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tv   News  RT  June 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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world leaders lash out at new trade tariffs ahead of friday's g. seven summit seeking to avoid u.s. . world cup two world war three foreign policy shares the spotlight with domestic issues during the sixteen q. and a session with the public. for a wake up call the british parliament's upper chamber of the house of lords is paraded over members falling asleep during sessions to get reaction on the streets of london to. the space opera. if i went so well to say what you think i'd love to be paid for having a campaign in my long day just listening to other people all day long so i get on
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a bit. of broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our attention on time and certainly glad to have you with us now world leaders are arriving for the two thousand and eighteen g. seven summit set to take place this friday in canada british prime minister teresa mayes the plane touched down just about an hour ago the french president arrived earlier and has already held a joint press conference with canada's justin trudeau and if their remarks are any indication the upcoming g seven discussion is maybe a little intense in the u.s. president and other world leaders are divided on trump's new trade tariffs here is what the french and canadian leaders said head of the summit but that. the other six countries of the g. seven or a bigger market than the u.s. there is no global hegemony if we know how to. organize ourselves you don't maybe
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the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be we're going to continue to defend our industry now workers but i also know that our citizens expect us to resolve differences and show him that his actions on acceptable. and it seems like donald trump himself is preparing for a tough atmosphere at the g. seven has tweeted that he is ready for a fight with his fellow world leaders over the issue of trade later he tweeted that france and canada themselves are charging the us massive tariffs but that he is looking forward to meeting micron and trudeau recently we've heard much concern from politicians who called tariffs illegal a political mistake and unacceptable this is very unfortunate between not just seven it would be a g six indeed if they succeeded in all of. the problem is if your closest friend for the earlier we heard from ron paul former u.s.
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congressman and the founder of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity he believes that trump will actually enjoy the upcoming g. seven summit because he thrives on conflict and knows how to come out on top. the leaders of the other six countries are going to try to be a really are really tough on trump and make a lot of noise yet that is not the answer because trump usually wins all those types of arguments he proved it in our campaigning he just took that over and he said things and did things and controlled the media he's almost like don't cross me or i'll start twittering and what you're doing that i think trumps looking forward to it because he thrives on this and i think he handled better with silence rather than playing his game of starting to say hey mr trump you're a bad guy doing this we're going to gang up on you because i don't think they'll follow through but trump loves a battle like this and i think they'll be
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a lot of battling there but not much will come of it. from domestic issues to the consequences of a third world war russia's president has wrapped up his annual televised q. and a with the public this time it lasted more than four hours or so but i've got to have breaks down the highlights for us some of the things that really stood out was what vladimir putin had to say about foreign affairs for example not to be a putin recently presented a snood of super weapons we're talking here about big a move powerful fos the nuclear missiles but they stick missiles and one view a challenge vladimir putin saying you know does this stuff really exist there are those who doubt new russian weapons are soon going to be put into service back in two thousand and four they were doubting the guard system but now we see it in syria and that's not everything that we're planning to produce and put into service
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as i said in my address it's too early to talk about it and what we will speak out soon the president stress that this isn't about saber rattling rule waving you will guns around do you know measuring anything with anyone but this is a. about parity this is about making sure that russia has a deterrent that new enemy no potential opponent can overcome russia and here another particularly worried. putin how close we are to world war three and was in a speech against the in a moment don't because you know you can recall einstein's words he said i don't know with what weapons world war three will be fought but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones with the understanding of the fact that world war three maybe the end of modern civilization must deter us from extreme actions on the international scene all this war talk and fears is no surprise given current
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tensions between the east and the west people are you know when is this going to end when is this division going to end these sanctions these restrictions and let me putin said that they won't and still we will treat each other as equals until nations learn to respect each other and to compromise and he pointed to the trade war that has just erupted between europe and the united states saying that the new tariffs that washington a slap from the europeans which have made them very unhappy those aren't so much tariffs as they are sanctions i mean you sort of one of the french government's ministers recently said that the us shouldn't be allowed to become the economic policeman of the world and he spoke about it publicly the former german minister of finance publicly said that germany hasn't been a fully sovereign state since one thousand nine hundred five but everybody can see what's going on but probably our partners thought it would never affect them that kind of politics is counterproductive the politics of limitations and sanctions let
