day in my birthday with a with any of any of my other other foreign counterparts or parts but but i was able to i was a two so able to go with do so with decision ping ping. now during the during the biggest three day state free day state visit president president face and pleasant face and mother tend to spend the show shanghai corporation gratian eyes they can organize ation seventy seven all same old same name as the as same as the s c o m together and together these countries make these countries make up the up the fourth fourth largest product largest and of production of world g.d.p. g.d.p. and they also make and they also make up the cut forty three percent of the sense
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of the world sports population elation and now it's also it's also a security a security organization as well has ation as well so the topic also the topic of north korea will have north korea will no doubt that when talking but when talking about the koreans about the korean peninsula internet since it gave to the in the instigator president president putin putin said that said that they want they want to get to go down the path that will have to use tension on the part that will have to do use tensions between words between will read this thread. that was stopped by the north korean leadership that was stopped by the north korean leadership has taken as taken an unprecedented impressive step to tented steps towards deescalation of tensions towards deescalation of tensions and and frankly frankly i did not agree i did not expect spec that that. i can understand the north korean leadership when there stand the north korean leadership
7:46 pm
when they say say that they that for the for the fall dall de knew the nuclearization of the peninsula or ization of the peninsula they need absolute guarantees of theirs they need absolute guarantees of their security and security how else could it and how else could it be it is not possible to be it is not possible to imagine imagine it any at any other way other way as a special specially allie after the trip to the tragic events then it's that hap's that happened in learned in libya in the in iraq in iraq the north korea the north koreans remember them variants remember very well them very very well. i still hope that this meeting i still hope that this meeting being a very very brave brave and mature decision even mature decision us press president shouldn't donald donald trump trump has made made need to have direct contacts with north to have direct contacts with north korean leader kim jong un will take korean leader kim jong un will take place and we all explain and we all expect specked
7:47 pm
apart a positive outcome doing this doing this interview good to be you and so you and sam scums got the chance the chance to us to also present peace and peace and i said and some thoughts and some questions and they were obviously they were obviously helpful really helpful related to thing is thing is their cut cut which cake which kicks off on stuff on the full the full. disclosure. that's a do that's a difficult one one there are many there are many title contenders there are latin america title contenders there are latin american teams like argentina and can teams like argentina and brazil we also know that the german is ill but we also know that the german team showed great game at present team show. great game at previous previous tournaments ornaments and high quality and high quality of
7:48 pm
football was also demonstrate lee of football was also demonstrated by that had by this ban a spanish teenage team i am sure i am sure there were there are going to be other tiger going on contender to be other title contenders but the stress but the strongest against will win will win. i have a i have a couple couple of footballers whom of footballers whom i consider x i consider extraordinary ordinary harry and who and who can of can obviously lake loosely lay claim to claim to the type the title will be among russian modern and soviet and russian and soviet players it is players it is lives live yoshio among among foreign foreign footballers for its pale a ball its pale leg well i also like maradona well i also like mara dawna q q. now i just seven days and days to go is to go before the fee for world before the fee for world cups cup
7:49 pm
kicks off hey in russia kicks off hey in russia and as they explode and as the excitement builds we've been built we've been found. out baps the most the most the most famous football out there out there there is a man there is a marine every near on how anything how it's the tournament he thinks the tournament well and well one falls. says mr mr. let's get let's go through the group go through the groups step by step by step. whenever you're ready already. i'm not so not
7:50 pm
ready because of me because it says. a lot on the means of emotion motional what i have to be able to look i have to be able to contradict traditions sions because else because i want my place on my plate is. also on my pulse a waste of my place to go on a holiday on the holiday so this is going to be tough so this is going to be tough but. i would say i would say be. true to what why his way his way into the office and when we go to go. there. the experience they have to have the right and does it have the right to do and those and those things think russia russia has has to finish to feel i can finish second and. then the crucial and the crucial much much.
