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tv   News  RT  June 10, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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the g. seven summit sees a major rift between the u.s. and the rest of the pack with trump retracting his support for the joint statements meeting ends in disarray amid growing tensions with washington. rules versions of our shoulder is being challenged by its main market then we go on to the us maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated but we also don't mind being six if need be and in the stories that shaped the week the pentagon admits the civilian death toll in syria's rack may never be known after being accused of possible war crimes there. and football's biggest stars lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo along with their team mates arrive in russia ahead of the world cup which starts in just four days.
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follow their welcome the latest developments and a look back at what's been happening over the last seven days to you watching the weekly here on r.t. international now the u.s. president donald trump has touched down in singapore for the historic u.s. north korea summit air force one arrived at singapore airport in the last few hours from paul meet the north korean leader kim jong un on tuesday mr kim is also in singapore gearing up for the highly until anticipated summit here rived a few hours earlier on an air china plate the meeting will be the first ever face to face contact between the u.s. president and the leader of north korea. while trump arrived in singapore after leaving the g. seven summit in canada early the two day meeting was marked by a huge rift between the u.s. and other members as to. critical international issues.
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i would rather see russia in. the g. as opposed to the g. i would say that the g eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven. here we all agree. can happen until substantial progress has been made in connection with the problems with ukraine canada's position is absolutely clear that they are no thanks whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior. if there would be any conversations about russia's future relation to this particular group they have to change their ways they have to change the route that they're taking on the sort of activity. involved.
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and shortly after leaving that meeting trump fire twitter abandoned his endorsement of the summits joint communiqué he's the canadian prime minister of making false statements over u.s. tariffs creating another sticking point between the states justin trudeau described the reasoning behind the tyrus is frankly insulting a response trump went on to describe as dishonest and weak the summit was riddled with the visions from the very start. you don't get maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be the rules they used in the us for the low the. be the sides market to go into
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the us the g seven june summit seems already destined for dysfunction with a heap of complaints from the u.s. as european allies some are suggesting a name change to keep up with the times we should have been united to invoke to save them to the group who challenges of the world and instead of that we would be divided between not just certain it would be a g six one it's not too hard to see where the fallout between washington and the rest of the pack is coming from in just two years donald trump has caused serious problems for a major international agreements first by announcing he was ditching the paris climate accord then the iran nuclear agreement the breakthrough deal which took years to negotiate and now he's unleashed a trade war with the e.u. by slapping tariffs on their steel and aluminum. the united states will withdraw
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from the iran nuclear deal the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord the united states has been taken advantage of by other countries both friendly and not so friendly for many many decades i'm here to protect and one of the reasons i was elected is on protecting our workers on protecting our companies even the angle of merkel who is known for maintaining her cool during the worst diplomatic spats has had some strong words to share about the u.s. as recent exits this cloud it is clear that especially with the exit of the u.s. from the climate deal there is dissent within the g seven just as much as with the announcement of tariffs on the mean human steel which we believe are illegal and also the issue of the iranian nuclear deal which the u.s. has withdrawn from. there may be disagreements. i regard this as. much like a family quarrel we will do what is necessary to protect the united states its
