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tv   Boom Bust  RT  June 12, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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the time to be with us this morning. more on that is they will cross to donald trump here speak for the cameras that has anything over detail to say about it over the coming half hour next just two days to go now before the biggest extravaganza of football kicks off here in russia the twenty eighteen feet for world cup most of the teams are at the host cities where those matches will be taking place and the fans were already out and about in force as well. think of. on the sidelines of all this a lot of people get involved like these guys a team of russian artists have found their own way to welcome the players creating these great mosaic portraits of football stars lionel messi and mohamed salah to
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two months and sixty kilos a stone to make that great art we asked them about their inspiration. that they're not something that i'm in for these are i can see a world trouble one of them a still of racing story this is messy and this is a law which is now because they are the most popular at the moment of course they will not visit us there are many fans come here who know them and will be pleased to see them and be photographed next to them. with players and fans ready for kickoff there's also another group playing a crucial role in the upcoming event the referees take it on this fee for world cup including you in the video assistant technology designed to help them make the right decisions. so we want we want to use technology and we have to use technology only in the moment that is really needed if the human aspect was completed succes that means that every know exactly what you have to do to take the important decision but then it was so difficult to try to understand one centimeters welkom
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technology so technology of to be really a good tools of prevention of good tools to help but not changing the approach of referee to take as a first and as a final decision how would you assess russia's readiness to host the world cup. i was really impressed i didn't have any doubt also remember the configuration club but now they call for them also or before starting this but that they already saw especially on that point if you want to put a show in their facilities and hissing so we are really to russia for what they've prepared and what to do giving us to prepared this incredible event so down to business the opening of the world cup that much where russia faces saudi arabia kicks off on thursday at moscow's luzhniki stadium and throughout the whole tournament we've got you covered.
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controversy in france an upcoming concert by a controversial muslim rapper at the battery clan theater has stunned people in paris eighty nine year old cole died there in a terror attack in twenty fifteen in a very new. year's the details were just a word of warning you may find some of the report coming out upsetting here. this theater in paris has become synonymous with tragedy. lines by a controversial name but to perform here have struck a chord why well just take a listen to some of the lyrics. just to.
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define what. this song was released early in two thousand and fifteen with this horrific attack and it's not only to prove. secular tradition in korea he even has an album called all of the rapper himself says he's against violence on the woodruff. struggle nevertheless thousands have now signed a petition calling for his gigs. to be cancelled and some politicians have joined in on the protests. no french person can accept that this guy's going to spew his filth at the very sight of the bad a clown massacred we have had enough of complacency and worse of this incitement to islamist fundamentalism. the ruffin the dean of the particular on an unacceptable
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provocation the families of the victims are not being respected. the hosting of the rock i'm eighteen at the patrick line is a number who insults the memory of the victims of the thirteenth of november twenty fifth there are symbols that cannot be desecrated i ask emmanuel mccrum to ban this concert lawyers representing some of the relatives of those who were killed or injured in the massacre and now calling for the cole sit to be cancelled. week the worst of the victims and the victims themselves we cannot understand or support the fact that at the battle theater where people were killed in islam is horse occurred someone can sing things like that we've been gauging opinion only issue with people in the french capital. and i think he can perform at the better clan i don't consider it an issue. at all i wouldn't even consider for a second. but like i said he's proud really. it's
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not a problem for him to play at the back to climb to denounce the things that happen so we have to let our to express themselves but i don't just in the few months of the week tim's families and those who are affected by that took it seems one of france's darkest hours continues to tell people apart so. paris but let's go law if you singapore's problems president trumps just speaking to the media as promised about the ration signed earlier on with the north korea most of you have gotten the signed document or you will very shortly very comprehensive it's going to happen i stand before you as an emissary of the american people to deliver a message of hope and vision and a message of peace let me begin by thanking our incredible host in singapore especially prime minister lee friend of mine. this is
