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terrorist events now what you're going to do is just harass the general public to the point where actual sensible regulations are completely discredited and disregarded it's quite amazing how people have lost all sense of proportion because of nine eleven because of seven seven because of terrorists acts and no one asks why is it always that that they do these things or do they come out of the womb shouting i hate great britain i hate america no it's not that at all look to the causes of the terrorism that's a much cheaper way to stop it and just finally pictures were beamed around the world of you being injured that you know as bulls hearing she says she won't torture people as boss of the cia what sort of would you say would be a chill the chill sent through nato counterparts of secret agencies here in europe now that she's in langley she was nominated by the president united states donald
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trump who says torture is wonderful torture works i'm going to do waterboarding and worse now. would trump have picked a person who would say oh no our number do that anymore are you able did that didn't work when i got there give me a break as for me you know there comes a time we have to take a stand ok if you can stick can't take a stand against torture what can you take a stand that gets i follow a fellow from actually from the west bank from bethlehem his name is isa and arabic . stood up against the authorities and he was tortured and i think that actually they killed him at least i escaped that so for rima goven thank you after the break. how has the un's under-secretary general chachi federal or followed up his bestselling chronicle of mass murder in india by the british empire only small coming up about two of going underground.
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palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissed had to do with living like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is something going on the sunday hall meeting did you know john go into a tough job or they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision did not only could do this. and though it is unfair advantage to have this lady in the muscle that you had i not going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't piss off. one else chose seemed wrong but all wrong just don't call. me
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long yet to shape out this day comes to educate and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. that. tough. kid. commanding can. be those who don't consume them is
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a congenital jellyfish still in the single and the muscle in that are equal on its own citizens only those are still saying if i can manage and don't cause i don't leave then still in the. movie that to those off putting in a song is a downside acetone. the. one i loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying there's just no way the hasn't been that we even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished the
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reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. welcome back to the top. amat and internationally one of india's most prominent politicians shush ether or has been in the news of the charges surrounding the death of his wife the full statement from his lawyers can be found on our website but we can talk to him about an ongoing court case the former united nations under-secretary general however can talk about his new book why i am a hindu and he joins me now as he thanks for coming back on the great american great american writer said the whole decline of the west can be attributed to the failure of pantheism or the loss of pantheism but you say in the new book that the hindu ism can mean no god after all so what is the end of us hindus was we really
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of approaching our understanding of the cosmos which doesn't actually require us to believe in god in the personalized anthropomorphic sense in fact for a thousand years the hindu idea of god was rather like the muslim idea that is that god cannot be given the shame of former gender shape a bigger part cannot be touched see nude imagine could be an idea could be a spark could be a puff of air we don't know what god is right so a god without qualities is what the hindus worshiped but they realized that in fact ordinary people needed more than that they needed something they could look to a they needed for example in the basic year a lot of nature worship happened people worship trees and rivers and fire for example so they said no we better have an idea of god that actually do they err by the way the big sages the. the thinkers and writers i mean you're talking about
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a religion. about a thousand years into it's existence of four thousand years so that's what i'm talking about and then came up with the idea of god in a more familiar sense issue or a big one but they said since no one really knows what god looks like let's allow people to imagine god as they want and so there are three hundred thirty three million names of god with lots of forms you want to imagine god. is a potbellied gentleman with an elephant's head going to show you men that's the image behind us the start of the show you want imagine god as an eight armed woman writing a tiger you may do so as well but they're not all they're all merely different manifestations because the human imagination is soon limited that we need to think of a god that we can worship strictly speaking god in hindu ism is brahman is the spot as spirits that suffuses the cosmos there is everywhere and every one of us is
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united by the same so will the ottoman which is in you which is in me which is in your pet dog which is which is in every living creature and each of each of us find our seven a position where in western religions for example or the abrahamic faiths the body has a soul in hinduism the soul has a body the soul exists it adopts your body your mind for a finite period of time then it discards our bodies and moves on the ultimate goal of the soul is to be able to move into god into brahman and that his is is what we consider salvation in the philosophy of course what most critics and people who praise the book have been talking about and that is. the tolerant version of india is a given it verse is obviously what has been seen as intolerance associated with the current indian government. you you say that hindu ism clearly accepts
