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on the case of virtue in cameroon but also on the other documents in our hands. the st john public relations director emailed us. dear sir we are prudent about the televised press especially when sensitive subjects are concerned after a long reflection we prefer to decline your request for an interview regarding the departure of the brothers from the cathedral imber to a we had any reason to believe that these rumors were ungrounded the same conclusion of the local police and justice obviously reached because they pressed no charges after their investigation i send you cordial greetings and my prayers not exactly a satisfactory reply. so we check up on the schedule of the head of the community of st john. who is due to fly to alibi anything you'll be a today from the shall to go airport outside paris. to
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wait for brother thomas york team with a sign to grab his attention. and it works. so that the law a little sign is the physic as i said it is for the good to go raise. the level of school and i see the loonies i. ocean the all over the limit lives here it may have said often that these girls as well in the fighting is not all those just like on the inside of it as of us all but undergo all those all of those people that make it a pleasure for us but if you will let you know that some of us fell off but i do have a little cold is it and if i like out. that it was funny it will cause business is built with it with the federal deficit so if only by that comes out oh please pick it up i mean to know that it's a good. a lot more than one movie was it distills one of those like this one as
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a music student from hell the father lola from the stars a very good actresses roles on the. second film a lot of them one of the flaws in the film was thinking that this is going to get more votes so here's the most of all it will feel i don't really know what the money loss is the draw on this is it's a budget the forever if you carry your love of it defeated the battle of the festival for you says it all for. just a single vision the it also thought that was a lot of fun to do this you know listen a little for. those who don't know there was no specific example it will make you want to have to do the physics or else. mr bush i don't think i was in its last me this one is this.
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despite our frequent requests to the community of st john refused to grant us an interview. during our investigation we discovered other examples of the international transfer of three stick used to get a feeling. we could have chosen to tell you about this priest from new york who after being accused of sexual abuse by one young teenager was moved to. this one with an international arrest warrant for sexually abusing children in france hanging over his head now when refuge in lebanon. or this one an italian wanted for sexually abusing eight boys transferred to mozambique. at the heart of the catholic church how many cases are there priests from country to country due to suspicions of sexual abuse on minors. we tried to have them on. over three months we contacted the main victims
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groups around the world. gave us their list of transferred priests. then we called whistleblowers. tourney's. judges. and on cross check with local newspaper articles. we only took into account priests moved since one nine hundred ninety s. . there were so many cases we had to see this on the big screen. so we booked the biggest panoramic movie theater in paris. we compiled all of the data onto a map. to discover with us. that there has ever. a french clergyman with a unique profile is both a priest and
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a therapist he sees sexual abuse victims but also the priest accused of it. that's right and he is the only frenchman of the cloth to accept our invitation. a critic to lick out the cats will do good dirty gays get it don't it they. or you know it's girls has medical class gets the presses have a day at the fair. dressed for ya.
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the walk and then you defecate go shows the sec or sit on last. please woof at the pebble emission and afaik. take a platter simpson it to the heat. day plessy on ash take eve with it you see on i mean it just shoot it down to mr all. possible fame and yeah come m. city dig a kid can't play that up with his off own biofuel most even after it was you and i got into a bag of put it off. we see. you accept him see this point the massachusetts was over you could publish a book with a very cool into the clinics you are the key to shine a six ready the old keenness some back up up the who something else could do that
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now if you don't then i'll be successful enough that there's something hiccup and you keep chemically michael here a productive man shows at the settlement about it as a catalyst at the high. people or was it about horses if it had a scope on it is letting himself that article. says he was going that i said. yeah and paul formed this call that don't see the team so he's off own doing. said. sit. ins off on the usa parents who get the goody. two forces have a similar misery go put it in sequester from systems that. it is this is the marquee fortunately because we bought it combusted article by the us mint. as you can imagine after this interview our attention turned to the vatican the holy see the place where the church is longs are made. the place where punishments
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against pedophile priests are meted out. but we discover that even inside the vatican government high ranking officials have been accused of covering for priests accused of pedophilia. after several months of discussion the vatican chose this priest to answer all question. fathers older an advisor to the pope on sexual abuse issues he also sits on the commission for the protection of minors a body founded by pope francis two years ago you have been appointed to this commission what has the commission don't since then and you think it's enough we have people from all continents on this commission we have experts from different fields so psychology psychiatry law international law social work and theology and we try to discuss what can be next steps to help the pope to set up new measures to be more incisive in the life of the local church ok and there is still
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a lot to do you know my expression for this is this is a generational toss we will not finish within two years or five years we will have to work long between fifteen twenty maybe thirty years. max guys are fine it will survive they say money to develop. it let's take it easy this is essential pags afford diatom is going to call them right now they start to. so.
