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tv   News  RT  June 12, 2018 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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if. you don't have that much no. loyalty. to the top of the good of the truth. lulu. look. to me the only rules i'm going to live in.
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here is if city law sooner or later is to rome as it is so. long ago you would throw says there. was a tsunami would tell that to most of them as saw to mutter is am. among the poor to the. humble in the world to mother number one that all was a mother when you were allowed on the income of the was an immigrant talent and most of it is. more on tick down. kept its own power about in work tomorrow. the ones that is how i work would you go first a real copiers or who's having a pot i thought it would be practical to do to ones all this in a war so chances are they're going to have it seriously though. who else in your room for orders over thought. that i want more money out of the woman
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as his. mother is if you call him a way to call government. in the game lots of all go so wrong it's over thought so there are so. damn other words to vis a vis in death aspect i didn't have to sing on his soul who was in who want to show sins are also full or even thought to get a will. or to know how to live it oh i knew about paul on the lot and on since our. son was out of. the don't die you see bit are all the things i only i was so it is on time what it is the sequel to in ones or not and our times of us are so it's.
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either one you don't agree with the it. is just ridiculous. do you go to one with or. is that really it would be to ensure some still was until some time when we were switched between. the old and you can do is sometimes in the bleacher seat influence needs to. continue with school which could. probably turn out to jean the city to get out. you have to look at them out of one hundred times you will know that. you are part. of the pool at the school you go conditions to pool. and. concluded to tell using it as kids had as yet unknown like the only two.
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pop other than those in pop other than usual young opinion it wasn't just that to those pay money for the ones on law but the other thing about them i don't care much for. giving in to. complain i was you also can school talk out how. to. put. into words talk in english or toss it someone answers i'm sorry and i'm told i want others in. uganda i want to get the abortions others are going on. to nukes and other to keep their money. off of us i mean on the good as you what has i got this one as well. as the union images on the ticket.
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you know. when. i. listen to you on that listen i let out a little. of . the talent down her.
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the book. i'm going to leave you know as a. being who always. will gobs of almost none. one for not. even one will go along with my old officers are going to want to. go on their own way. you can do about all of them but he even the asshole government going into a cocked officers are all just haitian kids or the new law. or
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obama they won't look on you know we don't. tell you guys our core year on the whole on the bus and all that you can. you know moan. so up there won't be. done in this community and then when the little men like don't work on you a question. you don't know. they will get about what you know you want to. hear about it on the ice and we own the name on the name again. ramadan other than him he didn't and it falls out when you predict the current for your number that your child gets a clue to the. even if no one wants to go up there and you go through to be covered for.
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cliche. get close and it will eat nothing but it was the leaf oh shit oh. shit that. out. to tears was honest chestnuts was on was old enough we don't suddenly got telling mr munder i'm going to want to watch you going to sign a condom not what this is a small i'm. going to quote that in the middle of the telly and. you know just not on the. numbers on a transit through on those old days has a settlement of on that i'm sort of thing that comes into having. come on in what
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is the. wood in that i thought there was a one chance some time. to cut cut. cut. cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut at least that's how he could not help at all on the point of left liberal is going at it over the world it has little to do with the below towards us people that yeltsin. and yelled at them that they feel. and all your total. knowledge about any will to look up to look a little bit on the moon the joke do all. the time get out of. nutty followed on it's also fair to some of it's old but is on one of those ones you are . uncertain. sometimes celt.
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tell us to listen to a single. this is a lot of stuff this. tube . cut.
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ever will see clearly although. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murderer i would prefer and it means to live the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying and lose just no road to the present and that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this and this isn't the way.
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the legacy coal guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these are the losers in this america. that.
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the sun came up. a little bit under the just a little bit i think if you took the knob. a little bit of the. course don't. own the euro although. that's not the lifeguard at all clear. that. the leak. was. then and i can join don't jerk it. done and go soon. came out i was so similar redoes. because it is ok to be done and i can deliver them to the commanding can do is to make us all we don't have those all in
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that are equal boarded jones it's also means what you could just make i. guess what though we'd. go. would be minnows he has to. uncooked is a silly guess a telephone pole. who knows all. ok. so phil when i saw. the counting down one hundred i don't. know you personally wouldn't tell mentioned on that overthrows welcome major because in. the in your the night i tidy. little guy di nicole. smith got to say got to draw on
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a minute of talent there to make them. late to. the to. cut would be like oh shit don't eat out in the dark i didn't like. the end the elint the eh eh.
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eh eh. eh god the load was a lot but i'm getting the gist. of it was under. the boat until now it was only. guys have been talking to you and you know me to give me some. let's go in with. a even stronger joke and we got it all told. her that i didn't think it was up to. all of. you. or we're going to go to. school to.
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remember because it is a. lack of good will that you. need to get on top of touching i'm going to be such a loose wouldn't it's a. good thing for your school to. not already have the mobility of your. clothes are there but it's worth it to hold them until we got a little bit of a passable i know she wanted it it's not real jettisoning if that's all you'll go do if you do a lot of blue although. you go you look good with those folks who didn't get. to go which isn't. news because it's not as landlords and. groups are doing honestly the work. you are still doing the people.