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a country of profound grace and beauty and we send our warmest wishes to every citizen of singapore's to really made this visit so important and so pleasant spite all of the work at all of the long hours i also want to thank president moon of south korea he's working hard in fact i'll be speaking to him right after were french. prime minister of japan friend of mine just left our country and he wants what's right for japan and for the world good man. and a very special person president xi of china who has really. closed up that border maybe a little bit less so over the last couple of months but that's ok but he really has and he's terrific person and a friend of mine and really a great leader of his people i want to thank them for their efforts to help us get
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through this very historic day most importantly i want to thank chairman kim for taking the first bold step toward a bright new future for his people. our unprecedented meeting the first between an american president and a leader of north korea proves that real change is indeed possible. my meeting with chairman kim was honest direct and productive we got to know each other well in a very confined period of time under very strong strong circumstance we're prepared to start a new history and we're ready to write a new chapter between our nations nearly seventy years ago think of that seventy years ago. an extremely bloody conflict ravaged the korean peninsula
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countless people died in the conflict including tens of thousands of brave americans yet while the armistice was agreed to the war never ended to this day never ended but now we can all have hope that it will soon end and it will it will soon and. the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict is not have to be tomorrow's war and as history has proven over and over again adversaries can indeed become friends we can honor the sacrifice of our forefathers by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace and that's what we're doing and that's what we have done. there is no limit to what north korea can achieve when it gives up its nuclear weapons and a brace is commerce and engagement with the rest of the world that really wants to engage chairman kim has before him an opportunity like no
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other. to be remembered as the leader and wash it in a glorious new era of security and prosperity for his people. chairman kim and i just signed a joint statement in which she reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula we also agreed to vigorous negotiations to implement the agreement as soon as possible and he wants to do that this is in the past this isn't another administration that never got it started and therefore never got it done chairman kim has told me that north korea is already destroying a major missile engine testing site that's not in your signed document we agreed to that after the agreement was signed that's
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a big thing for the missiles that they were testing the site is going to be destroyed very soon. today is the beginning of an arduous process our eyes are wide open but peace is always worth the effort especially in this case this should have been done years ago they should have been resolved a long time ago. but we're resolving it now chairman kim has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people anyone can make war but only the most courageous can make peace. the current resident trump talking there about that summit he's had with the north korean leader kim jong un who we believe is on his way back to north korea now saying their real change is indeed possible he said in the meeting they agreed they are prepared to start a new history a new chapter between nations and that indeed very soon they said that korean the the war of a career that never really officially ended technically will be over he's carrying
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on speaking if you want to catch the rest of that as it continues streaming live on our site our dot com just hit the button there and you can listen into more but very positive thoughts at least for now coming out from the president from any. less positive his next story after less than two weeks in power italy's new government is causing controversy it's already making good on one of its campaign promises the interior minister has closed a port to a vessel carrying migrants he says the country's new goal is to protect its borders voyeur paul if you know it was built i want to put an end to this human trafficking which puts thousands of lives at risk so in the same way that will raise the issue for the aquarius who will raise it for all other vessels that follow but other countries i'm hinting at france where instead of accepting the record of the migrants our objective is we hope the same what is in north korea to protect the
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external borders if you rip and italy's one of them. that humanitarian vessel was turned away was carrying more than six hundred migrants including children and pregnant women eventually dock to the spanish port those on board have been rescued off the coast of libya over the weekend and were hoping to disembark in sicily now the mayors of two major italian port cities are strongly opposed to the interior minister's move here is their thoughts. but all the world which doesn't find the harbor can come into the port of naples this city has a great capacity for care and humanity and will open its arms this by its economic problems when i'm going to either growing up or to complete that this is a moment of shame for our government which is undermining the culture of acceptance that characterizes the italian people there in this is drawn in the worst kinds of european nationalism which are a prelude to naziism and fascism. at least being one of the hardest hit countries in a migrant crisis more than half a million people reached their country by boat from north africa in the past five years this year alone at least taken over thirteen thousand migrants first more
