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and to help them make the right decisions and the day so we want we want to use technology and we have to use technology only in the moments that is really needed if the human aspect was completed succes that means that every know exactly what you have to do to take the important decisions but then he was so difficult to understand once intimidators welkom technology so technology are to be really good tools of prevention of good tools. but not changing the approach of referee to take as a first in there's a final decision how would you assess russia's readiness to host the world cup. i was really impressed i didn't have any doubt also remember the confederation cup but now they call him also or before starting this world cup and that they already saw especially on the refereeing point of view on the perpetration their facilities
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everything so we are really tense russia for what they prepared and what they are giving us to prepare this incredible event so after all the thought that a business still very much the world cup where russia faces saudi arabia kicks off here in moscow on thursday the luzhniki stadium and for the whole tournament we got sick of it. controversial move from its italy but next a smalling after less than two weeks in power italy's new government is already making good on its campaign promises the interior minister is closed to port to a vessel carrying migrants it's got a mixed reception he says the country's new goal is to protect its borders value your call if you know it was but i want to put an end to this human trafficking which puts thousands of lives at risk in the same way that we raise the issue for the aquarius we will raise it for all other vessels that follow for other countries
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i'm hinting at from where instead of accepting the return of the migrants our objective is we hope the same one as in north korea to protect the external borders if europe and italy is one of them. the humanitarian vessel that was turned away was carrying more than six hundred migrants including children and pregnant women it had a venture lee dock at a spanish port people on board have been rescued off the coast of libya over the weekend they were hoping to disembark in sicily it's caused a lot of consternation with the mayors of two major italian port city to strongly oppose the interior minister's movie here. but all the board which doesn't find the harbor can come to the point of me this city has a great capacity for killer and humanity and will open its arms this by its economic problems when i'm going to the growing of a record that this is a moment of shame for our government which is undermining the culture of acceptance that characterizes the italian people that they're in this is drawn in the kinds of european nationalism which are
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a prelude to nantes ism and fascism. the footnote to this is of course italy has been one of the countries hardest hit by trying to deal with the migrant crisis more than half a million people reached their country by boat from north africa in the past five years this year alone at least taken over thirteen thousand migrants more than spain and greece now many of the newcomers arrive in sicily and that's something that's divided opinion on the island each inviolable did it is just not right that the invading us they're illegal if a person arrives here legally they are welcomed among these people they're also illegal immigrants and that can be tolerated but they need to be checked we need to know who's arriving these six hundred people as you said we don't know who they are not all of them are honest people that this one is closing the ports no i don't think that is right are only telling migrants have gone everywhere and they're welcome to squandered away. malta also refused to accept that ship saying they are telling coast guards where the people responsible for operations in waters of libya
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keith best from the european council on refugees and exiles told us he believes e.u. policies though could be contributing to the bigger problem here i think there has been a serious failure among many of the countries. the european union to address this issue and particularly the itself in not being a fair burden sharing i rather hope that the stance of the new very new spanish prime minister will begin to shame other countries in europe and say well we should also play a part as well but i do understand the attitude of the italian government in saying that we've already born an enormous influx of people who really long answer to migration flows of migration crisis as it term is to try to enable people to live in their countries of origin you you have to actually try to ensure through
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diplomatic and international efforts the peace at home for people so they don't feel the need to flee for their lives it's exactly quarter past ten in the morning moscow time good morning for me kevin owen still to come hoping to do some live comment more reaction to that big summit in singapore the document signed by mr trump of the north korean leader plus two with the battle plan terror attacks in paris still fresh in people's memory an upcoming concert has been proposed it's caused consternation in the french capital we'll tell you all about it. in july twenty seventh. a freelance journalist working with. militant showing in syria. his sacrifice quality has established.
