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tv   News  RT  June 11, 2018 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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in the news this morning donald trump and kim jong un in singapore for that highly anticipated u.s. north korea summit which is hoped will come but recent spike in tension i don't certainty on the korean peninsula. coming up to. a nine year old girl is placed in rehab for her addiction to an online game after a parent's phone distressing changes in a bad avian we discussed the issue with the former hacker the psychologist i think video games are part of our culture now i think computer games have been around for a long long time our children are losing a little bit of this as to what's real and what's maybe virtual.
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by their own we're talking world cup football of course two coming up good morning start of a brand new week nine am here in moscow this monday the eleventh of june my name is kevin know it first and story the meeting between the leaders of america or north korea just hours away now in hopes of building that it may end months of tension and uncertainty donald trump and kim jong il know now both in singapore ahead of that summit it's the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president out of north korean leader and he explains what else makes it so special . when it comes to the on off summits between the u.s. president and north korean leader it appears trump has a track record of making impromptu decisions and this historic meeting may fall on another swift judgment along will it take to figure out whether or not this as i said maybe in the first minute trumps a level of seriousness is hard to measure so far we've seen insults and threats of
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a nuclear war which have suggested anything but progress in the past north korea this getting more interest to the united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen frightened dog barks louder i will surely definitely tame the mentally deranged us daughters with fire now the stage is set that compared to hotel on sentosa island sentosa meaning peace and tranquility perhaps at least the name will rub off on the fire really to us when it comes to negotiations is said they shouldn't even enter the meeting room fly the same door this is to avoid perceptions that one into first and is waiting for the other it will all be choreographed through with the mr president then mr kim each so i will try to add some steps to get advantage the question that hovis many decisions is how you will choose the menus what will they drink if trumps
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a teetotal and then there's the touchy subject of who pays for what during the pay on chang and lympics the south korean government set aside two point six million dollars for hotel meal and transportation expenses for north korea well the north korea wouldn't bring cheerleaders this time without question a top priority for both sides the security with the host country measures more stop and search house for place an increase in surveillance cameras and even restricted air space although this probably won't stop. leaders having their own security entourages. for. for. some three thousand jan meth are expected to cover the historic summit and singapore it will be a neutral environment for the two leaders to play nicely by diplomatic protocol if
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trump gives it the time something good is going to happen it will happen fast i think within the first minute i'm not going to waste my time i don't want to waste his time well we'll find out shortly now meantime business is on the sidelines of all this in singapore been gearing up for the storage summit as you'd expect restaurants for instance putting on special menus from attackers to burgers to cocktails to shots all related to the theme of the big summit and besides the celebrated products there are also impersonators of the american and north korean leaders. i. wouldn't still be able to look good i think if somebody like going back to. the city.
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would have facebook going to get a job. two weeks ago. i . was living in the uk. i know. i. summit the negotiations could still take several more rounds before they bring any real results gregory l.h. from the advisory board of the korea policy institute thinks that full denuclearized nation the all of the of the korean peninsula north korea is only possible if the us is willing to give as well as take there's if too many people in washington who see an agreement with north korea as something to be avoided and
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they prefer to maintain a hostile attitude or your third might compare or have said more than once three simply that there will be no economic sanctions relief and after north korea has fully denuclearized i think that of the total nonstarter it's kind of a model again where there's not really a face and it's going to have to as biggest football the strike the guns it kicks off in russia crowds gathered for the fish. it was very quiet here seven and a half years ago when you could believe a bull now as you can see the contrast that's the place to go for him was an exotic isikoff the top scorer of the national team must decide the world cup trophy can only be handled by those who have never won the cup at the most coveted prize in the world football so after that opening ceremony i managed to catch up with musée d'orsay as our viewers well know peter schmeichel the great dane is working with r.t. as part of our team and must say france will be playing denmark in moscow so i asked him about that b.
