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we met with tehran but the u.s. administration's failure to honor its commitments to others particularly the j c p o as an international agreement endorsed by a un resolution makes us watch mr trump and america's behavior with much pessimism but for now we cannot be optimistic about their behavior and i think the north korean government should deal with this issue very carefully the united states is not the sort of country that anyone can trust as the iranians know quite well that j c p o a was an agreement that iran made many sacrifices for iran shut down much of its peaceful nuclear program a legitimate nuclear program so under these circumstances i think the iranians have a very good reason to be skeptical and the north koreans should be careful even though iran has very good relations with south korea more extensive relations but the united states is dangerous. a group of railway workers in paris have attempted to storm a t.v. channel accusing it of anti union propaganda. up
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to one hundred workers trying to enter the metropole television building and were stopped by police and comes after more than two months of transport strikes across france over the government's labor reforms the channel has drawn widespread anger over its coverage of the strikes. german chancellor angela merkel has rejected a plan from her own interior minister to reduce the inflow of asylum seekers are to put her over as details what we were expecting on tuesday was that horse and the offer would deliver what is being called his migration master plan then as tuesday progressed we realised that wasn't going to happen the plan itself essential e even though it is a hearing incredibly detail essentially means that germany would be able to turn away migrants out the border that should be the responsibility of the not the e.u.
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nation to look after seems very simple no that is not and that has caused a huge run in between angle of merkel. for the interior minister as we understand it at the moment the author is refusing to budge from his position on this but it comes at a time when the whole asylum process is very much under the microscope here in germany just last week a failed asylum application was arrested in iraq after fleeing germany know he is the main suspect in the brutal rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl in the city of mind a lot of questions being asked over just why this person who'd failed in his our application for asylum was still in the country at the time of this of this fourteen year old girls killing now this isn't just a split that's in germany though over what to do over the migration policy it is an
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e.u. wide split in some sense we've seen. italy come forward and say they weren't going to accept a a ship in the mediterranean that was full of migrants now that move was strongly criticized by the french prime minister less value to get it spain has indicated it's ready to welcome the boat we happy to hear that and i tell you mr deputy that we obviously are ready to help the spanish authorities and examine the situation of those on the boat who wish to apply for refugee status but like a year course the hopper is trying to circle some allies across europe and we've heard from the italian foreign ministry saying that. he needs his opposite number in rome that they will be having meetings on immigration in the near future we also know that the austrian chancellor sebastiaan curtseys in berlin for meetings will also fit in a meeting on wednesday with mr hoffa on this issue but this is where it comes to a point this isn't just a. problem this is a germany e.u.
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problem as well because at the end of the month angela merkel goes to brussels for the big summit where she's got to try and convince other e.u. nations to get on board and show a united front in her migration overhaul that she wants to see even sweden and denmark and of an overland. entranced. fortified on systems against the throw off the illegal migration so i think the german government has to do as well according to the majority or put your opinion among other european member states and i think the zero often knows this very well and two years ought to be up and therefore in the kind of search of her position in the end there will be a kind of a compromise but miss very strong influence of the of the or insist the party of the of society or. stay with us for all of the latest from the world cup with less
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than two days to go before the tournament kicks off right here in russia. thank.
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you. i. welcome back you are watching r t international and the national football teams are descending on russia for the world cup which starts in less than forty eight hours the latest squads to arrive are england ahead of their opening game on monday against tunisia and the world champions germany who play mexico on sunday meanwhile there is some good news for egypt and their main star mohamed sala has returned to training he suffered a shoulder injury in the recent champions league final and it was unclear whether
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he would be able to play in russia however the liverpool striker is still unlikely to feature in egypt opening game against of why on friday. meanwhile the brazil squad has been finding time for a bit of fun some of the players chose an unusual way of saying happy birthday to two of their fellow teammates pelting them with eggs and flour at the end of a training session star player neymar was apparently the ringleader but. one person who will be closely following neymar is progress is former russia striker on the day of shaaban he is optimistic about his own country's chances but he picked out brazil and france says two of the outstanding teams in the tournament. and. through qualify for the group stage. booked the fronts of as i think. a lot of talent to play this. and. that.
