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however there are different voices asking how optimistic we really should be recalling that donald trump did pull the us out of the historic iran joint plan of action the nuclear deal other people are wondering exactly how this denuclearization is going to take place with the sanctions not being lifted with the troops remaining on the peninsula well just going back to how we got to this stage the talks were first announced in march but last month kim voiced design grover military drills between south korea and the u.s. and threaten to call it all off then nine days later trump council meeting accusing kim of hostility but just the next day the white house said things were back on track on the first of june washington officially announced the summit would go ahead but the world's key players have all been responding as you might suggest to the talks china said history was made at the summit site korea well they hailed it as a new way forward on here the foreign policy chief sees the meeting shows that denuclearization
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of the korean peninsula is achievable japan though has said that pressure needs to be kept on the north all until concrete steps towards this argument our senior political analyst chris bambery told us he's skeptical about the deal that's been signed going into the work through said that they were going to insist america is going to insist on the complete. all of the potential of that had to be signed up to in this agreement of course you know there's a general wish to achieve that down the road but there's no real commitment to that in this document but i think the biggest thing is you know where are we going here because we need to get an agreement on verification and north korea is getting rid of its nuclear facilities not just its nuclear weapons we need to move towards the militarization of the korean peninsula that's not just an issue for north korea i mean you're talking about perspiring these war games the americans are involved and we should remember america is a nuclear a poet. with weapons on hand including tactical nuclear weapons that can bring in
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any moment so how are we going to proceed down that road trump indicated not in the text but indicated that subsequently he'd like to see at some stage some are you know are running don't know american presence in korea how is that going to work. it is just two days and counting until the footballing world turns its focus to russia for the start of the world cup fans are hoping indeed arguing over which of the thirty two nations will lift the famed trophy in moscow in july the fifteenth and our very own r.t. host considered one of the very best minds in the game just see murray in your has been making his predictions last week he picked the countries to make it out of the group stage know him up side who he believes will be the last for standing.
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lies get even harder portugal why of course of course. because of my heart's buds. rid itself of that. and then spain against russia as things which are very unlikely to draw because they misread via. the front just to jamie and then from his against nigeria i would say. the from this is going to win and the substance in australia. i'm going to leave because i cannot see or think this will hold brazil mexico. i like. brazil tim jim and the swede silicones give it a go. a little poland's in with news in the forefront in the bills and sin they will like it enough to continue the fun the will to kind of do its.
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soul building is a whole is going to feel when there has to be here because the simple all things will only get built to beat you believe you are getting this famous and you know what. the best team. is feeling it's a good team. needs that. i will for them. it is the reason when it's big. enough but for me the man plays a role in the whole evening. and it's germany. germany is just so. one more summer final for germany while. because to south america the big visit. to the. big germany. by the. religious or the
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city. of detroit. is getting really dishes that we cannot even know. so much expertise from jersey this is. controversial juice a controversial well for more of that munch just united manager's predictions do head to our t.v. dot com also if you think you know better you can challenge the healthy one just head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tag much marine you. well while this year's tournament hasn't started yet fifa is already looking to the future with its member nations expected to vote on the host for the twenty twenty six world cup on wednesday. what the two competing bids are offering. the joint u.s. mexico and canada bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup looks like
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a done deal at least on paper the north american bids sole rival morocco barely passed the features evaluation scoring two point seven overall against four say games and accommodation in morocco were considered high risk the african country would need to invest a whopping sixteen billion dollars into infrastructure to host that event and the projected revenue of the north american world cup is two times bigger. the twenty twenty six bid is well presented and strong in terms of government commitment but would need to build most of its tournament related and going to infrastructure the united twenty twenty six bid on the other hand has promising levels of infrastructure already in place and fully operational but there is one obstacle on the world cup journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the us president introduced a travel ban for