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a small reporters who often risk for the sake of the truth comes through the news you can submit to your published works in a video written form until june the twelfth. the legacy call guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners. you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these are the losers in this america. you know in this morning good morning to you so more big news that's coming from
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singapore within the last hour and a half that document was signed to leave the past behind documents between north korea and president trump who's there for the meeting let's get some more comments on this get the chinese take on it now we'll get the view from hong kong along with this is josef chen professor of political political science at the university. everyone's thumbs put this up this morning and said yeah this is good news anything that goes towards peace and denuclearization on the peninsula is good but of course there's politics playing in the background to know. more notably china wants to know more china is of course has long been one of north korea's biggest backers biggest supporters what does china want to see coming out of this deal yes it wants peace but is there more to it. well china certainly wants peace. nuclearized korean peninsula is in the interests of china which means that. which means that south korea and japan will
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not be provoked to not be interested in developing their own. nuclear weapons program which would be very frightening very destabilizing in the eyes of the tinies of priorities. a. korean peninsula you're also mean that the relationship between south korea and the united states may well be devalued and there is a chance to be moved he thought the people. from south korea which is also seen to compromise china's. strategic interests but of course china apparently has lost its role as the key mediator between north korea and the united states they have established their own direct dialogue and north korea seems to be well in town and. we heard
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a lot of all of on off before this from the trump camp certainly it seemed this meeting was pulled out the biogas promised at the last minute if you listen to trump he'll say that it was north korea that was that was begging for this summit to go ahead is that true it was just bluster i mean what is it for north korea here . while it was obvious that north korea talk to you nation by approaching some. of korea. on the on the participation of the winter olympics in south korea so the unity of pain from young obviously and we are still not yet certain what you konami development is the main goal of young americans wholly good not korean leadership things that it has the confidence it has is
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nuclear weapons program ready strong bargaining chips approaching the united states for negotiations naturally the world will feel much safer north korea follows the path of china and gauging new konami reforms and opening to the external world then we are sure of is determination and russia now of abandoning is nuclear weapons program but at the moment is certainly believes that it can exert sufficient pressure on the united states to recognize to establish diplomatic relations with it and to promise not to attack north korea to use is all purity donald trump has promised to meet the media we think about half an hour or so no doubt he'll put more on the meeting and more the nitty gritty of the practical ways forward in the coming hour or so from now professor first sort of political science at home city university let's get your take on it there from hong
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kong good morning. upcoming concert controversial muslim rapper at the battle stunned people in paris eighteen million died in the terror attack at the venue in twenty fifteen dubin ski reports. this paris has become. synonymous with tragedy. plans by a controversial rapper to perform here have struck deep caught why well just take a listen to some of the lyrics. just. defining
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what. this song was released early in two thousand and fifteen before this horrific attack and it's not only the provocative lyrics about france's secular tradition in medina's career he even has an album called jihad all of the rapper himself says he's against violence and the woodruff and internal struggle nevertheless thousands have now signed a petition calling for his gigs in october to be canceled and some politicians have joined in on the protests. no french person can accept that this guy's going to spew his filth at the very sight of the bad a clown massacre we have had enough of complacency and worse of this incitement to islamist fundamentalism. the ruffin the dean of the particle and an unacceptable provocation the families of the victims are not being respected. the hosting of the
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rapper made the batter climb is a number below insults the memory of the victims of the thirteenth of november twenty fifth there are symbols that cannot be desecrated i ask emmanuel mccrum to ban this concert lawyers representing some of the relatives of those who were killed and injured in the massacre and now calling for the concept to be cancelled . week the worst of the victims and the victims themselves we can. understand or support the fact that at the battle where people were killed in islam is horse occurred someone can sing things like that we've been gauging opinion only issue with people in the french capital. and i think he can perform at the better i don't consider it an issue wouldn't go at all i wouldn't even consider for a second. but like i said his crowd really. is
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not a problem for him to play at the back to climb to denounce the things that happen so we have to let our to express themselves but i don't understand the feelings of the river thames family this and those who are affected by that took it seems one of france's darkest hour was continues to tell people apart. of a comment will bring you that when it comes in. a. controversial way of boosting voter turnout is being given the green light in the us state of ohio the supreme court has but the state's policy of removing citizens from the register with many now saying the initiative may result in voter suppression that sirico next looks at how the move could affect u.s. democracy u.s. politicians always stress how vital every vote is when it comes to election season go to the polls and vote vote your conscience vote free are for sure there's no such thing as