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thing is going to be the hardest game for france in the group stage it really truly is old in time been difficult you know to play individually or collectively a better side i'm sure let's see let's see you know it's good bo anything can happen but i do believe that you from passing weenies because they have not been at their level just a couple of days ago for president jonny to continue said that russia was one hundred percent ready for the world cup and obviously fan fest is part of that beer music football what else would a fan want especially if you are she doesn't have a match ticket every eleven host city will have fans own a fan fest on like that and we will be certainly all over that with our team covering the world cup over the next month. people who all over the world will use the fan zone throughout the championship to watch matches life holes to get merchandise to enjoy concerts we spoke to some more people at sunday's event. very . ceiling. over the fact that al queda showed up at
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the last the. oh. i hope. no one would hope that. we can catch this is. everyone is so kind people from all over the world the coming here it's hard to describe that. it was. not look like i was watching this receive that much it's very nice very positive you're going to a solution is perfect that's of music a lot of foreign guests you can communicate with anyone have to strain languages was who were heard no no no no see what each of. those that didn't really gets used to you. know. some lope sadly it seems that the world cup's not just about the beautiful
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game in the run up to the tournament some media outlets been focusing on the tories russian football hooligans of the threat they may pose to anyone coming here to russia in the know follows two australian filmmakers as they try to track down the thugs. russian funny sometimes i don't sound good you're going to see this is it. the fight to tax or sanctioned by the kremlin a lot of me it was somehow linked to the who can see alleged leader of the russian hooligans in marseilles the city the killer we got the tickets i got my film crew together man alex finally go to russia they could become whole again it's time to head in. housing is tourists we managed to get a camera inside. i. reckon i only go there on the hooligans or on the fence. in
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a stadium full of hooligans we got no real someways and these russian hooligans refused to me to us that they were actually because they don't trust us but we did look pretty rigid all right it's they hit one on the head guy we look nothing like them like if we want them to trust us we need them to believe that we are one of them. are tracking down the men terrorize them all so i agree to talk but only on the condition of their identities at the sky so it turns out the butchers were at the center of the violence i was told to speak to the man who led them in from its west to be cool. as it might for you reckon it's pretty cool first of. all for the first. time if i felt a full ride on the car and i looked different if i feel the law. well and. for
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a second because of. this it's a christmas show. where is. the lead you've. been doing these losers to. really produce a person almost a new leader do you say you really think that you're almost the worst in this and there's been this you. i mean i think. it's really become. bored now there's a lot gee i'll. let you go on the someone got of them a lot. but all spoilt my life i fear solution. despite i've got against the wall yeah me and. any. law that alters will do right or should be oh yeah i just. can't be true because i saw
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a lie that you said you were part of the special military forces of football since why vladimir putin to call to europe. to go. see it all you more. but it but yes you're putting more the issue on which is just one moment. and if you can find it well how do you know it's a real because you think your life is a lot of disabusing russians are different so you looks just like you saying obviously it was silly if i see you and i understand so we are no absolute this is not the ceiling is definitely pursuing work i'm sorry the trip into that how you want to answer. here is a bit confused drivel going on. well. i don't know anyone who would watch a scary russian horgan documentary without any scary organs and. you know about the real stuff first much of the twenty eight hundred feet from world cup is going to be played this thursday at moscow's luzhniki stadium we've
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got great coverage lined up for you of what is the biggest event on the football calendar. is this kind of story ring a bell with you maybe your family a nine year old british girl has been placed in rehab now for her addiction to online gaming her parents say that she was playing for ten hours a day without taking a break. well the game in question's call for it's an online multiplayer survival game basically one hundred players are dropped on a virtual island and only one will make it out has become incredibly popular with over forty million downloads since it was launched last summer the parents of the nine year old there are calling for to be banned we had no idea when we let her
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play the game of they said victim nature or the impact it will have on her mental health this is a serious issue which is destroying our little girl's life and someone needs to step in to ban it before it becomes an epidemic when we wait for the company behind fortnight to get back to us on this to get their thoughts meantime we've got the opinions of a former hacker and a psychologist. son he's fourteen and josh actually plays for him and i see him played a lot the great thing about as i see him interacting with kids all over the world there are lots of ways to communicate with people around the world other than video games and our children are losing a little bit of a site as to what's real and what's maybe virtual and i think there's a danger of that and it's not just not just myself that thinks this it's you know studies are backing that up more and more from the christmas but it's of i think there is levels of control you have to do but i think actually it's just it's just
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a great hobby for me and also for those who ask me you know any kind of professional capacity i would say limit severely video games no i think it's important that children have a pilot's life but i think videogames appall of all coaching now that the story that broke recently of annoying your old was how to have because of being on formula we don't blame the parents i don't blame the children but computer games on bond i just don't see the use of them i don't see how they're productive there is such a tendency to spend so much time on the computer at least that studies show that the more time they spend in front of a computer or on their phones the more likely they are to have depression and other mental disorders it's been says studies by the university of california for example in twenty fifteen when computer games are actually being found tarnishing increased memory especially in three d. games maybe see in the experience occur there are many ways to increase memory
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certainly pen to paper pencil to paper all sorts of memory games that you can play with a book think games also can teach them you know what you can maybe they can be good to be a study is all about being sensible you know if your kid's on it for many many hours and there's a problem if your child rides a bus a couple times i was going to be a problem if i go swimming for time i was going to be a problem so it's just about more the right. i think it's just sensible use of the torrent interacting socially though is really important thing that children are losing you know they start to feel like their friends live in their computer when indeed those are real people those are real friends that are in their lives especially with children in their in their young formative years for their brains are still developing with the increased risks of mental problems because of it i see no reason to you know make video games part of that when they're just all together not necessary though so you think of
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a. story about the dog home it's eighteen minutes past nine o'clock time in the morning coming up if you don't succeed try try again seems facebook's but the hiring humans again for all important chicken stuff will tell you why they're doing it for the break. with this manufactured consensus the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. normal middle of the room sick.
