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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 12, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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people are wondering exactly how this denuclearization is going to take place with the sanctions not being lifted with the troops remaining on the peninsula. the talks were first announced in march but it may have a military drills between south korea and the u.s. threat to call it all off but that nine days later trump council the meeting and putin came of hostility but the next day the white house in pyongyang said things were back on track by the first of june washington officially announced that the summit would go ahead after all now let's bring in andrew leigh on the political analyst in china specialist who we've been discussing this rollercoaster ride to get to this point welcome back to r.t. the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said the summit shows the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula is possible do you share that optimism after what you've seen and heard today. well i think that there is a historic moment. that's. a
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strategy of course it's got a hold of the prospect and i stress the word prospect of complete the zation but it's a question of how and when and by you know by by what date. all these are left open because what we have seen in the joint. declaration between came between president in chairman kim is the intention intention of the to apply sation and intention that america would. be kind of confrontational tactics and both work towards a. peaceful. peninsula where these are the only intentions but then what actually was going to happen is a first of all i think the when it comes down to real negotiations conducted by experts senior advisers on both sides would be hard the north koreans could come up with a list of the complete arsenal
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a nuclear arsenal where they are. warheads or how many missiles where they are. they are positioned and will be very difficult for for for kim to reveal the complete list and then there's a question of how that such a list could be very fired because at the end of the day is a question of mutual trust forget the. president trump has just torn up the the nuclear deal with iran and of course with the history of the six party talks between the united states and north korea and other countries there was come to nothing because both sides don't trust one another because the what they promised and what is being delivered on the table are two separate things and there's always the necking fear that region change still remain at the back of the
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mind of the united states now that's why kim is intent on securing his cast iron insurance policy which is his ability to deliver nuclear tipped missiles striking the u.s. homeland so this is a very powerful. thing that bush eating. chip his unlighted to give it up entirely order to thousands without some cast iron mechanism do you think they're unsure his goals i suppose a little data is a it's a fragile process so even at this stage it's going to be extremely carefully worded whatever they do but do you think that at this stage the u.s. and north korea have different ideas of what denuclearization could look like and could that cause problems. well i think that what. what person the interim ones is actually something can be can be held up as a success for the mid-term elections and also that if things are going well moving down the track as it were quite optimistic early you can always you can always be
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portrayed as success and which can well secured him a peace prize because the middle east face it the two countries have been remaining aloof for so long and then there is tension in the last thing for over fifty you anything could happen it's only a game changer certainly as we have to keep watch on that for now though andrew young political analyst in china specialist thanks for your time. or some of the other reaction from nearby the world's key players are all been responding to the talks china's commended donald trump and kim jong un for making history at the summit south korea is also hailed what it sees as a new way forward as mentioned earlier the e.u.'s foreign policy chief says the summit shows that the denuclearization of the korean peninsula is possible to pander has said that pressure needs to be kept on the north until concrete steps towards disarmament are seen. i was just two days until the footballing world turns all of its focus to russia for the start of the world cup
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fans are hoping guessing which one of the thirty two nations will lift that trophy in moscow come july the fifteenth and our very own host considered one of the very best minds in the game chose a merino has been making his predictions last week he picked the countries to make it out of the group stage now he's mapping out who will get the upper hand in the early knockout rounds. will cain lies get even harder portugal why of course of course. because of my heart's buds. rid itself of that. and then spain against russia as things which are very unlikely to draw because they misread via. the front just to jamie and then from his against nigeria i would say
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. the from this is going to win and the substance in australia. and i'm going to leave because i cannot see or think this whole brazil mexico. i like. brazil team germany switzerland let's give it a good. game with poland in the use in the forefront in the bills jim sinegal like good enough to continue the frontal attack on the do its. sole belgium is a whole system to fill the and it has to be here because the small business will only get told to beat you at least you are getting this famous and you know why. the best team. it's a good team. weeds that. i will for them. there
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is the real and some good stuff but for me the mantra is that you are in the holding. hands in germany and germany is just so. one more summer final for germany while. look at these two south americans that was there were. they were being killed in the germany. by this family already trailing the sister of percy. for their reward is getting really dish was illegal or legal. expertise from jews and maybe you don't miss it. for more of the manchester united manager is predictions had to r.t. dot com also if you think you know better you can challenge him just head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tag match marino. opening
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match of the world cup where russia faces saudi arabia begins on thursday at moscow's luzhniki stadium and throughout the whole tournament we've got you covered . you know world of big partisan movies. and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with
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lawmakers manufactured incentives to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. nor middle of the room signal. back after just two weeks in power italy's new government is sticking to its campaign promises the interior ministers close the port to a bessel carrying migrants he says the country's new goal is to protect its borders while your port if you know it was built i want to put an end to this human