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a number of arab countries yeah we probably will be gone by twenty twenty six but you never know. due to new entry regulations the currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant risks to discrimination free entry to the country is also building a wall on the border with a country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever . no mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is. is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give
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the american people they're not whole country for one donald trump isn't their president. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the us and now add that to the football federation's of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse. the u.s. has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobbying against the u.s. bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today is on the gianni in front dinos rain is going
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through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into voting for the u.s. . ski r.t. or just tell me the twenty twenty six world cup will be the biggest since the tournaments began in one thousand thirty it will consist of forty eight teams that is sixteen more of course than the current form of football consultant former communications director walter de groot choreo earlier told colin bray his expectations for the vote. is it easier to try and host this massive tournament in that place or does it make more sense to try and absolutely absolutely want when this would be kind of your only factor than are the need to go to morocco already when you have one single country but different states it is very complicated and
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you can imagine if you have for three different legal systems in all. it's for sure more more complicated than if you have one single country by the end of the day money is talking. is a more than fourteen billion u.s. dollars for four for the united bid and i think seven billion still enough but it's half for the moral force donald trump in trying to get the african nations on side morocco jumped out in front in that do you think has the upper hand in terms of trying to wrestle votes or at least support what you just mentioned trump for me trump and. i don't i think. he was not very helpful a bit purely because of geopolitical reasons and because of the trump and miss ration that will be for sure something negative for united bit. back to this year's event the england germany squads are the latest teams to touch the bark on the
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world cup journeys in russia in and will be based in rep and near st petersburg they faced in their first game in volgograd on monday while a team in germany arrived in moscow take on mexico in the capital's luzhniki stadium this coming sunday well one month and one day long term and we'll be in every city giving you a taste of the action. guys i know you on the us is a huge three months and the huge amount of pressure you have to go out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need to get down there we left go. i need to look.
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back with our team international there has been more discord in the german government over how diving to the country it has been reported that has rejected a comprehensive sixty thousand put forward by her interior minister due to admit to this in the german government a lot of headlines are seeming to point to that direction. well what we were expecting on tuesday was that horse and forward deliver what is being called his migration master plan then as the tuesday progressed we realized that wasn't going to happen the plan itself essential e even though it is hearing incredibly detail essentially means that germany would be able to turn away migrants up the border that should be the responsibility of
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the not the e.u. nation to look after seems very simple no that is not and that has caused a huge run in between angola merkel. for the interior minister as we understand it is refusing to budge from his position on this but it comes at a time when the whole asylum process is very much under the microscope here in germany just last week a failed asylum application was arrested in iraq after fleeing germany now he is the main suspect in the brutal rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl in the city of mind a lot of questions being asked over just why this person who'd failed in his our application for asylum was still in the country at the time of this of this fourteen year old girls killing now this isn't just a split that in germany though over what to do over the migration policy it is an e.u. wide split in some sense we've seen italy come forward and say they weren't going
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to accept a a ship in the mediterranean that was full of migrants now that move was strongly criticized by the french prime minister. spain has indicated it's ready to work on the boat we happy to hear that and i tell you mr deputy that we are obviously ready to help the spanish authorities and examine the situation of those on the boat who wish to apply for refugee status. well cost zero author is trying to circle some allies across europe we've heard from the italian foreign ministry saying that. his opposite number in rome that they will be having meetings on immigration in the near future we also know that the austrian chancellor sebastien curt's who's in berlin for meetings will also fit in a meeting on wednesday with smith with issue but this is where it comes to a point this isn't just a. problem this is a germany e.u.
