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tv   News  RT  June 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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the sitting on. the. seas is easy. to come back because we have prices to go. ahead of the g. seven summit u.s. and italian leaders call for the g. eight to be reinstated with russia returned to the group of leading industrial nations but there's also talk of a de six says the french president suggests kicking up the u.s. . you think maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be. red cross post seventy one workers out of war
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torn yemen over security risks that the humanitarian group says its activity in the country has been blocked threatened and directly targeted. for palestinians are reportedly shot and killed by israeli troops while hundreds are injured during a violent protest at the gaza border. by broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r.t. international and sean thomas glad to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has called for the g. seven to reinstate russia as a member of the group of leading industrial nations he made the remarks as he was departing the white house for this year's summit in canada. this. is
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a. rush. the fact is we are right here on the way to the summit trump said that russia as a world leader should be at the negotiating table so that they can solve all the world's problems together now the new italian prime minister commented shortly after agreeing with trump that russia should be reinstated theresa may however disagrees with them let's check out how she justified that we have seen milan activity from russia in a whole variety of ways of course including on the streets of celebrity in the u.k. so we need to see i think before any such conversations can take place russia needs to change its approach russia was kicked out of the group after the twenty fourteen crimea referendum when the majority of the population of voted to join russia with international observers present but somehow the west still considers it and even legal an extension but going back to trump's comments the kremlin already responded
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saying that g.'s seven is not really a priority for them and that russia is focused on other formats now president putin has always said that the group is exclusive that it no longer represents the world's interest. well the other members of the g seven have issued a joint statement unanimously rejected trump's call to reinstate russia and the group we spoke to lawyer and political activist christian man cerda he thinks failing to recognize russia as a global player is a mistake. d'sevyn is a conglomerate of countries that have very influential economies. the politics of these nations influence everybody around the world so excluding. russia from this group of countries in my view is something that goes in detriment of that possibility of being able to negotiate to come together to resolve the world's
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great is challenges and we cannot exclude countries that in many ways are part of those decisions not only at the united nations but at other world stages of the idea is not a bad one and i think that it should be considered and thinking about. russia as a foal or as an enemy i mean we may disagree on some aspects of world diplomacy and how to manage certain issues but i think that ignoring the fact that it's a world player is a big mistake. trump is now in quebec canada where all seven members have taken a seemingly cheerful family photo however there appears to have been a major fall out between the u.s. and of the summit the french president even suggested that america could be excluded from the organization. you don't get maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be the g. seven june summit seems already destined for dysfunction with a heap of complaints from the u.s.
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as european allies some are suggesting a name change to keep up with the times we should have been a good night to save them to the group who challenges of the world and instead of the us we would be divided between. them it would be a g six why it's not too hard to see where the fallout between washington and the rest of the pack is coming from in just two years donald trump has caused serious problems for a major international agreements first by announcing he was ditching the paris climate accord then the iran nuclear agreement the breakthrough deal which took years to negotiate and now he's unleashed a trade war with the e.u. by slapping tariffs on their steel and aluminum. the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal the united states will withdraw from the
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paris climate accord the united states has been taken advantage of other countries both friendly and not so friendly for many many decades and i'm here to protect and one of the reasons i was elected is on protecting our workers on protecting our companies even the angle of merkel who is known for maintaining her cool during the worst diplomatic spats has had some strong words to share about the u.s. as recent exits this is clouds us it is clear that especially with the exit of the us from the climate deal there is dissent within the g seven just as much as with the announcement of tariffs on the mean human steel which we believe are illegal and also the issue of the iranian nuclear deal which the u.s. has withdrawn from. moreover merkel warns of this lack of compromise may lead to the g seven failing to issue a joint statement and chances are high it will with the french president emanuel macron also rumored to be unwilling to sign a joint paper with trump unless he makes some concessions and makes an effort to
