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kind of signing there's going to be a signing now it's not clear is this going to be some kind of agreement that they're signing is this just a communique an official communique for the meeting that's going to be signed a lot of questions but let's not forget that in the lead up to today's historic meeting there was quite a bit just quite a bit of heated words between the leader of north korea and the leader of the united states just kind of a war of words a heated a heated exchange a lot of lead up to today's events let's kind of review what has gone on what's gone back and forth between the leader of north korea and the leader of the united states. north korea best not make it any more interested in art at status. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see a frightened donkey barks louder i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged at us doctored with fire. so what will happen next
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we're all curious to see all eyes are on singapore at this moment as many people are anticipating an announcement of what exactly was discussed and agreed upon at this meeting and is it possible to actually see peace on the korean peninsula after so all long division is this a step toward peace on the korean peninsula yes exactly huge they potentially but we don't know what's going to come out of this meeting yet let's go to singapore brian back is there from the sporting news agency wanted to you brought five hours ahead of us here in moscow by all accounts it looks like north korea wants security it wants respect it wants prosperity of course for the future. president trump has said in his first few words about it that he thought the two were going to get on great is north korea going to get out of this deal what it's looking for and is america going to get out of any potential deal what it's looking for the nuclearization or is it too much to hope for. well the north
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koreans have made it really really clear that the precondition for any real significant steps for denuclearization of the korean peninsula is for a change in the u.s. policy towards north korea it's been a policy of animists of hostility in fact it's been a war policy since one thousand fifty it's not only military war it's economic warfare when you impose draconian economic sanctions making it hard for the people of a country to get food or medicine that's a form of warfare that's the bottom line for the d.p. r. k. what the trump administration wants is to have us process i don't think they're looking for immediate comprehensive irreversible denuclearization but a process whereby there can be a discussion about denuclearization again let's remember for north korea they're talking about comprehensive denuclearization as well that means for the united states which first introduced nuclear weapons into the korean peninsula in one thousand fifty eight to remove its be one by. b. fifty two bombers b.
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two bombers at the end of military exercises that simulate the nuclear destruction of north korea for north korea it's a two way street who's holding the diplomatic card here the card if you like is more kudos with donald trump or is more kudos for the north korean leader this morning who's going to benefit most from this. well clearly the d.p. r. k. has emerged from isolation the world recognizes that kim jong il has done a lot they've unilaterally ended their nuclear weapons program they've unilaterally ended there or declared a moratorium on their missile technology program they released korean americans who were you came to korean prisons and they've blown up their nuclear tests eight so the world can see in russia and china can see both countries very important for the d.p. r. k. they did the d.p. r. k. has made significant efforts now that the world will see or the world will look to the united states and see what will the united states actually do in receptor
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occasion and that's what the d.p. r. k. wants a synchronized reciprocal step by step approach well as say there's been a lot of talk going on the smalling since one o'clock your time the jew a press conference president trump at least expected to talk to reporters in a round about just under three hours time if it all goes to plan it seems they've done so far will be coming back to just a bit don't go away i want to come back to just a minute or two before i've taken our viewers a brian through the air i'm on here colorable check in with you later as well so let's look at the timeline those talks were announced in march but in may kim voiced his anger over military drills between south korea around the u.s. as we've heard threaten to call it all off nine days after that trumpet council meeting out the blue cues in kim of hostility the words were flying around again and all the rhetoric but the next day the white house pyongyang said things were back on track what happened then the scenes nobody really knows june the first saw washington officially announced. the summit would go ahead and yet it's gone ahead
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it's happened but you know this meeting was put in danger several times by u.s. officials on the north koreans also didn't hesitate of course to speak out against the usa that you could say woman as bad as the other or not here. well i'm i'm not sure i'm hearing your entire question but let's look at what's gone on the d.p. r. k. made it clear both in their own statements and with the statements with that they wanted this summit to go forward and then they heard from john bolton and mike pence that the libya model was the model that the united states was invision in for the b p r k that's unacceptable to the d.p. r. k. they stopped communicating about this summit and after that donald trump said he was canceling it i think donald trump announced his cancellation his unilateral cancellation because he was afraid the d.p. r. k. just wasn't going to go forward the d.p. r. k. then came back to the trumpet ministration said look we're open minded if you want to have a meeting we're still here and then the trump administration came back and said yes
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the d.p. r. k. has been very clear while trump has done a lot of bluster and bluff that the d.p. r. k. plan position is quite clear they want an end to the to the korean war once and for all and they want measurable demountable a progress in that regard in statements from the united states or perhaps we'll see that in the singapore declaration who knows that the that a permanent mechanism has been set up to end the korean war perhaps not all at once but step by step but of course the regime there is very keen to carry on existing as well it's not going to want to see any chink into its further existence in the north or is it. the d.p. r. k. is a is at this point considering itself to be in a stable position its economic situation has in fact improved its relations with russia and with china. are improving i think the d.p. r. k.