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a vote that doesn't matter. at all stand and speak and your conscience really really really can't so it's somewhat hard to believe your right to vote can be taken away so easily but that's exactly what's happened in the state of ohio the decision up held by the supreme court means you use it or lose it when it comes to casting your ballot so imagine you don't like any of the candidates and you decide to skip out on any election after two years a letter drops through your door checking up on you if you don't respond and don't vote within the next two years you're it's spelled from the voter roll entirely if you missed the mail that's it no more votes the state claims that the policy is necessary to keep its voter rolls up to date but civil rights organizations are raising the alarm the supreme court got this one wrong the right to vote does not use it or lose it the public trust in the fairness of our elections is badly shaken this decision rule few of the foreign food suppressors across the country who want to make sure they choose and candidates win reelection no matter what the voters
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see votes is should not be purged from the rules simply because they have exercised their right to vote at least a dozen conservative states have pledged to adopt the same law but according to the american civil liberties union the policy could purge seventy five hundred voters in the last presidential election alone had it not been repealed and it's believed almost one hundred fifty thousand people have lost their votes of the past two years. when a legible voters are thrown off states voting rolls simply for not voting within the two year time frame that effectively takes away once right to vote it's voter suppression this is a win for voter suppression and a loss for the rights how do you want to take away people's rights a vote just because they aren't impressed with the candidates the last eight years and don't want to vote in a country that praises its elections as free and open how's that for democracy voter suppression becoming common. political campaigns it's becoming obvious to
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more and more people the united states is more of a mirage markers that there's a real lot of mars mirage and markers and you know people got it well sometimes they're allowed sometimes they're not they're forced to select from party designed to cover up for what they really become and all of our government that does the work for the wealthiest what's in place laws for the wealthiest and we're seeing there are trouble as you say one of the obama who saw under bush and clinton this is a true part of the problem us has become the oligarchic that uses voting as a way to try to hide that that's not really democracy. that's it for me for now keep across all the developments in singapore that historic meeting between u.s. president trump a north korean leader continuing media briefing show jeweled in the next hour for president trouble in the document we saw a sign between the two bit earlier maybe some practical steps will be coming forward a bit clearer than in that media briefing. or downloader up for the latest on that
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by a side for now though here in moscow this tuesday morning it's good to know in saying thanks for watching out international on a very good morning for me. cry . gives us the. time. was running humans only. does she don't consume don't judge them interchangeable jellyfish deal with the saying i'm done or some thing that equal born to it is my sons or what equals this tells me. this will don't please don't say don't name to deal with that to
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those off putting in as a serious is a downside to us at all to the sitting on. join me every thursday on the all excitement sure i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you there. i. get a phone no i don't have one was the last digit you went on the internet no i am not used to meet these village is it safe because. i sure there is no access to music ters there they are all going to be sure the baby does a class of his that is the.
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question we're going on we thought he is dead as part of that was if you can get. a. bit more of what i was. previously yes no they are being false wall of where he was filmed member of the society. have been. guys are welcome to the kaiser report to get the you know the public so much to
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cover and in just a few minutes to cover it so let's get into it stacy ranks you know we have an innovation economy don't we and in fact we're so innovative here that we actually have innovations in poverty you know where inventing new ways to be poor why america is the world's first poor rich country or how american collapse is made of a new kind of poverty consider the following statistics the average american can scrape together five hundred dollars for an emergency a third of americans can't afford food shelter and health care health care for a family now cost twenty eight thousand about half of the median wage which is sixty thousand dollars and by themselves of course statistics a little but together these facts speak volumes the story they are being beginning to tell is this america it seems is becoming something like the world's first poor rich country i read that it's very interesting they get into this it's an
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innovation on poverty it's a mix for elements later on in the article including what he called a certain pure tonic goal. radicalism that prevents people from. escaping a mindset of of deterministic. pursuits of goals outside of a more community minded spirit that is also contributing to this new neo poverty invention of the american. geist did that make sense oh no there was no. just checking yes yes it's been confirmed that made sense just to put into context this guy is a professor at i believe it's harvard his name is
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a mer hake he also lives in the us and london europe you know so like us he's had the experience of that there is another alternative to how you run certain services and basic necessities of life how you provide those to the population whether it's most important being health care shelter education things like that so he's coming from actual experience of you know you can have a health care system that is not so violent and gruesome and abusive to the members of the health care system you can have it you don't need to have this outrageously expensive crazy system it's not necessary there's a way like germany to educate your population at a low cost to all and yet achieve great results and huge manufacturing capacity but yes the puritanical kind of background that you you must there's a certain sort of. germanic puritan his tomb of like you wanting to like abuse
