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tv   News  RT  June 8, 2018 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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and i get that so but why would you then make be a next step and say that they have a political philosophical ideological problem here because they have not experienced a wholesale collapse not sense the nineteen thirty s. maybe has there been a huge collapse in china you know and so how do they get if the people are in revolt and they have a history of revolting i mean how they're going to calm folks is the trick question next the slower the g.d.p. growth the faster the economy grows because the g.d.p. is a fake measure the g.d.p. doesn't measure growth it measures how in all the growth in america of g.d.p. since two thousand and eight has been the banking sector the fire sector finance insurance and real estate it's fictitious broke in the west china has avoided fishes wrote and it's pursued the kind of growth that doesn't show up in g.d.p. namely low cost services provided by government investment that isn't counted in in
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the g.d. so a china does not follow a statistical measure of growth like the west in china statistics that are talking about real growth their growth is continuing is not taking the form of a construction life as it was or is not taking the american form of increasing banking is not them taking the form of increasing debt service life in america but i can assure you that the economy is continuing to grow just as it was before but this doesn't show up in the g.d.p. statistics because they don't follow the g.d.p. statistics that are designed by the financial sector to celebrate itself ok let's look at the other side of the equation or let's look at america even courser road super imperialism many say that the us empire is honest last legs we've got a study out the top ten percent of americans are. new aristocracy controlling
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huge vast sums of wild life expectancy in america is down if electoral the opp student debts over a one and a half trillion looks bad what so how it we only have about a minute but how would you characterize the american empire at the moment letting desperately to keep its control over other countries and try to say that all the growth of other countries and the united states is trying to do this by. placing the old kind of colonialism with a monopoly trade it wants to monopolize all the high technology all the finance everything that other countries need for essentials in its own hands so that it can statement on their growth to excel and other countries are breaking away china is breaking away. russia doesn't know which way it's going to go and we're seeing the tensions play out in europe right now in america so i don't buy cheap russian gas
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by expensive american gas and the germans whatever you say and the english say ok so. america if it sounds like a good joke is in there somewhere we're about to do that the next time dr michael lots of thanks for being on the kaiser report. and that's going to do it for this edition of the guys report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert like to thank our guests dr michael hudson and generates on twitter because a report and select on bio. i.
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radially reinforced rammed earth bricks was what they really are. this more than seventy houses about a hundred and forty people with families living here. it's really a way of forming same in. the sun's coming in and heating their house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and using the plant surface to process the sewage we create our own little way system here.
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the street child world cup thanks disadvantaged children from across the world russia england the united states. pakistan it's the third world cup the first is in south africa the second in brazil world cup legend joe betts oh silva he's one of the supporters let's watch the tournament take place here at the locomotive arena. we all hear the pitch saw it the fever is building. if excitement doesn't get you
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for the faithful world cup then it should these kids are absolutely looking it's the lights of the john the organizer of this quite incredible event in a fellow englishman here i'm the ambassador. for britain to hear emotion that's let's start with you please mr ambassador we just seen the national i'm thirty the kids loving it they're very excited how proud are you of these young men coming to represent burundi here in st childwall cope as i said before last time when we met it's a very good opportunity for the kids but also for the countries because they are we call them new generation but they are also the future generation because they are our kids and they need our support. one incredible event give us a little potted history. i'm and they like a street child in south africa in two thousand and ten and he said to me when
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people see me on the streets i say i'm a street child when they see me playing football they say i am a person i'm a person like you so when i was a world cup for kids a little on the streets to change the way the street children see and change the way street children are treated and finally tell us about the kids how much if they enjoy playing against each of the playing with each other and with each other ok these are not me kids these are kids who live on the streets these are kids without person to focus so just to get ahead they've had to a person if it gets they have to be somebody for the very first time then they have to a passport and then they have to have visas they've never traveled out of their country before they are representing their country at a world cup butties that will be the world cup never been an african cup of nations here they are where the world cup is representing their country and their country is on their site fantastic john huge congratulations like means lucky fantastic with you don't ya so we open the stands we've got team india giving you lots of passionate support to their country. team india tike you know why.