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and then i think. to make something special on the pitch the french fans are out in force in russia they went to see their team train outside moscow and came up with quite an inventive terrace chant. oh god. one case that joke was lost on you french movie star gerard depardieu is in fact a citizen of russia and a resident of some rocks which is one of the host cities during the training session there were plenty of children in the stands getting into the world cup spirit we asked the fans how far they think the country can go in the turmoil that took the senate finally but i'll be disappointed if we don't make it to the final you got it well i think that we can get to the fore know although i'm not sure i could say when. we want to when we want to second star supporters seem to be undeterred by some of the more alarmist media coverage about security in russia
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police from thirty three countries are working together to keep everyone safe and for foreign fans to hear a language they understand during their stay on tuesday a joint international police center was opened based out of police academy in a suburb of moscow the security personnel will share intelligence aimed at keeping crowds peaceful we heard from some of the officers. for you to think so are you. in the of. police through. or. with. the police. who just ensure basic communication to the russian police announce around the right behavior will be expected with friends and i feel sure the police can do with any issues if you come up around the fence you might feel they're suffering any discrimination meanwhile our very own r.t. host and one of the best minds in the game jose mourinho was and will has been
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making his own predictions last week he picked the countries to make it out of the group stages now he maps out who he believes will be the last four standing. will cain lies get even harder for trill why of course of course because of my heart's buds. rigid self-image. and then spain against russia as things bush are very unlikely would withdraw because rangers review. the front just to me and then from this against nigeria i would say . the funniest is going to win and the gents in australia.
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i'm going to leave because i cannot predict this whole brazil mexico. i like. brazil team szymon these switzerland's you live again. in little bowling lanes in with news in the course of in the bills and sin they will like it enough to continue the frontal attack on the do its. sole belgium's them all together if you feel or and this has to be here look at all this. or get told to beat you over do again this famous and do you know why. the best team. against a good team. needs that's the. ideal for them. there is the real and it's. not bad for me that my play is a go on the whole evening. and it's germany. and germany is germany
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and so. one more summer final for germany. look at two thirds of americans that we grew up with. it would be a shame to be jim in the. us by this time the already strained recess or the sea. is goes on really dishes so we can let you know. much expertise from. this is. for more of the manchester united managers predictions you can head to our team dot com also if you think you know better you can challenge him just head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tag match marino well fefe president gianni infantino has been taking part in
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a kickabout in moscow before football's world body meets on wednesday member nations are expected to vote on the host for the two thousand and twenty six world cup or he's a leg he has a funny look at the two competing bids. the joint u.s. mexico and canada bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup looks like a done deal at least on paper the north american bid seoul rival morocco barely passed the features a valuation scoring two point seven overall against for salem's and accommodation in morocco were considered high risk the african country would need to invest a whopping sixteen billion dollars into infrastructure to host that event and the projected revenue of the north american world cup is two times bigger. the twenty twenty six bid is well presented and strong in terms of government commitments but would need to build most of its tournament related and going to infrastructure the
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united twenty twenty six bid on the other hand has promising levels of infrastructure already in place and fully operational but there is one obstacle on the world cup journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the us president introduced a travel ban for a number of arab countries yeah we probably will be gone by twenty twenty six but you never know. due to new entry regulations that are currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant risks to discrimination free entry to the country he is also building a wall on the border with a country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever . know mexico will never pay for
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a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is. is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not whole country for one donald trump isn't there for as it. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the u.s. and now add that to the football federation's of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse. the u.s.
