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it would do you not korea and if some effect on north korea along the way of the talks now means even the nuclearization to not be completed do you notice these hand on puno from now on or iran has expressed skepticism over the talks the country's foreign ministry advised gang to be vigilant when dealing with trump after he pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement with tehran. the us administration's failure to honor its commitments to others particularly the j c p a as an international agreement endorsed by a un resolution makes is watch mr trump and america's behavior with much pessimism for now we cannot be optimistic about their behavior and i think the north korean government should deal with this issue very carefully the united states is not the sort of country that anyone can trust as the iranians know quite well that j c p o
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a was an agreement that iran made many sacrifices for iran shut down much of its peaceful nuclear program a legitimate nuclear program so under these circumstances i think the iranians have a very good reason to be skeptical and the north koreans should be careful even though iran has very good relations with south korea more extensive relations but the united states is dangerous. the group of railway workers in paris has attempted to storm a t.v. channel accusing it of anti-union propaganda. was a two one hundred workers who tried to enter the metropole television building and were stopped by police it comes after more than two months of transport strikes across france over the government's labor reforms the channel has drawn widespread anger over its coverage of the strikes. german chancellor angela merkel has
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rejected a plan from her own interior minister to reduce the inflow of asylum seekers are to put it all over as more. what we were expecting on tuesday was that horse and the whole forward deliver what is being called his migration master plan then as the tuesday progressed we realized that wasn't going to happen the plan itself essential e even though it is hearing incredibly detail essentially means that germany would be able to turn away migrants out the border that should be the responsibility of the not the e.u. nation to look after seems very simple no that is not and that has caused a huge run in between angle of merkel. for the interior minister as we understand it at the moment the author is refusing to budge from his position on this but it comes at a time when the whole asylum process is very much under the microscope here in germany just last week
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a failed asylum application was arrested in iraq after fleeing germany know he is the main suspect in the brutal rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl in the city of mind a lot of questions being asked over just why this person who'd failed in his our application for asylum was still in the country at the time of this of this fourteen year old girls killing now this isn't just a split that in germany though over what to do over the migration policy it is an e.u. wide split in some sense we've seen italy come forward and say they weren't going to accept a a ship in the mediterranean that was full of migrants now that move was strongly criticized by the french prime minister. to get spain has indicated it's ready to welcome the boat we happy to hear that and i tell you mr deputy that we obviously are ready to help the spanish authorities and examine the situation of those on the boat who wish to apply for refugee status you cause the whole affair is trying to
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circle some allies across europe we've heard from the italian foreign ministry saying that. he needs his opposite number in rome that they will be having meetings on immigration in the near future we also know that the austrian chancellor sebastien curtseys in berlin for meetings will also fit in a meeting on wednesday with mr hoffa on this issue but this is where it comes to a point this isn't just stay. off the problem this is a germany e.u. problem as well because at the end of the month angle a merkel goes to brussels for the big summit where she's got to try and convince other nations to get on board and show united front in her migration overhaul that she wants to see even sweden and denmark and of the netherlands have entranced. their systems against the. illegal immigration so i think the
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german government has to do as well according to the majority open opinion among other european member states and i think that and zero seven knows this very well and she is on the up and therefore in that kind of search. in the end there will be a kind of a compromise but miss very strong influence of the of the variances the party of the. city or. the british government has narrowly avoided an embarrassing a defeat on a key bragg's a bill in parliament lawmakers were being offered a so-called meaningful vote on how the u.k. will leave the e.u. the bill was passed by a narrow margin meaning a prime minister theresa may may be forced to make future concessions meanwhile a wealthy businessman who bankrolled the leave you campaign in two thousand and sixteen has been questioned over his alleged links to russia and he reports on the
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parliamentary inquiry to be detained it's well at this questioning was all proud of the british government's fake news inquiry which has set out back in two. n.t. seventeen really off the back of the trump of russia allegations and politicians in the media here in the u.k. started asking the question could russia have had a hand in bragg's it and today it was arran banks's turn in the hot seat banks's a millionaire businessman who turned into a political jonah and he had funded the u.k. party here in the u.k. for a while and then he funded this big leave dot edu campaign so for a lot of people he's seen as sort of the the person that bankrolled brags that and he's sort of styled him himself as the bad boy of brags that he even wrote a book with that name and over the weekend several newspapers splashed these big stories saying that he had quote repeated contact with russian officials in the run up to the referendum but arran banks once he was in that room with that committee
