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isn't part of the delegate approval stakes system as it is a fish them back to the safety of out of that as well but can you tell us a little bit about delegated proof of thank jeff yeah i should point out that we aren't so necessarily going to be one of the twenty one but we are hoping to be it is a voting process and ours is called liberty block at liberty locked out iow and as you pointed out it's a very different system than big question or even how a theory has been set up to date and we should recognize that when big one was started two thousand and nine no one had ever done anything like this before it was the very first attempt at anything like this and it's going to incredibly well i think everyone would have to agree as you pointed out you pointed out you brought back my p.t.s.d. on some of the crypto stories with mt gox and all the crashes along the way as it been all roses along the way at all and part of that is because this is a brand new technology and now what we have is the sort of second generation of people coming along who have seen with this technology can do what the value of it
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is how important it is and are trying to improve on it in various ways and we've seen different approaches taken on it and probably the biggest sort of competitor to ios is the theory and it's a very different model essentially a very in a set up to be essentially is really good i have a big brother computer not in a bad way and not like the government but sort of a a high computer that's incredibly smart and it makes a lot of the decisions of how things work in the ecosystem generally rimmer comes from a bit more of an oracle cap was free market perspective and he says let's let the market decide where it all goes less than an actual human beings decide now of course when humans get involved those sorts of variables happen including greed in collusion and all that sort of thing but dance fairly certain that those will be weeded out in the free market so as you pointed out ios is delegated proof a stake delegated essentially means that you can vote if you own egos tokens you can vote not like in a government election where using violence against others we're just voting for what how you go. to see the ecosystem go and you can just elect as you mentioned
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this there's going to be twenty one long producers that will be the main bloc producers and yours u.s. fish and the liberty bloc and there's many others of course and we'll see what the market decides and how that works and as far as decentralization goes that is a very tricky issue that you can look at both sides as you point out big question is incredibly decentralized anyone in the world can become a miner but due to the nature of the way things were many of those miners have turned into mining pools and we now have less than probably five or ten major mining pools that control most of the big queen mining so in fact with twenty one bloc producers and euros which the market can decide at any moment if it wants to turn any of them off if anyone is doing something they don't like they can just stop there go for it well we'll see how that works so socially this is a complete experiment in true free markets via books in technology is going to be incredibly fascinating to see how it goes right one thing dan larimer did in the
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design vs that i noticed is that transactions are free which sounds like a very friendly consumer choice to be made by the designer unlike let's say a fairy i'm and i would think that he's building on his experience as you point out with that shares and with stan it so he's very consumer facing in that regard he has that experience of a consumer facing crypto product and you know you mentioned decentralisation and mining if i can just digress for a second and get your comments on what's been happening with some of these smaller proof of work coins like exam cas recently subjected to a fifty one percent attack and a sam's like this is an increasingly greater risk for some of the smaller proof of work coins out there in the crypt our universe your thoughts you know i think us an excellent point max we're still trying to figure out in. i don't think it will be
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figured out completely for years maybe even decades what the best way to do these things are so there's many different people doing different things and yes if you have a smaller block chain you have a lot more risk you'd have the risk of someone being able to overpower the system if you have the ability to view the way the system is set up through mining and to have more than fifty one percent share that's why because it is so important so powerful because it's so big now it's the largest supercomputer in the world times five hundred or thousands even i think i believe now so there's really no one that can just come in and overpower the network a lot of these smaller coins of come out and sort of their own block chain are trying their own things they're starting to realize that if you don't have the mass you can very easily be taken over or hacked or or how things change that you the really no one wants except for the person changing them and that's why ios is going to be very interesting a deaf way it's raised over four billion dollars so far it's got the attention of hundreds if not thousands of not tens of thousands of some of the smartest people
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in crypto who are starting to develop on the platform now and i think what we'll see and how will price see a lot of things move just from their own block chain move on c.e.o.'s itself including steam it could move on to u.s. big shares could move on to ios and that will make them much more stable and stronger and we'll see how that goes of course the big issue with the therion has been today can it scale it just had one app called crypto kiddies which pretty much crashed the entire system and down there murs says through his way that he's created ios that it can handle tens of thousands up to millions potentially transactions per second and he's already proven that he can do that through steam right you know it just wouldn't be fair to say that your interest in cramped is it supports your thought about liberty and freedom so the actual technology is not something you spend a lot of time thinking about but thinking about how the technology m packs us national liberty and freedom i think. and that's why they have an archipelago which
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of course is a a must a festival of this type now we've been talking about vitaly theater and a couple of times now he's weighed in and he is suggesting that those could be open to cartels that while a merge to prevent this open competition as you describe it of the voting that goes on for the twenty one bloc producers and a way to that argument from the talent that you say jeff when the time speaks i listen he is a true genius as is dan larry where i consider them both to be the top geniuses and innovators in the space so i never discount anything the taliban says but it is interesting they've both diverged on this one issue should we control things from the top down using computers and ai possibly or should we let the market and people run the ecosystem themselves we'll see this is what's going to be so fascinating in the next year or two we will find out which method is the better method i'm sure
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i'm pretty sure both will work but one will probably be the actual winner of this and you'll be able to see within a few years which which system works best i truly don't know which system is going to work because that's the beauty of the free market no nothing's ever been tried like ios and that's where i'm watching incredibly carefully incredibly excited to be involved in it because i think this could be world changing if it succeeds right some people compare it to early days of computing and which operating system sort of went out and that's all we see now on a trip to space so tell us more about your blog for this or over there. so what are some of the products and services that you guys are going to be dealing with there if you become one of the blah blah producers jeff yes the liberty block it's already blocked out io io we've teamed up with tempera pedia which is i think going to be the first airdrop on egos especially ever p.d. as a competitor go sort of with a pedia based on the block chain so it can't be controlled like wikipedia has now become. i was working with e.q.