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you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. high gain social media giant facebook seems to be running out of options in its long battle with fake news the company has now gone from human fact checkers at one point to an automated system but he's back to hiring humans again double quarter explains why. in the never ending crusade against fake news facebook has come full
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circle it's now hiring so-called news credibility specialists to presumably look through and determine the fake from the truth was the individuals with a passion for journalism who believe in facebook's mission of making the world more connected as a member of the team you'll be toast with developing a deep expertise in facebook's news credibility program after media outlets picked up on facebook's new position the social media giant took down that ad re uploading it with a few tweaks and a new title news publisher specialist yeah that raises less questions but wait a second a person deciding what info you should get on social media haven't we seen that before this is just a system that they put in place that allows people to inflate news sports news into the tranny topics and and also suppress news thats the one in twenty sixteen facebook fired employees apparently after pressure over liberal bias in their
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trending feed every once in a while a red state to a conservative news source would have a story but we would have to go and find the same story from a more neutral outlet. then they put an algorithm in charge but that didn't go as planned either with the technology accused of being ineffective and biased within days fake news started trending and they even recently shut down the feature altogether from research we found that over time people found the product to be less and less useful perhaps in deciding what's credible and what's not it makes no difference whether an algorithm or a person does it especially if zuckerberg wants his brainchild to be more than a one sided platform i am i am very committed to making sure that facebook is a platform for all ideas that is a very important founding principle of what we do well then problem solved no need for news credibility specialists after all donald quarter r.t.
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was stories based on an identified source is going to be big ed lines in the mainstream media is that all important job check is going to be difficult but it still seems you can say what you like with news those have a special anonymous sources. the latest headlines from a.s.n. anonymous sources network. can't wash pool according to someone and they say in b.c. house notes i know someone who spoke to donald trump recently about life in the white house and donald trump's biggest complaint was that he's not allowed to watch porn in the white house has got him into a past so how sandels deeper into the force keeping trump's urges down state actors broke into the d.n.c. undermined hillary clinton to help donald trump when. lives in a separate bedroom and trump asks. according to a book based on evidence you'll never see. according as i have notes i spoke to
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people who spoke to the president. is that why she probably tried to dig her way out stay tuned for twitter experts suggesting just that security footage of millenia trauma proving that the white house sinkhole is actually her escape tunnel long that swiss malani on the verge of giving away or escape routes exclusive analysis by saying experts state shooting for the latest news brought to you by s. a. french president menem across economic advisors a voice dissatisfaction and concern at some of his right leaning policies these days. the government has acquired an image of an administration that is indifferent to social issues a growing number of french people including some of the most fervent supporters in twenty seventeen are disillusioned and many of those who supported the candidate are expressing the fear of
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a reorientation to the right so let's briefly remind ourselves of some of micron's plans that have raised concerns among the french public first off in april france passed that bill that toughens asylum legislation making up location deadlines shorter and also doubles the time migrants could be held in detention and introduces a prison sentence for illegal entry then twenty years after it was scrapped micron's bringing back compulsory military service he's been branded a president of the rich after he reduced wealth tax to just real estate tax is labor reforms to loosen workers' protection triggered all those nationwide riots we've witnessed as well. and also some aspects of the crimes of lavish lifestyle are reinforcing his image
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of the president of the rich. not just the dishes that need changing resign. ruined france incapable of hiring emergency nurses but buys dishes for the emmys a for over five hundred euros the dish for dessert. fifty thousand euros a trifle for these people mccraw on at the exclusive service of the oligarchy.
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a lot of people in france consider that emmanuel is very far from them very disconnected with french people doesn't large usually. they prefer modest we'll fly for specially for the politicians but they can accept you know a certain way that emanuel might call except slow and as bunker will fly but we can consider of that he's exaggerating this type and i think the results will be for him ok ject from the french citizens if he does not accept that he must be. of the french community and not always about. that if not as some of the morning or so much more r.t.
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dot com in moscow it's kind of a no in saying thanks for watching. guys just by that's all survival. customers go by you're just. good now. that's undercutting but what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. we're here in st petersburg attending the annual st petersburg international economic forum our topic is from the atlantic to the pacific we all know the world is changing we talk about what moves these changes and who's behind . my back to the kids seem completely stable boy tonight. even though
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they think. you. know. i did on the show got to move this because of a mess and in. doing so mr. does not. consider is a constant if not a million. i'm
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after a time see we're going underground as well britain continues its diplomatic war with the largest country on earth foreign ministers from russia ukraine germany and france meet today in berlin coming up to show cia sanctioned torture in major nations former cia man ray mcgovern who served under seven american presidents tells us about american black sites in europe and warns us about the new books of langley and will britain have to understand three hundred thirty million dollars to get a postscript a trade deal with the world's largest democracy we talked to india's former foreign minister yes under secretary general of the united nations judges for the rule that's all coming up in today's going on the ground but first the british house of commons witnesses defense questions today and what are you kate defense department is here is its boss declaring some kind of war with russia. russia should go away i should shut up but to raise a major government doesn't just want russia to go away we placing a disgrace deportation scandal home secretary is this man who wants private
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corporations to help defend us from russia we will also increase our cooperation with the private sector. as someone with a private sector background myself i understand that government cannot deal with these kinds of challenges alone because anyone who banks that have bailed a bank or who has taken a privatized train in britain knows how efficient the private sector is and remember these for profit corporations are not necessarily targeting isis terror they'll also be targeting russian terror north course or we have mutated tacks.


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