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for the region as a whole as for trump i'm not sure that this is the strategy like this this strategy this grand strategy toward north korea and the trumpet ministration was certainly kim is playing a game with multiple actors and my opinion is that he's playing a very good game so far whether or not something comes out of the finger poor summit i think we can already say that it's going to be history in the making by the mere fact of its occurrence as being the first such meeting between an elf korean leader and a sitting u.s. president and it is very easy to see how it would benefit mr kim by allowing him to project himself as an equal of a century but i certainly can't see how it would benefit donald trump what do you think trump is hoping to get out of it well that's a very good question i'm not sure i think that this summit will be for sure and historical breakthrough and it will be
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a great photo opportunity for both leaders mainly for a good but also for donald trump because just think about what happened in the past few weeks when people were talking about donald trump winning the nobel peace prize for this historical summit so i'm i'm sure that donald trump wants from this summit is. a victory in diplomacy that he can tweet easily because that's very important for him and for for his supporters within the united states in terms of practical gains i think that now the focus a little bit shifted from the. our inquiry into the international transfers of priests accused of pedophilia begins in the united states. we're in chicago in the shadow of this cathedral to would just a very unique kind of protest.
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or it's you know it's not all are victims of pedophile priests. in their hands portraits of them as children when they were abused. in the us sixteen thousand people have already launched complaints for sexual abuse against catholic priests. these victims have joined forces for the annual conference of their support group smout survivors network of those abused by priests. hello everybody. great to see you again and i think it looks like we've got a bigger group than last year which is even better news so how many of you are here
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for the first time. thanks to. remember that all of us here are survivors of sexual assaults and betrayals during our youth so if you're looking for an opportunity to share your experience with people who truly get it this is the place. recently the organization has seen abuse victims from all over the world join its ranks it has become the internationale of those abused by the church. certainly it will be here because of the weather and use is science of every day and it was just excited as positive about this that had us but by that they gave us he said yes there was up in the subtle things. where you're from so that you are to sure that i'm from germany from berlin and you elicits with a very lives. when there was for yourself about the from the philippines of those
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years. just. the three years i was fifteen years old i was abused as a team for a long period of time with an oddly priest agreements just can't be. canada accounts from over fifty countries. at the end of the conference we talked to one of the activists on barrett doyle. facts reports from victims snap is the only group to been able to establish a list of priests worldwide allegedly involved in pedophilia cases we only include those priests who have been accused of child sexual abuse in a credible public document it has to be either a court document that's publicly accessible or a mainstream news outlet is called father she began her work fourteen years ago sorry refuge in the states these activists publish the names and photos of accused
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priests on the internet to try to ensure they never come into contact with children again. this is just the letter a and it just keeps going. on in the names of the so far so all in the entire database we have forty four hundred names to be of any friends names in the least we do have several so father revoir is a very troubling case because he abused this young boy and and mario innuit boy did report the abuse eventuality within statute and was fled he in one thousand nine hundred three it somehow spirited him back to france where he. live safely now that's not the case of his victim who took his own life in december of two thousand and twelve to avoid justice one french priest accused of a sexual abuse of minors is thought to have fled to canada and be hiding in front
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of the story barely seems credible. we contacted the sister of one of the priests presumed victims. today as he told the league speaks to us from northern canada deep in in a way territory her brother maher used to go he committed suicide five years ago he has filed a complaint against the french priest and she has sent us some old photos of her and her kid brother and want to follow revoir will be modest. he has seen the what happened she. was responsible about why he decided to cheat on. cards.
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do you think madea's was the only who sort of well. we get our hands on a warrant issued to the canadian police for father of war's arrest. they've been after. the priest since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. on it we discover the name of mario seven but also two other boys made anonymous by the police with black lines. a girl of fourteen is also among the legit victims.
