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how all that should be dealt with it's the police authorities and so on and in russia who are in charge of security obviously we are in contact with them we can share with them the experience that we have teeth. from previous events the coronations contacts council if you look for example where russia is also part as well as all other european countries have a specific task forces in terms of security because you know you can always learn and make things better so this is all taken very much into account and and we think we have an active role in contributing to that was what you said before you don't seize of his future president but you are you also a private person and a football fan so when when you plan your schedule for the world cup how is it importantly watching all the all the teams play at some point yes and i'm
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going to do that yes i'm i'm planning to to watch all the teams and to be in all the venues at least once. then yes i can see this is that's doable but it's doable eleven hours however duty and that's that the day is sometimes too much as per day . but. i must do it i want to do that i want to see those i want to experience it it's a it's a fantastic ok asian and it's also a question of respect for those who were participating you know the future president has to be there it's very clear we we had a bit of a debate when we did the things i came in in moscow with joe and since then you you have announced that it's going to be part of the world cup but it's also been written into the laws of football yes so why now. why you know because. we tested it. for two years.
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and because the results of the tests were cuckoos if and have managed to convince us that we should make this step this is what we have decided to years ago well let's test it for two years and in two years if it works if we are committed it works people in the laws of the game and everyone can and have a competition or has a kind of decide if he wants to use it or not. personally i was. very skeptical i have to say at the beginning i did not really believe that. it could work because i was afraid about the flow of the game and interruptions of these kind of things. but on the other side you know for decades everyone was saying well we should have some video for the referees and so on and
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so forth and it's true that. in two thousand and eighteen if everyone in front of his t.v. or inside the stadium with his mobile phone knows of within a few seconds whether the press committed a big mistake and the only one who doesn't know it is the referee himself we make something wrong and the referee does noise not because he doesn't want to annoy it but because we prohibit him from the point but everyone else knows it. it's not right it doesn't feel right so we had to make these tests i have to say that i was i completely changed my mind and convinced that it's the right thing personally to do but whatever my position is generally. considered that it's the right thing to do because of the results of the tests with essie there around one thousand matches with more than one thousand matches over matches not presently sufficient matches and the result has been that without v.a.r.
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. there would have been or there was one clear mistake of a referee every three games with we are there is one clear mistake over every every nineteen games. the accuracy. of example the a curacy of the decision we followed the. ease of ninety three percent of the referee's decision which is already extremely high ninety percent of those things are correct. we three are these percentage goes up to ninety nine percent so two hundred percent but it's ninety nine better than ninety three when it goes to the interruption to the flow of the game. one of the statistics there which has really culture my my attention which i was not aware of the world is that actually in every match we lose seven minutes for steroids.
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seven minutes throwing doesn't decide anything else well you were able to destroy the sites again. it put in fifteen seconds on freaking yes but minutes that they are is one minute per game. and they decide the gate so we can lose one mate per game if this has an impact on the result. first so it's been two years since you. an interesting time i assume what was what's it been like a very interesting time a very challenging time the last two years with me incredible incredible experiences of course refocus thief on football has been the most important achieve thing and challenged that we had obviously reforms to be
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implemented but more than that i think we have we've been really focusing on the full believe element done not investment in development programs with the photo program all around the world on. new for my part of the world cup with forty eight teams of twenty twenty six to give to participate focusing on women's football focusing on news football focusing on the club world cup where we study is even more the number one sport all over the walls a lot of good ideas and you focus on the global but the fact that you need people to implement all this is present been a big challenge to get the right people in and i do there now with the right organization or we're working to change organization because we have to change the culture as well of the organization from the top being i would white organization and it brings additional challenges as well in terms of cultures of mentalities of
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people and what they want to do here and fever is really also in the administration to bring people from all over the world because this. is maybe at the beginning a bit more complicated because you need to understand each other but it is also enriching an organization like this is maybe the the biggest difference because before you were employed to lead you if and now you are elected to to lead the world of football that you have to you have to look at all the diversity all the cultural differences and you have to sort of make sure there's common ground that's absolutely right that is the main the main difference is not just about executing isn't just about being mostly an operational function but it's much much wider than that and it is worldwide and who is important all over the world and wherever you go. in the world whether it's in east asia south
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africa or in the caribbean's wherever there are challenges and the response for football and you have to take all of this into account and then the same time if to keep your line and do things because if you go for the lowest common denominator you don't do anything we don't want personally is a keyword travelling the world to experience different ways of passion would have been surprised. of is it's really the passion of existing countries which i would never have expected like we have now to the enemies national team on the twenty three arrived second in the asian cup and the way they celebrated the team when it came back it took them five hours from the airport to the city center with millions of fans and in the streets. that has been just just an amazing
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experience and. speaking to be enemies people what they were telling me what football brought them in terms of joy and pride for the whole country. one hundred million people living enough has been great for four hundred twenty three tournament so it shows that the impact and power of football beyond boundaries and beyond look what we can imagine is that that the thinking behind the expanding of the next world cup. that the countries like vietnam all experienced peace and do really well in youth level they actually get opportunities to get into the work and playing yes that's that's exactly the purpose and they on one side i think we all witness all of us that the level of football generally all over the world is is growing the passion for football is asian thanks to media is. also everywhere in the world now if these teams were growing. qualify for the