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trafficking which puts thousands of lives at risk so in the same way that will raise the issue for the aquarius who will raise it for all of the vessels that follow is. for other countries i'm hinting at france where instead of accepting the report of the migrants our objective is we hope the same what is in north korea to protect the external borders if you rip and italy's one of them the humanitarian vessel that was turned away with carrying more than six hundred migrants including more than one hundred unaccompanied minors and pregnant women it has however been offered to dock in a spanish port those on board have been rescued off the coast of libya over the weekend and were hoping to disembark on the italian island of sicily but two mayors of major ports in italy say refusing the vessel is wrong. but all the boat which doesn't find the harbor can come to the port of me this city has a great capacity for care and humanity and will open its arms this by its economic problems well into the growing of record this is
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a moment of shame for our government which is undermining the culture of acceptance that characterizes the italian people it is drawing on the worst kinds of european nationalism which are a prelude to naziism and fascism. italy's been one of the countries hardest hit by the migrant crisis more than half a million people have reached the country by boat in the past four years while well over thirteen thousand migrants are missing or confirmed dead this year alone italy has taken in more than fourteen thousand refugees which is more than either spain or greece and many of the newcomers have arrived in sicily and it's something that's dividing opinion on the island. the chin violent evidence is just not right that the invading us they're illegal if a person arrives here legally they are welcomed among these people they're also illegal immigrants and that can't be tolerated. they need to be checked we need to know who's arriving these six hundred people as you said we don't know who they are not all of them are honest people that this one is closing the ports no i don't
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think that is right are only telling migrants have been everywhere and they're welcomed in a splendid way. a multiple also refused earlier calls from rome to accept the ship saying that the italian coast guard responsible for operations in the waters off libya it's going live now to atlanta dogs from the international organization for migration appreciate the time that it do you think at least putting people at risk . well look i think anybody anywhere who you know doesn't give timely help to people who are being rescued is potentially putting people at risk for sure but as you can tell from your excellent report this is a complex issue. there are different areas of responsibility has different aspects of humanitarian law but there is indeed if you like marlin birds is to get rescued migrants ashore and into safety especially as on board this ship you have seven pregnant women and you have one hundred twenty unaccompanied children is there a legal requirement on places like italy a multitude cept such boats that. well i think this is under the law of the sea as
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it is an obligation to states to cooperate and to bring people to the nearest sure but in this particular case you have different pre-determined areas of responsibility so there's a bit of a dispute over which particular country is responsible and i think they're working that out because now that spain has offered to take the migrants some of them are been taking off the vessel the aquarius and put onto an italian bus because they were picked up by italian ship so i think they're working through the law and if i understand correctly the effort really is to be more aligned with the actual law is the so that the burden is shared more equitably among the frontline states which are spain italy cyprus malta and greece which are taking the overwhelming number of migrants coming in i know a little exasperated that we've got to the middle of twenty eighteen and they're still tousling over whose job it is to take on this burden italy has been
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complained of quite some time that the e's not been helping them and doing this it's not that there's not been a will to help desperate vulnerable people stranded at sea but it's more that no one seems to want to grab the mantle take responsibility here years into this crisis i think if you if you look at what happens when a lot of irregular migrants coming ashore you start to understand really the reluctance sometimes like anybody who comes into a country without papers is an irregular migrant and they get processed by the legal system usually they apply for asylum even if they're not entitled to it looks probably take two or three years to have that adjudicated and which time the may have disappeared to maybe working underground so it's fairly understandable i would think in any system but it is a large body of people coming through who are in irregular situation and of course aren't able to keep up so frustrations are pretty normal in spain said it's willing to take them in as i mentioned a bit earlier on why is your organization insisting that they disembark in italy
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was the reasoning that. we're not insisting on that at all so you're kind of like follow what we've said we are we are requesting actually there's a better burden sharing across their opinion in that there's a renegotiation of the so-called problem agreement so that where somebody comes ashore in europe is where their process because we think that puts an unfair burden on these frontline states which i mentioned. who is going to take the lead now them because as i said this but i'm not about passing over this meanwhile you do have people dying in the mediterranean desperate people trying to have been convinced that they are going to be able to get to your to start a new life who needs to grasp the nettle here i think there's lots of people leading already and to suggest otherwise would be wrong i mean anybody who's out there saving lives is taking a leadership role at the end of the day anybody who's processing vast numbers of migrants is taking a burden a leadership role but it there is no doubt that some people in some countries in europe i shied away from it so their process what's behind this particular crisis
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we've heard for the last couple of days is an attempt to put the onus more broadly across the twenty eight member states rather than on the front lines they can really push a thought on this line the door from the international organization for migration appreciate the time thank you. thank you what. next a concert by a controversial muslim rapper set to take place in paris his battle has left local stunned the venue of course was hit by tragedy in twenty fifteen when eighty nine people died in a terror attack were. being covering the story for us but a warning the report contains distressing scenes from the outset. this theater in paris has become synonymous with tragedy.