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you know the priest is thought to have abused four children. finally in the top left hand corner of vital piece of information the name of the town where the priest is believed to be hiding in france a small town in the book loos where there's a monastery belonging to his community. so we catch the train to strasbourg. that's right because in the meantime we've got hold of some internal documents from his community father revoir has been transferred several times. after obviously in canada he didn't stay in who is presumed by the canadian police he apparently were next to two of time nearly all and that's what we lost track of . but after several months of inquiries during a phone call to a priest from a priori were father of war had stayed unwittingly gave us a new lead. which is to say the priest one of the by the canadian
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police for one thousand years for sexually abusing four children seemingly lives here in strasbourg among his religious community. from now on. we'll film with a hidden camera. oh i want to show who was motioning who and. shit it was and it. was our information was correct. yet all. the priest is here at the end of the corridor or. no so you know who can imagine the thought of article on the new flower almost as though it will be good only then used a vow never to work ask yourself on that depressant that's of only the very top you
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know wasted on a new route on the basis of luck i was just off on for the body to ruin it i wanted to fit there is was extra. in the movie about whether or not he did it through this good sample files you have elevated to struggle with about. sleep and another number of months more that it's going to it's going on do not use good so that you could push was a. parlor game here they took a parachute to him. so this was another that was a little food. we sure the photo of the young into it mari's time to lick commercial stuff from zero zero zero. in the winters is a number of us in the soup and c.c.'s i've also got actually to say about this is you did those even though you don't feel the same maybe i thought it was expected as you really didn't want to severe food to be caesar there is room. to be
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relinquished his or her. from the minute you said it was it's written there then i don't want to die and you know it was it's no use both of us are. not serious. no no he was near the rush that it. isn't just in place some sort of scoot . was a bit out of his it should most often surely pull off let me papa our school is a comical person. isn't it a very they want the grace isn't hostility with me for. how can a priest accused of the sexual abuse of minors change countries and homes and stay out of the time. because of the police and justice for almost twenty years. and is it really true. one man may have an explanation. back in the united states marines to these are former american priest patrick moore
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. since the one nine hundred ninety s. he's been a close up witness of kind of final scam to. follow we here in st petersburg attending the annual st petersburg international economic forum for our topic is from the atlantic to the pacific we all know the world is changing we talk about what moves these changes and who's behind. us stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill frist was dismissed it to me feel like you know there's this isn't my cup of tea is going up the study hall mediated you know chango about. the only palestinians is who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is i'm of those who in the world under the oak vision didn't know when you could get it. and know it is unfair that it's got to
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this lady in the muscle that you had i don't want you to compete in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also the companies often. join the monastery as a very idealistic twenty year old and thought i was going to be a monk a priest and unfortunately it didn't work out that way because so many sex abuse cases came forward then i ended up actually being ordained early to go work on and follow sex abusers who were being withdrawn and at that point at the age of thirty two i had to make a moral decision. am i going to support this institution you know in my part of this or do i have to find a different path and that's when i chose to take it take a different path to help survivors. since then patrick was become a whistleblower an expert called on to testify in over two thousand cases of
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priests accused of sexual abuse. according to him the catholic church has developed a system to exfiltrate pedophile priests. that's the same pattern we've seen in australia it's the same pattern we've seen in the united states it's the same pattern we've seen in canada it's the same pattern in ireland in england in italy it's honestly it's in the d.n.a. of the roman catholic system and i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do that he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator and then at that point he simply moves him to a different spot where the previous scandal is not known and it is not enough to move him outside the country that's. the geographic solution you can move it from continent to continent as long as he can speak the language that is needed it looks
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legitimate as well he's going to be accepted without question that's where the danger comes. an anonymous source will provide us with proof of the geographical solution described by patrick wall. one evening we received dozens of internal documents from the community of st john five hundred brothers present throughout the world. this french community is highly controversy. it has the highest number of priests found guilty of pedophilia in recent years three since two thousand and twelve. and there are thought to have been more cases of sexual abuse it's all there in black and white. as we turn the pages we get a strange feeling the community seems to have become a master in the dark of the international displacement of priests suspected of
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sexually abusing children. among the pile of documents from the commune. city of st john one recent letter draws our attention. and sends us rushing to the airport. here's the letter signed by a high ranking church official this archbishop from cameroon. he wrote to the head of the community of st john having decided to exclude from the u.c.c. several st john priests he explained himself. reverend brother some brothers of st john got themselves into situations of extreme gravity the brothers in question were about to be hauled in front of the courts at a risk of dirtying the damage of our church i used all my weight to make sure this did not happen. what have these french priest done to incur
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the wrath of an archbishop. in cameroon a mostly catholic country the community of st john is an institution. the brothers run one of the biggest high schools in your own day the capital. but in broad to walk in the east of the country the brothers of state john have left town . until two thousand and fourteen they oversaw this cathedral the biggest in the region. and. we go to see the archbishop the one who asked the same john priest to leave. months in your a tango one of the african representatives of the vatican. tells you that. many will say no in an internet solution about those who are now on at them as well
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aqim it wasn't to go went out into the. city you know this just went in the he did it. coming. because it is what up on the train it wanted to be new he's going to die and then he mustn't think he's presented to him topical and i find out as confusedly seem to guess she lived. back look he said i'm here because i don't was an occasional if a new yankee margin the cashier is always a part of we did do. this one pointed it wanted to be knew it was it might. lead to lead. and etc we try to dig deeper but not always in. geneva yesterday did reality see a lot out of your commodity bud and i was out of your day going to want it back and this christmas it comes a. moment to see if you want to go to the river but i was at let's see device
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i said. that you let go of it ourselves. yes thanks for your precious comments are great but they weren't exactly helpful. at the cathedral but two i will discover the reasons why the st john brothers hurriedly left town another alleged case of paraphilia. the sexual abuse of a number of boys. for three days we try to find these presumed victims. in this city where the catholic church is omnipresent it's hard to broach the subject. finally we find one of the kids who supposedly abused by the priest. today he's fifteen. because of his and yes one of.