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guy asset management which are the more the tech guys who really work on the tech and they've been working like crazy getting this all launched last few weeks so really it's about the team and it's very heavily an arc of catalyst in we our tagline is from decentralization comes freedom and essentially that points out what you just mentioned max is that i consider freedom to be the most important thing for humanity it's the best thing for our prosperity for peace on earth is to have complete freedom and i believe that ios has that ability to do so and is set up that way and we intend to be one of the block producers that really focuses the most on making sure that it keeps us in our who capitalist true freedom roots and one of our products that we already started to do is an actual online way to vote for egos block producers as you may know right now in order to do it you have to be pretty techie you know command line and stuff like that so we're setting up a can go to vote dot liberty bloc dot aioe and it's already set up and you can
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actually vote using a graphical user interface as a first step of us trying to help this ecosystem to really get rolling in these early days actually and separate thanks for being on the kaiser report always a pleasure max all right well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with a mask as our ses everyone i think our guest jeff berwick if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time by oh. you know world a big part of the market for us and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth. the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final merry go round certainly the one percent. nor middle routes to. dilute. the real news is really.
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donald trump refuses to sign the g seven joint statements agreed on by all the other members as the u.s. president heads to singapore to meet kim jong un. the photographs are really showing a tear gas canister fired by the israeli army getting stuck in the face of a palestinian during protests at the gaza border. and r.t. looks at google's new range of emotion use including gender neutral couples in vague and solids and thus it's not really politically correct.
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thanks for watching r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge the discord between u.s. president donald trump and his fellow g seven leaders has not abated the summit host canadian prime minister just intruder has announced all the participants are ready to sign the meeting joint communiqué but donald trump who left the summers earlier for singapore to meet north korea's kim jong un has tweeted the u.s. won't sign it. prime minister justin trudeau of canada acted so meek and mild during our g seven meeting so only to give a news conference after i left saying that u.s. tariffs were kind of insulting and he will not be pushed around very dishonest and weak our tariffs are in response to his two hundred seventy percent on dairy canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with
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significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason that it's kind of insulting to move forward with retaliatory measures on july first applying equivalent tariffs to the ones that the americans have unjustly applied to us. but tariffs and trade are not the only thing trump past conflicts over with his father only just during the g seven example most of the countries including canada were not happy with terms proposal that russia should be brought back to the negotiating table after use america on as more of what worries me most however is the fact that there are rules based international law that is being challenged. quite surprisingly. not by the usual suspects about by its main architect then you go on to the
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us. public the past couple of days the world has witnessed increasingly tough talk from the american president who is clearly set on forcing canada and the europeans to accept his administration's stance on trade both of these guys have been thank you you know it is great we have we have this great he's launched stern challenges to his counterparts on twitter which he was to say hasn't been well received in diplomatic circles trump has abandoned the traditional etiquette of not openly criticizing other and. these days with attacking the host of the summit prime minister just for joe as well french president emmanuel beck wrong prime minister trudeau is being so indignant bringing up the relationship that the us and canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to three hundred percent on dairy hurting our farmers killing our agriculture. it doesn't stop there it's emerged that no meeting with
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british prime minister tourism may take place even though such a one to one on the sidelines would normally be customary. troublesome suggested readmitting russia to the g seven a proposal his fellow leaders were certain not to be enthusiastic about here we all agreed the return of russia to the g seven format summits can happen until substantial progress has been made in connection with the problems with ukraine canada's position is absolutely clear that there are no grounds whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior back into the g seven if there is be any conversations about russia's future in relation to this particular group they have to change their ways they have to change the route that they're taking on the sort of activity that involved in.


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