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who still. eternal doesn't outnumber the. positive the spirits cundall coolness that it was hot. really really. come to do it feel to you if you don't have as much. time when you have a thought to the. novelty and possibly. a phone call some time off from a person's. life because. but the father didn't leap over that when you sleep on a fifty. fifty fifty .
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split food bowl that bring people together and i'm sure that his vocal be of the exception of good will come on the field of play the door also for the image food for the fifo of the nature of russia the two showed that able to organize a vote of. the legacy called guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these
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are the losers in this america. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissive to do it looking for you like you know that this isn't my complicity is going to have no phil saviano mediated to. the old john without a doubt over they should be the only palestinians who gets the most hope from its to roost. counterparts those things it is about those who endure under the oak vision to know only because it is. and the earth is a long. i'm going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more in the middle don't piss off.
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donald trump and kim jong un are in singapore for an historic summit it is the first ever meeting between a u.s. president and a north korean leader there you can see donald trump's motorcade has arrived the american flag on the famous limousine of the president of the united states and we've briefly seen a picture of trump's face but the two leaders have not met yet donald trump and kim jong un are about to start of course we're going to be watching this as they get ready to. lead let's cross to some other headlines right now. these are live pictures. this is out. in the now. has been following a group of australian football filmmakers who are in search of hooligans in russia
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we'll see if they were able to find it or not. there and also the been there all the time. and a nine year old girl goes into rehab for her addiction it to an online game after her parents found distressing changes in her behavior a former hacker and a psychologist to tackle the issue. and i think computer games have been around for a long long time our. so drained are losing a little bit of the sight as to what's real and and what maybe for a lot. more life from our studios in moscow this is our two international incheon thomas on this historic day as donald trump and kim jong un are about to start an historic
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summit in singapore let's now cross live to our team and for details caleb. so could you tell us what both sides have been saying in the run up to these talks and what can we expect from these meetings. all right we're having some technical and a separate area of state mike pompei o the secretary of state mike pompei oh he recently spoke very optimistically this is mike pompei oh talking about the upcoming meeting this is the secretary of state. rapidly and we anticipate they will come to their logical conclusion even more quickly than we had in to support it and we'll see where we get but i am very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome to the case in each of those two countries there were only two
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people that can make decisions of this magnitude in those two people are going to be sitting in a room together. now we're also getting a lot of anticipatory words coming from trump himself let's remember that mole trump has been known throughout his life as an expert negotiator he was the author of the published book the art of the deal and furthermore let's not recall that just a few weeks back he said the meeting was off but now it appears that the meeting is back on now donald trump is saying he will be able to tell within one minute what the plan will be and that he he will be able to get a check for the atmosphere this will be the first face to face meeting between a leader of the united states a president of the united states and a president a head of state of north korea the democratic people's republic of korea this is donald trump's anticipatory words about the meeting that's about to take place how long will it take to figure out whether or not. maybe in the first minute.
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now relations between north korea and the united states have been rather hot and cold on and off since trump took office let's just take a review of some of the exchanges that we've seen that when they head of state kim jong un who the president of united states is about to meet with and and donald trump let's take a look. and actually guys you can see right now donald trump and kim jong un meeting for the very first time the summit between the two leaders was initially confirmed by the white house back in march but in the middle of may it can threaten to end the negotiations when the military drills by the south and the united states you can see there the two leaders seem amiable moving over to the side having taken pictures in front of the north korean flag and the united states flag and they are now moving into a venue where they will speak privately now trumps response it didn't take long just nine days after kim jong un had threatened to cancel the meeting he canceled
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a meeting however the very next day the white house announced talks on the summit were ongoing as pyongyang stated its will to meet on the first of june washington officially said that the summit will take place as scheduled and there you can see in the alcove there president donald trump and kim jong un speaking for the first time shaking hands again and now they're. presumably going to a meeting venue where they will speak one on one only the two leaders plus their interpreters they're going to be spending some time together and then later on will have a press conference that will take about will take place about eleven o'clock in the morning here in moscow again and a historic meeting the first time ever the president of the d.p. r. k. and the united states have ever met and of course big press availability as you can see the press following behind there now the leaders have chosen this meeting of the united states wants to have the complete denuclearization of the
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d.p. r. k. the deeper. kay wants to have some sanctions relief of the tensions have existed since the korean war in fact there has never been a treaty that ended the korean war so technically these two leaders are at war with each other and one of the things that is hoped to come out of this meeting is the end in an official ending of that war so that there can be a reunification of the korean peninsula. again you're looking at live pictures from singapore where kim jong un the president of the d.p. r. k. and the president united states donald trump have just met and have shaken hands for the first time and it seems like they're both in a jew overall mood both smiling both in good spirits a lot of tension building up to the summit and there you can see the press as they push their way in to try and get some in images and some pictures of the two leaders as they are getting ready to be seated in their venue to have talks with each other. now the leaders have already spent the day in singapore
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enjoying some down time before the summit got underway kim jong un went on a late night city tour large crowds turned out to catch a glimpse of the secretive north korean leader who was accompanied by his team of bodyguards and they were also joined by singapore's foreign minister who even took a selfie with the north korean leader for donald trump though it has all been about the catering singapore prime minister lee hsien loong surprised the u.s. president with a cake on monday ahead of his seventy second birthday which will be on thursday and it's not.


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