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you want us to be cool. that night for you reckon that's pretty cool for three. four three three three three three right on the camera they look different i think of the law well in their. lives we're going to say look. this is a christmas little show. where is. the lead you've. been doing these leaders to. really produce this person almost a new leader do you see you when you think that you're almost the worst in that there's some there's been just you. and i think. it's really become. bored now there's a lot gee i'll. let you go on the you live someone got of them a lot you know what you should.
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but all spoilt my if i don't have to be a solution still but i've got against the wall yeah me and there's a lot. any. law that alters will the writer should be oh yeah i just. read the bill it's not gonna come round when you know you. can't be true because i saw a line that you said you were part of the special military forces of football since why vladimir putin to call to europe. to go. see. you more. but it but i don't put him or the issue on which is just one moment. and you can point to how do you know it's a real pursuivant your life is a lot of the russians are different so you looks just like you. i understand so we are no absolute this is not the ceiling is definitely the ceiling work i'm sorry
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the trip into that how you want to answer. yours is a bit confused. no. i know anyone who would watch a scary russian who are going to mentor without any scary organs and. not long to wait till the main business of the football the opening match of the twenty eight hundred feet for world cup is this thursday moscow's nicky stadium we've got some great coverage lined up for you as well of what is the biggest event on the football calender. a nine year old british girl is being placed in rehab for her addiction to online gaming her parents say she was playing for ten hours a day without taking a break. the
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game in question is called a fortnight battle royale and it's an online multiplayer survival game one hundred players are dropped on a virtual island but only one you can make it off it's become incredibly popular as well with more than forty million downloads since it was launched last july but the parents of the nine year old are calling for it to be banned we had no idea when we let her play the game of they said victim nature or the impact it will have on her mental health this is a serious issue which is destroying our little girl's life and someone needs to step in to ban it before it becomes an epidemic waiting for the developer behind fortnight to get back to us on this meanwhile with all the opinions of a former hacker and a psychologist. son he's fourteen and. she plays for him and i see him played a lot the great thing about is i see him interacting with kids all over the world there are lots of ways to communicate with people around the world other than video
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games and our children are losing a little bit of a sight as to what's real and and what's maybe virtual i think video games are paul of all coaching now the story that broke recently of annoying your old was how to have because of being informed on and we don't blame the parents i don't blame the children become puter games on bond i just don't see the use of them i don't see how they're productive there is such a tendency to spend so much time on the computer at least that studies show that the more time they spend in front of a computer or on their phones the more likely they are to have depression and other mental disorders experiences studies by the university of california for example in twenty fifteen where computer games are actually being found tarnishing increased memory especially in three d. games there are many ways to increase memory certainly pen to paper or pencil to paper all sorts of memory games that you can play with a book think games also can teach them you know what you can maybe they can be good
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to be for a city is all about being sensible you know if your kid's on it for many many hours and there's a problem if your child runs a board took over time now is going to be a problem so it's just about moderation i think it's just sensible use of the time interacting socially though is really important thing that children are losing you know they start to feel like their friends live in their computer when indeed those aren't real people those aren't real friends that are in their lives especially with children in their in their young formative years for their brains are still developing with the increased risks of mental problems because of it i see no reason to you know make video games part of that when they're just all together not necessary talking about more screen time though facebook is back to hiring humans again for that all important fact checking process we'll tell you why after the break.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport this i'm show business i'll see you then. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to be the center of the football with you and we will show the great. game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia. this special one was also appreciated meets just at the reno
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team's latest edition of make up as we go. welcome back facebook seems to be running out of options and its long battle with fake news companies going from human fact checkers to an automated system and now back to hiring real people again here's a quote. in the never ending crusade against fake news facebook has come full circle it's now hiring so-called news credibility specialists to presumably look through and determine the fake from the truth was the can individuals with a passion for journalism who believe in facebook's mission of making the world more connected as a member of the team you'll be toast with developing a deep sea in facebook news credibility program after media outlets picked up on