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feels that they've created a stable and stronger position they've certainly emerged from a more isolated position that they were in a year or two years ago the d.p. r. k. is ready to negotiate but what they want is measurable step towards peace with the united states less than that won't be acceptable to the d.p. r. k. they're not going to unilaterally disarm you say he's the guy that money has to get this meeting together no. well i think trump was playing catch up in fact i think the peace train had left i mean it was really driven by moon in the president of south korea and kim jong un you saw mike pence arms folded staring this sort of in a in a weird isolated kind of one of those recent have. said when the two koreas came in together what about the recent set of tweets from trump that said no is actually north standing and came to the begging bowl was not just bluster.
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yeah of course it's buster i mean donald trump has to appear is that as the dominant force it is donald trump after all i mean donald trump has to insist that any sort of an agreement is a consequence of his greatness his tremendous negotiating power of course i don't think trump is very good at negotiating you never know what his bottom line is the d.p. r. k. has been consistent the south koreans have been consistent and kim jong un have drawn have driven this process donald trump is playing catch up here and of course donald trump wants as as donald trump would want to be able to take credit for it he wants to make history he's be set by domestic political problems he needs this more than anything if all fell apart right now would it would trump be weaker or with the d.p. r. k. be weaker certainly would be donald trump i think even though it had a we can the d.p. r. k. played it well it played it in concert with the south korean government and as a consequence of the way they've conducted the diplomacy and the fact that they have a credible nuclear to determine the relationship of forces has shifted in the last
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two years trump coming here to singapore in making this kind of positive step with the d.v.r. k. is a reflection of that change relationship of forces brian thanks the update there from singapore brought back from the sporting news agency thanks. so much for that to come across in the coming hours and if there's any breaking news on all we hear about any concrete developments from sahni will go straight to it now another big event coming up here in russia this time just two days to go before the biggest extravaganza in football pigs' off in russia the twenty eight hundred fifty four world cup most of the teams are at the host cities know where the much is will take place in the fans are already out in force to.