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problem as well because at the end of the month angle a merkel goes to brussels for the big summit where she's got to try and convince of the e.u. nations to get on board and show united front in her migration overhaul that she wants to see now she can't convince those in their own cabinet to be on board with her then she's going to struggle in brussels and trying to convince other member states that they should get on board with her as it stands at the moment though there seems to be no no given take between the author and merkel over this of course mr zero four would either have to step down or be pushed out of his position as interior minister and we've got to remember it took us six months to get this german place immigration was a big point of discord in those talks if zia hoffa was to go that could well bring about problems for the coalition as it stands meddling break especially for reportedly using russian money to boost the levy campaign polly boyko has been
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following a parliamentary inquiry into banks activities that wrapped up just a few hours ago. well this questioning was all product of the british government's fake news inquiry which was set up back in twenty seventeen really off the back of the trump of russia allegations and politicians in the media here in the u.k. started asking the question could russia have had a hand in bragg's it and today it was arran banks's turn in the hot seat banks's a millionaire businessman who turned into a political jonah and he had funded the u.k. and then he funded this big leave dot edu campaign so for a lot of people he's seen as sort of the the person that bankrolled greg's and he's sort of styled him himself as the bad boy of brags that he even wrote a book with that name and over the weekend several newspapers splashed these big stories saying the whole intact with russian official and he was quite the sariel
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as well he pointed out that the committee was made up exclusively of politicians that had wanted to stay in the european union and he said things like parliament is actually the biggest source of fake news here in britain to do this with a straight point it's not that you'd be the guardian towards him as we would be misleading to have one and then you know another you read them and say you're talking to believe well that's what would be true but then that's what happens is that they're the greatest page fifty form just leave it at the bottom of the website and they don't publish those websites so you said you want to be especially . with you have see a month's notice for the right in many cases goods but the juicy bits of the hearing where about the big scary russia story that as one of the parliamentary committee members referred to it i didn't want to. give you the
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moment he. said. i give one. that is those are the best of the system to do it with if you get the sense that there are e-mails that it is that it was the boys i mean this relationship with the for quite some of the. what we were. going to get the most hope. was with all the getting from the to the media really good usually with what was about its truth as well but the bottom line according to our and banks is that he is the target of a witch hunt in the media it was a pretty combative meeting between the braggs it bankroller and the parliamentary committee and i have to say it was really sort of illustrated in the way that he ended up leaving that hearing today i'm just going to leave you to enjoy it while quickness solve it because that's not good enough for the g c so that's an
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instance of the duty of the voting which is the. specificity the point of it because on the other the seventy five minutes and then what he wants to. push is going to be great if it's good for business it's christmas and you'll be with us and want to live within twenty minutes and fifty people and millions. sort of either. the financial future of europe is the main topic of discussion next in our to stay with us for the leaders boom bust right and. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain you don't want this you watch kaiser report.
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elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and then builds the commission to do the looking for you like you know that this isn't my complicity is something i'm going to not know the son you know maybe you know john you know about how you tell nobody should be the only palestinians who gets the most hope from his to resume counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the vision didn't know when to do this. and no it's not just you have to this lady of the most of that you have i'm going to continue muslims you know do more in the middle sauce but there's also.
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this is bone bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part showman thank you for tuning in and watching coming up today there's lots going on in the european union we have a treat for you if you're joined by the general secretary of the european trade union confederation of decent teenie some of you may recall we spoke with him from davos earlier this year we'll talk about immigration and labor and issues involving his home country of italy and sticking with europe there are new european regulations designed to protect people's privacy what are they and how will the european union's general data protection regulations actually work we'll ask attorney and global privacy expert miles edwards and artie's ashley banks may scare a few of us with her report on initial point offering billions of dollars with no business plan chill pill soon on the details all that ahead but first we had some
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headlines. we were poor and expend extensively on the group of seven meeting in canada late last week and all of that harsh rhetoric ahead of the meeting well the rough rhetoric at least from the united states side continued as the event over the weekend ended canadian prime minister justin trudeau said that canada would retaliate on july first in the ongoing trade war with the u.s. and apply equal and measures to that being imposed by the united states saying canadians are polite and reasonable the prime minister also said that canadians will not be pushed around in reaction president trump who left the gathering early to head to singapore declined to support a but nine joint communique amongst the g seven countries related to free and fair trade and called mr trudeau quote dishonest and weak and on sunday newspaper on the sunday news program president trump director of trade and policy mr peter navarro said of the prime minister that he deserved quote a special place in hell and quote which proves that the current us leader and his
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staff are certainly not polite nor perhaps reasonable while mr navarro previously said that no country would retaliate against the united states related to trade tariffs canada will be imposing thirteen billion and the european union will impose three billion dollars worth of tariffs on u.s. goods while the trumpet ministrations goal is to reduce tariffs on u.s. goods it's not worked out that way at least so far meanwhile in a matter of hours in singapore president trump and kim jong il of north korea will hold the first ever meeting between leaders of the two countries after seven decades of hostility from the u.s. perspective the talks are an effort to denuclearize north korea and from the north korean perspective there is hope of getting rid of economic sanctions by the u.s. and other nations on north korea and as the g seven leaders disagree over trade tariffs and sanctions russian president vladimir putin and chinese president xi jinping are cooperating more as part of an expanded regional security block the
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show. hi cooperation organization or s c o while the group has existed since two thousand and one the first summit took place over the weekend with two new and notable members pakistan and india at the event in an apparent reference to the united states president said quote unilateralism trade protectionism and a backlash against globalization are taking new forms mr she suggested the pursuit of cooperation among nations for mutual benefit. and to tell you in bonds and stocks are rallying after the new finance minister giovanni tria reaffirmed the new government's commitment to the euro he said quote we are not discussing any proposal to exit the euro he then went further saying the government is determined to avoid the materialization of market conditions that push us toward exit in any way mr tree also said the new government is self-motivated to control and reduce debt not just to police the e.u.
