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i think the last to the interventions military interventions shoulder to the those who usually be to listen to this in the regime change those who perform upset that take. them will say take a leave the i think this is. and i think we should we all should tell people exactly these nation the. changes will those who should accept our limits but i think the ideal for regime change to a military into the nations from outside this is mostly all the. greetings and salutations just a few short years ago during the height of the black lives matter protests and
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police brutality and aggression towards the billions shined a bright in the media spotlight a new piece of technology jumped to the forefront in the conversation on police reform body cameras politicians activists police reformers nationwide hype the use of body cameras as the twenty first century picks to an age old law enforcement problem of just who should the public believe when an interaction with the police goes bad the cop or the citizen. we were all told that with body cameras the all seeing digital i would tell us the true burgeon of events without judgment or bias but the question is are body cameras really the be all end all of police reform take the recent events in milwaukee wisconsin involving the police and be a rookie sterling brown back in january brown was confronted by a group of police officers after illegally parking in a handicap space he was then wrestled to the ground and tasered by the officers for refusing to take his hands out of his pockets brown was eventually given
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a two hundred dollar ticket for the parking violation officers had pushed for an obstruction obstructing an officer charge but that was overturned after body cam footage was reviewed body cam footage that only now six months later is finally being shown to the public milwaukee police chief alfonso morales publicly apologized to brown in may five months after the incident occurred stating i'm sorry this incident as collated to this level the department conducted investigation into the incident which revealed members acted inappropriately and those members were recently disappointed. but are after the fact apologies disciplinary action and much delayed body cam footage really really the police are what the police reform activists were were marching for and hoping for i say let's find out and start watching the hallmarks.
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with. the bottom. like you. welcome or with watching the hawks i am sorry roll that and i'm talking a lot and joining us today to talk to police reforms body cams and apologies as author speaker and educator baltimore sun then it's always a pleasure to have you know i want to look first i want the three of us to take a look at that a part of the recently released body cam footage of this i believe was when the officers actually you know took sterling brown dallas let's take a look at that first.
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thang. what's your first reaction to seeing footage like that i think if a police officer tackles a citizen. you know. a conversation not going the way they want it to go and we find out that this is a did nothing wrong i feel like those officers should be thrown in jail because if
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i tackled a cop they you know i would be sitting in this chair of the call you guys to put some money on my book. we'd be there would be the. really what is what your feeling on the time would be for somewhat that but i think it's so obvious in that situation and there is no reason we keep seeing this it's you know one person surrounded by a bunch of cops and there's this automatic jump to just you know don't take it who back in the world would want to take their hands out of the pockets in that situation that's like asking to be shot for him there you go to break point grand i honestly looking at i want to start i was like i wouldn't i wouldn't i wouldn't as a white woman want to get my hands out about pockets in that situation i'd be terrified as an excuse there was a there was a stop i think it was a last year where it was a white woman and she was saying that she didn't really want to move her hands in a cup so as a joke said we only should like people who. don't have a sense of rudeness of ribs or ratio and the funny thing is that the talk about
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wisconsin police actually shot a man about two years ago who was suing the police for police brutality and was winning that case and getting a settlement and he was involved he was being held hostage in a motorcycle store and he came out and the police shot and nothing has been done he was suing them for a previous raid that they had done and he was a victim in a kidnapping and they shot him and you and i remember people saying in a way friends of mine from wisconsin go i think i understand why. why african-americans are so scared they finally got it but it has to happen to someone who looks like you and i think that's what scares me is that i look at that i'm like that's a human being if it takes five of you to just. get a question and the thing with that is to it's like we're talking about a parking violation we're talking about the double parked in a handicapped lane in the middle of the night i mean it's.