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that's will see i. think food bring people together and i'm sure that these folks will be an exceptionally good logo on the field of play for the door also for the image of the fifo the mitchell brush of the two shows it able to organize a vocal. get
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a phone you know. what was the last time did you went on the internet no i'm not using me to these village is it safe to say. are you sure there's new music ters over and they are all going to be sure the baby does a class here sort of. want to. i think we're going to be. is there as part of that was a good. risk. yes they are being transformed in a very astute member of the society. i
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want to show you something these are the ten cardinals that are usually considered are the last powerful of the vatican this is the the c. nine right it's an advisory board ok and here get out for effect of the congregation of the doctrine in the face among these ten cardinals for are accused of having covered up pedophile try as you know that of course. what you think of it i have no no particular knowledge about any of them. i just said to me that you knew it i know that there are allegations but i don't know what what is the the background of these cases i am not the investigating if you want me to be more precise arsenal ok george bell so he's here in australia a few months ago in front of the australian royal commission on sexual abuses
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within the church ear recognised knowing sexual abuses from australian trius but did not denounce them to justice so what do you think of him being in the sea nine with that story i have been to australia last year i've travelled i have been in the diocese i met with three survivors from the school where our now panel was at that time the advice direct. of the school and on a paddle willing gauge to cooperate with justice and it will operate in the sense of setting up safeguarding measures in the same way he will this is future but he didn't denounce sexual abuse it's very far and isn't this you nine it is that sucking for you are not of course shocking for him to be in this you nine and not have been denouncing her sexual abuse on minors you know for sure.
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it has always in chile here. documents so and that is as waited five years after the first victim spoke out to take action and to remove the prized father correct. and sire father carriage about has been since proven guilty by the vatican of sexual abuses is here. still in this he nine. yeah i'm not responsible for the abundance of guns what does she think of it i'm not the one who decides on that but what do you think i think today was they as long as i want something that thank you very much it seems then that only the pope has the power to punish these cardinals so why doesn't he take stronger action. maybe because he too faced accusations in his homeland of argentina long before his election. when he was archbishop of buenos aires he apparently tried to have
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a pedophile priest acquitted. him when a serious along with god or rather diego maradona the pope is a star his face is everywhere. and yet some refused to share the sick on a graphical. in the city center we've arranged to meet a group of victims they were abused by priests in the archdiocese appointed serious . they learned pope francis when he was there archbishop. this. he said is the. only room this is. all that it is that we keep. saying.
