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by discord with the u.s. . division of a suggestion to reinstate russia to the summit. for. russia with its current behavior italy was traditionally a supporter of the russian presence in the g eight. has been arrested. in germany he was detained in iraq. with fake documents that's raising questions over the government's handling of the refugee crisis.
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instead of real. look at how politically correct the new symbols really are. today morning here in moscow at this international from the news team here a very warm welcome to. this year's g. seven summit in canada is being dominated by divisions but only is there resentment over america's new trade. further discord by suggesting russia should be reinstated to the group proposals split the allies though they've agreed to keep it off the agenda for this year. canada's position is absolutely clear and that there are no grounds whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior into
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the g seven so we need to see i think before any such conversations can take place russia needs to change its approach. to the surface which used to be if you. rush out cigarettes russia come back. as for the presence of russia in the g eight we will see for sure italy was traditionally a supporter of the russian presence in the g eight and so we're already on display before the summit of global leaders joined together to announce trumps tariffs on steel and i mean you imports from canada the european union they've followed it retaliate with the e.u. raising the matter at the world trade organization but despite the tension trump joked with the canadian prime minister about the issue. justin has agreed to cut all tariffs the world trade barriers between canada and the united states so we're very happy right now it is in good shape we are actually working on it and we are
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actually working on that canada will not change its mind when it comes to the illegal and absolutely unjustified application of tariffs on steel and aluminum ati's to american takes a closer look at the g. seven divisions. probably the past couple of days the world has witnessed increasingly tough talk from the american president who's clearly set on forcing canada and the europeans to accept his administration's stance on tree oh my god every day is saturday night so. we have we have to say he's launched a stern challenges to his counterparts on twitter which he was to say hasn't been well received in diplomatic circles trump has abandoned the traditional etiquette of not openly criticizing other intend to stick with attacking the host of the summit prime minister just for joe as well french president emmanuel beck wrong prime minister trudeau is being so indignant bringing up the relationship that the us and canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things but he doesn't
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bring up the fact that they charge us up to three hundred percent on dairy hurting our farmers killing our agriculture it doesn't stop there it's emerged that no meeting with british prime minister theresa may take place even though such a one to one on the sidelines would normally be customary to top it off the white house announced trump would cut his visit a day short to arrive early in singapore for his meeting with north korean leader kim jong il showing a certain lack of respect for the g. seven itself g seven sherpa and deputy assistant to the president for international economics affairs everett instead will represent the united states for the remaining g. seven sessions a far cry from obama's experience at meetings in the past two years a virtual love fest for all concerned francis mccrone said the show would go on despite trump's unorthodox behavior you don't maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be so with so
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much uncertainty emerging from the clash of opposing views in quebec the outcome of the meeting is very much up in the air the post. between peters and so u.s. president is a bit. no idea. years because of the subjects we are talking about that these relations would be better off if we have. not only targeted was. we have a target on almost every subject and lived between the buses and washington so you have been union and united states who become bigger and bigger. amid the divisions of the summit has been accused of becoming increasingly irrelevant to the new world order last year's meeting described itself as a gathering of the world's most important industrially advanced democracies this year that was changed to seven of the world's advanced economies now the economic
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world order is changing the g. seven share of g.d.p. has seen a steady decline since the eighty's the biggest economy in the world is now china overtaking america and india is the third largest jeffrey tucker the executive editor at laissez faire books thinks that the g seven is actually losing its relevance. especially not one that's just the g seven which excludes china and russia as as trump himself put it out there doesn't constitute if you believe these figures not even half of the world's g.d.p. it's no longer a relevant body even in the sense that they believe there's a more fundamental problem here the world economy is increasingly decentralized and integrated in a way that it alludes controlled by anybody any g where the g seven g eight g twenty g two hundred the big topic of discussion is trumps crazy trade war stuff and his demand for national production and punishing other countries and starting
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in destructive trade routes and raising prices this is all very dangerous behavior and to the extent that something like the g. seven contained that problem it's really hard to know whether or not in the future of these kind of governing bodies are going to have much relevance to the way the world economy works. a failed asylum seeker suspected of raping and murdering a teenage girl in germany has been arrested in iraq together with his family he managed to flee the country with fake documents raising questions over the government's handling of the migrant crisis and peter all of it has more on this case. fourteen year old cheese and i went missing in western germany in mid may she was last seen in the vicinity of a refugee center in her hometown her body was found on wednesday buried near to that same area on friday the main suspect in her murder was arrested by police
