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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 11, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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good to decide to committal asian countries. they want to invest twenty five billion a year to actually reform fifa to buy out to two competitions that you cannot buy competitions and that will be like a first time that you are selling competitions to a third party is it a good thing or a bad thing no. i have never in my in my forty one years in chief never sold any competition to a party. but oh so if this happens they are going to own feet and they will be able to say where they want the competitions to be held right sure you cannot do football belongs not to fee for belongs not to your father football belongs to the two million two billion two billion. are on devolved this is what the football belongs and you cannot say load power don't fumble to move to another and to to
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another entity this is also from the floor so fixed point of view how how you organize football importante social their country the importance of. putting people together but not abusing disk it is abusing this game and abusing. players coaches everybody and the fans i talk to me about this possible investment of twenty five billion dollars into fee for reform i find it fascinating if you where right now active president of fifa you wouldn't take in those twenty five billion to reform no i would not sell out for such an investment if they want to give the fifa. twenty five million dollars but telling it is for development of football do it not the best you can do then i will take it twenty five billion always comes with. strings attached to his income
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is always given twenty five million for nothing and then now it's up to the fee for to decide on that but. i'm not convinced because it's a new it's a new era in fifa that the sentence is absolutely wrong this is absolutely wrong so i just want to ask you a question about the world cup that's going to take place in russia i know that six countries have boycotted the world cup but they're not sending politicians and representatives but they're still sending their teams it's not like it's going to have any bearing on the competition itself so what is the point of this kind of a boycott is it going to affect the world cup in russia in any way no i cannot. and i am not so sure if i attend they are not coming at all this i'm not so sure. we will see if by any chance. if they teach anyone to be doing
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well and just going to quarter final or final then the people in london that they will be on their chairs. you have to go and to turn ons and and. boycott the competition because of the. geopolitical situation in the verge let football bring people together and i'm sure that this vocal will be exceptional good will come up on the field of play but also for the image for the fifa the image of russia to show that they are able to organize a vote up but russia has been in the past month past yes no so much under. pressure. but there was never. would say.
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they have very concrete demands that evoke option not to play dead all those they don't like that the world cup it's in the russia deborah sinking twice or three times to say no we should not go there we should boycott it know that it would not be good that would not be good because it's in so don't let the food know that it's a powerhouse there it is russia powerhouse. here football and politics together in steve they're both cup that gives no russia more power and this powerhouse not to be it just boycotted and if they are not those they are not they're ok they have lost something so the twenty twenty six world cup will also have more teams competing it's going to be forty eight versus thirty two the problem with that in my opinion is that with more teams come. much more of
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a boring games i mean it's one thing to watch france and argentina everyone wants to watch it but like who wants to watch i don't know mel asia and saudi arabia play and there's going to like much more games like that i mean you tell me yourself in the ninety's there was like one of the most boring world cups how do you make sure that more teams don't mean more boring football. what's wrong to play the first forty eight teams absolutely wrong. the number of thirty two. has now. a. system to play in the certain days or to one days and were definitely the best or then by any bad chance like like italy. and the netherlands for this. that the forty eight teams footed teams will dilute the quality that's first and secondly the other problem is they want to play in the group space league and we
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have already played the group space we'd spend the second part of the. world cup eighty two with for the first twenty four teams and then you have groups by three you have always suspected one is not playing so the last match in the group by serie it is open for all. i would say for all possible bad. thoughts that there are grounds for gold when you play and you speak about football and you speak about fixed matches of whatever the play view of your group is absolutely wrong totally wrong you're coming to the world cup to see the tournaments what do you expect to see me who are you going to root for i mean obviously this west are going to be champions but who do you think is going to take the silver.
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ok here really. now now i. guess the of of this is mr putin president putin i am have been rather i have not been i think. i'll be there but anyway anyway. i have my opinion on the teams that would be. the best t.n.t. who i have four teams but i don't put them in one two four and put them together just for favorites who are there forty are. going to go to brazil. for also germany
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spain argentina no. so let's wait and see thank you so much for this wonderful interview so much for this week. we're expecting you to see you in russia pleasure thank you thank you it's.
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not. helpful to see a clear. cut
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loose. you must. not. be. in the news this hour with donald trump and kim jong un or in singapore for that highly anticipated u.s. north korea summit which it's hoped will cap the recent spike in tension and uncertainty on the korean peninsula look at the build up to the. coming up to build up to this is well crowds gather for you for world cup this. football's biggest told with of course kicking off here in russia on thursday. and
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a nine year old girl is placed in rehab for her addiction to an. offer of parents from distressing changes in a behavior. psychologist take you don't think radio games are part of our culture now and i think computer games have been around for a long long time our children are losing a little bit of the site as to what's real and and what's maybe virtual. very good. around the world it's just after one of the afternoon here in moscow this monday the eleventh of june one is kevin and thanks for tuning to our t.v. first and the update that historic meeting between the leaders of america and north korea just hours away now and hopes of building that it may indeed end months of tension and uncertainty donald trump and kim jong un are both in singapore ahead of
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the summit it's the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and the north korean leader and the city state stumping up fifteen million dollars it's estimated for that event at least sethi explains what else makes it so special to. when it comes to the on off summits between the u.s. president and north korean leader it appears trump has a track record of making impromptu decisions and this historic meeting me for on another swift judgments along will it take to figure out whether or not this as i said maybe in the first minute trumps a level of seriousness is hard to measure so far we've seen insults and threats of a nuclear war which have suggested anything but progress in the past were career best nor are they getting more interest of the united states. they will be met with far your fury. like the world has never seen a frightened dog barks louder i will surely definitely tame the mentally deranged
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us daughter with fire now the stage is set the capella hotel on sentosa island sentosa meaning pace and tranquility perhaps at least the name will rub off on the fire really when it comes to negotiations is set they shouldn't even enter the meeting room fly the same door this is to avoid perceptions that one into fest and is waiting for the other it will all be choreographed through with the mr president then mr kim each so i will try to add some steps to get advantage the question that hold this many decisions is what will choose the menus what will they drink if trumps the teetotal and then there's the touchy subject of who pays for what during the pay on chang and lympics the south korean government set aside two point six million dollars for hotel meal and transportation expenses for north korea well the north korea wouldn't bring cheerleaders this time without question
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a top priority for both sides the security with the host country measures more stop and search house for place and increase in surveillance cameras and even restricted air space although this probably won't stop. the two leaders having their own security entourages. will. fall. for. some three thousand janessa are expected to cover the historic summit in singapore it will be a neutral environment for the two leaders to play nicely by diplomatic protocol if trump gives it the time something good is going to happen it will happen fast i think within the first minute i'm not going to waste my time i don't want to waste his time on the periphery of all this to demean tons of jews to spy.


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