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me putin also spoke about the upcoming world cup due to kick off in about a week in. russia really andy said that the russians. seem lately hasn't hasn't played as well babs as a somewhat expected and he said he hoped that now that the world cup is here they'll really show what they've got. french m.p.'s have hit out have a new law designed to fight fake news r.t. francis spoke to several lawmakers who warned that the government backed bill takes the country in a dangerous direction. the problem is in force meant of this law would put us in the position where the state decides what is truth and what is not. i'm extremely concerned because this law is actually gazed freedom of speech on. despite all the criticism of the proposed law is being heavily promoted by the president as artie's
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shola dubinsky explains. it. is a basic freedom is the freedom of expression which always comes with the freedom of conscience and the fought and that constitutes the basis for the counter power vital to our democracy this illiberal temptation must be taken seriously. well the french president is of vocal defender of democracy and press freedom on top of that he's on a crusade against fake news the bill he initiated is aimed at protecting european elections from all kinds of this information spread in the media elections fakes media you have all of the key elements but one it seems is missing this voice that specifically russian media because of the time when the law was. thought the russian with responsible for the united states since then there was
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lots of investigation very very few evidence concerning the russian of course no surprises here president is not a fan of russian media and of our channel in particular. russia today have not behaved as media outlets and journalists but as organs of influence and false propaganda. this is. the missing six young woman so you should. look up you see we're talking about them with legalese with. this election. if passed the bill would allow french judges to block the publication of any information deemed to be head of elections not definitely false but. how efficient can these measures be welcome back row because basically. they're
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going to point everybody's attention to. there is no way you can censor efficiently the internet so everybody will be looking for this century news and because it's censured many many people in france who believe that's the truth even though it's probably not the government just spends the initiative saying that it has nothing to do with reducing freedom of expression but vice versa it's only to protect kids there is no foreign media in the country available to. what foreign media or news which is not really widespread in france let's be honest here. too internet providers that home for orange those are the two major internet providers and in france for those of you don't know you have t.v. with your internet provider i don't have art in use on my t.v. so i don't have access to news other than having access using the internet online
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on the web so it's not going to change much honestly there is nothing to be afraid of meanwhile paris has witnessed massive street protests against reforms introduced by president micron and also against privatization of public services. no. high school and university students rallied on thursday voicing their opposition against stricter entry requirements for overseas scribed university courses among them were railway and postal workers who marched against new regulations impacting french railways. under the u.k. now where members of the house of lords have been given a slap on the wrist over their behavior a memo has reportedly been sent out complaining about shouting audible conversations and falling asleep while in the chamber artie's politico explains why
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parliamentary snoozes are such a sensitive issue. most members of the house of lords which is the chamber of the british parliament have been around the block for quite some time the average age in the lords chamber is sixty nine and from the breadth of their experience the law job is to scrutinise british law and that can be pretty tiring so much server that even the most hardworking and conscientious lords and politicians can get a little sleep paid. well rumor has it that the lords have now received
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a quiet telling off for falling asleep in the chamber according to the times newspaper a conservative pays have received an email telling them that their behavior and that isn't up to scratch and it said that the other political parties are sending a similar reprimand to their lords but according to your established parliamentary convention perry is all allowed to quote rest their eyes so i mom with photos of sleeping lords all sleepy looking lords and i want london as to help me determine which of these are just resting their eyes on which all most definitely in the land of knowledge the definition so he might be resting his eyes they've just been told off the sleeping too much in the guy's lost control of his neck so he's definitely sleeping i think he'd be asleep and he won't be resting but i don't know all right i'm just looking down his and i was just ok so you're not guilty not guilty what about what about these to. the.
