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tv   News  RT  June 8, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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so. how. could we have a right to go. ahead of the g. seven summit the u.s. and the taliban leaders call for the g. eight be reinstated with russia return to the group of leading industrial nations but there's also talk of a chief sixty two is the french president suggests taking action the u.s. . you don't get maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be. also to come this hour the red cross pull seventy one workers out of war torn yemen over security risks the humanitarian group says its activity in the country has been blocked threatened and directly targeted and. oh my god i want to.
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get ready security forces fighting gas at thousands of palestinians in the eleventh week of protests at the gaza border. i welcome it's just gone five pm here in moscow you're watching international our top story this hour italy's new prime minister has joined the u.s. president in calling for the g. seven to reinstate russia as a member of the group of leading industrial nations trump made the statement before leaving the white house for the g. seven summit in canada. would you feel that. rush hour. to come back. we should have right. ok let's get more details now from marty's. don't cauteries in the studio with this
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don't look quite a statement and quite unexpected it absolutely was unexpected it came just as trump was preparing to fly to canada for the g. seven summit now let's talk about why russia was excluded in the first place this happened in after twenty fourteen with the referendum in crimea where of the vast majority of people there voted to be part of russia now western powers interpreted this as an annexation by russia an act of hostility and they use this to justify pushing russia out of what used what then was the g. eight putin spoke spokes person is already reacted to trump statement he said that focusing on other formats even putin's had long stated back when russia was in the g. eight that it was turning into an exclusive club that it no longer represented the interests of world powers. concerning our relations with the g seven we didn't have any relationship with the . full match we participated in the adoption of the final documents which are not
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binding by the way i thought this had some kind of sense because we represent an alternative point of view but our partners have decided they do not need this point of view actually it's not an organization rather it's of interest. and here's a brand new development italy's new euro skeptic prime minister has trump's comment he said that he agrees with trump he also said that russia coming back to the g eight is in everyone's interest we shouldn't get. trump has made this statement while tensions are running quite high on day between america and the g seven and yeah absolutely it's going to be definitely a tough gig for trump himself i mean after he had imposed these have to steel and aluminum tariffs on his european allies and canada the leaders there were absolutely furious i mean even some leaders began to question whether the group should be further stripped down to g six. maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being
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six if need be the g. seven june summit seems already destined for dysfunction with a heap of complaints from the u.s. as european allies some are suggesting a name change to keep up with the times we should have been united stewing both to save them to the group challenges of the world and instead of that we would be divided between not to be just certain it would be a g six. it's not too hard to see where the fallout between washington and the rest of the pack is coming from in just two years donald trump has caused serious problems for a major international agreements first by announcing he was ditching the paris climate accord then the iran nuclear agreement the breakthrough deal which took years to negotiate and now he's unleashed a trade war with the e.u. by slapping tariffs on their steel and aluminum. the united states will withdraw
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from the iran nuclear deal the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord the united states has been taken advantage of other countries both friendly and not so friendly for many many decades i'm here to protect and one of the reasons i was elected is on protecting our workers on protecting our companies even the angle of merkel who is known for maintaining her cool during the worst diplomatic spats has had some strong words to share about the u.s. as recent exits this is clogged it is clear that especially with the exit of the u.s. from the climate deal there is dissent within the g seven just as much as with the announcement of tariffs on the mean human steel which we believe are illegal and also the issue of the iranian nuclear deal which the u.s. has withdrawn from. moreover merkel warned of this lack of compromise may lead to
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the g seven failing to issue a joint statement that would make this year's summit in toronto the first ever and without a communique and chances are high it will with the french president emanuel macron also rumored to be unwilling to sign a joint paper with trump unless he makes some concessions and makes an effort to mend all the multilateral deals he's jumped which most likely will not actually according to his economic advisor this row is no big deal at all. there may be disagreements. i regard this as. much like a family quarrel we will do what is necessary to protect the united states its businesses and its workforce don't blame trump. i mean the nations that have broken away from those conditions blame the other countries now that's what you want to hear right before a g. seven summit donald corridor r t well some do you believe that the obvious tension
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at the summit will not be productive is the former u.s. presidential candidate ron paul. and maybe they think truffle back down which he might you know a lot of times look at hostel he was to north korea and all of a sudden you know his tune changed right now he might be just maneuvering they're betting on that and he has done that on foreign policy but there are certain things that he does not back down on for instance he did he campaigned on it did not back down in on or on iran and that's why we're moving in this direction so maybe he'll stick to his guns on these on these tariffs. and i think it'll be interesting and and worth watching over this weekend but i just don't think anything real positive is coming out because i don't think they talk about the real problems that cause are our climate of hostility and trading and coming up with this but there are certain things that he does not back down on for instance he did he campaigned