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like right in front of a store and so illegal parking. store in the way tonight grab like a bottle of water or something like that. and i don't but you know there are certain cockles and taser and everything else. you know this is the thing about body because we also there are other video of the situation where they're saying things like oh we're going over time over time you know that it's it's all just a joke it's a joke it's a game and i wonder if. where do body cams and the police departments use of them fail in reforming these kind of interactions because clearly cops don't care they don't care that there's a camera on them they'll stop someone else from filming them there's a whole thing about they do not want to be responsible for what they do. so sterling bro n.b.a. player stays and tackle to the ground over n.b.a. parking spot right and we hear cops bragging about the overtime they going to get right and then we hear them taking shots at him because he's
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a professional athlete and saying that we better not do nothing wrong what is going to be a media firestorm so these people are ready know what they're doing is wrong they know they're stealing money they know that you know if they get caught doing what they do and how the media is going to react at the same time they still don't care and they don't care because they're never held accountable they can do whatever they want to do nuffin happens this is two thousand and eighteen two thousand and eighteen why does it take six months to get body cam footage like i can shoot something on my phone and text it to instantly so one of the think i got like is it like there's a dollars dollar i don't understand that and it turns out the public never knows the public never knows what these actions are oh yeah well you know they want to do you want to you know they want we did something with the administration where we know we put them one does work that sounds like a promotion there's not a bad thing because if i was a target and i said something racist or sexist i would be fired i work in service if i was in wal-mart the same thing but as a cop i can be racist on camera and nothing happens and assault people and so
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people because of that racism and educates going on i mean that just and we keep saying it around the world in places where us cops have trained other law enforcement around the world post nine eleven where they're teaching the same bad racist cop mentality and the other kind of thing that gets me it's like with what it called the body chemistry comes up when there was a few people speaking out when they first were kind of brought on the scene so i don't know if this is really going to help them along with it i think what you're seeing is everyone promised is this will help bring down you won't see the light. browne's you won't see this kind of thing happening unless i think you said it perfectly what you start to see happening is them doing it anyway and you saw in baltimore you saw guys on their body cams planting evidence at one point you know it's like it's not preventing anything they were they promised us they would prevent bad action but it's not preventing the thing that you cut the body cabs off we've got to play the drugs on this guy right you know i mean this is not what i want to do is what in all this both the obviously the event is bad what would happen was thrilling brown and then the aftermath you know what about the aftermath
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really struck you and you felt was agreed just in the sterling bound case so for me i feel like stone and brown is he has a platform people are going to hear his story and i'm honored that. he's excited about telling people because we need to know what the aftermath for me is there's a nuff evidence to fire these people there's enough and no one's talking about that it hasn't been done i didn't hear anything will say anything where you know the police commissioner was quick to apologize and the mayor was quick to apologize but nobody stepped up and say you know we're going to get rid of these guys and for me that's very problematic and that is a really big issue there because it's like when you when you you know when you don't have when there's no repercussions then it's said that endorses bad behavior bad behavior will keep going when there's not a repercussion to be found and they will continue to you know because there's always excuses right there's always an excuse i was scared and i said it for five
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years of doing this job and others like i keep saying we are police were already running toward this idea. it's like south park they're coming right for us so everything we don't need hunting license if we just say it's coming right for us and then we can shoot and that's why i feel the cops are i'm afraid i'm afraid well guess what i don't want. cops. sitting around and i'm tell in most walking i know what the crime statistics are malaki what were those five cops doing there yeah they had nothing better to do over a parking violation nuts disgusting and it's a waste of taxpayer money and for every person who was assaulted and robbed in downtown milwaukee that night who didn't have the cops there should be asking why there were five six cops for parking violations are great for you know it's like it's like having a child. going to school. you say you know you were going to have ice cream tonight but you act and upset you don't get it so you know the child walks away and comes
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back you get that show i scream this is what's happening with these police departments they get their ice cream all of the time they were held accountable so why would i be scare of or why would i want to you know act like i'm supposed to act you know under the badge and all this ridiculous stuff that these politicians talk about respect the first responders what why would i want to do that when i know that they can do whatever they want to do or nothing happens then nobody can bring them out not even a body of the body camera for their body. because it will then they just you know it's easy to just make up any excuse and whatever one of the things that we've talked about and i keep hearing from people is that there's no way to reform our current policing system it has to be a complete overhaul of how policing works how it is done on a day to day on the street level all the way up to the top do you think what in your opinion what fundamentally needs to change about policing and police
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departments in places like mo walking. and your own baltimore what what needs to happen on a fundamental level and there is some very simple being. totally reform how police and works in america number one police officers who live let's use bottom as an example if you're a police officer about it well you should have to live in the city you have to live in a neighborhood that you work in. something in there is the neighborhood number two cops should be held accountable you do something wrong you go you don't get to go through eighty seven thousand steps of redemption you know be treated like the rest of us we have when we screw up you know if we're sitting at work and you crack me and i hit what a mug you're probably you know i'm probably going to see you i'm a guy that is probably going to not have a job so any normal person was why should you have those extra powers if you implement those two small things he was tossing the change quickly most definitely will do walk ins always a pleasure to have you on and talking about this today well i'm sure that tragically is going to be the last time you walk in this author educated thank you
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so much for coming on today thank you all right is going to break hawk watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover and facebook and twitter so our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up we present the second half of strong storms riveting interview with author gary locke another new book dark star rising magic and power in the age of trump so stay tuned to watch the whole.