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businesses and its workforce don't blame trump. blame the nations that have broken away from those conditions blame the other countries now that's what you want to hear right before a g. seven summit. trip between you will be leaders and so u.s. president is bed. no ideas because also the services subjects we are talking about that these new agents would be better off if we have . not only covered with the shadows we have to travel on almost every subject and seem to live between the bus routes and washington so you'll be in your mean and united states who become bigger and bigger. in other news this weekend. been a year since the official launch of the operation to liberate the syrian city of
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rock from islamic state terrorists they had made it the capital of their self-proclaimed caliphate and to coincide with the anniversary amnesty international released a new report on the situation in the devastated city it accuses the u.s. led coalition though of relentless air and artillery strikes and even said it may have committed war crimes according to the coalition itself the real number of civilians killed in the battle for iraq will never been. as far as how do we know how many civilians were killed i'm just being honest no one will ever know anyone who claims they all know is lying. by getting to the bottom of what was really happening in iraq as the americans and allies were freeing it who will be bothered to do that or it will take ages the
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pros of war behind these walls may have thought but scrutiny was inevitable coalition claims that it's precision and campaigns allowed it to bomb islamic states house of rocca well causing very few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny based on information from amnesty international is filled investigation and public reporting coalition air and artillery strikes killed hundreds of civilians and injured many more open amnesty's report and you'll find words like this proportionate and discriminate bombing the use of white phosphorus claims which could turn into a reputational disaster if proven things that amount to war crimes the us led coalition mission to free iraq a went on for more than four months from june sixth to a cobra twelfth last year and the pentagon proudly told the world they'd fired thirty five thousand artillery rounds while they were at it the fired more rounds and rockets syria than any other marine artillery battalion or any marine or army
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battalion since the vietnam war yet we kept hearing from those whose orders matter how cautious they war there is been known military in the world's history that is paid more attention to the limit. and we should just administered from the battlefield and the coalition military were not perfect guys we can make a mistake. and in this kind of work ready to happen we are the good guys and munitions people on a battlefield know the difference you can't help wondering how many innocent locals general mattis has actually met i'm sure you can find many of those who are genuinely grateful to the coalition for kicking myself out but just compare his words to some of the witness accounts our team heard while in iraq there was this definite shift in washington that we were directly targeted by the coalition there recognizance craft filmed us it was
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a low altitude it was very clear there were no terrorists in the area but there were kids playing in the streets and we were collecting water and i knew that i thought i knew that if the aircraft bomb wasn't phosphorous is much talk it's everyone knows it is not hidden i think the coalition is bones randomly if you're sitting at home a bone may come down on you there are houses that collapsed on their residence and they could not get out of all this happened because of the aircraft they have a plane comes in strikes for instance a five story building i said would be on the second floor while civilians on the third floor how comes the plane still strikes the most civilians died the nineteen terrorists and we weren't alone in hearing those worrying calls from that devastated syrian city humanitarian groups on the high alert had to many more whores to share with us and the rest of the world there are worries about how this operation will affect civilians we're concerned about the safety and protection of more than four hundred thousand people in iraq as these operations commence to
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strengthen and we've investigated as well. if you're not a year in a coalition already so you actually believe that the actual number remains what about of course i wonder if you thought any of that led to a change of tactics by the coalition or at least an apology i'll have to tell you they seal that themselves from scrutiny will. monthly casualty reports we've been largely focusing on the fate of rock of civilians in our coverage misty internationals now weighed in with some serious work it could be high time we hear something new from the u.s. pros of war he trying to there we did request comment from a number of humanitarian organizations the international committee for the red cross said it repeatedly repeatedly expressed concern for the safety of raca civilians during the city's liberation while the u.n.