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the possibility the abrahamic religions ups are all fine judaism christianity and islam so weak on the perhaps the greatest modern hindu preacher who in the late one nine hundred centuries made a very famous speech in chicago to the world parliament of religions said the just as all sorts of rivers flow in different parts crooked and straight into the same sea so also always of worship lead to the same god he said that i'm proud to speak of a feat that has taught the world not just tolerance but acceptance and so profoundly important idea because tolerance we are taught is a virtue but it's ultimately rather patronizing it says tolerance says i have the truth you are in error but i will make none i'm mostly indulge you and your right to be wrong very different except where is except in says much more it says actually i believe i have the truth you believe you have the truth i will respect your truth please respect my truth and by that logic hindu ism is willing to see
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the merit in every way of worship what it doesn't accept is the clip of any other faith to be exclusively right and it doesn't make any such claim itself hinduism has no equivalent of saying there's only one way of reaching god or salvation it says always are equally about ok what about what about this criticism of hindu ism that it it is based around the cost class system and oh you tackle the subject even here the very idea of progress is there is hurt somehow by this version of universal acceptance well the thing is as far as the caste system is concerned many good hindus like myself i'd like to think devout in the us can find plenty of justification for. rejecting caste altogether for saying that this is not it's maybe part of a social construct of the way it has evolved in society as practiced in india but it's not intrinsic to the faith and i can assure you as i've done in the book
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scriptural examples anecdotes from history parables from our our great old epics and other poor honor's which see that you should not pay attention to superficial external distinctions such as caste hierarchy but it's true that many hindus still practice it and particularly when it comes to discrimination against people because of their belonging to supposedly lower caste that is actually illegal in india it's against the constitution where we have an affirmative action program for the so called carson tribes from the lowest street of society the most the most unfortunate members of our society but discrimination prohibiting people entry into temples for example on the grounds of their cost that's illegal an action can be taken against you if you practice caste and that's what some would argue it is of a scale of say racism in the united states is the only difference is where is reeses visible castors not you can look at somebody and say oh that's have as new
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yorkers to look at somebody else and say he's up for the fact is that that's why cost is eroding with urbanization you have no idea of the cost your or the person you're rubbing shoulders with on the bus and with affirmative action that's come a democracy you may be an upper caste person go to an office and take orders from a lower caste woman that's life going too far to say and i know you touch upon this in the book and your previous book that the british entrenched the existing india car system was a way of organizing in people under colonialism well look the question of organizing the indian people in some of their communities i think it them to be good i'm able to do but you're right categorize control classify this was important to the. brits and the the map the census the museum were all instruments of colonial domination and showed it and they love him to his and we will get to use this really can yes exactly so they actually did take we had castle we don't have
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a car system in the rigid hierarchical ossified sense that it became under colonialism so are you against party politicization of religion generally whether it be political islam or political hinduism that's what i'm against identity politics generally whether you want to keep up political fervor mobilize voters on the basis of cost of creed of religion i think identity is the least interesting way to organize political contention we should have this very powerful about ideas we should have arguments about ideology we should be have arguments about economics who's going to do most to give us a better life who's going to improve the education system who's going to defend our borders better those are legitimate grounds for argument but to say vote for me because i'm hindu or for me because we have the same caste i know it happens but doesn't mean i need to like it i don't and so basically the way the entire hindu religion is organized could be under any political system whether it be capitalism
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feudalism or communism it doesn't matter it or any of it it shouldn't matter in fact the point is precisely that's true of any society on earth that the wind which you organize your soul should be distinct from hindu ism in any case could be fascist it could exist under fascism yeah but hinduism you see actually sees religion as an intensely personal matter my father would pray every morning very development never oblige me wants to join in the idea is that it's everything about religion is between you and your maker or whatever image of form of your me could you wish to worship or not that amount of choice is intrinsic to hinduism so the kind of hammer all that in into some sort of narrow street jacket of uniformity that's not something that's truly hindu or tall and that's where the political movement called hindutva which is. the ideology of the of the ruling party today and those forces supporting it that dismays me a great deal because in fact you can take such a vast completionist accepting diverse all encompassing religion and reduce it to