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mend all the multilateral deals he's jumped which most likely will not. there may be disagreements. i regard this as. much like a family quarrel we will do what is necessary to protect the united states its businesses and its workforce don't blame trump. blame the nations that have broken away from those conditions blame the other countries now that's what you want to hear right before a g. seven summit donald corder r.t. former us presidential candidate ron paul told us that if other members of the g seven are calculating trump will change course one may be disappointed. and maybe they think trouble back down which he might you know a lot of times look at hostel he was to north korea and all of a sudden you know his tune changed right now he might be just maneuvering they're
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betting on that and he has done that on foreign policy but there are certain things that he does not back down on for instance he did he campaigned on me did not back down and on or on iran and that's why we're moving in this direction so maybe he'll stick to his guns on these on these tariffs. and i think it'll be interesting and and worth watching over this weekend but i just don't think anything real positive is coming out because i don't think they talk about the real problems that cause that are our climate of hostility and trading and coming up with this but there are certain things that he does not back down on for instance he did he campaigned on me did not back down in on or on iran and that's why we're moving in this direction so maybe he'll stick to his guns on these on these tariffs but they're they're punishing us the american taxpayer the american consumer is punishing al-haj so it really doesn't make any sense when the europeans spoke out
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after trump took us out of the nuclear agreement with iran a movie europeans will see enough to it this is business. for palestinians have reportedly been killed and hundreds injured in a violent protest on the gaza border israeli troops have fired tear gas at protesters israel defense forces say that they had to disperse around ten thousand palestinians some of whom threw rocks at them protesters have now been rallying for eleven weeks insisting israel return the lands palestinians consider theirs however israel disagrees with the demands.
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today hundreds of thousands of palestinians are participating in million man march and they started this march on the thirtieth of march where at least one hundred twenty three palestinians have been killed fourteen thousand have been injured by live ammunition most of them. are now with a life long disability that israeli forces continue to continue the violence and aggression against the palestinian protesters and palestinian protesters stated that they would not stop protesting until they achieve due to money and until the seas that has been employed on the gaza strip is removed this is a palestinian protester was shot right now and his leg and this is the first injury of the eleven say a week of protesting of the great march of return and today is supposed to be a very very hard day where people are expecting more violence and more and more as
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you see tear gas is being fired on the palestinian protesters and you see how intensively they're firing the tear gas and this is a palestinian and this is a palestinian female that was also injured by two guys and it's very obvious that she was suffocating from the tear gas that has been thrown on the palestinian protesters just right now but more israeli forces and more israeli snipers i haven't the stations along the fence and we are now two hundred meters away only from the front and we can see the israelis soldiers and israeli snipers heavenly station piled so. stand along the fence that separates gaza strip. is right then scenes are running high and that israeli forces continue to use tear gas canisters against the palestinian protesters. well according to the i.d.f. its troops are stationed near the gaza border in order to defend israeli civilians and security infrastructure from hamas as attempts to conduct terror attacks.
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well the red cross has evacuated scores of its workers from yemen amid concerns for their safety our current activities have been looked frightened and directly targeted in recent weeks and we see a vigorous attempt to instrumental eyes open a zation as a pawn in the conflict well yemen's civil war between who the rebels are loyal to the previous government and army forces backed by a saudi led coalition has torn the country apart over the past three years now according to the u.n. thousands of children have been killed or injured with millions displaced and even more in need of humanitarian assistance now it has been described as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in modern history of the saudi led coalition which has been conducting a bombing campaign in the country says it always seeks to protect civilians and aid
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organizations working in the country but a spokesperson for the red cross in yemen says such measures are simply not worked . i we have seen a series they are they should of the security and then we have felt also that somehow this collective responsibility of all the parties to the conflict to ensure the security of humanitarian workers has let us down so now we have been forced to the locate seventy one of our staff which is the majority of our international staff from across the country in yemen to djibouti why we have a back base to support the operations do to the degradation of the security situation. we had a colleague that was brutally murdered less than two months ago the entire menu was coming out of the detention visit in the past two years we have also had yemeni colleagues who were shot and killed we have had an abduction of another colleague or also in the past three years this is not acceptable i.