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on it did not back down in on or on iran and that's why we're moving in this direction so maybe he'll stick to his guns on these on these tariffs but they're they're punishing us american taxpayer the american consumer is punishing. so it really doesn't make any sense when the europeans spoke out after trump took us out of the nuclear agreement with iran a movie europeans will see enough to it this is business. not going to be putin is on a is in china at the moment on a state visit where he's already met with president xi jinping the two leaders issued a joint statement on regional security and cooperation meeting comes as washington ramps up the pressure on both countries branding them. who can send this report from beijing. humorous to shoes to discuss on the two leaders agenda and numerous contracts and cooperation agreement signed by the finance investment and commercial
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ministers of both countries as well as officials ranging from energy supplies with the russians agreeing to build parts of a nuclear reactor in china to even space exploration something according to mr putin quite unprecedented in the country's external affairs this was cemented by the leaders close personal relationship something that both were keen to advertise with putin stating that even spent one of his recent birthdays with his chinese counterpart the crisis on the korean peninsula was another key topic of course given both countries proximity to north korea and the upcoming summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong moon with both leaders stating they had a clear road to a peaceful and stable peninsula. we discussed the situation on the korean peninsula russia and china are interested in peace and stability on the korean peninsula and in northeast asia is bracing to see that the into korean talks are being conducted within the framework of the crisis solution roadmap proposed by russia and china recent contacts between russia and the north korean confirmed pyongyang's
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aspirations for constructive work. there on nuclear deal and ongoing conflict in syria were another two topics up for discussion with both leaders stating their views coincided on how to go about resolving them namely making every effort to keep the iran nuclear deal alive and maintain a stable government in syria to the boyd further escalation in that conflict both leaders will our head to dial for the shanghai cooperation organization summit we'll bring you full updates as and when we get there as well. now the red cross has evacuated scores of its workers from yemen and it concerns for their safety. our current activities have been blocked frightened and directly targeted in recent weeks and we see a vigorous attempt to instrumentalists our organization as a pawn in the conflict yemen civil war between who the rebels loyal to the previous government and army forces backed by
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a saudi led coalition has torn the country apart over the past three years according to the un thousands of children have been killed or injured with millions displaced and even more in need of humanitarian assistance in fact it has been described as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in modern history the saudi led coalition which has been conducting a bombing campaign in the country says it always seeks to protect civilians and aid organizations working in the country but a spokesperson for the red cross in yemen says that such measures are simply not working. we have a serious they get additional security and then we have felt also that somehow this collective responsibility of all the parties to the conflict to ensure the security of humanitarian workers has let us down we had a colleague that was brutally murdered less than two months ago all in thousand who was coming out of the tension visit this is not acceptable and there is a point where this has to stop and there is a point where all the parties to the to this conflict have to take up their
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collective responsibility to protect the humanitarian workers but also to protect the yemeni civilians that are caught in between when we say that the international committee of the red cross an institution that has an extensive experience working in front lines is having to relocate its staff there just shows how bad the situation is if it's this bad for us you can imagine how bad it is for yemenis also today. in other news this afternoon israeli security forces have fired tear gas on thousands of palestinians at the gaza border at least one hundred twenty three palestinians have been killed and fourteen thousand have been injured protesters have gathered for eleven consecutive weeks to demand that israel return the lands palestinians do you consider theirs however israel disagrees gaza based reporter who could carry reports now from the ground. today hundreds of thousands of palestinians are participating in million man march and they started this march on
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the thirtieth of march where at least one hundred twenty three palestinians have been killed fourteen thousand have been injured by live ammunition most of them. are now with lifelong disabilities that israeli forces continue continue the violence and aggression against the palestinian protesters the palestinian protesters stated that they would not stop protesting until they actually do the money and until the seas that has been inflows on the gaza strip is removed this is a palestinian protester was shot right now and his leg and this is the first injury of the eleventh week of protesting of the great march of return and today is supposed to be a very very hard day where people are expecting more violence and more more as you see here guys is being fired on the palestinian protesters and you see how intensively they're firing the tear gas and this is a palestinian this is a palestinian female that was also injured by two guys and it's very obvious that
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she was suffocating from the tear gas that has been thrown on the palestinian protesters just right now learn more israeli forces and more israeli snipers i have been the stations along the fence and we are now two hundred meters away only from the fence and we can see the israeli soldiers and israeli snipers heavenly station piles of sand along the fence that separates gaza strip with with their with israel tensions are running high end the the israeli forces continue to use tear gas canisters against the policy and protesters i was like watching this think barry that only gaza border still to come this hour a web site containing the d.n.a. tests of millions of people has been hacked we'll have a look at the details just after the break.
