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this week marks a dark time in the battle over net neutrality watchers on monday june eleventh the federal communications commission led by former verizon lawyer and chairman by effectively ended net neutrality rules rolling back requirements that intercepts internet service providers like the rise and comcast offer equal access to all web content here in the u.s. so while we know that the draco malfoy of the f.c.c. will more than likely be spending this weekend dancing on the grave of internet freedom while sipping warm champagne the rest of us are now left wondering what comes next joining us today to help us see into the future is r t correspondent natasha welcome natasha. thanks so much to have a day you know it's a great question because as you can imagine both sides are pretty heated about this i mean you even have opposing views within the f.c.c. itself with both the commissioner and chairman fighting for different sides and the net neutrality rollback went into effect today you have nancy pelosi and senators
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like dan feinstein speaking out against it and feinstein she voted to she voted against the repeal rather last month and now she's urging her colleagues to do the very same but what's interesting is that three different governors in different states they took a proactive measure they are were also against the repeal they use executive powers to ensure that measures were still being enacted for an trial of these so it's interesting to see them do that and we'll just have to wait and see if other states follow their lead. stance was so interesting is if these states are going to jump on this if we're going to see you know it's like now that it's too late people were protesting this for a long time and now suddenly it's like oh wait oh my gosh they did change this at the end of the day that's absolutely no emotion of labels like waking up about this pretty it's pretty remarkable to see this certainly you know. one of the things.
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the comes to my mind is where so the the octopus and such are going to the stage now as that is about the next step for them. i mean we'll just have to wait and see i don't know if congress is going to act on it or not i know that you know like i mentioned dianne feinstein is talking about you know having her colleagues vote the same way she did to you know against the repeal but what also is very interesting is that some experts are saying that it's really not going to have much of an impact they name companies like facebook apple microsoft and they're saying that these companies actually have a lot more power to keep things the way they are and what they're saying is that if if these service providers do you know slow down the internet speeds unless people end up paying more that these companies are the ones that buy the majority of the ads online that we see and so if it's so slow i mean people like us we're not going to go online and look at our facebook feed as much we're not going to go on amazon
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and you know looking to see what's on sale to to shop or anything like that and so if if these big companies pull their ads because many people are going online then the service providers will really feel it so i think it's an interesting point that you know things might not be changed we just have to wait and see most definitely will be because we've got. it just you know i don't think you're going to see the big ones slow down you know i think we're going to see is very selective you're going to see comcast are going to the big companies like that start charging you know hey you're a corporation to afford it you know but it's the little it's the little businesses that are going to get the most but yes and that's one of the hard parts of understanding this and i'm sure natasha's you know it's you know this is one of those things where people don't notice it till it starts happening and now that it's such a big deal we might see a real shift in people's behavior online just anticipating whether things phone down or not i think. definitely see
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a lot of. a lot of that you know you know most of all the reason more to to pay attention to what's happening yes this is one of those moments in those things and news history where it was your son to let it go and ten years of active as on one level i hope we don't see that we don't see that we're going to looking back i'm side twenty twenty but thank you for the good good reporting on this always a pleasure to have you on. listen up as we go to break talk watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics the coverage of the facebook and twitter see our poll shows in our teeth dot com coming up sean stone cold in the world of human trafficking and a new twist in the jeffrey epstein saga with country disarm the executive director a liar and stressed you victims of trafficking will stay to the bottom of.
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the plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money killion a round of spend spend be sure to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to be true so i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game my great so will more chance with. and thinks it's going to take.
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human trafficking in first world countries rarely make the headlights watchers namely because their trails can often involve the rich and powerful deep institutional corruption and aptitude or both and details of crimes that may still refuse to believe we're still refused to believe take place in our quote unquote civilized societies thankfully there are journalists and authors out there not afraid to report and discuss the trafficking industry in all worlds and one of those is country that's our net who is also the executive director of alliance to rescue victims of trafficking she sat down recently with our own john stone to discuss the issues of human trafficking and some new twists and one of the few cases to break through the mainstream wall of silence on first world sex trafficking the jeffrey abstain case take a less. conceded thanks for coming back on it's always a pleasure to interview you and talk about this important issue of human trafficking so in the case of geoffrey epstein we've come to some new information about his deal with the f.b.i.