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all the parties to the to this conflict and then the countries that influence them have to take up their collective responsibility and i want to emphasize the fact that this is a collective responsibility of all the parties to protect the humanitarian workers but also to protect the yemeni civilians that are caught in between when we say that the international committee of the red cross an institution that has an extensive experience working in front lines and working in war zones is having is having to do you know kate it's stuff that just shows how bad the situation is if it's this but for us you can imagine how bad it is for the yemenis also today the horrific case of the rape and murder of a teenage girl has led to germany and more that's for a short break this is our contract. i don't think that we should get. to be british but we are not
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a superpower and we should not pretend that we are people we haven't got a name. we have one so i think there's a limit to what britain can achieve. what we what we can achieve is work together to build world peace through working with other countries to do it. i think that donald trump is really confident about his capacities ability to persuade people and the power of his personality and all this kind of things and i'm sure that kim's and then will try to play this card will try to give donald trump something he can tweet so he can show to everyone look i'm the first one i'm the one who rolled the art of the deal and the first one can make a deal with this guy every other american president before me failed i succeeded.
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back this is r t international now a failed asylum seeker suspected of raping and murdering a teenage girl in germany has been arrested in iraq it follows a high profile hunt for the man who managed to flee the country with false documents raising questions over the police's handling of the case now with details here's artie's peter up. well this is a case that it's fair to say has shaken germany it's everywhere you look around the country on media and in newspapers on friday involves the killing of a fourteen year old girl whose body was found on wednesday she'd been missing from the western german city of these barden from from the twenty second of may early in stages of the investigation of course but the what the police are revealing is that it seems that she was strangled and sexually assaulted now she comes from
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a family that were well known and active within the jewish community and when she went missing her mother actually issued a really heart wrenching appeal via facebook to chancellor angela merkel to try an appeal for any have any answers to where her child was do you mrs america this is an appeal for help i turn to you with this cry for help because if you let down by the german state as well as by the police there's nothing worse for a mother in the world than not to know where her child is but the main suspect who has been detained in northern iraq is described as a twenty year old failed asylum up look into originally arrived in germany from iraq now he was already known to authorities for a string of petty theft involvement and also his involvement in a previous rape case so there are a lot of questions flying around how despite these serious red flags this person
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was not deported already or at least facing some form of custodial sentence within germany now this has been jumped on by right wing groups within the country also including the largest opposition party the alternative for germany party saying that this is a huge direct result of angle of merkel's refugee policies the the direct policies that are so intrinsically linked and ultimately will be intrinsically linked to angela merkel's tenure as chancellor. however those people who have criticized and belittle for that in turn being criticized for turning what is really a tragedy into a political football. that as well as president has slammed the u.s. over a blackmail campaign nicolas maduro added that washington has threatened every single member of the organization of american states seeking to influence the group to support venezuela suspension now in tuesday's vote the oas approved
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a resolution to start the suspension of caracas that is after heavy lobbying from washington which has been calling on countries tough isolate venezuela. or the venezuelan people deserve better than what the regime of nicolas maduro offers them cohen fellow member state to apply additional pressure on the media regime to expel the dictatorship from the organization of american states that suspension that suspension is not to go into itself but it would show that oas backs up its words with action that it was send a powerful signal to the material regime the oas must stand for freedom. all right however some in the u.s. believe america's stance on venezuela is still not tough enough on his comments. could it be that some hawks in washington are having second thoughts on how great their tactic of orchestrating regime change is i've got a couple of quotes from
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a us magazine for you of course no one wants to see a regression in which military coups to the norm certainly expecting a faction of the military to depose the current regime and restore democracy entails risk did worrying about the risks and side effects of regime change just outweigh the goals set by the folks in d.c. you wish look at what the piece is called elephants in the room it's time for a coup in venezuela this wasn't just from some reporter writing for the magazine the author is a man who advised george w. bush the president behind the of ghana's stand and iraq invasions a few more revolutions took place while he was sitting pretty in the oval office yup and apart from the couple of lines i've shown you the whole piece as one big call for regime change it says there are no guarantees of course but that's no excuse for complacency so bring it on with a coup no biggie just
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a major us foreign policy website running in peace coming for the violent military overthrow of another country's government and wow sure restore legitimate constitutional democracy is the nature outcome of june to take over. but just one slip like that can overshadow the image of the american press right rather than for a crew the international community should encourage even as williams including soldiers to restore democracy the question is how to get rid of me before he completes the destruction of his country and traducing the event as well a coup hungry news it's true that men as well as have found themselves in deep deep trouble but since when has it been for some foreign media to decide when there is to be a coup they can be blood. they can claim many many lives and throw countries into worse chaos oh we should forget that we're reading the papers from a country whose folks in charge have said things like this for the safety and the
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security of all people in latin america it is time for me to around to go we have many options for that as well and by the way i'm not going to rule out a military option we have troops all over the world that places it very very far away venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and it dying we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary meddling interfering invading any ideas who's world champion at that author and investigative journalist david lindorff believes any effort by washington to topple the government in caracas is bound to misfire i was listening to trump at the end there that last quote nice talking about near venezuela is and people are dying of it where were you in puerto rico when the hurricane hit it was even closer to the us and people were dying the u.s.