7:51 pm
the new russia new russia against egypt against egypt. and this and this fine to be going to the community from the our our testing testing question mr. to finish second to finish the work of the well. and two we two were in the in the group it will be he. and i will show and i will show relate to that i am totally bored relate to that i am totally portraitist grow up to explore the world of who i want to finish so i can finish in the world second in the world maybe maybe down the home team rushing you down the home team russia is is going to going to play and play against you and there are many of the best teams to explain this move c.c. i think a scene from his friends will draw a little thing royal to finish first his foot first. he has to finish to finish
7:52 pm
such second seconds. before the surprise. before a surprise come on come on australia australia let's finish cycles let's finish cycles then in group b. then in group d. assembling the little fellow fellow will do for him to finish first first. while. this one is going to be harder than it is going to be a five arbuckle for an african title for an african team and team. so far so little for little piece he wrote brazil is it when you send these. and in the name of change to go on to go on the whole of the holiday so so switzerland to finish switzerland to finish six second i'm so in the money i'm a i'm sort in the money i'm up in it and you don't need to hold on to. and and and and in the ring the group. from germany has to have germany has to win
7:53 pm
in. i think. i think mexico is finished second is mexico finished second it's. there you go oh. g g. and that's the belgian belgian who finished second to finish second. but finally believe the. balance is. called for when the in the group. don't fall and fall months long in the second to the second. much much expertise sees jews and jews agree to meet you you don't miss it.
7:54 pm
but if you feel well if you feel like you're like pitting pitting your wits again you always the mates against the might of jos a marine here you can head to fight of jos a marine here you can head to face but i spoke twitter twitter and use the heart of the hash tag match. to make you you know to make your predictions predictions. well there is all that but there is all the headline headlines for this thousands for this hour we'll be back at the top i will be back at of the outs with the latest of the hour with the latest on if then if you don't have become then if you.
7:55 pm
guys are kaiser one or more of my or my guide to financial survival guide to financial survival this this is. as if it's a device device used by professional high professional galley galley way to earn a way to earn money money. that's right these has flaws or simply these has flaws are simply not accountable not accountable and we're just we're just adding more demanding more and more to that to them. totally destabilised that will really destabilize the global economy you need to protect your nature so protect yourself and get informed and get info for god god god has put your foot.
7:56 pm
this is. pretty much secret indeed. just like priests priests accused accused of soused of six or six really ability abusing choosing children children can can get away get away with it with it literally quite literally. i want to call this i want to call this the due to do graphic graphics of the. solution. saul was what the bush the bush admin just needs to do them to do them he finds out he finds out that the priest whose it is is a is a perpetrator is simply the truth is simply moves moves him through to a different different spawn spot were were the previous the priest areas stambaugh is not known nor does the highest ring highest ranks of this of the catholic catholic church help conceal the church help conceal the it could be accused used priest priests friends from the police peace and justice justice this. doesn't do
7:57 pm
that it doesn't do that any that's not that's not that's the that's the end they and i think you think you do that tuesday it's out and out and. it is fell through. if i think the last to interfere i think the last two interventions military engines military enter into the engine of engines and shoal shoal. to. those who knows all be to live and to listen listen to the little be learned there is here is an already she's in the regime change change change all supposed to
7:58 pm
performers from upset upset and take them take her you i could see you i was so them all seen in take take a dive for duffy. i think i think using this is. a little lesson and i think we should both think we all we should we all should to learn to learn to go talk to talk to these nation listen nation and listen so we change change change it. and you still both of those who should you should take so they can say tell him to leave me to leave me. but. the idea of course regime change or the idea of free cian change needed the military into intonations nations that do some of that this is mostly old mobile. please please.
7:59 pm
please. please. please. please. this is boom bust this is boom bust broadcasting a large cast around the world single one round the world from washington d c r to d.c. and bart chilton and thank bart chilton and thank you hugh watching. coming up coming up to day to day the new the new act we were acquisitions edition bison by their air of model monsanto santo creates an appropriate many many questions but questions but the one thing on thing is for sure for sure sure there will there will be getting getting rid of the name on sunday man so santo are
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