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has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobby against the u.s. bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today's feet on the gianni in front dinos rain is going through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into a voting for the us alexy russia ski. the opening match of the two thousand and eighteen world cup russia versus saudi arabia kicks off on thursday at moscow's luzhniki stadium and throughout the one month and one day long term and we will be in every host city giving you a taste of the action. plain
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clothes the the the. the end the was a and the. the player. chose seemed wrong why don't we all just don't hold. any. yet to shake out just because the ticket and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. the legacy call guys are the winners the legacy oil guys are the winners the legacy all central bankers are the winners innovation you dynamism the constitution the bill of rights these are the losers in this america. this is boom bust broadcasted around the world from right here in washington d.c. i'm part children thank you for joining us coming up in singapore president prompt
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a north korean leader kim jong un sign a document today asserting that the u.s. president would provide security guarantees to the north koreans in exchange for the north korean leaders unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula what does the rest of the agreement say and what would a reduction in tensions and ending of sanctions mean we'll get to all of it starting with the international attorney and trade policy expert in week three a wealthy who is standing by and artie alex behala betrothal joins us to look at the economic opportunities that could come about if we got rid of the north korean sanctions particularly with regard to an important hand korean pipeline plus there's new data out today is the consumer price index increased at its fastest pace in six years and the u.s. federal reserve open market committee begins two days of meeting last danielle de martino both about it and about other economic indicators to catch up on exactly where the u.s.
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economy stands and what to expect for the remainder of the year all that directly ahead but first let's get to a few headlines. amazon has come back to win a second round in the battle in seattle on affordable housing we reported here on the push for a so-called amazon tax and seattle to fund affordable housing and homeless services yesterday guest of the show seattle council member seamus to want tweeted that the mayor and city council plans to repeal the tax entirely at a meeting today this is all happening as we were going to air a proposed tax cap that five hundred dollars per employee at companies with over twenty million dollars in local revenues provoked amazon to threaten to scale back a major downtown construction project the tax was then reduced to two hundred seventy five dollars per worker and passed unanimously but amazon starbucks and other large companies led by the local chamber of congress hit back by funding a referendum to repeal the tax now only councilwoman so want and one other member
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of the nine person council say they will vote against repeal of the amazon tax even as housing advocates say seattle remains in a severe housing crisis we'll have more on this story in the coming days. and bad news on climate as china's carbon emissions are set to rise at their fastest rate in six years according to a new report from greenpeace the environmental group examined official chinese statistics on emissions from manufacturing of call cement oil and gas the researchers found that carbon emissions from those sectors rose four percent in the first quarter of the year china is estimated to account for roughly one quarter of global carbon emissions carbon dioxide emissions global carbon emissions rose in twenty seventeen after three flat years experts say getting china to turn the corner and greenhouse gas emissions is critical to mitigating global warming and climate change in related news the us national oceanic and atmospheric administration announced that the planet has just experienced the hottest month of
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may ever recorded the average temperature for may was five point two degrees fahrenheit above the historical average. and is singapore president trump a north korean leader kim jong il who did a lot of handshaking and backed flapping amid the historic meeting and they signed a document today asserting that the us president would provide security guarantees the north koreans in exchange for the north korean leaders unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula security guarantees were not detailed in the document in fact not a lot with details but what does the rest of the agreement say it isn't too long and just contains a four bullet points so we'll put it up on the screen it says the united states and the d.p. r. k. that's the de democratic people's republic of korea a misnomer but we'll leave it at that for now say they commit to establish new u.s.
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d.p. r. k. relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity simple enough united states and the d.p. r. k. will join their efforts to build a lasting as they. peace regime in the korean peninsula all good kudos if that can occur and reaffirming the april twenty three twenty eighteen penman jim declaration the d.p. r. k. commits to work towards complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and that agreement is the agreement signed at the inner korean summit by kim jong un and south korean president moon j. in in late april about peace prosperity and unification of the korean peninsula and the fourth bullet is the united states and the d.p. r. k. commit to recovery m.i.a. remains including the intermediate repartition of those already identified fair enough but what does it all really mean we are joined by international attorney and trade expert in wilkie thank you so much for coming back we really appreciate it what's your overall general take on this thanks for having me back bart good to be
