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it is about. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero chance. to. use our government you know. what we're. going to. cut to the to the good of the first. lulu oh oh oh oh. the only rules i'm going to live.
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oh. you're in the subsidiary law you know they don't just sit around lewiston is sold. only will your withdrawal sit there. once in any what town that's most of them is sought to mutter is a head. open mouth full it's a. humbling to do what some other number down when there was a mother no no what were allowed on that in one of the was an immigrant town like the most of it is. more on tick down going down without help its own power about in work tomorrow. the ones that is how i work would you go first
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a real copiers or was having a part about it would be practical to do to ones all this in a war so chances are they're going to have it students. who goes to your room for orders over talk. and you said i want more money but i want us to see the. poor is if you call more weighty for government has had on so it will go much of all go so wrong or so with for so. chem other kids were to receive a pseudo plastic i didn't have to sing on it so who was in to wonder if your sins are also full or if you don't go to get a will. or would you to know it's limits how to live it oh man you are all on the road and on since our. son was out of.
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the don't die you. will die only i was so it is on time what it is a sequel to ones or not and our toys r us or so it's. either going. to go with the only interest change the illusion. you go to won't be there. is a really cool thing to ensure some still was until some time when we were switched between. all that you can do is in turns in the bleacher seat influence needs to. continue a school would. probably turn out to jean there's a ticket to get on. it will put them out i don't want you to think it has it will
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to know. if the poor were to sit down to school little or not have conditions to call. when he was an increase concluded or tell you. like the only two in the world pop other than the ring pop other than usual the opinion was because the others pay money or one of them is on the other thing about them i don't care much for. giving. something i was you also. talked up how. to. put. into words talk in english or tossed. it's someone she knows i'm sorry and call i'm told i'm going to. all. i want to get off the boat and others will get
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on boats because ok two nukes and other they compare me to know what i'm spouting off talk about someone who can see what's up at this one as well as i could if this is a union images so long ago that you can't. just say. taxi . just. trying to bully. me. he killed. the cat that. we.
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are watching and it. was. not. enough for her. but that was not the.
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hundred. nine. hundred. the middle you're always up. for you always. turning observation on the one point. even when it will go along with oil
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options are going to want to know. that only. you can do about all of them did he even household. just his in his or other new law. or. there won't be looking only we don't have the. past now look at your computer if you don't move on also up there won't you go. running in this community and then when the little men like don't work on your question. you don't know. they will get about what you know you were wrong. about you don't like. we own the name on the name again. ramadan other than him he didn't turn it down when
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you predict the kurds for your good humor to g.h. or it's a click of a good interview it's no fun watching us go up there and you go through the thought of. clear. and get it out. of the. follow. up. to tears was honest such that it was a missile would be done from god telling mr munder going to want to watch you going to resign as a condom out of this is
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a small i'm. going to quote that in the middle of all the toe in the. you know just not on the. numbers and it turns isn't true on those old days has a settlement of on that i am sad thing that comes into anything. other than what is the. a. good enough i thought there was one chance some time. to shut. the fuck up. that i'm talking. to to the to do the taking not our book on the point of this move a little bit going at it with a bit of the world have little to do with the road towards us to go kill some good and all to come the fifty pm i know you're. going to die and we will
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begin to look a little on food on the moon jup do all us come down with all the people down south of paris was told but is on one of those fans are. uncertain. sometimes celt. tell us to listen to as you go. this is a lot of this. to . cut.
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in july twenty seventh team hunted a freelance journalist working with on t.v. a militant shelling in syria. the owner has sacrificed quality has established a holiday also memorial day will recognize more reporters who often risk their months with the sake of the truth and through that peace you can submit to your published works in a video form britain form until june the twelfth go to a. big football bring people together and
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i'm sure that would be an exception that could build on the field of play but also for the match for the feet of the nature of russia to show that able to organize a vote up. and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in built it was dismissive to do it long before you like you noticed it this isn't my cup of tea is going up up the study hall maybe a bit. old john about. the only palestinians it gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision know only could get it. and know it is a long night it's got to this lady of the muscle that you had i not going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more. but result.
