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affectively you need a pipeline to go through north korea that's how you bring the prices down because you're delivering it with a pipeline and you bring it to one of the biggest markets in the world south korea doesn't have very many resources they're trying to get rid of their nuclear power plants are trying to push down on the coal and this is something that they really badly need we know south korea is a massive economy it's a powerhouse and just imagine put north korea south korea together wow then you have something that's almost unbeatable in that part of the world so looking at this this fact just what how hungry south korea is this would mean a loss not only to the koreas or south korea in particular but also to russia this is a huge market they've been doing a lot of business with south korea and obviously this means billions of dollars alex i mean you sort of mentioned how the koreans are viewing this but let me ask you. you know if the i don't know if you heard the conversation within wilkie but they're talking about how president trump said that they're going to stop the we're
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going to stop the joint military exercises with south korea i guess my question is how do you think the south koreans are looking at the possibility of increased economic development with the same at the same time this looming potential security threat and the u.s. pulling out of these joint military exercises what's your take alex well first of all you have to wonder what is the real threat here i mean these military exercises themselves have always raised tensions on the korean peninsula so once these exercises go away it's actually a good thing everybody kind of melos out so i mean that's from that potential and then when you're looking at the economic potentials are happening and it comes from the horse's mouth we heard from a top level korean politician and here's a quote from them and this is talking about just about the gas that they need this is the foreign minister tang kyung was and she said should the security situation on the korean peninsula improve will be. to review the pipeline natural gas
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business involving the two koreas in russia so they're talking about the two koreas this pipeline has not been built simply because of the tensions that have been there with tensions there you have that possibility of the north always shutting down the pipeline but if they're working together just imagine what you can have here especially once you have trade between these two koreas never mind a pipeline coming from russia and then that whole east asia part develops the eastern part of russia the asian part of russia china there's a lot of business that could be had here we know that that just between the trade just between russia and south korea has gone up forty percent just last year so this is happening north korea is in the middle of this all and they can take advantage of this and we know a prosperous north korea if you see a prosperous north korea you're going to see a stable peninsula there spend a stable korean peninsula anywhere you turn it countries that are making money seem to be a little bit better off also when it comes to stability these are these war games i mean it's been nonsense a lot of countries from the outside looking in have been thinking you know what
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there this is just not help the situation at all and for them to go away i think this is an excellent move on the behalf of president trump r.t. correspondent alex mahela bitch thank you so much alex thank you. time now for a quick break with haying here because when we return danielle de martino booth helps us take stock probably a better word where we are on economic growth in the u.s. as new economic indicators are coming out and as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell. the trump him summit in singapore was certainly rich when it comes to optics but what about the substance both leaders are clearly looking for a win in process has started there are plenty of obstacles ahead and no shortage of
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people whose worst nightmare might come true peace coming to the korean peninsula short term gains at the expense of the longer term growth south u.s. senate vesting in the future and products and employees you're taking all that future revenues in your book here today just like the man is buying back all the stuff in his own store yes he bought back all of the stuff in his store and he has a lot of revenue but now my store is empty and he has nothing to sell so the next quarter he says my sales are zero because i have nothing in the store to sell i bought it all myself so similarly with apple dell buyback all their stock they want to bask in the future and when it comes time to report earnings in a year or two from now they'll have nothing to report. that.
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you. does she don't consume them in the can do it on their own posting them on the bus soon enough that equal distance isn't the only consistent small thought. don't leave them still in the. movie. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murderer i would prefer it be illegitimate death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing
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the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying and there's just no way to present in that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. welcome back the u.s. district court has just rendered as decision on the eighteenth tee time warner merger and i trust case we're poring over the details and join us tomorrow as we
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dive into the decision and the impact it will have on the future of media as we speak with special guests attorney andre barlow and perhaps some others and brazil's murder rate has been quite a few qualified and the numbers are not look. good in total the cost of homicides in the nation has cost about four percent of the gross domestic product the washington post observed this as well saying quote beyond the emotional toll on families and communities homicides between one thousand nine hundred six and two thousand and fifteen robbed the country of more than one hundred nineteen billion dollars in potential productive capacity according to a study prepared by the brazilian government with contributions from rio de janeiro based think tank some analysts believe that an even greater increase in homicides in brazil could occur if the country alexei far right presidential candidate from the social liberal party. as fears over automation become more and more discussed even citigroup is beginning to issue job warnings the investment bank has suggested
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that automation could supplant up to twenty thousand tech and operation jobs that are currently staffed by humans within the next five years jamie for a say the president of city has said that more than two fists of their employees would be the quote most fertile for machine processing the problem comes from the potential for the same thing to happen across the financial sector causing more job cuts than we have seen between two thousand and seven and two thousand and seventeen watch out your job may be fertile for machine processing good grief how we refer to things these days. and meal kits gained traction by taking the work out of buying ingredients for a full meal now those kits will be available in grocery stores soon hello fresh is announced that they signed a deal with giant food and stop and shop stores to provide them with meals this is just the next in a line of other meal kits services entering the brick and mortar scene blue apron signed a deal with cosco while albertsons will be selling plated meal kits after they
