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let's put it that way ok you look to go back to two thousand and three in the illegal invasion of iraq i mean france and germany were if they didn't back it but in the end they went along with iraq it is this a turning point here because i don't i hear this from europeans all the time but it never nothing changes you know it is but my point of view is that it's very dangerous for europe because if we continue in a disease first we go against our interests which is bad for our companies of europe and companies are he is about forward population that is about for europe because some countries you know eat an easy example we can go out of this agreement generally in europe so europe can explode when they if we not so it is public i seems a president michel as an historic or opportunity you know is the goal is to a deuced this book to say stop the constant let me go to you because i think it's really interesting and when we look at a greater eurasia political economic and trade space is this
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a duplications of western institutions that were put into place after the second world war i think of the i.m.f. bretton woods and these kinds of institutions are there's a there's a interesting. literature about the world beyond the west or parallel to the west is this something you would see because there is a hedge i'm on in the west it's the united states but if we look at the you're asian space would there be a hedge a man would be actually more democratic in a way go ahead. first of all i would like to cut big to two points i believe so it's a question of confidence and trust is something where we should be i believe white objective and say this changed to virtuous change and i believe that it would be good coming big to what we have seen is a basis into a world where we need a strong confidence between us i believe she says changed dramatically i believe so . it's it does today europe is to take in a very short time frame
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a major decision about what it stands for our. europe of twenty seven is used to europe between france germany italy spain it if you will as was or what will be a future of europe it's easy. question if we can see some parallel ities between what we hear from chieftains in european as well argue maceration susie's world and i believe that asia has a huge chains as well to elevate to build up something which is bringing more nations together as in up to now and very interesting developments not so much about give ocracy i believe this is something we should put aside for surgery and i believe if you are looking to a state is speedster says are countries who are developing in a certain sense and who have a parliament by today are coming from
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a long history which doesn't allow to to sing into categories of to countries and i believe set speaking standard reeses strong to an additional even menu fracturing could be a very good complementarity for both of the countries and so let him give some time help subsidies. the two develops economies and i believe these will be the investor money and we're going to alexei because i mean it's interesting you're talking about do this because because it sounds very interesting story and very interesting model but when we think of the eurasia space everyone more or less thinks to what degree and i got alexei here this china wheat. china does indeed pretend to be leading since their famous speech by sitting pinned in divorce with a key field to the viking room left by the superpower. on the other side of the atlantic
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but i would like to quickly come back to your question of trust and bring up one fact as an investor and part of the group of my profession with people having our own crystal balls looking into the future having a mortal sin the lies in corporations companies how to preserve wealth and purchasing power for decades ahead investors do not. only feel the same crisis don't know displayed a new gloom if you look at financial markets when the yields are very low equity valuations are very high so investors a happy company say investing at record levels banks who are recently aware sort of it don't know as. it is the repression turning out the center turn on equity wanted in soft assets so financial markets are doing well so i frankly think that a lot of this trust crisis is more of a political. phenomenon where politicians use record it's addressing that of the
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mystic using the weapon of sanctions as more than retorts i agree it's very serious and it's a form of warfare that i think is people underestimate a lot ok i mean when you think how many countries in the world that are under sanction by the united states it's extraordinary it's extraordinary.