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today he really batted away those allegations and he was quite adversarial as well he pointed out that the committee was made up exclusively of politicians that had wanted to stay in the european union and he said things like parliament is actually the biggest source of fake news here in britain this is for history the point is that you be the guardian for this as we see this lead in headlong and that you know another you. say you're talking to believe well it's going to be true but then because what happens is that they're the greatest page fifty form if it at the bottom of the weather they don't publish those websites so you said that you want to be especially. with you that you have see another set of the great many cases goods but the juicy bits of the hearing were about the big scary russia story that as one of the parliamentary committee members
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referred to it the booty pics. rocio. to find my own. good i get the point that you give those of the best in the system and have a drink with you you get the sense that there are e-mails that the this is what i mean this relationship with for quite some time. and. what we were. going to get to this post hoping for a good lunch was from the getting from the to the media really good use of the business what was the best with us from the depths of the bottom line according to our and banks is that he is the target of a witch hunt in the media it was a pretty combative meeting between the braggs it bankroller and the parliamentary committee and i have to say it was really sort of illustrated in the way that
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he ended up leaving that hearing today i'm just going to leave you to enjoy or quickness of it because nothing actually g c seven minutes of i need to do nothing over forty but because of the. specificity before i put it up because i know that you seventy five minutes interview from what he wants to. push is not to be great if it is good for business exists because if you are in the woods and want to live with the mentality of meeting new people into new. games and sort of unique it's radio host john gone to told us the allegations against aaron banks are groundless. when you see the headline here imagine that mr banks has been in moscow again and again and again he went to moscow once there's been three meetings when you actually read the details the story he is a very successful businessman some people say he's a millionaire i'm sure he reads also people i mean is famously pictured outside the
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list the escalator to donald trump's apartment with knowledge of for us he has many contacts this is another story where they're trying to bash russia and bashing the democrats need to say well seventeen point four million people who voted for bricks it. switching gears now national football teams are descending on russia for the fifa world cup which starts less than forty eight hours from now the latest squads are to arrive are england ahead of their opening game on monday against to tunisia and the world champions germany who play mexico on sunday meanwhile there is some good news for egypt there is star man mohamed saleh has returned to training he suffered a shoulder injury in the recent champions league final and it was unclear whether he would be able to play in russia however the liverpool striker striker is still
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currently unlikely to feature in opening game against it will go on friday. meanwhile the brazil squad has been finding time for a bit of fun some of the players are chose an unusual way of saying happy birthday to two of their fellow teammates pelting them with eggs and flour at the end of a training session star player neymar was apparently the ringleader of that. one person who will closely be following neymar as i progress is former russia striker andre are shaaban he is optimistic about his own country's chances but he picked out brazil and france as two of the outstanding teams in the tournament. and that's strong through qualify for the states. i think from. a lot of talent to play this and. that. and then i think. to make something special on the pitch. the french
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fans are out in force and russia they went to see their team train outside moscow and came up with quite an inventive terrorist chant. oh my god yes it was. in case that joke was lost on you the french movie star. is in fact a citizen of russia and a president of iran which is one of the host cities during the training session there were plenty of children in the stands getting into the world cup spirit we ask of the fans how far they think their country can go in the tournament will lead to the semifinal i'll be disappointed if we don't make it to the final but. i think that we can get to the fore know although i'm not sure i could say when. we want to when we want to second stuff. well supporters seem to be undeterred by some of the more alarmist media coverage about security in russia police from
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thirty three countries are working together to keep everyone safe and for foreign fans to hear a language they understand during their stay on tuesday a joint international police center was opened to based at a police academy in a suburb of moscow security personnel will share intelligence aimed at keeping crowds peaceful we heard from some of the officers. russian flu go. in don't think so. in the. police the east room. for police with. russian police. who just ensure that communication between the russian police announced around the right behavior will be expected with friends and i feel sure the police can do with any issues if you come up around the fence you might feel they're suffering the discrimination meanwhile our very own r.t.a. host and one of the best minds in the game just say i'm ready and you know has been
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making his predictions last week he picked the countries to make it out of the group stages now he maps out who he believes will be the last four standing. ok lars gets even harder for portugal why of course the scores because of my heart but it's. rid itself and that's been spain again this russia has seen through a shit like you in the door because it was really. fantastic to me a little from this i guess nigeria and i would say. the front is just to win and these are the sins in australia. that i'm going to leave because i cannot