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bureaucracy bank stock rose on reports of his comments yields in a tie and bonds fell to one percent after having gone above two point seven percent during the most chaotic phase of the ruling coalition's recent effort to form a government mr truro was nominated for the post after the ruling coalition's first proposed cabinet slate was rejected by the president because he suspected the finance nominee as being a euro skeptic. and there's a lot going on in europe much of it involving immigration a lot of things regarding worker rights and specifically what's going on regarding italy that we just spoke of in that regard a little bit earlier we spoke with luke of decent t.v. the general secretary of the european trade union confederation here's that conversation. and immigration is an issue that has divided the u.s. labor movement in the past before they reached their current pro immigrant position
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but immigration also is a key component of european politics and in recent years this issue has been continually controversial mr general secretary what's the what's your position on immigration and the specific problem and choices facing the e.u. . what withing did the european union in europe more in general were not able to address this emergency in the proper way international rules were not respected few countries including he told me my own country were completely left alone you know addressing this emergency and inserting a rescue people at sea and trying to avoid an immense a strategy to a tragedy to happen but there was no solidarity coming from the large majority of member states of the european union the didn't give an end at all to eataly greece but also to some other countries like germany and sweden the tried to welcome some of these refugees and to integrate them into society in the labor market of those countries so four countries along against the other twenty four were completely.
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burning on their shoulders i mean that that would burden of this of this situation of this emergency and frankly speaking the situation is not going to improve at all because there is no agreement between the different member states despite of the efforts of the day european commission put in place in the past i mean to try to convince them to share this responsibility. and in coordination and now we are facing a king another summer coming and there are already under that under the migrants who are trying to cross it to cross the mediterranean sea and to reach the european union and we have an episode that happened exactly during this hour that was the italian government the new italian government refusing to welcome six hundred twenty nine the refugees that were on a board trying to reach the european the european cost and they try to put to push these people towards multiple multiples not in the condition to welcome them and in the end it was the new spanish government mr pub but it was sanchez that is the
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prime minister of spain that offered for the money to be and reasons to welcome these people in spain so this is really a symptom a great example of how bad the situation is or regarding migration in europe there is no strata. there is no common values there is no respect of the international rules so we as the european call for the racial really blonde bluntly criticizing i mean what to the european union is doing or not doing i mean to try to fix this problem and you know a lot of discontent also among walkers comsec suddenly from this from the lack of capacity to address the problem in a proper way to have a sort of responsibility in place at the same time and being able to provide these people with the right integration that means also equal treatment we do not have workers of europe and we are campaigning a lot on these elements and try also to have been times of integration on the ground through our members and so there is a clear position from the european trade union movement but unfortunately we cannot
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say the same when it comes to the european institutions and mr general secretary you've written pretty eloquently recently about how do you obs can create better social economic justice explain that to us while you know let's say a decade ago we were the best benchmark in europe even in the global arena i mean as the european union because we had a fantastic social model in place we had a lot of cohesion very low inequalities and so on but then the crisis came and the crisis destroyed thirty twenty three million jobs in our continent these unemployed people are still unemployed unfortunately and the european economic strategy that was put in place by the european nation our institutions was not able at all i mean to address this incredible crisis and so now we have a very i level is not only full of unemployment but also of inequalities
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a socialist collusion an enormous on rest and discontent among orcus and people regarding this situation that's why we think and we say all the time that it's really high time i mean to change completely first of all democracy on the part of the game to boosting vested. and internal demand to change the new labor a little story to policies and to go back on track with sustainable growth it does is the only way to create new jobs quality jobs that can replace the ones that have been destroyed by globalization and by the crisis and this is really our key demand but of course these goals together other elements that are particularly two elements that should go together a sustainable model for growth on the one side the need to to increase wages we need to really to the profit.


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