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must. not. really. looking you must. be a little bit of the coverage just a little bit i think you took the not. putting up
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a little bit of the. course don't. own the euro although. that's not so good are just not good i'll put a little there at. least . you can and i can do it don't jerk you got on done and go soon. came out i was so similar redoes. because it is ok to be done and i can do the. commanding can do is to make us all we don't shun them it doesn't have to us all in that are equal or did you enjoy it also means what you could just make i condone was shinning guess what though we don't. think of you.
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uncooked as a silly just a telephone pole. who knows all the oh ok. feel when they're so cute. so counting down one hundred i don't. know you were saying or what intel mentioned on that overthrows. welcome major because in. the night i tidy. little guy up dining hall them in fact a cynic i have to take up the door in mineral to make them. late
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. to. the alan would you like oh shit don't eat out in the dark i didn't like. the at. the end it in. the end the in. the to in the end. that. i mean the.
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dog to bark rule in the earth. oh oh oh. hold. close. to my son of. god and. a little boy at eternity good to see the only child in the mud and right well let's just look up when she was asked which i think to be left a journal that. the
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los. i'm going to guess and second that they had to check. it. out of the money the ball was a time i done if not for those i says and even those on there i am from no took his own could be as much of. the. load. off.
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the. offload off. but you know on their own the. fact that it works we don't want to five years or more years. because if we didn't become young both. the complete some of the children are not the typical cut
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they are going to be to kill someone or something it was coming from there you. got to get. them to not get in a hollow. threat to get cut. out you know get her out. sleep sleep sleep sleep. sleep. sleep. guys are going to homes and you know me to give me some oxycodone back in some way that's up to me and they said that we see that it's going to took turns on its own we dance to do when we dance when they're with fans even as opposed to us of your
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c.c.v. talking to me that's two thirty some days in the course it's a long time so if i'm going to fit in to me so often the wee hours of the sitting or voice you could he goes home to cottle didn't see me stoned on jacking going on didn't you know when you when you're home get that in sr go off one source and. you want to have it out over the top of your c.v. that we then can you know we got that call oh man i had x. that i knew in that it also comes out that if he wanted to retire as a question that he could possibly go to make him buy what i call them said in the meeting i thought now how come we're. going to take it out so you've got it what it called like you say it's not it's that sort of order he was told about it and he can take that. look up there over the globe which it was. good that we're told is good for the army but when done we got a whole little got to go along to get work done look at
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least . look. there are. going to lose. all. the work we're going to go to get. there. was remember longer there's a. buck or two that you're. you know you know that i'm trying to touch you i'm going to catch you so to lose what is it would. you do the one who is
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doing this in your school. little daughter you know the little you know your. clothes or not. it was original coming to work at the teaching council i know some of it is not real good at this in the u.k. it's almost kill it with you if you do a lot of it's loop over there oh good it will be book the all those folks who did it will be able to go with the new. news because the last time was when he was because he did something honestly do. you still believe that. it was still. eternal wasn't over the. book comes out of this thing it's kind of humbleness that it calm. the. time to do it the
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to do it to you that it was my. time when the touching of a thought to the u.k. paul mind about a novel in the public eye humble. to some people sometimes some of the concerns clear because the problem if you look over when you switch off. the. gas. and. air. and.
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yeah. the. in the. theater thing. to think.
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if. the.
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flow we're here in st petersburg attending the annual st petersburg international economic forum our topic. from the atlantic to the pacific we all know the world is changing we talk about what moves these changes and who's behind. the legacy call guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these are the losers in this america. getting phone no i don't know what was the last time that you went on the internet
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no i'm not using me these village is it safe to do so. are you sure there's new music ters there that are all going to be sure the baby does it plus or his has been. going to say we're doing in only four. years of death as part of that was a good. bit more work i was. previously yes' and no they are being false form of where he was with a member of the society to. let them. know.
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donald trump and kim jong un are in singapore for that highly anticipated u.s. north korea summit which could bring the escalation to the koreans. mentioned after months of the ongoing tension and uncertainty the truck is out this morning and head to crowds gathering as you'd expect from the opening of a free for world cup fans first off in moscow three days now before but kicks off fully here in russia. under nine year old girl is placed in rehab for her addiction to an online game for a parent's phone distressing changes in the behavior we discuss the issue with a former hacker and psychologist. i think video games are part of our culture now and i think computer games have been around for a long long time our children and i was a little bit to.


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