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usual cups who make even some interesting results never have a chance to qualify for the main world cup just because of how the history has developed and the slots per can for the nation are. and have historically been being awarded well then we don't do what our main job is which is to develop football because we all know that the best catalyst for developing this success example i'm always giving is you know imagine that match last qualification edge and you your striker. is in front of the goalkeeper and shoots and his opposed and the ball goes out the team is eliminated it's a big big disaster in the country for the country doesn't qualify for the world cup the coach will be sacked the president of that federation has to leave the kids
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they go to play rugby or other sports cricket or god knows whether other than football but if they say striker instead of hitting the post well he's still the ball in the mall and does it to the net and you win that match in the ninety's minute changes the complete landscape of the country from october when the last majesté plays until june when the world cup starts you have an enthusiasm in the country the coaches the hero the present the federation is a genius because they hired that course the players are all gods because they brought you to the world cup. and so on those and just this just because of a coincidence because of a goal or a post that that can change the perception of people to football and we need to foster they said we need to foster the joy of trouble to give i'm smiling because i've been there yeah i've been exactly in that situation i think i was a main character there and i'm just kind of hoping that this forty eight team idea would have happened back then. it would have been. on
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a more personal. like me you. son of immigrants left it in and came to switzerland my father was polish came to denmark so how is that journey been for you we use enough said right at the top of the footballing world that some journey has quite that's quite a journey that's right and i think to some extent being. the son of immigrants or being an immigrant. helps as well because you grew up embracing different cultures different languages. and tearing into conflicts which existed in these times even more. than in switzerland certainly. and you're into it and you have to
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find always you know ways to get along who has always helped. to find dialogue to find ways to provide humans and fight as well but to to to bring together in the village were where i grew up where i was born i grew up this way said the dahlia and communities around around the bowl and the rival matches do you think. so this openness for diversity in different cultures and that is helping you in the president. yes i'm convinced that this is this is helping when you are part of a minority in a place you and you want to be heard or you want a means of value of something well you need to have better arguments than the others or at least that's the feeling you get but you need also to listen to the
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majority and and to understand the different dynamics so it opens certainly or your mind so that helps than when you grow to recognize that what people in different places think different they take differently they have different traditions and different. mentalities and and there's a car natural. that comes to they quite natural to me today yes when did it not well. well. it was growing and and with with a different fight we were having all the time you develop and you understand that it's not always you know your way or the way of your community that is the right one for from that point of your what we have seen already and what we can see what football can can move for example it's been about development of women's football
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in some countries and i went to iran to speak about development of women's football with president rouhani now and criticized in western europe for going to iraq and speaking to the president of iran but for me as he thought president i don't go and if i don't speak to the president of iran and to the authorities there about women's football and women's access instead of who is going to do it what do we achieve if we just criticize if we just disappeared if we just argue if we block if we boycott what do we achieve in chief nothing if we go if we dialogue maybe we achieve only a little bit but even a little bit is better than nothing and maybe which is nothing but at least we keep the dialogue and the discussion open and maybe one day we achieve or our successes or whether we'll achieve something thanks to my philosophy has always been and will always be like this because also us as we were saying before i grew up this way and
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switzerland as a country gives you this opportunity you know to to grow and to make your way and to argue and to convince sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less but but certainly always with an open mind set the very hardest question i say that the last it's really not in the world cup. in three or finish here so so growing our. speaking is it five languages you speak perfect more or less. up in switzerland where you have influence from to germany to france and everywhere . and they're all there you know you have the whole. who is going to support that's a tough one i support the referee so. far so good one hope no good the referees team will succeed by it's tough it's tough i think the wall dismissing and we'll miss you in the world cup the odds already are like your ideas as well
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you know these these traditional teams who have made a story of the world cup. but the thirty two best up after that so how this and it ties in with with your idea about the smaller countries must have an opportunity yes so the bigger country needs a nice to say they need to stay and the game they conscious expect so but you still haven't answered my question which team i was supposed yeah. that mark i've really got one i would love that we would love that to see you in every every three at the beginning and then the next three as well and then obviously you are going to get us the final so excited that i would do that was sure so. i want to thank you very much and a very interesting everything so thank you very much for spending this time from now i think brilliant thank you.
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you know world a big part of. us and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig. to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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to their kids seem completely stable boy tonight nobody will support no proof because. it's not. going to. move on which i didn't get showed up to move this because i'm listening to nicholson to be a good show which the certainly must. not so much because i consider as a constant basis. a money others. financial survival guide i don't buy any i'm on
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a few. things on the fly. as a last of my ex in the future so crocker was kaiser. it's just one day left before taking us from all over the world start to compete in russia's twenty eighteen world cup but one winner is said to be announced today wednesday is free for me right now to decide who is going to host the tournament way ahead in twenty twentieth's. coming to in part two of our championship special manchester united manager jose marino predicts who will make it to the semifinals. after the story somewhere in singapore donald from starts a new era in relations with north korea but questions are being raised with pyongyang can actually trust washington.