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plans by a controversial moves them but to perform here have struck deep caught why well just take a listen to some of the lyrics. defining what. this song was released early in two thousand and fifteen for this horrific attack and it's not only the provocative lyrics about france's secular tradition in medina's career he even has an album called jihad all of the rapper himself says he is against violence and the woodruff and the struggle nevertheless thousands have now signed a petition calling for his gigs in october to be canceled and some politicians have
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joined in on the protests. no french person can accept that this guy's going to spew his filth at the very sight of the bad a clown massacre we have had enough of complacency and worse of this incitement to islamist fundamentalism. the medina the particular an unacceptable from. occasion the families of the victims are not being respected. the hosting of the raptor made dean of the patsy cline is a number but insults the memory of the victims of the thirteenth of november twenty fifth there are symbols that cannot be desecrated i ask emmanuel mccrum to ban this concert lawyers representing some of the relatives of those who were killed or injured in the massacre and now calling for the close it to be cancelled. week the worst of the victims and the victims themselves we cannot understand or support the fact that at the battle theater where people were killed in islam is horse occurred
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someone can sing things like that we've been gauging opinion only issue with people in the french capital. and i think he can perform with the better clan i don't consider it an issue wouldn't go at all i wouldn't even consider for a second. but like i said he's proud really. it's not a problem for him to play at the back to climb and he denounced the things that happened so we have to let artists express themselves but i don't understand the feelings of the rick tim's family this and those who are affected by that tuck it seems one of . our was continues to tell people apart so. paris we've asked the rapper medina on the bicycle theater for their comments in a soon as we have anything but i will let you know what they say. a suicide attack in the afghan capital has killed thirteen including children twenty five other people were injured in the bombing at the entrance to a government building islamic state says it carried out the attack there have been
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a string of incidents in afghanistan recently with many families now finding themselves displaced. i'll house a bomb from the air by the u.s. air force and on the ground by eisel militants. and i know i still killed our relatives drugs talaga their elders our villages completely destroyed. there are no facilities to leave things we lost everything. a dozens of peace campaign is all right now marching to kabul from the city of gaza which is about one hundred fifty kilometers to the south the group expects to be there by the end of the week where they plan to present a list of demands to afghan leaders they want to cease fire with the taliban and a timetable for foreign troops with a. well that should use for now thanks very much for watching i'll be back to
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update you from scott in just over half an hour also. the. author. does john king song you've been talking to. there on the stand on the song that equal distances and songs are what he calls the still singing. don't. tell
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him. you know this song is is this. stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and nimble so stick this it to me like you know. this is my complicity is going to study all media to. build shot at us because. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision know only because it is. and that is unfair that is jihad to this lady in the most of the jihad and i do compete in the doesn't seem to do more than the most awesome don't piss off.