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than france and spain put together many of the new comers arrive in sicily something that's divided opinion on the island each inviolability is just not right that they are invading us they're illegal if a person arrives here legally they are welcomed among these people they're also illegal immigrants and that can be tolerated but they need to be checked we need to know who's arriving these six hundred people as you said we don't know who they are not all of them are honest people that it was on is closing the ports no i don't think that it's right are only telling migrants have been everywhere and they're welcome to squandered away. walter also refused to accept the ship saying that the italian coast guard was a sponsor for operations in waters off libya. a controversial way of boosting voter turnout has been given the green light in the u.s. state of ohio the supreme court that is but the state's policy of removing an active citizens from the register with many no saying the initiative may result in voter
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suppression and so the car looks next to how the move could affect us democracy us politicians always stress how vital every vote is when it comes to election season go to the polls and vote vote your conscience vote free are few sure there's no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter. at all but stand and speak and follow your conscience you're really really really can't so with someone hard to believe your right to vote can be taken away so easily but that's exactly what's happened in the state of ohio the decision up held by the supreme court means you use it or lose it when it comes to casting your ballot so imagine you don't like any of the candidates and you decide to skip out on any election after two years a letter drops through your door checking up on you if you don't respond and don't vote within the next two years you're expelled from the voter roll entirely if you miss the mail that's it no more votes the state claims that the policy is necessary to keep its voter rolls up to date but civil rights organizations are raising the
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alarm the supreme court got this one wrong the right to vote does not use it or lose it the public trust in the fairness of our elections is badly shaken this decision rule few of the foreign food suppressors across the country who want to make sure they choose and candidates win reelection no matter what the voters see votes is should not be purged from the rules simply because they have exercised their right not to vote at least a dozen conservative states have pledged to adopt the same law but according to the american civil liberties union the policy could purge seventy five hundred voters in the last presidential election alone had it not been repealed and it's believed almost one hundred fifty thousand people have lost their votes of the past two years. when a legible voters thrown off states voting rolls simply for not voting within the two year time frame that effectively takes away once right to vote it's voter suppression this is a win for voter suppression and loss for voting rights how do you want to take away
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people's rights a vote just because they aren't impressed with the candidates the last eight years and don't want to vote in a country that praises its elections as free and open how's that for democracy voter suppression coming home and other political campaigns it's becoming obvious to more and more people the united states is more of a mirage markers that there's a real the mars mirage democracy and that people got to vote sometimes they're allowed sometimes they're not they're forced to select from party designed to cover up for what is really becoming an oligarch and a government that does the work for the wealthiest employees laws for the wealthiest and we're seeing there are trouble as you saw under obama as we saw under bush and clinton this is a two party problem u.s. has become an oligarch that uses voting as a way to try to hide it that it's not really a democracy. thanks so much you know it's international came across all those
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developments in singapore that a storage meeting between trumper the north korean leader and r.t. the old cold war download or up in fact just to remind you get president trump still speaking as i speak life if you want to check that out there's a live stream of it on our front page of our site called for now here in moscow this tuesday morning is kevin zero in saying thanks for watching. my uncle the kids think i'm pissing off boy tonight about it. because. it's not. going to.
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come. on which i really. can show got the movies because of almost anything going to be a good show mr certainly must think. there's not so much of it. considers it constantly he was rough a million years. so what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront cation let it be an arms race based on off and spearing dramatic development the only thing i'm going to do exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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a sense you know and is in all the did you know all the little new year he was in when a little too dream was his and thought of him once it was in your hands off me when i didn't sneeze you know or should see those missile. children wishing you all well know that each of our adi. a kid who needed when he went out that it seems it is you guys in the gay community where you are the only gives all moms all of those you go and there wasn't a new. power to do sums up for me a thousand years who does it community we can do this in the good time they see community to the movies and was i mean. it was a community with other with two bodies in the hospital and you guys at the un sit down with and.


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