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rest of you guys do you think they should. be allowed to have a little camp in the chamber that's lots of harm but writing a nice scrutinizing letter and i would think not misplaced i would be about seven and that if i went to work say why should they i'd love to be paid for having a campaign in my office think they should be allowed to have a little kid in the chamber they can do whatever they want as far as i understand their old gentleman and i deserve a little bit of respect. long day just listening to other people all day long so they get on a bit so i let them have. another case of apparent police abuse has come to light in the us state of arizona we will bring you details coming up after a break stay with us. i think the last two interventions military interventions. to those who usually be to listen to this in the regime change those who perform upset and take iraq
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with southern will see take the duffy and leave but i think this is to listen and i think we should we all should try to go talk to these nation listens to changes both those who should accept our limits but i think the idea of regime change military into the issues from outside the us is mostly although. it's the family was engaged in massive political financial corruption which led to a concentration of wealth and ultimately the downfall of that country so in america you have a similar corruption playing out and we call it money in politics and people try to get rid of the lobbyists and this cycle is being played out all over again and so the question is is it inevitable.
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our welcome back this is r.t. international now for police officers in the u.s. state of arizona have been put on paid leave after a video showed them beating an unarmed black man last month they would have warning you may find the following images disturbing a group of police men are seen attacking a man as he stands against the wall at an apartment complex the man doesn't appear to resist as he is punched repeatedly including while lying on the floor he has been identified as thirty three year old robert johnson the police were called because his friend was allegedly trying to enter his ex girlfriend's apartment local police chief says johnson refused to follow officers commands the things that he said and then leaning against the wall radio of his feel as though they needed to have a sit down and so when he didn't sit there. and they apply force. the
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local police association has criticised the release of the video as it has no sound and thus doesn't give the full picture of the mess a police department has also made headlines in the past the video we're about to run next shows the arrest of an eighty four year old woman and was blurred before being released. woman's family claims the officers told them she had slipped the police later said that they were attempting to move her to a safer area another video released back in december provoked a wave of outrage showing police shooting an unarmed man in arizona hotel was acquitted of murder and manslaughter trial again following pictures maybe just.
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you know. we spoke to dominic izzo a former police officer and candidate for sheriff in cook county illinois he believes there was no justification for the level of force mess of police used in the latest incident we have the police officers are using their brains a little bit more and i'm a hundred percent pro police and it's not doing law enforcement any favor that you do have videos like this released and they're not going anywhere it doesn't matter what race what gender or what culture the subject was it doesn't matter if the subject had said no i'm not sitting down i refused to obey any one of your commands it was it was an excessive amount of force that we could use i can get behind any
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any support whatsoever and use strikes on a subject like that is. hundreds more homes have been destroyed in hawaii as the killer whale volcano continues to erupt the volcano has actually been active since one thousand nine hundred eighty three but beginning last month it has been showing its strongest activity in decades its lava flows now cover two percent of the entire territory sorry zero point two percent of the entire territory of hawaii's big island a number of the residential areas have been evacuated while the hawaii volcanoes national park has been closed. a german drug and pesticides company bear will complete its biggest ever foreign it takeover today it is buying up months santo the biggest producer of genetically modified seeds and pesticides in the u.s. bear believes that the move will strengthen its portfolio but given monsanto's legacy some say it might not be so easy artie's american comments. one of the
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world's biggest brands and most controversial are cultural companies monsanto will soon be through this as we know it will be bought out by bayer the german pharmaceutical giant and the company has announced that it will be shedding the monsanto name one which used to make headlines as thousands of protesters hit the streets across the globe. bit. like the fact that monsanto will no longer exist bayer will be inheriting each and every lawsuit that taps the company around four thousand of them in the u.s. alone on top of that approximately two thousand legal hearings are still pending and one of the biggest trials to come this month is based on accusations that the
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company hid that its products could cause cancer for decades. at the center of all of those lawsuits monsanto's leading herbicide round up and its main ingredients like the safe according to the international agency for research on cancer its quote probably course an agenda to humans their study has also found strong evidence of a link between like the state exposure and lymphoma. you know they vote what provokes me about some surveys that the concern is poison year after year nobody cares what the results mean is that there is only l.c. it's day one since it has been implicated in the scandal in various ways court documents released last year showed that monsanto manufactured scientific studies and bribed a scientist to publish them but at the same time the company claims that round up the space. based have the sites supported by one of them.