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think this whole brazil mexico. or like. brazil tim szymon these switzerland's. get. even with poland and with the news in the quarter for them the belgium sin they will like good enough to continue the course of from the will to kind of do its. so building this. all together if you feel have to be here look at. this world for a good deal to beat you over to a girl. and deal with. the place. that's the. girl for the. love that's for me that number is if you're leaving. germany. there's only
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just. so. one more serious trouble for germany. because to south america the big rivals brazil and others seem to be ashamed to be germany. that's by this time it will be already straining religious or with the sea. of trade religion is getting really additional so we can let you know. of so much expertise from jews and maybe people don't miss it. before more of the manchester united manager has predictions ahead to r t dot com also if you think you know better you can challenge him just head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tag match moreno if you for president giani infantino has been taking part in a kick about in moscow before football's world body meets on wednesday member
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nations are expected to vote on the host for the two thousand and twenty six world cup and he's like see your show ski has his own unique looks at the two competing bids. the joint u.s. mexico and canada bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup looks like a done deal at least on paper the north american bid seoul rival morocco barely passed the features a valuation scoring two point seven overall against for say games and accommodation in morocco were considered high risk the african country would need to invest a whopping sixteen billion dollars into infrastructure to host that event and the projected revenue of the north american world cup is two times bigger. the twenty twenty six bid is well presented and strong in terms of government commitments but would need to build most of its tournament related and going to infrastructure the united twenty twenty six bid on the other hand has promising levels of
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infrastructure already in place and fully operational but there is one obstacle on the world cup journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the us president introduced a travel ban for a number of arab countries yeah it probably will be gone by twenty twenty six but you never know. due to new entry regulations the currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant risks to discrimination free entry to the country is also building a wall on the border with a country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever . know mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's
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a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is. is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not whole country for one donald trump isn't there for us that. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the u.s. and now add that to the football federations of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse. the u.s. has put together
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a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobby against the u.s. bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today is on the gianni in front dinos rain is going through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into voting for the us election russia ski r.t. the opening match of the two thousand and eighteen world cup russia versus saudi arabia kicks off on the thursday at moscow's luzhniki stadium and throughout of the one month and one day long term it we will be in every host city giving you a taste of the action this is our two international.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each round is and spending to get to the twenty million fly. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so will more chance with. the case it's going to. be.
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ratings and salutation. i don't think you need me to tell you that history was made this week oct watchers yes u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong finally made good on their promise of reaching some sort of an agreement to end hostilities and deep nuclearize north korea. now i know after the war of words and the words of war between the two leaders in the last minute cancellation of the meeting room in the lead in the weeks leading up to tuesday's historic summit i wouldn't i wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that this would never happen but it did it even brought dennis rodman the tears it's amazing according to
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a joint letter signed by trump and kim the united states and the d.p. r. k. will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime in the korean peninsula now as part of that agreement north korea has reaffirmed its commitment to working toward a complete denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula and in what one would you know assumed to be a show of good faith u.s. president trump agreed to call off the war games the united states and south korea had scheduled for this summer sounds reasonable to me hey you know but. yeah apparently not apparently not but it is a significant concession and it's interesting for the president of the united states to refer to u.s. south korean joint military exercises as provocative because really that's the point of view of the north koreans if we withdraw our forces and that's part of the deal i can't support the deal that will lead to more conflict not less our forces in south korea are stabilizing asia they're trying to drive
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a side of asia china it is and that would be a bad deal and those military exercises serve multiple purposes not only do they deter aggression by the north but they serve other interests in the asian pacific region so i think taking those off the table is going to be to the detriment of american national security. yes according to your friendly neighborhood military industrial complex cheerleaders the ending of war games or you know cause for bid removing the u.s. military from everyone's backyard as i guess you know far far far more destabilizing in terrible for a region. i don't know nuclear war i guess. well i'll let you decide which which you think makes more sense as we start watching the hawks. but you get the. real thing with. the bottom. like you know that i got. with.