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that was cut over ten years ago now when he was prosecuted really he was accused of drug. having sex with underage girls many many dozens actually came out but ultimately he was only convicted for one and served just over one year very light sentence for this very powerful man can you tell us what has come to light about his deal that he cut with the f.b.i. certainly well sean as you know i broke the story in the daily beast back in two thousand and ten and in march of two thousand and eleven the current secretary of labor alex acosta issued a letter to my editor tina brown stating why the prosecution gaev. mr epstein such a lenient deal given the number of crimes that he committed against underage girls in palm beach and elsewhere and at that time back in two thousand
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and eleven. mr acosta who was at the time the dean of the florida. law school university the law school at florida university in miami florida stated that he was quote assaulted by mr epstein's defense team and as you know mr epstein hired a barrage of superstar attorneys including alan dershowitz roy bloch kenneth starr gerald lefcourt and many others several others and the team of attorneys negotiated his plea deal here in washington d.c. they negotiated at the time we're talking two thousand and seven. with the department of justice and so according to mr
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acosta our labor secretary acosta. the penalties that the prosecution that the united states attorney's office wanted to hand mr epstein . were in fact disallowed by the department of justice in washington now it has been it has recently resurfaced and the f.b.i. have released files eight i believe in total containing hundreds of documents many of them of course redacted most of them redacted. and many of them containing clippings. stating how this case developed well i think you know. in order to have a pictorial view an image of this case statutory rape as you know carries a sentence a minimum sentence of six to seven years in the state of florida there was a law that was passed even though it was inactive in two thousand and five that is
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the year mr epstein is arrested for the crime sexual crimes with minors. and it's called jessica's law under this law the penalty for rape with a minor is ten years mr epstein only served thirteen months in a palm beach county jail. and then eighteen months of house arrest while he was in the palm beach county jail he was on a work release program which means that he left his private cell in a private building without any inmates in his surroundings at six in the morning and returned every day at ten o'clock at night and he was allowed to go to his affiliate job correct essentially that's correct joke sentencing but i mean
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here is a powerful man he was a hedge fund owner and he had pretty powerful influential friends including former president clinton prince andrew and others so did we learn that i heard mr that he divulge the names to the f.b.i. of people this may have actually been complicit with him in these crimes absolutely first of all the feds do not give you that kind of a plea deal unless you're going to give them something and what could you possibly give the feds it certainly wasn't money so it was information if you recall when he was arrested and while he was negotiating his plea deal the economy in our country was about to collapse were we were talking about the two thousand and seven financial crisis brought that. down lehman brothers as you know and many other banks and so mr epstein as a former employee of bear stearns who by the way was fired right after he became a partner he was at i think i believe he worked at bear stearns for
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a year he was hired by mr by the late mr a screen berg. and he was fired on a non reg d. violation which means insider trading and so when he left stern's clearly in a very negative way he gave information to the feds as to how hedge funds operated and that was part of the deal including names of other perhaps pedophiles who were part of his ring one of the victims virginia louise roberts who has sued him multiple times even though she has also signed agreements with mr epstein accepting monies. she claims that she had she was forced to have sex as a minor with eight powerful men she does not name or identify the names
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even though she told one of the attorneys representing the victims that. one of those powerful men was prince andrew the duke of york. she does not identify any other man but she does claim that there were eight powerful men and she was too scared to give the other names so there's there's no indication that the f.b.i. ever actually acted upon the names that were given to them by epstein is there no there is no indication and if there and usually i'm sorry yes going to no end and if they had acted they have done nothing because we're now in the year two thousand and eighteen this case by the way there are three pending cases there's a florida case which. the c.v.r. case the crimes victims' rights act case against the united states government that is jane doe one and jane doe two versus u.s. government and then there are two cases pending in new york against mr epstein and
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also against the procurers including glenn maxwell who was recently sued and settled against and settled the case with the victim virginia louise roberts in new york so we have three pending cases and nothing has been done against anyone except of course. mr epstein and that was a minimum sentence were given ok or given that across those now the secretary of labor and the fact is that you might be we might suspect that the president trump could direct the attorney general's office to know potentially go after some of these people named but the problem is the trouble himself has had relationships with him in the past not cleared necessarily if he was involved any of underage girls but certainly was friends with epstein so what does that indicate to you about the desire of trumpet ministration to actually go after the they had pedophiles well number one given what president trump has signed into law which is the sestak bill it is