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facebook's new position the social media giant took down that ad re uploading it with a few tweaks and a new title news publisher specialist yeah that raises less questions but wait a second a person deciding what info you should get on social media haven't we seen that before this is just a system that they put in place that allows people to inflate news sports news into the trending topics and and also suppress news thats the one in twenty sixteen facebook fired employees apparently after pressure over liberal bias in their trending feed every once in a while a red state school conservative news source would have a story but we would have to go and find the same story from a more neutral outlet. then they put an algorithm in charge but that didn't go as planned either with the technology accused of being ineffective and biased within days fake news started trending and they even recently shut down the feature altogether from research we found that over time people found the product to be
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less and less useful perhaps in deciding what's credible and what's not it makes no difference whether an algorithm or a person does it especially if zuckerberg wants his brainchild to be more than a one sided platform i am i am very committed to making sure that facebook is a platform for all ideas that is a very important founding principle of what we do well then problem solved no need for news credibility specialist after all donald quarter r.t. with stories based on an identified source is getting bigger headlines in the mainstream media that all important job of fact checking is getting even more difficult but it seems that you can still say what you like if you use those unnamed sources. the latest headlines from a sane anonymous sources network. can't wash pool according to someone and they say n.b.c. hosts notes i know someone who spoke to donald trump recently about life in the
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white house and donald trump's biggest complaint was that he's not allowed to watch porn in the white house has got him into a past or how a sandels deeper into the force keeping trump's urges down state actors broke into the d.n.c. undermined hillary clinton to help donald trump when. lives in a separate bedroom and trump asks. according to a book based on evidence you'll never see. recordings i have notes i spoke to people who spoke to the president. is that why she probably tried to dig her way out stay tuned for twitter experts suggesting just that security footage of millenia trauma proving that the white house sinkhole is actually hers keep tunnel long that swiss malani on the verge of giving away or escape routes exclusive analysis by is saying experts state shooting for the latest news brought to you by
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a s a. three economists who work for the french president on his election campaign last year are expressing their concern over his increasingly right wing policies that calling for new initiatives to reduce inequality. the government has acquired an image of an administration that is indifferent to social issues a growing number of french people including some of the most fervent supporters and twenty seventeen are disillusioned and many of those who supported the candidate are expressing the fear of a reorientation to the right well one of the biggest criticisms we hear about president. is that he is a president of the rich and that's because last year his government slashed the controversial wealth tax in france but that only benefited around one percent of the top french families he's also being criticized for the controversial immigration bill which actually discord within his own party one m.p. was so incensed when that law was passed in the last two months that he actually
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quit on march and that's because that bill saw the detention of migrants increasing from forty five to ninety days and also look to speed up and deportation there's also been the changes to the labor laws here in france which people see as making it easier to hire and fire people all of these things have sown such to school to france that we've seen people sometimes in their thousands and thousands out on the streets in france protesting and sometimes these protests have turned into rights against his policies. oh. one recent poll showed that only forty three percent of respondents the saw my call
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in a positive light so why has president decided to implement policies which seem to be so unpopular one of the reasons michael government says is these were the policies . but he was elected on these which in his manifesto pledge now also is all about attracting foreign investment and making the french economy stronger in the long run many people are so unhappy that there is a growing chorus of people calling on president be the candidate of the center that he promised to be in the run up to the two thousand and seventeen presidential elections. and some aspects of emanuel mccraw lavish lifestyle seem to be reinforcing the president of the rich image.
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not just the dishes that need changing resign. ruined france incapable of hiring emergency nurses but buys dishes for the emmys a for over five hundred euros the dish for dessert. fifty thousand euros a trifle for these people mccraw on at the exclusive service of the oligarch. ok that's it for now stand by for people of elbow meeting some of the big names of that recent world economic forum in some petersburg i'll be back in the next hour to international news about half an hour.