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thousands of miles away in iraq. the defendant who is accused of homicide was arrested by kurdish security forces in northern iraq at two am on june eighth upon request of the federal police it's being alleged that the suspect was able to make a quick and easy getaway from germany using false documents to travel through turkey and on to iraq. at departure control they presented two documents allegedly issued by the iraqi consulate we're still investigating this each document was issued for four people they were in arabic and had photos also they were boarding passes in a german residence permits issued in the names we knew here in these barton when she went missing her mother actually issued a really heart wrenching appeal via facebook to chancellor angela merkel to try and appeal for any any answer as to where her child was do you mrs america this is an
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appeal for help i turn to you with this cry for help because i feel let down by the german state as well as by the police there's nothing worse for a mother in the world than not to know where her child is away from the tragedy of the killing there are major questions being asked of the authorities here in germany right now just how was this man able to flee the country using false documents and along with seven members of his family all while being known to the authorities after his asylum application had been turned down. it must be clarified how a criminal suspect is able to get on a plane even though his identity is not clear. one has to wonder why the suspect after he had already been betrayed as mild crimes it was known to police was not in custody these island system in germany is under the microscope right now the federal office for migration and refugees obama is currently being investigated as
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part of a scandal into whether asylum was being granted an exchange for cash or gifts at one particular office among the twelve hundred people who when they were processed through the bremen office raised red flags two were said by security services to be extremists while forty four had links to islamist groups germany has been left shocked at the killing of this fourteen year old girl but there isn't another element at play here someone may have come here to this country fleeing persecution only potentially to have committed this crime and returned back to their home country using false documents well that has the potential to turn this tragedy into a political powder keg with explosive qualities peace for all of. it is out international venezuela's president has called for political dialogue with the opposition as the country is experiencing political and economic turmoil
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and the cliff may go to has also accused washington of interference after it pushed a resolution in the organization of american states that claims the election in venezuela lacks legitimacy a resolution could pave the way for the suspension of venezuela from the organization altogether the document reportedly received support after pressure from washington which has been calling on countries to isolate venezuela the venezuelan people deserve better than what the regime of nicolas maduro offers the member states to apply additional pressure on the media regime. some in the united states i believe washington involvement in venezuela's internal affairs should be much. trenka explains could it be that some hawks in washington are having second thoughts on how great their tactic of orchestrating regime change is i've got a couple of quotes from a us magazine for you of course no one wants to see a regression in which military coups to the norm certainly expecting
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a faction of the military to depose the current regime and restore democracy entails risk did worrying about the risks and side effects of regime change just outweigh the goals set by the folks in d.c. you wish look at what the piece is called elephants in the room it's time for a coup in venezuela this wasn't just from some reporter writing for the magazine the author is a man who advised george w. bush the president behind the of ghana's stan and iraq invasions a few more revolutions took place while he was sitting pretty in the oval office yup and apart from the couple of lines i've shown you the whole piece as one big call for regime change it says there are no guarantees of course but that's no excuse for complacency so bring it on with a coup no biggie just a major us foreign policy website running in peace killing for the violent military
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overthrow of another country's government wow sure restore legitimate constitutional democracy is the nature outcome of june to take over. but just one slip like that can overshadow the image of the american press right rather than food or a coup the international community should encourage even as women's including soldiers to restore democracy the question is how to get rid of me before he completes the destruction of his country introducing the venezuela coup hungry news it's true that men as well as have found themselves in deep deep trouble but since when has it been for some foreign media to decide when there is to be a coup they can be bloody they can claim many many lives and throw countries into worse chaos oh we should forget that we're reading the papers from a country whose folks in charge have said things like this for the safety and the security of all people in latin america it is time for me to around to go we have
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many options for that as well and by the way i'm not going to rule out a military option we have troops all over the world at places that are very very far away venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and dying we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary and he's talking about near venezuela is and people are dying and where were you in puerto rico when the hurricane hit and it was even closer to the u.s. and people were dying the u.s. says it has a history of supporting coups all through latin america it's a joke to say that the u.s. wants freedom and wants to protect people we have led to the overthrows of elected governments in chile and quite amala in venezuela in brazil you know it's just a whole litany of cases where the u.s. has overthrown democracies in latin america everybody in latin america knows it.