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greetings and salutation it's from putting ad dollars and ratings ahead of the story to being an all access echo chamber for political partisanship and power and not even get me started on their obsession with all things donald trump look let's be honest talk watchers are luster of course the state the news media especially here in the united states is not exactly been living up to the high standards of journalism as of late and while there is an awful lot to complain about. that doesn't change the vital importance of freedom of the press and the news media's job as the for the state the check and balance to restrain government power tyranny
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spending yes. in a report to make all libertarians and want to be libertarian republican salivate paul golly professor of notre dame's mendoza college of business has discovered that when local newspapers die so does government efficiency as bloomberg summarises the economist behind the report showed that after a local newspaper closes local governments experiencing high experience higher borrowing costs the authors so that without local newspapers local governments tend to engage in more inefficient or dubious financing arrangements in other words it truly is the local reporters columnists and editors who weren't doing their job correctly and keeping the populace informed are the ones keeping government in check just like the founding fathers of the united states and vision when they enshrined freedom of the press in our constitution shocking i know but with local papers folding quicker than the cavaliers in the finals and corporate monopolies
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eating up all the rest are we in the last days of fresh ink and hard news. find out if you start watching the hawks. what. it looks like. it's like. the bottom. like you know that i got. the. tickets are. welcome we're going to watch the hard science i robot and i'm top of the list and local papers to me though pero need some girly city governments to keep city governments and state governments from run of the wild with all of our money i mean and this is not something surprising i think most
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people would understand that having that balance there to always keep politicians and government and government employees speak to the fire i'd like to say that most people understand that but i think a lot of people don't i mean over the last ten fifteen years we've watched local papers get eaten up by big conglomerates one going to have a you know and there's some great ideas of this of having like a c.v. pages type thing where each city has their you know place that gives nudes and international news but what happened was all of that local on the ground reporting that was done city council all of that nobody is there and nobody reads it that's the that's the downside the report that we're talking about today is called financing ties and darkness a play on the washington post the martin recent dies in darkness it's called financing dies in darkness the impact a newspaper closures on public finances interesting taking a look at it from medicare the researchers looked at some sixteen hundred in was language newspaper serving to overthrow hundred counties in the us between one
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thousand nine hundred six and twenty fifteen they discovered that miscible borrowing costs it's like one of the city's going to get more money to pay for a bunch of things that they've passed increased by five to eleven. places where the you know there was no local paper to report on it there were no local paper to say do we really need this extra spending do we really need this extra bill for his idea of government running on child and wow five to eleven and if you don't those of you at home across the world municipal bonds are this brilliant way that we came up with in the united states to pay for things that said you know minute municipal or city governments mean so the idea is you can you can buy these bonds and essentially what you're doing is lending money to the city you have a certain interest rate but the amount of when you have a city that has lots and lots of these municipal bonds and there are interest rates and all of that are sort of one all over the place this is what happens and out of
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control spending because those miscible bonds are going to be worth a whole lot because the city is probably going to go they grow up and one of the things you see is in denver one of their small papers so you had denver's rocky mountain news so researchers your time on the study researchers discovered that without that one local paper and done for the spread of the year old of newly issued local municipal bonds as they were to one of thirty seven basis points so it's this huge amount of spending no check in normally you have people like at city council meetings going hey do we need to spend this can we afford this or do we need to issue more bonds that's one of the things and they found a similar situation when you're looking at it at the cincinnati post when after that close you had newly issued local municipal bonds increased by sixty six point one basis points so that's what we're saying is that they're spending more and more and these small these municipalities are putting themselves in debt putting their
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citizens and debt to pay for things because what happens when they are going bankrupt and they need more money to pay for things they raise your taxes are the next step then we're going to raise taxes on the public about actually hurts all of us all because of what people were buying up newspapers to stay informed. what their government's doing circular and newspapers are probably reporting what their government is doing let's not forget that as well circulation numbers actually of fall and of course we twenty seven percent from two thousand and three to two thousand and fourteen of loose local newspapers around the country that's according to pew research there's been a thirty five percent decline in state house reporters that means reporters going to capital cities and reporting on what the government is doing i guess what in the scramble to like cut costs in newsrooms well we don't really need a reporter to cover what the government is doing that's the logic going on but we need one to cover the sports team that want to never get cut no you would never cut out one but there's you know it goes on and on and that's the thing they don't they
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don't think that having someone covering city councils they don't think that their stories are interesting because in their mind it's much easier to just you know it's what radio stations have done in talk radio stations and then they turn and to just play whatever pop music and whatever ads and. international news whatever here's the weather here's the traffic here five. and then you know a lot of people were talking about two that like oh well you know online will come in and save us more people online many researchers in this in this report found that that doesn't hold weight either because states with high internet usage you know when you see this percentage of states or cities with high internet usage local paper shuts down same thing happens didn't matter if the news was suddenly online or not you know they didn't matter if they had high internet use it it's really great it's really crazy but ultimately comes down we've got to get people informed about what's right and that was one of the things that got out all the guardian about that he said quote we hope this paper raises awareness of the importance of a local.


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