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a team of russian artists affirm their own way to become welcoming players there they created mosaic portraits of football stars one on messi and mohamed salah took them two months and sixty kilos of stone to create a beautiful art works because the artists about their inspiration for. the national team that made for these are i can see a world where only one of them a seal of racing started this is messy and this is which is now because they are the most popular in the moments of course they will not resent us there are many fans come here you know that we have been and will be pleased to see knight and be photographed next to have another project that you know are not with players and fans but if the kickoff is the referees take on the upcoming event including video system technology designed to make them help them make the right directions so we what we want to use technology and we have to use technology only in the moments that is really needed if the human aspect was completed to success that means that
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if we know exactly what we have to do to take the important decisions but then he was so difficult to try to understand once intimidators welkom technology so technology are to be really good tools of prevention of good tools. but not changing the approach of referee to take as a first and there's a final decision how would you assess russia's readiness to host the world cup. i was really impressed i didn't have any doubt also remember the configuration club but now they call for them also or before starting this world cup but that they are ready so all especially on the deafening point of view and appropriation their facilities everything so we are really to tend to russia for what they've prepared and what did they are giving us to prepared this incredible event so they'll be much of the world cup where russia faces saudi arabia kicks off on
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thursday at moscow's luzhniki stadium and throughout the whole tournament we've got you covered. other news this morning now after less than two weeks in power already italy's new governments making good on its campaign promises the interior ministers call somewhat among the controversies close to port to a vessel kerry migrants he says the country's new goal is to protect its borders. well your paul if you know it was but i want to put an end to this human trafficking which puts thousands of lives at risk so in the same weight will raise the issue for the aquarius who will raise it all other vessels that followed for other countries to get from but instead of accepting the migrants have objective they hope the same one is in north korea to protect the external border security is one of them. the humanitarian vessel that was turned away was carrying more than
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six hundred migrants including children and pregnant women it had to dock instead of the spanish court eventually those on board have been rescued off the coast of libya over the weekend and were hoping to disembark in sicily the mayors of two major italian port cities strongly oppose the interior minister's move. but all the gold which doesn't find the harbor can come to the point of me this city has a great capacity for manatee and will open its arms this by its economic problems well i'm going to leave it going a bit of comfort that this is a moment of shame for our government which is undermining the culture of acceptance that characterizes the italian people with their interest drawn in the worst kinds of european nationalism which are a prelude to nantes ism and fascism. italy has been one of the hardest hit countries of migrant crisis more than half a million people reached there by boat from north africa in the past five years this year alone at least taking over thirteen thousand migrants that's more than
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spain and greece many of the newcomers arrive in sicily something that divided opinion on the island. the jim violent evidence is just not right that invading us they're illegal but if a person arrives here legally they're welcomed among these people they're also illegal immigrants and that can't be tolerated sensible sensible need to be checked we need to know who's arriving these six hundred people as you said we don't know who they are not all of them are honest people most of the storm is closing the ports no i don't think that is right or are you telling migrants have gone everywhere and they're welcomed in a splendid way on that ship saying the italian coast guard was responsible for operations in waters off libya instead passed from the european council on refugees and exiles believe the new policies may be contributing to the big problem here i think there has been a serious failure among many of the countries of the european union to address this issue and particularly the itself in not being
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a fair burden sharing i rather hope that the stance of the new very new spanish prime minister will begin to shame other countries in europe and say well we should also play a part as well but i do understand the attitude of the italian government in saying that we've already born an enormous influx of people is the real answer to migration flows in the migration crisis as it's term is to try to enable people to live in their countries of origin you you have to actually try to ensure through diplomatic and international efforts the peace at home for people so they don't feel the need to flee for their lives. coming up with a better clan terror attacks in paris still fresh in people's memories and i think three years ago an upcoming concert now is cause consternation in the french
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capital we'll tell you about that and keep an eye on what's happening in singapore as well this morning. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game great so well chance with. the base it's going to take. the legacy of cold guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the
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legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these are the losers in this america. good morning and upcoming concert but controversial muslim rocker at the back to clancy had her stunned people in paris eighty nine died in the terror attack in a venue in twenty fifteen shot to do but as he reports. this theater in paris has become synonymous with tragedy.