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cut cut cut cut. cut. cut the. kids all over. the. land. can manage. those should own clothes and junk and enjoy the whole joyful their local single and on a song that equals on its own citizens only goals are still small if i can manage and don't cause i don't need those who don't and will move up to those are putting missiles is a downside as it all too doesn't it. i've
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been saying the numbers mean fuck they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like home or foreign tamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be all for the rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first shocking and bitcoin roasted twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust.
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up by too many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money just to. narrowness and spending shouldn't twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. the base this minute. hello we're here in st petersburg attending the annual st petersburg international economic orme our topic is from the atlantic to the pacific we all know the world is changing we talk about what moves these changes and who's behind. the.
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welcome to our panel are titled from the atlantic to the pacific creating a space for trust trust in two thousand and eighteen that's an interesting concept here before we discuss started discussion i'd like to ask each one of my guests to introduce themselves and their affiliations and tell me ok. i am and finally go from. tomorrow i was representing of the french president for it could be me corporation the time of president sarkozy a member of rosat and i came d. for fifteen years and after i am president of my own company advising europe and be company we invest in a working russian excellent family chief executive officer of the government far east and by cold region development. i close my goat i have peed far ten years the chairman of the chairman association for sandal eastern europe and i have different responsibilities it bods of major companies as for example two we start as well as
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were strived. chairman of the information and media commission of the upper chamber of the russian parliament. as a present of a storm and no inertia so our system producing rolling stock and the solutions for the right away and they rose to the base terminals association of the group and businesses. and last but not least and when he said get cut i got a friend and he know that faculty or school on international economics and foreign affairs at the state university there are six units. the higher school of economics we always have these long descriptions for these panels and i think the title of leader creating a space would simply mean are we even at a point where we can even contemplate creating trust when we have so much distrust that is just only enhancing as time goes by and it's particularly one particular
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country in the world is so in a lot of distress all across the globe and we can talk about the iran deal and other things but i mean you know this was written before that happened but can we actually talk about trust right now close to that. and to my mind trust is based on a certain balance of interests and until we reach those balance of interests our trust will be in jeopardy and that's evident asserting one of those interests the interests of one country over the interests of other countries by. means of pressure sanctions and so on that that is destroying trust and that's why i understand the essence of your question. if we talk about trust today what are we facing i think we're facing and an effort that trust destruction. to my mind it comes mostly from our one global power and the only global power.
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that hasn't given a self on the pass of. america first which means that the interests of the united states are coming in first place despite any. any blonds of interest contrary to the. and this is a city of having. trust being rebuilt in a world as. i think you know we were mentioning the term interest i mean there's nothing wrong with sovereign countries protecting their national interest it's universal but in this state we have some. they would say your interests are not legitimate basically anything that they are trying to build their relationship i mean in between states are on trusts. is a failed exercise. as well as enough electoral size was to
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build the region to the states based on various because there is a change in within states within societies constantly and you couldn't even find the big the base the you could build a relationship upon common interests and balance of power and that is the only foundation for for whatever you call trust if you understand that your interests coincide. concur or they're moving in the same directions then you could work together and working together you could build up or you wish you could. but if there is no solid foundation then we are doomed to fail that has happened exactly i mean twenty years ago when we were talking trust trust trust where one side was i mean push again the other side i mean to the fringe extent i mean political extinction now we have a bad. backlash for for example
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a few to now and due to that backlash will have a one sided cold war and they're cutting to some of the come out of me and my colleagues we russia plus china and others could win in this cold war we would be good. no because about the balance will be again not stable just because going into a like a new cold war ice war is not with the choice of all parties here and tell me you want to make a comment. by surprise you i would like to focus on free trade. we often to believe that or that i think got to stay with us for a while then we are shook it when we discover this song think i saw disappear pretty trade the sea would have to be at that no but in fact it is an hour of it but i think. thirty janaya there was clearly meaning to buy a years for goods that they covered thought of floats today you were