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here i think this. was a mixed bag at best the united states president donald trump gave away a lot by even meeting with the leader of a second rate dictatorship who imprisoned his citizens for political crimes and assassinate people with w m d in foreign capitals so at first blush my response to today's communique will regain a lot on our underwhelming on the so let's talk about the specifics i mean if we can denuclearize if somehow the way but somebody could help denuclearize north korea that's a great game great game but it is a game that north koreans play to draw these things out secretary cohen former defense secretary william cohen and former u.s. senator said is this could take ten years so this is not something that's going to happen anytime soon figuring out where all these places they would need to denuclearize this is a long game they're playing right this is
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a long game even up to fifteen years if you take the word of a six freed hacker from stanford who's an even more ado. expert at the denuclearization technicalities what we have here is a country with a very well advanced missile program including a multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle intercontinental ballistic missile the wasan fifteen they're not going to give that missile up immediately nor are we aware of where these missiles are so denuclearization is a process that i surmise belongs with the e.a. and the united nations not with the united states much any to give you not correct we do not have the personnel or or the ability to get in and do a proper job of denuclearization verification ok now one of the things that the president said it wasn't in the agreement that i read for everybody but one of the
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things he said at a press conference was that they would stop these joint practices military practices war games the president called them with the south koreans now that is one of the things that north koreans really don't like and it seems to me you know the president talked about this was a really expensive thing but you know we do these things for a reason to be ready to confront a possible. conflict particularly when there is a nuclear threat there what do you make of that determination by the president to say that we're not going to do these war games anymore these war games have been going on really nonstop since the end of the korean war nine hundred fifty three so they're absolutely part and parcel of the defense relationship between south korea the republic of korea and the united states we shouldn't be stopping them unless we get something directly in exchange in return from north korea and i would posit that the thing we should obtain an exchange for canceling joy drills is the cancellation the permanent cancellation of rocket test the nuclear tests if donald
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trump had been smarter at the singapore summit he would have come home saying look at what we have here people were. stopping joint drills and he's stopping nuclear tests and mistakes as a real possibility that north korea will continue to actually test missiles i think there's absolutely that possibility particularly since they have the capacity to send satellites into space and they can say well we're just shooting up this rocket today to put satellites x. into space while it's actually giving them a lot of valuable data that they can you know their eyes she certainly make the present present trump look fairly silly let me ask you you know we talked a couple of weeks ago about sanctions and and more often than not they maybe don't work have they worked with regard to north korea in look at north korea today we have a north korea that is equipped with this missile i've been talking about that is able to reach chicago and possibly even this town we're sitting on a large lot and then to the bargaining table even if we're not striking the right
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bar sanctions blew up in our face in north korea they drove the north koreans closer to the chinese and russians so by by trying to punish them financially which the united states always reaches to first as its as its first tool we ended up geo politically moua lining them with with the russians and the chinese so i would say no sanctions have been counterproductive this is an economy that is not very subject such as iran to sanctions pressure or russia to sanctions pressure so they have not worked in north korea the way the united states and the united nations wished that they would have and we welcome international lawyer trade expert thank you sir for being here thank you very much appreciate it. and while we are a long way off some like i mentioned former defense secretary william cohen who says it could be a decade what would be a stable north korean peninsula mean in terms of economic opportunity one possible
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initiative we may see sooner than later is a shared gas pipeline between north and south korea and russia is hoping to cash in on that argues alex mahela bitches following the story and. ron and alex we are obviously in the very early stages the north and south korea having closer ties but you can be sure that the nations of the world are already looking at the potential benefits of a peaceful korean peninsula even if it takes a number of years tell us about this pipeline idea. we know that north korea is a resource rich in every way shape and form and just think about cellphones and all the rare minerals that they have up there but beyond that like this pipeline would be huge and of course russia's gazprom they've been on it they wanted to do this for a very long time there was a preliminary agreement signed between south korea and russia back in two thousand and eight it didn't really move forward since then to deliver gas from russia to south korea but to do this affectively you need a pipeline to go through north korea that's how you bring the prices down because
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you're delivering it with a pipeline and you bring it to one of the biggest markets in the world south korea doesn't have very many resources they're trying to get rid of their nuclear power plants are trying to push down on the coal and this is something that they really badly need we know south korea is a massive economy it's a powerhouse and just imagine put north korea south korea together wow then you have something that's almost unbeatable in that part of the world so looking at this this fact just what how hungry south korea is this would mean a lot not only to the koreas or south korea in particular but also to russia this is a huge market they've been doing a lot of business with south korea and obviously this means billions of dollars alex i mean you sort of mentioned how the koreans are viewing this but let me ask you. you know if the i don't know if you heard the conversation within wilkie but they're talking about how.


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