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thing. that. you. the book dark star rising magic and power in the age of trump discusses the parallels between the methods used by politicians and pundits who profit from chaos and history sales of witchcraft and wizardry that's right the esoteric the bizarre the occult aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind but you just might be
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surprised by how much of what many would deem a cult style practices and techniques have actually found their way into the modern political speech stead of dobby the house elf it's happy the frog is it just because humans need pageantry and brimstone sometimes or could a better understanding of our my protect us from live better than any spell here's the second half of strong stance interview with author historian and founding member of wandy gary locke meant. i mean the whole point of politics is supposed to be. effect or you know effects driven as opposed to what we've seen a lot of times you become accustomed to a sort of stagnation within the political system nothing changes sometimes it takes the chaos to actually effect the change even whether it's positive or negative but if trump is as you say an archetype of chaos in a sense what is it he would put in my eyes as you talked about this time period we're in of fake news right and sort of alternative facts and the blurring of
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realities what does that mean about the age that we're entering or that we are in. well it seems to me and i say in the book that we're in a time where the partitions between inner reality and its representation between inner and outer between truth and falsehood all of these things have become very very very thin and permeable and porous and. one of the things i say tongue in cheek in the book is i wonder if we can consider a kind of topa. comes from tibetan buddhism and it's a sort of thought form it's a sort of mental entity that's brought into being through meditation and. talk about it there's a famous book called magical mystery in tibet a frenchwoman alexander david neal and she talks about how she she did this she practiced this form of tibetan magic and brought monk sort of into existence and got out of control sort of like the golem in jewish mysticism and it took her some
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time to dissolve it and because we seem to be in this time where the difference between reality and its representation has become blurred we have a reality t.v. celebrity for president and prior to that you know what was happening on television the most what was the most popular thing about reality t.v. so that in itself seemed to be something to set kind of scene of the tone for the sort of things that seem to be happening and i sort of pose the question again is have tongue in cheek but it's the idea of somehow as trump popped out of the television been pulled out of this other reality and now has come come into the real world now you know he's he's he's here his followers or whatever have helped sort of bring him into manifestation. but what does that mean as far as i mean just as a student of history as you already said of the various philosophies and these things have occurred throughout time whether it's so-called politics in chaos magic and
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the various philosophies that you know into galea and sanskrit dialectic right of transformation where do you see things going on a socio political landscape where you have something that as absurd as you say of the reality t.v. star become president we've seen it recently with kim kardashian is that prison reform expert at the white house i mean it's people are knocking it obviously because it's just so outrageous but what does that indicate we're going to. what is what are we being led towards as a western civilization. well i mean you could even say obama i mean he recently signed some sort of deal with netflix so you know it's something that's got a kind of across the board and all that but i love the way i see it i try to look at in the context of the work of german swiss philosopher and gene gaps or and he wrote a fantastic book called the ever present origin he wrote in the forty's and it was translated in the eighty's into english he died in the early seventy's around the same time that you is able to do it i think within
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a year of each other but he talked about this notion that humanity since it's pretty story time as it were has gone through different structures of consciousness and different sort of fundamental ways in which we are aware of the world have appeared and they've they've sort of dominated for a time and then they start to break down what he said was that ever since sort of you know the beginning of the one nine hundred century let's say we've started to experience what he called the breakdown of the mental rational structure and this meant that the stable you know fixed ideas about you know truth and logic and knowledge and so on and so on we're starting to dismantle and i guess one of the earliest signs of the same is quantum physics but in a more immediate and cultural kind of level and political and social i would say you know in the seventy's around the time when gibson died and you start of the rise of deconstructionism the start of the rise of postmodernism which is an act of attack on these cognitive structures and this sort of a pistol a logical sort of dominance that you know has been around for quite some time and i
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think the whole post through the turn of fact world that we're in is the result of what i call trickle down metaphysics so from these lofty heights of a piston illogical crisis and ambiguity that you know first sort of starts with nature then heidegger picks up the ball and people like barry don't those you know carried on until today now it's. part and parcel of much of the sort of neo liberal . so you know what you it's the sort of thing that someone like jordan peterson is up in arms about and this is become kind of the dominant view and it's also the sort of thing and someone i do get is very much up in arms about this it becomes sort of the absolute view of reality and you know go back to francis fukuyama his book you know the end of history this is sort of like history is ended now you talked about table so yes ok so this notion of freedom which cable said was the the sort of the motor the drive in the aim and goal of history seems to have been accomplished at least in terms of you know liberal market free market values and so
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on and so on so there's a sense in which the thing that has been sort of. the backbone i say of western civilization for the last five hundred years or so was starting to sort of take itself apart and that yes that's necessary for something else to come in and talked about what he called the entire global structure of consciousness that somehow. i can't go into great detail about it somehow would harmonize and you know reintegrate things but again it's no picnic so i think presently we're going through something that it's a breakdown of you know how we understood the world and it will continue and you can see this in a variety of different ways you know the west the western sort of intellectual structure of western civ is being sort undermined attacked and you know from different points of points of view. precisely i mean it's really a time of deconstruction of old orders and i think this is not a new phenomenon i mean it's certainly it's been on the rise since even you could say the post world war era whether it's you know the drug culture and the sort of