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says it has a history of supporting coups all through latin america it's a joke to say that the us wants freedom and wants to protect people if they really did send troops to venezuela it would be. truly vicious battle because there's so much public support among the poor where the. revolution . the biggest event in football the world cup kicks off in under a week's time and national teams coaches referees and fans are already flocking in eleven host cities are ready to welcome to give a warm welcome rather as are the russian people. but if you're going to go for war to all football fans and the greatest football teams on the planet but. you're welcome to all you have already arrived in russia and to those who are planning to take part in this landmark international event the fifty four world cup in the
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series it is with immense joy and a great honor that we received representatives of the great football family we want this event to be a celebration filled with passion and emotion and i hope you will have an unforgettable experience he's already watching the matches of your favorite teams meiring that way and skills with us but also getting to know russia learning about its identity and culture its unique history and natural diversity but it's hospitable sincere and friendly people we've done our best to ensure that all of our guests the athletes the stars and of course the fans home in russia we've opened both our country and our hearts to the world welcome to the fever world cup it is my pleasure to share this moment with you and that you for a welcome to russia. our team will be across russia with our star studded team of
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football greats and correspondents for our special coverage of the massive a tournament striker stan collymore has been exploring all things football ahead of the match this week he looks at the street child campaign a movement that helps kids from developing countries get involved in the fun of the game. the street child world cup takes disadvantaged children from across the world russia england the united states as becky style pakistan it's a third world cup the first is in south africa the second in brazil world cup legend you bet so silva is one of the supporters let's watch the tournament take place here though come out every year. we open the stands we've got team india giving you lots of passionate support to their country team india psych you know why.
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they say is the price for the street child woke up when is the girls and the boys fighting for this fantastic trophy and they'll go home as world champions i move over for st charles for quite a long time you know the last time when they were in brazil or was there for the first time since then it was so difficult to just get away from them because you know so much passion here from what they do for these kids is amazing their way to work i'm too proud to be here and they for media for me this kind of environment you know because i look at my background and joined him here and some think i feel very close just a part that they're able to play people in their own community is good is safer than what we have say out there but to be able to come over here and take part in
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this competition is a wonderful competition they get us army and people from all over the world and then they take that experience they go back to rio they go back to their community and this is hey guys there's a world out there and there's other people like us all over the world that have got potential just like us. tell us how you. you've won the world cup wow i feel so proud of them and. so the brazilian goals have was the wounds straight chalta cold is this a good omen for brazil will say. our that does it for me i know that the entire team here in the newsroom and the gallery are all looking forward to the world cup a vent i'll be back in about thirty two minutes with
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a full of your news stay with us this is our team international. the. earth. was it was like. you see it. is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing
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children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest says is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not known the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i and then i think you'll hear that it used this yet in. this. case both. for a man or sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. four different versions of what. one of them does on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around
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a corner. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. it's the end of the we can thank you for watching coming up today we have a particularly packed show with amazon getting right to broadcast from your league matches a new report on puerto rico and there's bumper to bumper automaker news we'll get to it all but we start today's broadcast with the group of seven meeting which began today in canada the u.s. president donald trump is antagonize longtime u.s. allies while standing in an olive branch to an unlikely leader ahead of the g. seven summit as he's prepared to depart for the summit he did.


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