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a bill that goes after website advertisers who promote and sell the children for not only but for sex i.e. sex child sex trafficking so both mr president trump and his daughter missive uncle trump have been very very supportive of this issue and have really done more for this issue i think since the year two thousand when the t.v p.a. which was the trafficking victims protection act was enacted under president bill clinton nothing was really done even though t.v. pierre was reauthorized several times it was reauthorized under president clinton after it was an acted. and in two thousand and then win it and then it was reauthorized again under president barack obama in two thousand and eight and and now mr trump has issued this very has signed this very very most important loss
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and very few people know about it and i'm actually surprised when i speak to people who are working in the industry and in the field of sort of child or human trafficking who don't know about the importance of back page as you mentioned earlier has been shut down and seized it was shut down april sixth of this year two thousand and eighteen and the three co-founders were indicted and weirdly enough the case had come forward two years ago and the case against call for one of the co-founders had been dismissed which i found you know. unusual and surprising and then they reopened the case and i know that harris. was very much in favor of ensuring that the founders of back page were were prosecuted accordingly so the
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case is now closed and back page is seized and shut down however i understand from different sources that they have opened a new. online service in canada called back. forgive me bed page b e d p a g e so many of these websites are rerouting the child porn and adult and the minor trafficking of children into routers in canada. most often adorned with a high definition picture of a body of water animal along like a a single word like added to your success. by a phrase or definition that's meant to inspire for anyone who's sat at a corporate desk or visited the office of a high school guidance counselor right now i'm sure you've seen the requisite motivational posters well apparently our good friends at the n.s.a.
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have their room set of motivational posters as you can see thanks to our freedom of information act and the folks working at government out of dot org you to improve the motivational posters that once during the walls of a national security agency during the fifty's sixty's and seventy's take a gander and find good honest government motivation or you know more realistically total paranoia and fear these things are unsettling. good security where your mouth is so there's a little walls of the n.s.a. back of like the sixty's you think those numbers are very very like i mean is taking where the people and replacing it with why aren't you to go look to look at some of the. secret and i mean this is where the james clutch ideas crowd are blazing not only are they answered where and raised in a horrible but terrifying and paranoid and they're all coming together over the goods that this is what happens to employees the work of over there but of the
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heart goes out to them i know what happened just like the tiger in the pod with a drop of water later on it's now you know you. got to really wireless or how does our show for you to carry and remember what it was world we were about told that we are loved and love so i tell you all i love you i oh i robot and having a lot less people watching those hawks out there that have a great theory about everybody. so what we've got to do is. identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only move really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful it's very critical. to sit down
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and talk. making history with their hand shake the leaders of the u.s. and north korea meet for the first time signing a joint agreement to leave the past behind. we're very proud of what took place today. i think our whole relationship with north korea and the korean footage is going to be a very much different situation than it has in the bath coming up to two days and counting the finishing touches the very final once we made before the fee for world cup kicks off here in russia and. all of you know it was i want to put an end to this human trafficking which puts thousands of lives at risk italy's new government makes good on campaign promises closing
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a port controversially to a vessel carrying stricken migrants plus to an upcoming concert by a controversial muslim rapper at the batek theater in paris tragically known for the deadly terrorist attack three years ago has left people in the french capital star. hi good morning just after ten am here in moscow this tuesday the twelfth of june i'm kevin zero in this is r t international and that breaking news to start little bit of history being made just a little earlier today the leaders of the u.s. and north korea signed a bilateral agreement of understanding and pledged to meet again many many more times now a closer look at that text of the document some was mostly to a close upon it reveals that donald trump and kim jong un have committed to work towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula which is what they actually had to say at that signing just about an hour ago. but both very honored to sign
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the document thank you. we had an historic meeting and decided. to leave the past behind we are about to sign an historic documents. thank you very strange go into it was let's go live to new york color boat has been across this caliber first close up pictures somebody's got close up shot of those documents in the bin signed now be made available because it was a lot of detail first of all the goodwill was there but people wanted to know what the nitty gritty was take a sort of bring us up to speed with how we got all here today. well it's not yet official but from what we understand the document that was signed by the leader of the united states and the leader of north korea contains four points of agreement the first point is to establish relations between the usa and the