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yourself for no reason and yet it's caused great distress to american exceptionalism is a concept that doesn't really apply to america it's not exceptional in very many ways and that in many important ways not in the ways that you would look toward in a society that is healthy there's only one country in the world that deserves that kind of exceptional list moniker and that of course is france the french exceptionalism as well justified it's a jewel amongst country but is it getting hungry just thinking of the shows elisa they know was a croissant. well this guy is. philosopher as well so she puts it she says america appears to be pioneering a new kind of poverty altogether one for which we do not yet have a name it is something like living at the knife's edge constantly being on the
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brink of ruin one small step away from catastrophe and disaster ever at the risk of falling through the cracks it is two components massive inflation for the basics of life coupled with crushing asymmetrical risk so that asymmetrical risk is in particular how he points out that risk basically has to been taken off the balance sheets of all the corporations and you see that reflected in the s. and the stock prices and the banks stock prices and values is they don't take any risk at all there's a huge amount of socialism in america for corporations for the corporate elite whether it's in the energy sector of the banking sector or of the housing sector is huge and that's how the housing sector the largest private land lord in the states is blackstone group so this is a huge private equity group and they own the biggest section of they've bought up on the cheap all the properties handed out by basically fannie mae and freddie mac. for them to take over during you know during and after the financial crisis they
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also have a majority of the a.t.f. market the exchange traded fund market which is just a rant a system of putting black rock in a position to scrape money away from cancian funds in another land grab money grabbing way is completely unnecessary again he talks about it's not necessarily on paper absolute poverty because the america has on paper one of the highest income levels in the world is something like the fourth or fifth highest after several small european countries where the average american has a relatively high income that of a person an anomaly rich country only his income does not go very far most of it is not by attempting to afford the basics of life we've already seen how steep health care costs are but then there is education. there is transport there's interest and rent there is media and communications there is child care and elderly care all of these things reduce the average american to constantly living right at the edge of roone one paycheck away from puny one emergency away from losing it all like even
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just the childcare thing for example you talk about france i have a girlfriend in france who had a child and she didn't have to work for like three years after and the state provided basically all sorts of access to child care from a few months old she could take it to the crash take the child to the crash and go look for work or go have time on her own my sister who had to return to work soon after having a child basically childcare costs were more than her income. what's that that seems like insane well i often hear the argument that well sure are in here they have the greater lifestyle and but the reason being they don't want to spend any money on their military because the us are a military protectorate but how stupid are americans to pay for europeans defense at the expense of having quality of life so most americans quality of life compared
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to most europeans is horrible and they're subsidizing european quality of life so if you're living in france or living awesome really great compared to the typical american life and thanks to the american taxpayer so. do all i hear tanika lism gets in the way because they puritanical will say that while we are down with god you know our belief in god gives us the strength to subsidize the european lifestyle europeans have a great lifestyle but we've got god you know so is that really a fair exchange i would posit know well everybody has their own different. views on religion and what they want and maybe you know the monks live in and you know. hair shirts and they live totally basic lives and whatever but i want to talk about this article because he says that you know the basics of life the costs are soaring in the united states but incomes have collapsed at the same time so you have health
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care didn't used to cost half of a median income even a decade ago after all but now it does so what happens when in a decade or two health care costs all of the median income how can an economy let alone a society function that way so in a way i'm kind of curious like our. in north carolina obamacare costs went up forty four percent and then another like thirty percent last year the projected to go up another ten or twenty percent next year so in a way i'm kind of fascinated by this gruesome experiments it's kind of you know like really gruesome experiments of the past in history that we've seen as like how how gruesome will this get like how awful like what will we do to ourselves. as they would say in france look that up and you'll be appalled but you mention medicare as well and this is the health care system in france is kind of like the medicare system here in medicare you still have insurance the government basically provides insurance however and sets rates for things like m.r.i. and x.
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rays and things like that so you have to be you pretty much have to be sixty five to get on to medicare some long term disabled are also put on to medicare quite early but the headline this week from the u.s. government remember the this is a body of people going to buy trump the republicans but medicare to go broke three years earlier than expected trustees say in twenty seventeen medicare covered fifty eight point four million people eighty five percent of them seniors at a cost of seven hundred ten point two billion dollars very poor also show that medicare is total cost will grow from three point seven percent of g.d.p. in two thousand and seventeen to five point eight percent by two thousand and thirty eight so the year it's going to go bankrupt max yes twenty twenty six just when you qualify for the state run a fish.


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