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the team identity of the british football hooligan which is what frankly some of the goons who are the fellow travellers of the hindutva movement today are doing some studies say that comment on violence is up thirty percent under and or modi do you see any signs of optimism in recent months lessening of this identification of in do with whom. and the hindutva movement central tenets with the ruling of india political the problem unfortunately is that communal and identity politics seems to get turned on and off when it suits those in power when the economics is doing well they'll talk about that when the government's doing badly they'll turn up the volume as it were of the communal loudspeaker in order to polarize voters on the grounds of religion so i can't be complacent or even optimistic that that will stop happening those who are in power today started off very much on the hindutva
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bandwagon mr modi won the last election with a significant upper layer as it were of economics of saying i will permit well it was worth it for absolutely but but but it's also true that the economics has not been well managed and as a result the country is not as well off as the dreams mr moody and his colleagues manage to sell to the voters the big risk therefore is it may turn around and once again creep up communal sentiment in order to compensate for the deficiencies of their economic performance in what is well we invite the indian ambassador on to. give a challenge that thank you very much as you are thank you good talking to you and that's it for the show we're back on wednesday on the eve of arguably the greatest sporting tournament in the world the world cup russia twenty eighteen till then keep in touch with us by social media with your wednesday the birthday of one of the world's greatest ever mathematician the scottish born james watt maxwell and forty seven years of the day the world work up to us lies about vietnam when issue
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releases from the so-called pentagon papers. follow we here in st petersburg attending the annual st petersburg international economic forum our topic is from the atlantic to the pacific we all know the world the chain. we talk about what moves these changes and who's behind. in a world of big partisan new things a lot for us and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the facts and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. you.
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get a phone no i don't have one was the last time that you went on the internet no i am not used to me these village is it safe because. i sure there is no music ters there and they are all good maybe should do the baby doesn't cover his service but . want to. visit were gone and only thought. is dead as part of that was a good deed. but that was what i was. previously yes and no they are being false form of where he was a member of the society. lets have. them.
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put food both bring people together and i'm sure that they spoke of the exceptional good will come from the field of play the dole. for the thief. to show that a book filled with. lisa bloom. must. i. not. be.
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headlining right now the shadow of donald trump and kim jong un this highly anticipated u.s. north korea summit is revealed to the leaders spend time seeing the sights of singapore add to. this team from around the world arrive for the cup some news outlets are continuing to push the stereotypes for the russian society to australian film makers pinhead to try and find some of the well documented on t.v. . i'm told to go there and look in their own hands like. a nine year old girl is placed in rehab for her addiction to an online game off parents found distressing changes. the psychologist take. things video games appalled. and i think computer games have been
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around for a long long haul and our children are losing a little bit of the site as to what's real and what's. the thanks for tuning in it sure will. news from marty international with me called embrase now six pm this monday evening here in moscow eleven pm in singapore which is where the world lies are right now on details of what to expect from tuesday's historic summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders have been revealed by the white house in ten hours time donald trump and kim jong un will hold a one on one meeting accompanied by only that translators delegations from the two countries will then convene for talks and a working lunch at the discussions will lay the groundwork for peace on the korean peninsula and as far as washington is concerned it's all going well so far. they're in fact moving quite rapidly and we anticipate they will come to their logical
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conclusion even more quickly than we had intercepted for we get but i'm very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome from tomorrow's meeting between these two leaders it's the case in each of those two countries there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude in those two people are going to be sitting in the room together tomorrow and it will be the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader and singapore is stumping up an estimated fifteen million dollars for hosting the one day event and he explains what else makes this so significant. when it comes to the on off summits between the u.s. president and north korean leader it appears trump has a track record of making impromptu decisions and this historic meeting may fall on another swift judgment along will it take to figure out whether or not this as i said maybe in the first minute trump's own level of seriousness is hard to measure so far we've seen insults and threats of a nuclear war which have suggested anything but progress in the past north korea