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the events of april twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred six in the historic town of port arthur tasmania for ever changed the course of history here in australia for thirty five souls lost their lives through adrenaline's madness massacre with the catalyst for the australian governments without massive sweeping changes to the laws regarding owners have by and selling a firearm maybe it's time for the united states to start looking out for help. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down to lose business you just need the right questions and demand the
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right answer. question lol. hello again our nursery rhyme at a kindergarten in massachusetts has provoked shock from parents as the words are all about surviving a mass shooting those who run the school though have defended the move saying it's just the world we live in with more details. magic picking up your five year old from kindergarten and seeing a strange nursery rhyme to the wall a reworked version of twinkle twinkle little star with ominous lyrics. look down not down and locked the door shut the lights off saying no more go behind a desk and hide wait until it's safe inside look down look down it's all done now it's time to have some fun. that picture was posted by
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a massachusetts mom who was taken aback when she learned her daughter had been doing active shooter drills as part of her pre-kindergarten program but she's not the only one another mom had a similar experience my girls were playing teacher this past weekend they had math time snack time to read a new book and practice their active shooter drill earlier this week a class of a greater than pennsylvania were given bullet proof shields for the backpacks a local sports were company thought it would be a perfect gift for a middle school graduation the company's c.e.o. who happens to have a daughter at that school gifted shields to all of her classmates and an extra twenty five to the school now there's a defensive measure parents and kids can take to ward off injury and improve chances of students survival. in the time of leave. this to the gym put it on this way. the student can hold it up to protect their base although perhaps it's worth noting bullet proof shields don't
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provide protection against assault weapons which have been most commonly used mass shootings but the company one planning a publicist with such an unconventional graduation gift and there are also those who try to make. money off the mass shootings last month a video game designed to simulate a school shooting sparked a major public outrage and it was pretty cool calm and distributing. it offered users an opportunity to play as either the killer or a swat officer trying to catch the gunman. here in sport outraged and why wouldn't they be this year alone the country has seen up to twenty three school shootings were someone was either injured or killed that average is one such incident every single week so far so perhaps it's not so surprising that mass shootings are making it to video games and active shooter drills to schools and even kindergarten to be up on our t.v. in washington d.c.