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plans by a controversial muslim rapper to perform here have struck deep caught why well just take a listen to some of the lyrics. just. to define what. this song was released early in two thousand and fifteen before this horrific attack and it's not only the provocative lyrics about islam and france's secular tradition in medina's career he even has an album called jihad all of the rapper himself says he's against violence and the would refers to an internal struggle nevertheless thousands have now signed a petition calling for his gigs in october to be canceled and some politicians have
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joined in on the protests no french person can accept that this guy's going to spew his filth at the very sight of the bad a clown massacre we have had enough of complacency and worse of this incitement to islamist fundamentalism. the rough and the dean of the particular an unacceptable provocation the families of the victims are not being respected. the hosting of the rapper made dean at the baths a client is a number paul insults the memory of the victims of the thirteenth of november twenty fifth dean there are symbols that cannot be desecrated i ask emmanuel mccrone to this concert lawyers representing some of the relatives of those who were killed and injured in the massacre and now calling for the call sit to be canceled. week the worst of the victims and the victims themselves we cannot understand or support the fact that at the battle and theater where people were
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killed in islam is horse occurred someone can sing things like that we've been gauging opinion only issue with people in the french capital fast and i think he can perform at the better clan i don't consider it an issue wouldn't go at all i wouldn't even consider for a second. but like i said he's proud really. it's not a problem for him to play at the back to climb to denounce the things that happened so we have to let artists express themselves but i don't understand the feelings of the rick tim's family this and those who are affected by the attack it seems one of france's darkest hours continues to tell people apart so even ski. paris we contacted rapper medina about a plan to the for comment will bring you any of that comment as when it comes back to us as we hear from this morning progress is no doubt. why this return now to our top story should be locked off camera at the moment in singapore at some toes are
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out of the capello hotel. the scope of feed through at any point we. are going to come out there inside a document quite what's in the document would actually not totally sure of the moment in the last half an hour a wrap of what donald trump. is that he said talks with kim jong un has been better than anybody could have imagined who said he had the north korean leader on the way to a signing but didn't say what the signing was going to be of course north korea looking for its long term stability future and prosperity and as far as donald trump is concerned to make everybody feel a little more at ease certainly on the peninsula he wants denuclearization but of course it's the whole fact that north korea's managed to create what they think a credible nuclear bombs that can be put on missiles is what's got him into this negotiating position the first place so not much to see other than a bunch of flowers the north korean the american flags at the moment but we think
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that table is going to be a center of some historic signing very shortly we're going to keep an eye on it point is showing about the moment continue to show the moment but as soon as they come we will keep you posted of course and bring you the live historic moment before it's all right let's continue. a controversial way of boosting voter turnout has been given the green light in the u.s. state of ohio the supreme court there is back the state's policy of removing inactive citizens from their register with many now saying the initiative may result in voter suppression smear a candidate that how the move could affect u.s. democracy the u.s. politicians always stress how vital every vote is when it comes to election season go to the polls and vote your conscience vote free are for sure there's no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter. you know about stand and speak and follow your conscience really really really counts so it's somewhat hard to believe your right
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to vote can be taken away so easily but that's exactly what happened in the state of ohio the decision not held by the supreme court means you use it or lose it when it comes to casting your ballot so imagine you don't like any of the candidates and you decide to skip out on any election after two years a letter drops their your door checking up on you if you don't respond. and don't vote within the next two years you're expelled from the voter roll entirely if you miss the mail that's it no more votes the state claims that the policy is necessary to keep its voter rolls up to date but civil rights organizations are raising the alarm the supreme court got this one wrong on the right to vote does not use it or lose it the public trust in the fairness of all elections is badly shaken this decision rule few of the far off would suppressors across the country who want to make sure they choose and candidates win reelection no matter what the voters say votes is should not be purged from the rolls simply because they have exercised their right not to vote at least
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a dozen conservative states have pledged to adopt the same law but according to the american civil liberties union the policy could purge seventy five hundred voters in the last presidential election alone had it not been repealed and it's believed almost one hundred fifty thousand people have lost their votes of the past two years when illegible voters are thrown off states voting rolls simply for not voting within the two year time frame that effectively takes away once right to vote it's voter suppression this is a win for voter suppression and lost the voting rights how do you want to take away people's right to vote just because they aren't impressed with the candidates the last eight years and don't want to vote in a country that praises its elections as free and open how's that for democracy voter suppression has become a common heart many political campaign is becoming obvious to more and more people the united states is more of a mirage markers that there's a lot of mars mirage and markers and that people got to vote sometimes they're
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allowed sometimes they're not they're forced to select from party designed to cover up for what is really becoming an oligarch and a government that does the work for the wealthiest what's in place laws for the wealthiest and we're seeing there are trouble as you say one of the obama who saw under bush. this is a true problem u.s. has become. that uses walling as a way to try to hide it's not really a market. or right for a leaderless give you those live shots coming to you from singapore they're not looking very momentous at the moment but it could well be in the next few minutes maybe the next hour or so a place where history is made all eyes on developments in singapore but a story meeting between u.s. president trump and north korea continuing media briefing shadowed in about two hours but the guys. we think both leaders of those countries to sign a document imminently when that happens we'll go to it thanks for watching r.t.