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agency for children said it had no information on the matter middle east expert joshua landis told us though that more could have been done to save civilian lives i don't doubt that the united states has used efforts great efforts not to kill people but in the end they were not true they were in a hurry the un asked them multiple times to give a break so that civilians could get out they didn't want to negotiate with states that were going to kill them on the battlefield they didn't want them as prisoners in another guantanamo since the gulf war nine hundred ninety the first gulf war the united states constantly insists that it didn't care about the enemy it didn't know how many were killed and it wasn't going to try to find out later on there were some investigations but by and large that has been the protocol of the u.s. which is not to count the enemy and to and to try to keep it secret really. now the f.b.i. has seized the mails and phone records of the new york times reporter as it moves
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to plug ongoing leaks of classified information the issue has come to a head under the trumpet ministration but as artie's mccarron now explains it does date back long before then. trump's white house has a serious problem it's leaking a shocking secret memo leaked to the new york times white house's most prolific leakers all the weeks we get out of the way else why this white house leaks and all the reasons it's hid there's always so much fun in this white house is so leaky there are even leaks about why they're leaking and so in an effort to deal with the issue is to find it to move on from its fatigue to war of words with the media and show a bit of muscle wrong with the press. or the press are also we were. very. well chumps verbal disputes with the press have become commonplace his latest step can be seen as
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a watershed moment that is crossing the line into spying on journalists now at the center of this is new york times reporter ali watkins whose phone and e-mail records were secretly seized amid a justice department investigation into this guy james a wolf a former high ranking ate at the senate intelligence committee who's suspected of leaking classified information to reporters and he also happens to be the former boyfriend of what kids during their three year romance that what kids they excelled in her career even being shortlisted for a pulitzer her skills in gauging tipoffs from elusive unnamed sources were praised by her university breaking national story was the direct result of tips she received through unnamed sources with whom she's developed trusting relationships she denies ever using her former lover as a source however now some of her old tweets are coming back to haunt her i wanted
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to be zoe barnes until episode four sleeping with your source especially in the decks of congressman gary gray area ethically he could be which i'm ok with storyboards of the washington herald calling a source close to the president exactly sure how many. actually i want to go over i'm sorry mr president but i will not do that. you can take. well. so on a scale of one to ethical how does everyone feel about pulling a real zoe barnes for story ideas for media rights groups however what we're seeing here is trump's latest push to demonize journalists a move which represents a true declaration of war on the press we believe that the government seizure of. data sets a dangerous precedent we fear it could be an opening salvo in an ongoing battle over reporters' ability to produce think this but such intimidation tactics on
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reporters are actually nothing new investigations into journalists on their sources were heavily ramped up under trump's previous s.-a in fact under president obama the justice department prosecuted more leak cases then all previous administrations combined so perhaps it's time for a rethink on using this. journalist shine a light on many issues around the world keeping citizens informed prompting robust debate this discussion we certainly face that here and holding governments accountable we honor the many journalists and media professionals who have dedicated their lives to the profession we see all too often that journalists continue to take great risks to pursue this important work now still to come this hour on the weekly footballing superstars have begun arriving here in russia for the start of the world cup which does kick off in just four days time will tell you hey after the break.
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clipped food will not bring people together and i'm sure that these folks will be of the exceptional good will go on the field of play with those who for the image flew through the fifo of the mitchell for russia to show that they are a bit cool because of oak up. the legacy of coal guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these are the losers in this america. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to be rich.
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to go on to be cross with what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. this should. welcome back to the weekly now there are just four days to go before the fee for world cup kicks off in russia all coverage will be delivered by some of the game's biggest names to you and they include manchester united manager saying the renia who's already made his first predictions. says mr marino let's go through the group step by step whenever you're ready. i'm not ready because this is very difficult i don't want to be emotional but i have to
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be i will go to contradictions because i want my players to win but i also want my place to go on holiday so this is going to be tough but i would say. why is when the wind would blow. their experience their top players they have the right mentality and i think russia has to finish second. and the crucial match will be russia against egypt and there's going to be a reality testing pressure to finish second in the group while. the two in their group be. a local show. totally portugal's going to finish second in the world maybe the home team russia is going to play against their best to speak see a scene from his will brawl to finish first. to finish second.
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before a surprise. australia let's finish cycles. and in group d. a single fellow will finish first. this one is going to be hard for the. so will be brazil. did you go on a whole. new circle in the world you knew the whole. group in germany. mexico shrewish girls. you know. belgium. for the. world. and the world. so. much expertise from jersey believe you don't miss it.