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extensive world wide human health and environmental databases ever compiled for pesticide products. months into his new owner has provided assurances that the merger would make things right as they are great here pick out . the dip in our society we will listen to our critics and work together where we find common ground agriculture. ideological differences to bring progress to a standstill. you're talking about progress to try and find new herbicides that simply hasn't happened and they may have reached the end of their life if you're talking about progress to try and convince americans and the rest of the planet roundup is safe well they've been doing that leaked documents show that when they knew that the world health organization was going to declare glyphosate a probable human carcinogen they created an entire plan to quote orchestrate the ghost wrote studies they ghost wrote opinion pieces documents all showed that they
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had their own man inside the e.p.a. working quietly on behalf of monsanto and blocking additional research that might have indicated it verified that it was a core synergy so i don't know exactly what they are means by progress but it doesn't look good. but dealing with the eleven dangers of monsanto products is not the only issue bothering the public there are fears that two giant companies will form a monopoly that partners are. they're looking at a very big conglomerate now because month santo was a shi'a and there is a giant in health and agriculture and now you're combining those when you create a giant company that controls all of these assets it makes it harder on the smaller companies that just sexualize and one or maybe two of the functions of bayer so it's going to affect farmers but it will affect all of us in the long run.
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in a bid to win back the users trust facebook has splashing out on a series of news of programs exclusively for its a video streaming service. i i. i. i'm shepard smith on facebook live for the five i will circle scene is live nightly newscast here on fees. i. was you just saw there the shows will be produced by u.s. based media outlets from different sides of the political spectrum from c.n.n. to fox news it is reported that the social media giant has set aside a ninety million dollars budget for the project but despite its rapidly growing involvement with mainstream media back in april chief executive mark zuckerberg was
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reluctant to acknowledge the platforms pivotal role in the news industry which are you are you a tech company are you the world's largest publisher or do we feel responsibility for the content on our platform the answer to that i think is clearly yes and but i don't think that that's incompatible with fundamentally at our core being a technology company where the main thing that we do is have engineers and build products facebook claims the news outlets will have full editorial control over the programs which for now will only be available in the u.s. neil wallace a media commentator and former news editor thinks is going to prove hard for the social media giant to navigate the new field. i think it's very revealing whether zuckerberg realizes outside he's u.s. bubble what he's doing here but he is actually putting his hands up and saying yes we are a publisher you know well it's difficult it's hard it's very difficult to strike balances and where is he going to find the expertise that he's going to get
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a guide seems through it did he's not simply going to be a pale reflection of the classic north american politically correct soft left elitist metropolitan world i think is going to be really difficult for him to do and i think it's going to be not a good thing necessarily for the facebook audience. with the month long festival of football that is the world cup almost within our grasp the teams are slowly making their way to russia on thursday spain landed in the southern city of cause and are where it's a base camp is situated in the team's fans are eager to see their stars they have gathered outside the cousin of our stadium. but one of their group rivals has already had the opportunity to rest and begin preparations iran touched down in moscow on tuesday and have already had
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a chance to train on russian soil they will play the opening game against morocco on the second day of the world cup in. meanwhile football fans are already busy guessing who is likely to make it through the group stages as is r t host and world famous manager jose mourinho here are some of his picks. i would say. with the win. this experience is play is it the right going to be. there will be. a low also relate to the totally portuguese birds. because i want to finish second in the world. for more of the manchester united managers predictions head to our web site r.t. dot com also if you think you know better you can challenge him head to facebook or twitter and use the hash cash tag match. and that does it for mailbag atop the hour
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with more news you are watching our to international but have with us.
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at sort of see. all the. international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and dismiss it. like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is going to local so you know maybe. john. the only palestinians. i guess the most hopeful is to restore counterparts i don't think some of those who in the world and the vision didn't know when to do this. and that's the sell off to this lady in the muscle that you have i'm not going to compete in the guys who seem to do more in the middle sauced don't put this on.
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the table. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. on bar children thank you for joining is coming up companies are competing in a hurry to millennia but how are they doing so and how do cryptocurrency factor into the equation kristie i co-founded and managing partner of the tech trader fund will tell us plus the trade wars and tariffs and sanctions being bandied about almost every single day how are markets and individual stocks being impacted the c.e.o. and founder of the sloan financial group angela won't joins us to just does and will be joined by john's mother stalled from.


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