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this is the price for the straight child woke up when is the girls and the boys fighting for these fantastic trophy and they'll go home as world champions. you all the brazil money and you a scotsman discussed that yeah being in brazil thirty years and i'm looking up to this wonderful girls from brazil how important is it for these kids their identities their gross human beings to be able to join other kids around the world to see events like this because that event of any importance just the fact that they're able to play people in their own community is good is safer than what we've set up there but to be able to come over here and take part in this competition is a wonderful competition to get us army and people from all over the world and then
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they take that experience they go back to rio they go back to their community and this is a hey guys there's a world and there's other people like us all over the world that have got potential just like us to. see. that the world folks don't know how i think you know secretly. i think you know prices because it's really going to want to believe that you're on them if you hear and see. which country is going to win the well cope as you have figured out that i. think the american crew we hate every presenting him is a manager. tell us about your ex. here into the street char will cope and has he
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been enjoyable oh absolutely amazing experience thus far you know it's a bring this many nations together this many cultures this many backgrounds and have the kids be able to compete against each other and then share their experiences and learn from them it's just been wonderful all around for us i get my hair experiences actually getting in touch everyone doing the survey the figuring out what language is what and what we're saying to each other that's just amazing to me great to meet you guys emil to not thank you. i'm delighted to be joined by my own they'll be familiar to many many people across the world silva so why are you here supporting st charles i move over for st charles for quite a long time you know the last time when they were in brazil or was there for the first time and since then was so difficult to just get away from them because you know it's so much passion here from what they do for these kids is amazing their
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way to work i'm feel proud to be here and they for me to for mean these kind of environments you know because look my background and joined and here is some think i feel very close how important is it for kids around the world supply each of them in these kind of funtastic arena facilities ice about the opportunity for them is a great opportunity for them to you know and to have a bigger aspiration for their life he's a good inspiration i think by them for the deaf you because you have to give a fortune for them doesn't matter where they yeah in the war you know we from their communities and. our whatever if they have a chance to play football why not give them the opportunity is important to give this let's say for them to think about what they can achieve because everyone is capable of doing something they can change their future it's great to see. see the
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well cookies still look as if you could apply to the it's a sealed up and well cooked legend thank you. but as yet in the culture of tongues in there you can see the girls behind us you're in the final are you nervous oh no i think i'm going to do is it my my goes i think they can do what they want to you know that. it's the point oh i'm the girl all thought a man said the straight child won't complain i was there i think it's worth zero against tanzania. i.
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tell us how you feel you've won the world cup was no doubt proud of them and. would tell us how you feel about brazil winning the we'll hope no brilliant but us that was us it's incredible to see the fills in the emotion of this is this the noise a shot of a dream for them all you have the car wait to get back home without cup no kids. so the brazilian goals have the wounds straight. is this a good omen for brazil will say. leg. length.
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cawley will show is on its way to kiev in ukraine we could not get direct flights sold out so we stopped off in walsall to come and have a look at this magnificent national stadium and shot through a couple of guys about polish chances in the free for all coping russia. poland one of the first to qualify was through the three four will cope with qantas try to put the going into these huge summits want to obviously have some big expectations for good euro two thousand and sixteen them poland this still i would say developing the team the young players are calm and then we have the same called
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shows from two thousand and thirteen the minimum is to qualify from the group and then you always know everything going to happen and and the next stage lots of people around the world watching these you would know living golf ski and what happens is respect to some of the younger viewers that this is just one player you know. it's it's a mess you go into you know tell us about the players the support i mean i'm important definitely one of the players that you can look for it's our wonder kids which is propel the genie's kid from from not fully mode he's just saudi he's called the press conference that's he's going to be the next kevin of doing that so we obviously have to wait a little bit more and. so what's he's going to show in the russia.


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