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ontario province in canada has shaken the country's political landscape to being led by liberals for fifteen years a controversial conservative doug ford has been elected as premier in a landslide when his brother also a politician is perhaps more famous though for a well the wrong reasons. future of mankind so we'd like you to look what we like to say people kind shouldn't be a big thing the prime minister is walking upright for a day and from now on it will surely and adopting the conservative bully also wants to bring twenty five thousand syrian refugees to canada. so therefore please stop this. the smoke crack i haven't smoked crack in over a year yes i have some look to crack cocaine olivia donda acted as says that i want
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to conduct i've never said that in my life where i would never do that i'm happily married i've got more than enough to eat at home. to get their hands back in the cookie jar you see the controversy already it's just starting we see what the provincial liberals have done justin trudeau number one in my opinion he's totally incompetent to be prime minister. voted for change to no it's a spur to congratulate him on his election as premier this week mate looking forward to working together to create jobs and opportunity. i do think this will shake will be kind of an earthquake for the liberal government if they want to win in two thousand nineteen because the opposition the
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conservative opposition leader in all the way out. is perhaps another version of that sort. in at the federal level and they will feel energized by this vote this is awesome international hostel to come here google has tinkered with it some o.g.'s to make them more inclusive look at why the egg was removed from us. after the break. i think that donald trump is really confident about his capacity is ability to persuade people and the power of his personality and all this kind of things and i'm sure the kids and then will try to play this card will try to give donald trump something he can tweet so he can show to everyone look i'm the first one i'm the one who rolls the art of the deal i'm the first one can make a deal with this guy every other american president before me failed i succeeded.
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people to. be exceptionally good on the field of play the dog. feet. to show that to cool. it is great to have you with us today for the program google has unveiled a new range of emotions you use all the android platform and. stomp out of. an old quarter politically correct the new radio. google just unveiled its
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latest project for politically correct inclusion this time they're going after offensive m o g. it all started with the salad m o g deemed offensive to vegas because there was an egg in it so they decided to drop that offensive food item but the m.t.v. going problem won't be solved with just that. they're still a pizza sporting some pretty offensive pepperoni google also pushes the pan of food m o g featuring prawns and mussels swimming in a stew and worst of all the bento box m o g it's got not one but new eggs in view and these revolutionary changes in the world of them oh jeez are not just about vegans. dangerous looking
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dagger has been rammed with gems and changed to a turquoise color so it doesn't remind people of mass knife attacks and angry goat has had his frown turned upside down to make animal lovers happy and most importantly of all the revolver m o g has been transformed into an orange water gun finally google is ready to tackle issues like gender neutral family and movies. before there was only a collection of gay lesbian and straight families this one is lesbian and now this one is gender neutral apparently the only difference between the two is curly hair so google knew what to change but there are some areas that left out entirely. whereas the asian origin of moji there are church mosque shinto shrine kaba and synagogue but none for a buddhist temple and the m o g for the wedding only depicts
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a church let. the outrage in sue there may be a day when google's a modis are one hundred percent offense free and that'll be the day google deletes m o g's all together donald corder r.t. . just five days left before the free for world cup chocolate chip in russia kicks off and it's not just national football teams that are arriving in the country official delegations have also been welcomed members of the german bundestag and the russian state duma played a friendly match in one of moscow's central parts a team russia won five to three with both men and women playing against the germans . managed to speak with the vice president of the bundestag thomas opperman about the. i consider the issue gesture to boycott this event would fundamentally wrong people it's a sporting event which millions of people around the world are looking forward to it we want to demonstrate that a sporting
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a match can also be an anchor point for political negotiations the chancellor has said that good relations with russia are in germany strategic interests and the majority of people in germany think so as well as. i am sure that germany will manage to get into a semifinal and if they manage to do that they will probably get into the final i think that we have a good team formed by york you know so i am optimistic to mention you. we played against the duma eleven years ago i took part then also however we lost badly and now the fee for world cup championship is a good opportunity for us to get a second chance and i think it's good when parliament's media each other at the personal level as well as. a work by the pop artist andy warhol being auctioned using block chain technology investors will be able to make bids using cryptocurrency zein will co-owners the work block chain technology is also being