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it. that sort of fear. played football bring people together and i'm sure that his vocal be of that exceptional good will come on the field of play the door also for the image food for the fifo of the mitchell for russia to show that able to organize a vote up. when
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a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it mean when the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no really the present and then we hear even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. the legacy call guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the
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bill of rights these are the losers in this america. i'm peter lavelle i'm host of parties political discussion program cross talk me obree interesting. so here to discuss this issue of trust let me go to fairly pure if i'm a businessman so i will give a business point of view it's clear there is no business with no trust forest what is important in this is there is unions there is e.u. there's those or asian economic russian economic union for us we won't more integration be the european businessman more integration with these two unions why and way i don't and he said but china. i will tell you is very very. seventy percent in in russia seventy percent install quite more or less in his origin he
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can make you can see the diversion of the free and direct investment europeans. that's all ten percent american and the rest. and china is of the. income of investment it's not a lot because we produce is it means there are european companies produce produce in russia produce in kazakhstan pretty things that you know that we have kompany we made of this complaint is are these companies are against of course the russian it was originally going to be two hundred low but we manage them and we have a program we have got to address as a result or it is of the commission of liberation economic units or so we are here and we don't want to go well it is one of the largest corporate what are ways they would never read that in the new york times you let me go to our front row here to this completely open it up to everyone here. thank you peter the discussion so far seems to seem has avoided the theme from
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atlantic to pacific it is one reason point yeah i want to pick up on this idea of a parallel world of business and transactions and i think that's a very valid a.g.a things have become different from the cold war times we don't have a classic called war we have a confrontation between at the top level between the governments and still a lot of contacts a lot of interaction but of meetings and so on between the societies and there's a quality to you fisher and it also applies to business because we have a cold war or an appearance of a color but the business still still don't go there is the issue of sanctions which is extremely important and which actually spoils a big distinction of a parallel world which is independent of politics i've been speaking to quite a few people in the european union at the very top level and i say are you against sanctions or yes we are very much against sanctions so please say to the council of
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the of the european union say well maybe the italians do that will. i support them when i talk to the italians they say well if the spanish do that we will support them i say come to our sons and i say look but tell it please the idea is the sanctions against russia you have to tell your greece you can afford the orthodox in order but that's only vigils that is a group they can't say no and so medical when she decides what to do you know to keep the unity of the european union central this we be the lead wonderful renew the sanctions every six months without discussing this issue because it will be yet another issue of discord in the european union but the problem is that you know we are sort of seeing which you keep point and we didn't speak about it you say that the people are if you speak with the top political liberal guys you are right and if you speak to tony right he but some people say what they see i mean long to them but you know for the business community as a top c.e.o. of the big group what happens if they are subsidiary in the united states they are
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legs this they cannot sign nothing because they are blocked and windy and they not even can go again due to new york or washington united states and their company and system blogs and their legal their legal opinion who does really good opinion our american friends when you weigh those just easier i mean look so we have to stop the extract only eighty of of the law of the u.s. in europe and i call into a party if not you are blocked that's no way to read our allies and friends rugs are going to get your point. of origin to sanctions you need more than one country this is their rule of their of the union. but i want to return back to their plans to the pursuing. we have we are all from europe here and at this juncture we have to understand to be to
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a failed twenty five years ago when we had an opportunity to build a common space but one of the reasons why we failed was because we didn't have a common theme a common goal and now russia and other countries are proposing us a new common goal of building their way to eurasia space including japan including to eventually indonesia we are having a new opportunity we have to think differently and maybe if we go in that direction together we will build the foundation for trust and not the building of course against cheney's because i have been recently to germany i mean we will remember i mean why are some of our june friends i mean let's unite against china our no way i mean let's unite with china. two points to first point is about what you have to say many people in europe have two days of feeling what you bitch ass mentioning
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said russia is moving east and less committed to europe vest on european orientations which would be i believe a shift of paradigm yes and it could be a development which still will be and you'll be in new wake of distinction between mr new europe see e.u. and russia and i believe said we must be very careful if we say said we have a common history set we have common values between russia and europe not talking so much about c.e.o. but about risks in europe especially i believe said she should be a point which drink us again since a question of trust and of confidence and you know it's for us is especially as coming from her point of view we have so much common links between russia and germany history literature says terrible valar be grateful for what you have
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time for our unification and whatever so we believe said we would not like to keep up we would like to be close to russia if a remember klaus a statement on here on the same subject five years ago he would have said oh no russia is a completely european and if you couldn't you wouldn't go east for think is now you already ambivalent about that whether i mean klaus in five years and there then we were you'll say that let's go together. because you are extremely wise yanks removed for wreaking havoc through thirty to go one of the few three germans i know saying that will happen and say we know each as an hour since most enjoy indy five years and i and i believe.


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