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. millions of accounts have been hacked the family tree website my heritage the bridge has raised concerns too about security something the company has previously prided itself on. well the company lets users identify their family trees and search for relatives ninety six million people have so far signed up for its services when the breach was discovered the company contacted it chooses and also offered them support the company says only e-mail and password data was compromised in the attack and insists to you that any d.n.a. information does remain safe is it is stored on separate systems with additional
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fire walls. there has been no evidence that the data in the file was ever used by the perpetrators we believe the intrusion is limited to user email addresses we have no reason to believe that any other my heritage systems were compromised while the company now says it has boosted its security internet nor expert yet cohen explains how personal data leaks to put users at risk the risk of course is the day you will get will find me so late into the insurance companies who own. the fusion will be made on the basis of the information. but why group creation of the religious relation thema lot of money laundering slater's go back to date longer ring legislation in those moves regimes those laws rule ensure that only
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a revision they use is they going to be real you actually able to track back the source of the great. and additional one hundred thousand work up tickets are up for grabs today they go on sale at the faith website at eight pm g.m.t. meanwhile with less than a week to go before the tournament does kick off national teams have begun arriving here in russia spain and panama among the latest looking very smart the opening games on june the fourteenth between russia and saudi arabia at the luzhniki stadium in moscow. while the stan collymore show has been exploring all things football ahead of the tournament and this week he looks at the street child campaign a movement that helps children from developing countries get involved in the beautiful game. the street child world cup takes disadvantaged children from across the world
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russia england the united states as becky style pakistan it's a third world cup the first is in south africa the second in brazil world cup legend joe betts how silva is one of the supporters let's watch the tournament take place here is how come i was hearing that. will open the stands we've got team india giving you lots of passionate support to their country team india tike you know why. they say is the price for the street child woke up when is the girls and the boys fighting for this fantastic trophy and they'll go home as world champions i move over here for. quite a long time you know the last time when they were in brazil i was there for the first time since then was so difficult to just get away from them because you know
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so much passion here from what they do for these kids is amazing their way to work i'm feel proud to be here and they for media for me this kind of environment you know because i look at my background and joined them here and some think i feel very close just the part that they're able to play people in their own community is good is safer than what we have say out there but to be able to come over here and take part in this competition is a wonderful competition they get us army and people from all over the world and then they take the experience they go back to rio they go back to their community and this is hey guys there's a world out there and there's other people like us all over the world that have got potential just like us. tell us how you. you've won the world cup of coffee is not one of them and. so the brazilian goals have
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was the wounds of st. is this a good omen for brazil will say. thank you company this afternoon is just coming up to half past five here in moscow we'll have more news he at the top yeah. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is
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a huge tournaments and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to the center of the beach but how would you and you go all the great game the grid if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down going left go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the to four thousand in the in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me to just read the review p.r.t. teams latest edition to make up a bigger certainly better jersey but. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. come up with extra good. consider again some civil to consider his back is broken it puts us off for the credit of that essential on his own good assessment should i can use out of this is a quest to do so to pursue deepest silted love to someplace it's akin to the shooting in the hope that when it was modeled after the trial. this cruise of it turns out that just as he says represented the screwfix it opened up
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a second than we did who. is. now at c.c. sympathetic to the embassy according to father emmanuel nothing happened. but why then was he shipped out of cameroon when he could have been posted to another diocese in the country. under. the millennium his new superior explains to him in the news. that he doesn't know we're filming. a mission to. kill in this case but it is your belief isn't it in the. face of the news. this is the movie is the quote you know swallow you see. this. little girl. it doesn't exist and on to this earth or something really good. because so
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the community of st john ship father emmanuel off to bologna is so he wouldn't be anywhere near any kids. but when we leave the priory to posters catch our eye if tetra seinfeld it or and. a theater inside the priory. tell you if then that the penny drops. to create this is all good i know that it was a war started that's possible. this is all. because of all the said so is ups as are all. the brothers. that's your teacher you betcha tornadoes off up to but it is me out a minute i was the one feeling down and then throughout it is awful to bust. and after all this to ing and fro ing in the world of st john we had a few questions for the head. the community. on the case of virtue in cameroon but also on the other documents in our hands. the st john public relations director
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emailed us. dear sir we are prudent about the televised press especially when sensitive subjects are concerned after a long reflection we prefer to decline your request for an interview regarding the departure of the brothers from the cathedral imber to a we had any reason to believe that these rumors were ungrounded the same conclusion of the local police and justice obviously reached because they pressed no charges after their investigation i send you cordial greetings and my prayers not exactly a satisfactory reply. so we check up on the schedule of the head of the community of st john. who is due to fly to alibi anything you'll be a today from the shelter gaulle airport outside paris. to wait for brother thomas your game with
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a sign to grab his attention. and it works. so that a lot of little sign is defines the guess as to distort the good to go. there never were a school lesson the loonies i. ocean they all over they limit lives here it may have said often if it is old as all in the fighting has a lot of those just like on the inside of it just about see all the undergo all those all of those people that make it a pleasure to look at it that you will let you know and some of us sound off but i do have a little bit easier than if i like i'll send it if it was funny it'll cost businesses built it would take it with the federal deficit so if only the high that comes out of putting speak it into i mean look at us innovation did figure out what was in my movie as it distills one of those like a.


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