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well if you fancy a testing your knowledge football knowledge up against the mighty marino head online to facebook or twitter and follow the hash tag match renia. steadily rising for football showpiece event then including to the world's best players also they touched down yesterday a little messy as argentina and christiane are now there's portugal both arrived in moscow a little earlier argentina will face iceland on saturday and their third scrip stage match in the capital on portugal will play their neighbors the twenty ten world champion spain in sochi on friday the end game though of the tournament is taking place on june the fourth think that's next moscow's luzhniki stadium between the hosts russia and saudi arabia. thirty two nations will battle it out then to lift the world cup trophy made of eighteen karat gold in case you didn't know the cup has been passed from win it a winner for years now and ahead of the event he did go on a grand tour all around russia and even made
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a stop off here at our studios. the winning team will lift this exact trophy above their heads and this is the one that they keep only for a short while. for the ultimate possession they get a so called the so called winners trophy which it looks like exactly this one but only made of for bronze and it's a gold plated bronze. indeed this is the one in on li made of eighteen karat solid gold at the official fee for world cup trophy and only heads of state and people will cup winners can touch this magnificent fold the price. trophy traveled from coming
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to vladivostok literally a massive geography we estimated that around forty million people lives in the nearest proximity to the cities where the traffic visited. and you can follow all the news and analysis of the world cup here in r.t. throughout the championship. wow. finally a petition to save a pregnant cow from execution has garnered almost twenty eight thousand signatures people gary and animal accidentally cross the border and back prompting the authorities to order her extermination as a precautionary measure however the could be a ray of hope though because the bulgarian food safety agency says she's passed all the health checks.
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let's go to our thanks. to our maybe.
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we should offer asylum. the state borders created by and for human rights. she listened to me could you stop this madness don't be cowardly save the pregnant . this is what really triggered by argue that market. john flack calls for the e.u. to show common sense and compassion and councils are wondering pregnant boger impounds execution. you can watch and we can hear not just coming up say five thirty pm here in moscow we're going to be back with more nice feet in thirty five.
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elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissive to do it to you like you know that this isn't my cup of tea is going to have no feel sunday all mediated there is no john without a job or they should be the only palestinians is gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who endure under the oak vision the only could be this. and that is all of us that is going to this lady of the most of the jihad i don't think it'll give you muslims you know do more in the middle sauce don't put this off. with the whole make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the
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roman clusters protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room six. million real news. hello and welcome to worlds apart days before they planned summit between donald trump and can turn on the internet for doubts still persist over whether the
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meeting will take place at all let alone what could come out of it what are the bast and the worst possible outcomes well to discuss that i'm now joined by mark on the line he liked her at the school of international relations a university of southern california mr millet it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you for inviting me now there is a strong belief among american policymakers especially those who used to work for previous administrations that presidential summits are supposed to be the culmination of a long arduous diplomatic process rather than the beginning of it do you think this convention applies to dolo tromp at all i basically agree with this position i mean usually the high level summit comes at the end of the negotiation process so i'm not sure in this case it was just the situation from the president to me can some go right away or it's it was part of a broader strategy of the administration but certainly this is a breakthrough in the relations between the united states and north korea so it's
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certainly unconventional in diplomatic practices but it can be a very important opportunity for both countries and for the whole region that you mentioned a possibility that this could be part of a broader strategy on the part of the trumpet ministration and from what we understand there have been some preliminary torts but hardly over technical nature . the negotiators most likely simply didn't have time to get into the needed greedy of technical specifications of the north korean nuclear program does it even matter is it even necessary in this particular case whatever the result of the singapore summit even it's likely to be mostly political rather than technical well i think through the negotiations taking place are more technical than political for sure this is part of a broader strategy on the side of north korea that's for sure they sort of the diplomatic offensive in january for the part of the united states i'm not sure if
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it's part of a broader strategy what i think is that donald trump really wants this summit especially to. find a way a chance to break with the previous administration and to the previous american administration that obviously failed. in dealing with the north korean issue so i think that for trump this can be a breakthrough with the past well let's look at explore the motivations of both leaders a little bit more i've heard one american experts suggest that kim and trump are preparing for totally different games tromped said to be gearing up for a game of checkers while team is supposed to be positioning himself for a multiplayer multi board chaffed match do you agree that they approach did this meeting in totally different ways i agree with that because can clearly start to play. this.


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