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to me. so that. seems. to have this. even moondog got it i mean for. that to listen to what that's. that it is. it was you know they don't know. if the motel that i said. he met you know young kid cared a lot you know i know. he didn't do it but it will only be theater if you ever get you're going to. be you feel you need somebody want to be with this it's you know. it's. as archbishop of buenos aires pope francis was
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seemingly deaf to the distress of these victims. but apparently it's worse in another case concerning other victims some believe he's willfully trying to divert the course of justice that it is for father cross he faced the biggest pedophilia scandal in the argentinean church secretary who you know says are grassy was one of the best known priests in the country very influential and often in the media spotlight what are you doing with a wild west big. he ran a huge orphanage until some of the children bear launched a complaint against him for sexual abuse in two thousand and nine he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison still today he's behind bars. but the argentinean church did all in its power to have him acquitted. one public i yeah go represented father crossties child victims. a trial spread to refute teen
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years and opposite him the most renowned attorneys in the land but also the catholic church. see no no sent it almost get it on your the when the is. up by this it will not leave it also in the most they don't know is that this will take us all let us see theater miles over what he's going to see at that are going to see him in the open was. so what the site is. don't be fooled by the cover which makes you think it's a book this twenty eight hundred page counter inquiry is a confidential internal argentinian church legal text. inside the children argues the falsifications lies deceit and invention even their own sexual orientation is questioned. the conclusion is clear the court's decision was wrong father rasi had to be acquitted on appeal. one paragraph caught
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our eye. this work was commissioned in two thousand and ten by the argentina disco ball conference and notably by its then president cardinal bergoglio now pope francis. so the pope did commission a counter in corrie to try to have a priest who had been sentenced for pedophilia acquitted. i did said that was labor gugliotta the future pope actually sent it to the judges with a shrewd sense of timing before father across these various appeal hearings. one of the magistrates received a copy of the counter inquiry agreed to meet us. problems my case a former appeal court judge and former minister of justice is today a high court judge. it's the first time he's spoken openly about the cross the case . he remembers very well the day he found this counter inquiry on his desk with
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a senior there is this this is leading to visa as it is they were going through as a way into which you know enough of the. case and. they know anything. it is in a zero nine i don't see what equal that is and that will cost us more if i decided not trust it given that you're going to have getting it's an idea if i was there. a good one it was easier that said well that's routine policy also that of course is . someone you know the interference that to that they could think so the mayor and. finally useless father grassi sentence was upheld at both the appeals court and high court. at the center of the counter inquiry commission by the pope when he was archbishop of buenos aires is the account of a boy. the main victim of. since the case blew up in
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the early two thousand it's the first time he's agreed to talk to a reporter remain anonymous because fraid of reprisals. soon i mean i guess if i hear it i it. nationally custom sort of all of us show out of course us. it was awful sonali the. situation then you. also said as if the case you want to hold. but i should think that's all we have in the midst. to see. who's listening and i want to know. that it isn't a single make up out of this and it will go just a little. the pope has never publicly commented on the grassy case of you with
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the holy father so at the vatican he tried to meet he was to hold a public audience on st peter's. course of justice in argentina. a few hours later the pope will be on the rock. lulu. woo. let's. listen to that if that's not good as the i intend that i included use these out of the not. despite our quick chat. at the end of this investigation there's one question how can the catholic church retrieve itself from these guilty silence us. sir g.
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men from a number of countries such as belgium the united states and the netherlands are mobilizing and launching a national inquiry commissions on sexual abuse within the church. all victims are listened to and the spotlight has fallen on the responsibility of the bishops. so let us pray may the vatican order a world wide inquiry commission. so that past scars may be healed i may still have faith in the future.
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you've been talking to. their local saying i'm done. that are equal going to. close this tells me if i. don't. move. in july twenty seventh team hunted a freelance journalist working with. militant shelling in syria. on a second fight scotti has established a holiday memorial zabel recognize more reporters who often risk the months with the sake of the truth and through the use you can submit to your published works in a video form britain form until june the twelfth go to.
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i think that donald trump is really confident about his passage these ability to persuade people and the power of personality and all this kind of things and i'm sure the kids i'm going will try to play this card will try to give donald trump something he can sweet so he can show to everyone look i'm the first one i'm the one. the deal make a deal with every american president before me failed i succeeded. the g. seven summit sees a major rift between the u.s. and the rest of the pack with. his support for the joint statement. growing tensions with washington. those face to. be face.
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to the u.s. maybe the american president being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be. the pentagon admits the civilian death toll in syria may never be. the possible war crimes there. plus a world cup fan festival gets underway in moscow with four days left until football's biggest event kicks off in russia.


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