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democratic people's republic of korea official relations between the u.s. and north korea the second point is to build a stable and lasting peace regime on the korean peninsula that's making sure the north and south korea can coexist stable lasting peace regime the third porritt is reaffirming the agreement between north and south korea for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and the fourth point is to return the bodies of m.i.a. missing in action prisoners of war and other folks who died during the korean war so those are the four points that were agreed upon at this meeting now not yet official still waiting for confirmation on that now we've heard you know some very very positive words we heard donald trump praise kim jong un say that he's very talented say that he loves his country very much we heard a lot of optimism come from kim jong un we heard donald trump even say that he'd be willing to invite kim jong un to the white house people were certainly nervous not
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knowing what to expect in the lead up to today's singapore summit let's recall some of the heated exchanges we heard from between these two world leaders prior to today's meeting north korea this getting more interested in i did state. they will be met with fire. like the world has never see a frightened donkey barks louder i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged at us doctored with fire. now we understand that there are plans for future meetings between the two world leaders trump and kim intend to meet again in the future they tend to have some future meetings so everyone everyone is watching there was a lot of anticipation of this singapore summit but at the moment it appears that the two world leaders have been very friendly at the meeting began with
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a historic handshake you know the first time we've ever seen to two leaders interacting after that it was followed by a one on one meeting with nobody but the two leaders and the translators after that we have the expanded bilateral and this is historic let's not forget that the korean war happened we had four to five million people who died in that war you know tragic losses of life mass death and suffering you know north korea is actually the only country in the world to have actually captured a u.s. army general in the in the course of the fighting the two countries never signed a peace treaty afterwards there was an armistice but never was there a peace treaty the countries that legally been at war but now this this document seems to establish relations between the usa and north korea does that mean that there will be an embassy opening up a north korean embassy opening up in the united states what does this really mean if they're establishing relations this is certainly
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a big big change until now the usa has not acknowledged the government in the northern part of the korean peninsula but now it appears that relations are going a stablished if what we're hearing about this document that was signed is legit it's not yet official so this is quite a change and all eyes are on singapore we're waiting for a press conference from donald trump to hear what he has to say about the meeting that went on everyone looks very positive a lot of smiling went on when the two world leaders met you know forgetting such a huge amount of words could all be on the scene as both will the other interested parties in the periphery. south korea japan russia china in certainly the russian and chinese foreign ministers or the the russian foreign ministry has a ready turned around and said it supports gets given a thumbs up to what's up today and the chinese foreign minister has also said as well or i will let you get your ear to the ground we think donald trump is going to give a media conference about an hour or so time will a listening to that dip into a break in the highlights that come out thanks for so with an agreement side here's
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a clip next of highlights from the other sturrock summit for you in pictures. very. critical of the relationship thank you. reminder of the very previous history here those talks are now to march but it may
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voices anger over military drills between south korea and the u.s. and threaten call it all of their nine days later trump cancel the meeting totally accusing kim of hostility but the next day the white house said things were back on track then another change to the first so washington officially announced the summit would go ahead we're going to keep across all this bring you all the salient points as they come up. next there are just it's current two days to go before the biggest extravaganza are in football kicks off in russia we're talking of course the twenty eight hundred fifty world cup most of the teams are in the host cities now with as much as a set to take place and the fans are already out in force to. i.
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so many people get into the spirit now on the sidelines of all this show these pictures of a team of russian artists who found their own way to welcome the players could miss the mosaic portrayed syria football stars lionel messi mom of two months and sixty killers a stone to create chaos the artists about their inspiration for it. the national anthem that are there for these are i consider world football one of them a still of raising starry this is messy and this is a law which is now because they are the most popular at the moment of course they will not visit us there are many fans come here who know them and will be pleased to see them and be photographed next to them that you know so with the players and the fans we have a kickoff there's also another group playing a crucial role in the upcoming event here's the referees take on this fee for world cup including a new video assistant technology designed to help them make the right decisions and
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the day so we want we want to use technology and we have to use technology only in the moments that is really needed if the human aspect was completed to success that means that it really know exactly what you have to do to take the important decision but then he was so difficult to try to understand once intimidators welkom technology so technology are to be really good tools of prevention of good tools. but not changing the approach of referee to take as a first in the final decision how would you assess russia's readiness to host the world cup. i was really impressed i didn't have any doubt also remember the confederation cup but now they can feel more before starting this world cup with that they already saw especially on the refereeing point of view on the preparation their facilities.


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