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actively discussed in russia and world experts and innovators met in russia's version of silicon valley skolkovo to raise important issues surrounding the future of blocked change in the gale francis idea is that. russian block chain week one of the longest running washington events of the year in moscow let's see what these innovators are up to here in russia. russian block chain we began on a historical day in the country and almost unanimous passing of a draft official to the currency legislation at the state duma the lower the fine structure of currencies and tokens as property and lays out specific ations for interacting with crypto and blocking related technologies however not all that was just it was clear in many elements raise some eyebrows like giving in your wallets private keys to the government. and timothy ross some of the more prominent international block chain and fin tech lawyers gave us their take the problem of
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the legislator redrafts that we have been seeing was that they were all and it taking in different directions and each authority was trying to protect it's fair and not really listen to others collaboration and not change shows this is very important also very important is to learn from international experience and from what people have done elsewhere i have to give my my private grief to wall it to the government. to make it clear no one no one will ever do it so it means that we creating the law that no one will follow no matter the legislation the block chain innovators were going full swing in skolkovo like these guys from hollywood coin or disrupting the visual effects market by offering their tokenized blog chain platform for rendering services of three d. animation and graphics on the par with hollywood's top visual effects studios
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driving the price down and breaking the monopoly of hollywood's visual effects market all thanks to the world's fastest supercomputer in china. we have found a way for anyone to use the computing power of the world's fastest cars. sunway touchy light to rend a vision of thanks in three d. animations today there are many rendering farms thanks to supercomputer we can provide rendering services to even c.g.i. beginners much cheaper and faster and most importantly of the same quality as hollywood's top vision of think students should because if you must be a special guest the twenty three year old crypto millionaire evan luther a also made it to moscow as he has recently fall in love with the city and blogs and opportunities in russia and so my first company when i was seventeen made a couple million from that study investing that whatever realise this technology has come and go but the idea of desalinization and use them as a distributed systems and governance is what excites me why i do what i do is so
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that you me paid more everybody can have the same power that's a blank sheet of us for us and that's the idea and if someday we can have a wall that spirit everybody there's no there's no better goal in life for me. thank you joining us for the program here on r t international we will return in about half an hour with plenty more of your top stories. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is off and spearing dramatic development the only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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to our friends dimitri orloff wrote a famous essay collapse gap a few years ago so that the soviet union and america would both collapse for the similar reasons just that the us would take longer they position i said soviet union was like falling out of a one. story window and america's like story falling out of a twenty story window and i think we're seeing this now. falling out of a twenty story window it is a collapse gap the collapse roughly the same time for roughly the same reasons and now america is having its boris yeltsin moment with donald trump. come up with a stick you could do. consumer genes from civil to cooking chicken is purchased. brokenness to put some sulfur to the crew political decision on this machine i can use i want to see. you doing. she. should be. it was of it turns out that just as he says represented the screwfix it
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opened up a second the need for you to. dance at c.c. sympathetic to the pussy according to father emanuel nothing happened. but why then was he shipped out of cameroon when he could have been posted to another diocese in the country. illegally millennia his new superior explains in the news. that he doesn't know we're filming. a mission to. kill in this or a split is. this all the news. this is just a movie is the question i'll swallow you see the. little girl.
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he goes into soon to be on to this earth or something really good and so the community of st john ship father emmanuel off to bologna is so he wouldn't be anywhere near any kids. but when we leave the priory to coasters catch our eye if tetris on thousands or and. a theater inside the priory. tell you if then that the penny drops. to create this is all get up. out of all of us and we all stood at that for support though this isn't all. because of all the said so is ups as are all. the brothers. that's your teacher if a tornado is off a bit but it is me out a minute i was the one feeling fundament throughout it is awful to bust. and after all these to ing and fro ing in the world of st john we had a few questions for the head. the community. on the case importune cameroon but
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also on the other documents in our hands. the st john public relations director emailed us. dear sir we are prudent about the televised press especially when sensitive subjects are concerned after a long reflection we prefer to decline your request for an interview regarding the departure of the brothers from the cathedral imber to a we had any reason to believe that these rumors were ungrounded the same conclusion of the local police and justice obviously reached because they pressed no charges after their investigation i send you cordial greetings and my prayers not exactly a satisfactory reply. so we check up on the schedule of the head of the community of st john. who is due to fly to alibi an ethiopian today from the shall de gaulle airport outside paris.


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