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best known are getting more interest of the united states. they will be met with farther fury. like the world has never seen a frightened dog barks louder i will surely definitely tame the mentally deranged us daughter and with fire now the stage is set the capella hotel on sentosa island sentosa meaning peace and tranquility perhaps at least the name will rub off on the fire relatedness when it comes to negotiations is said they shouldn't even enter the meeting room by the same door this is to avoid perceptions that one into fest and is waiting for the other it will all be choreographed through with the president and mr kim each side will try to add some stops to get advantage the question that hovers many decisions is what will choose the menus what will they drink of trumps a teetotal and then there's the touchy subject of who pays for what during the pay
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on chang lympics the south korean government set aside two point six million dollars for hotel meal and transportation expenses for north korea although north korea which bring cheerleaders this time without question a top priority for both sides is security with the host country measures more stop and search house for place and increase in surveillance cameras and even restricted air space although this probably won't stop the two leaders having their own. curity entourage. will. fall. some three thousand janessa are expected to cover the historic summits in singapore it will be a neutral environment for the two leaders to play nicely by diplomatic protocol if trump gives it the time something good is going to happen it will happen fast i
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think within the first minute i'm not going to waste my time i don't want to waste is to all the leaders have already spent the day in singapore enjoying a bit of down time before the summit gets going kim jong un has been on a late night city tour large crowds turned out to catch a glimpse of the secretive north korean leader as well but was accompanied by his team of bodyguards and the us president meanwhile been doing some fine dining singapore in prime minister lee hsien loong surprise donald trump the cake on monday ahead of the president's seventy second birthday this coming thursday however it's not only colin remaster pieces that everyone's talking about in singapore also making the most of it are some of the leaders look alikes. wouldn't tell me i'm still looking for the. starving musician somebody like.
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this it's going to take on twitter facebook going to look like two weeks ago the first. time. what if any were all that simple despite all the positivity surrounding the summit the negotiations ahead could still take several more rounds before they produce any concrete results here's a reminder of what the two sides hope to gain from tuesday's meeting washington
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says it wants the complete permanent and verifiable denuclearization of north korea and exchange for that pyongyang is asking that the toughest sanctions imposed on a to east as well as some security guarantees as well gregory from the korea policy institute thinks a deal will only be reached if the united states is willing to make concessions. there's just too many people in washington who see an agreement with north korea as something to be avoided and they prefer to maintain a hostile atmosphere and you have. more than one through. there will be no economic sanctions relief until after north korea has fully denuclearized i think that of the. kind of approaching the capitulation model again where there's not going to be much to offer to north korea but everything expected on that from the north koreans i'm hoping that the united states is going to take a more realistic position and realize that if it wants to get. north korea you know
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what really it's going to have to offer a step by step approach and really really functions as it goes along. national teams from all across the globe arriving in russia for the world cup among the latest arrivals team brazil's touchdown in the southern city of sochi and in the western most part of russia committing grad both nations get that total months underway on june the seventeenth brazil will play switzerland. and serbia against costa rica will take place tomorrow. for some though it seems that this world cup is not just about the beautiful game in the run up some media outlets have been focusing on those notorious russian football hooligans and the threat they might pose coming from people coming to russia in the now following two australian filmmakers as they try and separate fact from fiction. russian funny sometimes violence contact you're going to see places that i have to fight tax or sanctioned by the kremlin a lot of me who cheat somehow linked to the hooligans the alleged leader of the
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russian hooligans in marseilles the city the killer we got the tickets i got my film crew together man alex finally got to russia they could become whole again it's time to head in. housing is tourists we managed to get a camera inside. i. i reckon i told to go there and also look in there on the fence. in a stadium full of hooligans we got nowhere for some reason these russian hooligans refused to me to us that they were actually the guys. are tracked down the men terrorize mosques i agree to talk but only on the condition of their identities at the sky so it turns out the butchers were at the center of the violence i was told to speak to the man who led them in fronts west to be called a nice. visit like for you reckon that's pretty cool
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first the. first. estimates which i probably will right on the camera and i look different if i feel the law. well and their. lives were saved because the institute seemed to christmas little show. where is. the lead you've. been doing these leaders to. really produce a person almost a new leader do you see you when you think that you're almost at the lewiston that there's some there's been this you. and i think. it's really kind of struggled knows a lot gee i'll. let you go on the you left someone got of them like you know you should. be skewered by lived in ca w.


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