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the children p.c.'s. she says but this is. we show him one of the community's internal documents that we managed to procure the mug shots of all the st john brothers across the globe five hundred eight of. these. nuzzi this priest had indeed been posted importune. yabbies in the room. and is into a. safe place to go to do more than manning the sink you see him. and it is in you fool is it the da the only. base that is down to the yes and in that it dear. compactness you know. after
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a few weeks the boy finally admitted everything to his parents they immediately went together to the bar to a law courts to file a complaint. but here nobody touches the church well and there's a nice little for could be a lot of things it on up as if you do know it then this o.c.d. just so she did you. know so is that in itself she says some are your own joss. illegal about to see that pretty simple sentence though the. sink full of simple logical and illegal has got to eat. in virtue of the justice of man seems to serve men of god. we have an appointment with a civil servant inside the ministry of justice. we filmed discreetly. she confirms the closeness between the church and one of the top judges in new zealand is most of them in it where are they going to. let you do that but don't call us to
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expose them i just ask you to get out of there as you. just got it doesn't mean they're going to do that that they've got to go then that's probably good. oh no i should be sure to. come to them but you know. i'm a little middle of israel you know my oh my we'll all be. a civil servant gives us an excerpt from the victim's testimony. the name of father emmanuel appears nowhere instead he really doesn't need it as the plight of the priest. all together to produce about the market. well good not on our part but what you want to. have a very good thing. before leaving for two are we need another presumed victim. he too picks out father emanuel from the mugshots.
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where his father emanuel now the french priest accused of sexually abusing at least two points. among the communities internal documents other postings made in two thousand and sixteen. since being expelled from her to join cameroon father emmanuel appears to be in bologna initially when. it comes. to some children at six percent. of them we wait for the father outside the priory. after a few hours mostly because he finally shows up. we film discreetly
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. danniella most. you know there was a. well over. to our on f.a.q. and we set up all over to the tories on the east and other but that isn't false as far as the children all the little what i see. here vulcan is what i mean to differ that if muslims will commit else when i guess or. three or four childress oscars of course is because it fits your own kind of awkwardness is if you know. those who. just took it to political politics are best micro. for rich. kid one those are the more. it was official to fix the. suze says she said it's so cool.
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i want to just get it and you've got to. do that for the good. reason for them. if you will cause it is sort of pointed to the point people know these could have done this for years surely play she proceeded to but of course that should make the committee was actually it a lot is able to suppose i was just looking up adversaries for. sure this is rooted very subtle indeed children are manipulated by the archbishop but father emanuel offers another explanation. i think that donald trump is really confident about his capacities ability to persuade people and the power of his personality and all this kind of things and i'm sure the kids and then will try to play this card will try to give donald trump
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something he can tweet so he can show to everyone look i'm the first one i'm the one who rolled the art of the deal and the first one can make a deal with this guy every other american president before me failed i succeeded. my uncle the kids to compensate oh boy did i. see them. they didn't. go in he. said i didn't get showed up to move this because of on the sentencing. which.
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is not so much because i was it is a. half a million years. in a world big. law and conspiracy it's time to wade to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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with. donald trump retract his support for a joint statement at the g. seven summit in canada at the meeting ended in disarray and growing tensions with washington. those faced international although. the fates the main architects to go to the us maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be no one will ever know how many
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civilians have been killed in syria's rocket that's according to the pentagon after being accused of possible war crimes there one year on from the liberation of the city from islamic state. plus football's biggest stars lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo.


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