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dissemination of especially computer technology artificial realities all the way to the present internet allowing this media where awareness beyond what human consciousness is normally used to we're not supposed to you know by biology we don't know what happens in china instantaneously you know for the you know until a few years ago right now the information is this person rapidly so where does that leave your interpretation. the imagination of magic because when you say occultism it makes it seem like it's very dark and it's only being used for negative purposes but how do you see you know what is your interpretation of this chaos magic you say it's you know it could be positive or negative well you. know i think the thing itself is neutral to great degree and it's generally you know there's black magic and white magic and all that kind of stuff you know you could use your powers for good or evil i think the idea that as. i say you know in some interviews unlike vegas you know what happens in the mind doesn't necessarily stay there is something
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that you know most rational people are scientifically then people would just consider nonsense but i think if you you know if you broaden your perspective a bit and try to understand what exactly we mean because again you say imagination and we have a kind of. idea what that means is stereotypical idea but one of the things i've been trying to do in this book dark star rising in early one called last knowledge of the imagination is to look historically at how we understand imagination because i'm sure you know for you know people probably are to the rise of science in the seventeenth century in the light and all throughout that romantics and poets and philosophers they've all understood the imagination in some way that it's actually . part and parcel of the way in which we grasp the world it isn't some sort of thing that we just have ok you know usually magination to be sort of new and novel or to create a substitute for reality it's some way that at the bottom or and again if you do the homework you see people that have looked into this these are you know these are
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billion people like you know the great german poet there are two william blake the german philosopher and personal you know right of others in some way which we don't quite understand. our minds are intimately involved in the world that we perceive outside us now can we take the next step in some way you know actively induce you know try to make reality in some way i guess that's that's the magic bit that's the thing that. comes in and i think it all depends on you know how far you want to take the idea that you know what happens in the mind and outside of the interpenetrate and in some direct sort of way that's a carry so you know if some people are doing that and using that for purposes that you may feel or you know perhaps dubious then it pays to get your skates on and to be aware of this and you know we know in the states there's sort of the magical resistance and which is against trump to do the binding spell and and that sort of thing but i would say fundamentally rather than necessarily you know participating
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in things like that it's to understand how much the imagination and the needs of the imagination or involved in the kind of milieu of politics is centered these days which is very much about entertainment and and glamour and show and effect which as we know are part of sort of magical traditions as well so you know the guru in the demagoguing the magician and sort of the cult leader and not very far apart. precisely it's all it's all merging intertwining of realities all becoming sort of harmonized as well and one is maybe the democratic marketplace of ideas really is what it boils down to gary really appreciate you and your work and a fan of your music as well so it's great to have you on. i was absolutely a pleasure thank you very much. now suddenly makes up a fraction of the overall four trillion dollar federal budget of the united states every year but it is one of the most robust life changing and productive sectors of
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our government and according to a new pew research poll seventy two percent of u.s. citizens polled think that nasa is role in making sure the u.s. is a global leader in space is essential no matter the cost eighty percent feel space station the space station is a good investment and sixty five percent felt that nasa not private companies like blue origin space x. virgin and. galactic should be involved in the journey beyond our horizons speaking of those private geniuses and entrepreneurs most americans polled felt that they could be profitable but those americans who were polled also said they have little to no confidence that those private companies like space x. will keep space clean from human made space tracts but when it comes to going into space a full fifty eight percent of those polls said they do not want to orbit earth in a space travel to which i say i'll take your spot in the holy land they want to
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have all the nasa big time but they just don't want to quite a lot of it all go yourselves i like the world worried about space trash that's pretty good i destroyed are old enough to live please don't please don't pollute the rest of the universe is that right every party that is ours overrated they remember everyone in this world we are not told we all love the upside tell you all i love you i am tyrol but on top of a lot of people watching those hawks never break day and everybody. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tempting each day. eighty five percent of global will be loans to the old rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent raise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and get cornrows to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two
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point one billion dollars a i industrial plant but don't let the numbers overwhelm . the only numbers you need remember it was one you know for him it was one and only lubov. the events of april twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred six in the historic town of tasmania for ever the course of history here in australia thirty five souls lost their lives. massacre was the catalyst for the australian government to enact massive sweeping changes to our laws with our own are set by and selling firearms maybe it's time for the united states to start looking for help. from. the.
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top stories this hour here on our see the u.s. congress debates a new bill that would allow the american president to initiate military action without the approval of congress. we've gone through seventeen years a war. this proposal will have one hundred seventy more a loaded gun in a desk drawer of the president ready for him to take it out and shoot it whatever it wants wakeup call britain's upper parliament the house of lords. over members falling asleep during the session and we get reaction on the streets of london. and nothing for i went to work as a washington state i'd love to be paid for having a campaign a mile long day just listening to other people all day long so i get.


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