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the. critics i. welcome aboard the watch of the hawks i am tired of the term and after a while it's. even dennis rodman brought to you dennis was a tears over all this with you know look you know hey we don't want to do stabilizes the cream from them slow or asia as a whole if we stop war games that would just be the end of the world. i guess right word games war war war and. pretty much everything but i think it's very strange and it's very strange to have this idea and it's reminiscent of of when obama was running. and ultimately was running for reelection as well what kept
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coming up is this idea of you can't talk to dictators without preconditions like oh my god he's going to he likes to talk to dictators remember it was all obama love dictators just because he said we need to talk in order to get peace and now all of a sudden it's the the script is completely flipped and you've got everyone you know fox news and everyone on the right saying like oh what a great job on look at everyone tarred to the heroes they are people who scream that we shouldn't go and look none of us up you're necessarily everybody in my personal opinion that it was up your parents of donald trump i don't support i don't you guys are already raised about am i what i support a piece and i support the use at all costs i know that's a weird thing to say i mean just to give an example stevens jim acosta tweeted out jim. trump said he gave up nothing in the summit with kim jong un suspending military exercises with south korea is not nothing thank you jim thank you i mean that's war oh it is and you know it let's not forget how expensive these war games
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i was talking about millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars that could be going to help our own people train for new jobs in manufacturing or feed or spend it on our immigration courts but why would we do that why would it doesn't make sense as order of it looked you know for those of you out there who are you know maybe you're on the fence about the whole canceling of war games or you know or a small nuclear exchange or stopping war you know you know these things are on the fence according to global zero even a regional war of one hundred killer detonations were produced by terror grams of black soot tara grams as five mill he kilograms that would rise up in the earth's atmosphere and block the sunlight there is of course to produce a sudden drastic drop in global temperatures that would last longer than twenty five years and especially destroy much over this protective ozone layer yes for
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a small nuclear that i would rather have no wargames as a concession then you know or kim jong un and you know their minds saying hey maybe we should just push the button yet no i would i would like that to not be how is it this is not a normal thing for people to sit and we don't really don't think about it's all or it's all in theory it's not human lives north koreans aren't people there are just these dolls that we know it's provocative it's this it's that you pointed out something amazing about this deal and you know the work of that that i have done covering it is an. organization like watch try to find and i especially from the korean war and to still going on technically and north korea one of the four points that was made that. donald trump actually got on the table was. the p.o.w. . working with in order to bring back the remains of soldiers
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that may have died on that soldier people that were lost and one of the things we were talking director of defense p.o.w. m.i.a. accounting office. actually said we're in close communication at the white house with the defense department of defense of the department of state that this mission will be part of the dialogue and i think what's interesting about this as people don't think about our report that was that was a major issue that he ran on and that's a big issue is bringing people ending that war and bringing people home and to me is is one good thing it doesn't erase any of the other things it doesn't mean i'm here whatever but. you know i don't want to forget before we before we run out of time on this story is that something else is not being talked about while we're kind of talking. i want to just real quick before we had that going is that this there's a joint military partnership between the u.s. an addict i'm sorry it was not a dictatorship i'm sorry it's a monarchy and saudi arabia that. both the u.n.
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and the red cross have announced the this week that they'll be evacuating staff from the yemeni port. in advance of what they know is going to be saudi and united arab emirates led coalition invasion they're planning on bombing the port the last remaining port and so this is why we don't we want to avoid for even if it is. from the top of. the united states immigration system is underfunded under resourced and saddled with political pandering disguised as policy we haven't had meaningful immigration reform for over thirty years despite the fact that the democrat demographics of the country have changed dramatically but the needs of our economy are wildly different than they were in one thousand nine hundred eighty six but because of this discriminatory policy is once again quietly being slipped into our law books on monday june eleventh attorney general jeff sessions abandoned it two thousand and sixteen decision by the justice department.


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