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a cop at the discovered that the global economy is a leaning forward to protect your accent bust. their us introduced to global of aesthetics the only imports over still as a rimini away in a better gaming. out of a south interest we got your point about free trade here in the me go to john pier because i think it's really important if we look at a greater eurasian. political and economic space obviously trade is going to be involved in that you think recent events again in iran is the eight hundred pound gorilla sitting in the corner is this sending a very strong message now that the europeans have to start reassert i mean looking towards it amy we it's a truism asia is is the center of the future ok because of economic trade because of populations all kinds of things which i mean real political events on the ground now or shouldn't make the european start rethinking their position these would be
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the atlantic world. to make their living was a previous christian and he's went you know it was a trust is a nice thing but it depends we need rules of the game of the rule of the game change we are not in the union or to a word you know russia is buck china is there not only you know he said but look back now. impose mazie us. to sanctions not to be appreciated to european companies and they sing historical reporting east for europe now. and our partners in europe are always that way that we have the opportunity to stop when there's a sanctions everybody forgets that every six months right iraq is to read new sanctions or not under all unanimity. agreed to. i mean the europeans have not shown a lot of strength let's put it that way ok you look to go back to two thousand and
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three in the illegal invasion of iraq i mean france and germany were if they didn't back it but in the end they went along all right i mean is this a turning point here because i mean i hear this from europeans all the time but it never nothing changes you know it is but my point of view is that it's very dangerous for europe because if we continue in a disease first we go against our interests which is bad for our companies of europe and companies are he is about forward population that is about for europe because some countries you know eat an easy example we can go out of the segment generally in europe so europe can explode when they look so it's public eye seems a president might call as an historic or opportunity you know is the goal is to a deuced this not to say stop person let me go to you because i think it's really interesting and when we look at a greater eurasia political economic and trade space is this a duplications of western institutions that were put into place after the second
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world war i think of the i.m.f. bretton woods and these kinds of institutions are there's a there's a interesting literature about the world beyond the west or parallel to the west is this something you would see because there is a hedge of mine in the west it's the united states but if we look at the you're asian space would there be a hedge a man would be actually more democratic in a way go ahead. per. person i would like to cut back to two points i believe so it's a question of confidence and trust is something where we should be i believe quite objective and say it's who has changed so world has changed and i believe that with good coming big to what we have seen is a basis in where we have a strong confidence between us i believe he says changed dramatically i believe that it's indicated a europe is to take in a very short time frame
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a major decision about what it stands for our is is a europe of twenty seven is a europe between france germany italy spain it has most of what will be future of europe it's easily as well as rizieq which question if we can see some parallel ities between what we hear from chieftains in europe and as the argument i say chansons is world and i believe said to sit asia has a huge chains as well to elevate to build up something which is bringing more nations together as in up to now and very interesting developments not so much about uvo crecy i believe this is something we should put an aside for surgery and i believe if you are looking to a state is cast a speedy star says our countries who are developing in a certain sense and to have a parliament but say are coming from a long term his story which doesn't allow to to sing it into virgin
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categories of to book ready countries and i believe so it will speak in standard reeses strong to additionally menu fracturing could be a very good complementarity for both of the countries and so lets him give some time help subsidies monies. be to develop his economies and i believe these will be the investment money. because i mean it's interesting you talk about it. because it's a very interesting story and very interesting model but when we think of the eurasia speech everyone moralists things to what degree and i got alexei here just china eat cloture chain does indeed pretend to be leading since the famous speech by c. jinping in divorce we feel to the viking room left by the superpower on the other side of the atlantic but i would like to quickly come back to your question of
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trust and bring up one fact as an investor and part of the group of my professional people having our own crystal balls looking into the future having a more dos and the lies in corporations companies how to preserve wealth and purchasing power for decades ahead investors do not merely feel the same prices do not display a new global if you look at financial markets bond yields are very low equity valuations are very high so investors a hippie company say investing at record levels banks who are recently aware sort of it off as. nonexistent reversion are turning out and percent return on equity on trillions of assets so financial markets are doing well so i frankly think that a lot of this trust crisis is more of a political. phenomenon where politicians use of it couric.


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