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on wednesday morning here in moscow live from artie's h.q. it's kevin i am with you a very good morning for me holds good your end so then it's just about with us the main event of the football calendar the fee for world cup set to kick off here in russia just one day's time with everyone from players to fans and referees geared up for the competition the opening match will take place here in moscow on thursday between the host russia and saudi arabia. but before all the action heard over the next four weeks or so the imminent task for the organizers to perform right now that's looking ahead to which countries can be lucky enough to host the world cup in twenty twenty six it takes that much planning the vote is due today of the coming hours right here in moscow the bids
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between morocco the joint bid by the u.s. canada mexico. going to take place warning to you whoever gets it it's a massive financial logistic huge commitment for any of the host country building here. oh absolutely as we can see in russia's example but it also means a lot of joy as we can now witness in the streets of moscow and other russian cities even before the world cup officially kick started but before the ball is kicked at luzhniki there's a fee for congress to take place today has just begun and it's the sixty eighth annual meeting and if you think of football as a country this would be probably equated to the most important parliamentary meeting in that country now gianni for president as a man of many talents we saw him strut his stuff on the football pitch yesterday against legends from across the world today he will be presiding over what looks to be what could be here is an alternate. for congress as the organizations president
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election is next year and that will be obviously the most important thing then but today the most important thing is choosing the country which would host the twenty twenty six world cup in eight years there are only two countries eligible to fight for that right that is the morocco and also the north american bid which unites the united states mexico and canada on paper it looks like the north americans will get the right to host the twenty twenty six world cup but there could be some unexpected twists and turns in that tale and here is my explain as to what could potentially be there. the joint u.s. mexico and canada bid. host the twenty twenty six world cup looks like a done deal at least on paper the north american bids sole rival morocco barely passed the feat as evaluation scoring two point seven overall against four stadiums and accommodation in morocco were considered high risk the african country would
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need to invest a whopping sixteen billion dollars into infrastructure to host that event and the projected revenue of the north american world cup is two times bigger the twenty twenty six bid is well presented and strong in terms of government commitments but would need to build most of its tournament related and going to infrastructure the united twenty twenty six bid on the other hand has promising levels of infrastructure already in place and fully operational but there is one obstacle on the world cup's journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the us president introduced a travel ban for a number of arab countries yeah it probably will be gone by twenty twenty six but you never know due to new entry regulations the currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant
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risks to discrimination free entry to the country he is also building a wall on the border with a country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever . no mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not whole country for one donald trump is their president. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than
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half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the us and now add that to the football federation's of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse the u.s. has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobbying against the us bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today's feed on the giani in frontin as rain is going through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into
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a voting for the us. alexi russia ski r.t. and the thought about this the twenty twenty six world cup is going to be the biggest since the tournament began in one nine hundred thirty it's going to consist of forty eight teams that sixteen more than the current format football consultant and former fee for communications director walter did gregorio earlier told collin bray is expectations for the vote today. is it easier to try and host this massive tournament in place or does it make more sense to try and absolutely absolutely want to and this would be kind of the yawn a factor in our the need to go to morocco already when you have one single country but different states it is very complicated and you can imagine if you have three different legal systems in all. it's for sure more more complicated than if you have one single country either the end of the money is talking and if you see the
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forecast is more than fourteen billion u.s. dollars for four for the united bid and i think seven billion still enough but it's half for the more. i think that there will be the main reason for a lot of voters to go for united no doubt there's also been some extreme lobbying going on from each of the big hopes of. dalton been trying to get the african nations on side morocco jumped out in front in that do you think has the upper hand in terms of trying to wrestle votes or at least support or you just mentioned trump you know for me trump was the best campaigner for morocco and. i don't want to quote what he said about the africans but i think. he was not very helpful let's put it like that for the united bit and it might be difficult for some countries to vote. for the united bit purely
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because of geopolitical reasons and because of the trump and miss ration that will be for sure something negative for united bit. all right well that's looking forward to the vote let's go back to the big event come up over the next four weeks the russia world cup here the host cities are welcoming all the football supporters of arrived early to watch the teams train before the competition starts fans from france for example came up with quite an inventive terrorist to encourage their teams along. oh. didn't get that joke french movie star. in fact of course he's a citizen of france he's a resident of surrounds and surrounds because one of the host cities the supporters really getting into the spirit of things we are fans from france them what their hopes were for their. lead up to send a final call be disappointed if we don't make it to the final. i think that we can
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get to the fore know although i'm not sure i could say. we want to win we want a second star you know it's got the right as a citizen of russia as joint citizenship while most international fans arrived in russia by plane some decided to challenge themselves and use some unexpected means of transport. our first claim to be in there were. two years ago i have the first match. with. the first match but the other ticket has finished.


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