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. i. this is a poem bus broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part shown and thank you for tuning in and watching coming up today there is a lot going on in the european union we have a treat for you is joined by the general secretary of the european trade union confederation. teenie some of you may recall we spoke with him from davos earlier this year we'll talk about immigration and labor and issues involving his home country of italy and sticking with europe there are new european regulations designed to protect people's privacy what are they and how will the european union's general data protection regulations actually work we'll ask attorney and
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global privacy expert miles edwards and artie's ashley banks may scare a few of us with a report on initial point offerings billions of dollars with no business plan to fill us in on the details all that ahead but first we had some headlines. we were poor and expense extensively on the group of seven meeting in canada late last week and all of that harsh rhetoric ahead of the meeting well the rough rhetoric at least from the united states side continued as the event over the weekend and it canadian prime minister justin trudeau said that canada would retaliate on july first in the ongoing trade war with the u.s. and apply equal and measures to that being imposed by the united states saying canadians are polite and reasonable the prime minister also said that canadians will not be pushed around in reaction president trump who left the gathering early to head to singapore declined to support it but nine joint communiqué amongst the g seven countries related to free and fair trade and called mr trudeau quote
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dishonest and. week and on sunday newspaper on the sunday news program president trump director of trade and policy mr peter navarro set of the prime minister that he deserved quote a special place in hell and quote which proves that the current us leader and his staff are certainly not polite nor perhaps reasonable while mr navarro previously said that no country would retaliate against the united states related to trade tariffs canada will be imposing thirteen billion and the european union will impose three billion dollars worth of tariffs on u.s. goods while the truck administration's goal is to reduce tariffs on u.s. goods it's not worked out that way at least so far meanwhile in a matter of hours in singapore president trump and kim jong il of north korea will hold the first ever meeting between leaders of the two countries after seven decades of hostility from the u.s. perspective the talks are an effort to denuclearize north korea and from the north korean perspective there is hope of getting rid of economic sanctions by the u.s.
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and other nations on north korea and as the g seven leaders disagree over trade tariffs and sanctions russian president vladimir putin and chinese president xi jinping are cooperating more as part of an expanded regional security bloc the shanghai cooperation organization or s c o while the group has existed since two thousand and one the first as c.e.o. summit took place over the weekend with two new and notable members pakistan and india at the event in an apparent reference to the united states president said quote unilateralism trade protectionism and a backlash against globalization are taking new forms mr she suggested the pursuit of cooperation among nations for mutual benefit. and italian bonds and stocks are rallying after the new finance minister giovanni tria reaffirmed the new government's commitment to the euro he said quote we are not
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discussing any proposal to exit the euro he then went further saying the government is to. turman to avoid the materialization of market conditions that push us toward exit in any way mr tree also said the new government is self-motivated to control and reduce debt not just to police the e.u. bureaucracy bank stock rose on reports of his comments yields on a tie and bonds fell to one percent after having gone above two point seven percent during the most chaotic phase of the ruling coalition of recent efforts to form a government mr truro was nominated for the post after the ruling coalition's first proposed cabinet slate was rejected by the president because he suspected the finance nominee as being a euro skeptic. and there's a lot going on in europe much of it involving immigration a lot of things regarding worker rights and specifically.


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