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purchased the start up in two thousand and seventeen many companies have struggled over the years with acquiring and keeping customers hello fresh executives hopes that a strong presence on the east coast will shore up sales and their customer base what's next the stores cook the meal kits and then sell them in some newfangled thing called a deli counter sometimes the more things change the more they seem the same. there is some new economic data out today as the federal reserve's open markets committee committee begins two days of meetings to take a look at where the u.s. economy stands we're joined by daniel de martino book the founder of money strong and the author of fed up why the federal reserve is bad for america daniel thanks as always for being with us the new consumer price index is out and that data shows that it increase it faster spaced in six years what do you make of it well you know
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we've been watching the producer price index which normally precedes the c.p.i. this is a very strange week given all the things that are in the news the statisticians in d.c. had to mix things up by throwing the c.p.i. out there the day before the p.p.i. so all economist were confused as of this morning and any of that we've been we've been saying for months that the p.p.i. the producer price index input prices we've been seeing that of the six seven year high for months and months and now we're finally starting to see prices trickle on through to consumers which by the way is not good news. why why is that i mean it's going on to consumers and consumers are having a rough go of it already let me ask you a little bit about the g.d.p. growth it's not final until the end of the month of course but we do see g.d.p. it looks like it's growing stronger than it did in q one and we've spoken to about that in the past but what do you make of it now and where do you think g.d.p. is going for the rest of the year. well you know it's easy enough to paint
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a picture of an extremely strong second quarter as you say we've only got a few weeks left before the june quarter ends but there are many economists out there i'm actually of the opinion with them that we could see a four percent print in this year second quarter we've had an extraordinary confluence of factors that have come together that have produced outsized growth in the current quarter but the question is it goes back to that inflation first question you asked me look the trades and terror of talk may have forced some blind buying some panic buying on the part of manufacturers but take one example of washing machines bart washing machine do you think i've lost my mind but in april washing machine prices were up nearly ten percent in may they were up eight percent guess what after years of no pricing power so to speak manufacturers are being forced to pass along these price increases to consumers and i fear for what that implies for g.d.p.
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for economic growth going into the third and fourth quarter of this year you mentioned there in passing inflation did you know that inflation seems to be right where the federal reserve open market committee says they want it and you have prognosticated accurately in the past and i assume that you were have done the same thing in this case you think they are going to raise interest rates from one point seven five to two percent tomorrow at the end of their meeting. i do i think that they would risk actually shocking the markets if they don't i'm going to be looking for the other announcement there were there were rumors on the wires that came out this afternoon that powell was considering implementing a press conference after every have seen meeting if that's the case part we're no longer talking about g j l after june what's going to happen in september we could be talking about what's going to be happening at the meeting in between june and september if jay powell is going to actually be
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a mature adult and have every single f o m c meeting be alive instead of half of them being neutralized which was in my opinion a very misguided policy implemented by ben bernanke so you're view is that these meetings should be not open or what they should they should all be like i agree with you now why in the world should taxpayers have to foot the bill for for meetings if policymakers are going to be so paralyzed that they can't take any action because they don't have a press conference afterwards to explain themselves you know make every meeting live and then the fed has much more flexibility and transparency with the public you know and you don't necessarily need a press conference if you just watch the deal you can count on i don't know news networks to do the news and people that comment upon what they've done but i agree more transparency the better your let me ask you about housing you know we did see housing construction increases in april and we spent a lot of time last week talking about the high cost of copper actually
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a key component in you know new construction do you see housing going down you know . well housing is in a really tough spot right now they have not constructed enough homes for people to not have commutes that are two hours long and if they're not making a ton of money especially towards the cities and as we know there's been a huge migration to our nation's cities but it's become literally impossible to live in the cities on average american household spends thirty three percent of their income on housing that is an untenable level and if you talk to any home builder they will tell you that they've never had to pay up to the extent that they have for things like copper for things like lumber and especially for construction workers very interesting and you know consumers have to be making this decision now they see interest rates going up to the buy now before the summer they wait when some people have to sell before they have to go back to some pick gets up to go to school to get up to let me ask you about jobs and we spoke a couple of weeks right after the may jobs report there was an interesting note
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that actually more job vacancies than the job seekers the now it's equal to it's not the exact same the same workers don't have the jobs that are out there but at least it's it's equal which is nice but the three point nine percent unemployment rate it does create a tight job market is it going to be tough for employers to actually find the people to do the work needed to tape the companies growing and i guess in the aggregate aggregate keep their economy going. i think that we've already seen stark evidence mark that it is it is almost impossible for employers to source skilled workers we've got fresh data out of the national federation of independent business that show that company's plans to increase compensation costs are at the highest level since this index started in one thousand nine hundred eighty four but by the same token i'm going to flip this on its head for two seconds challenger gray and christmas every month releases layoff data they also release hiring announcements
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and those have tumbled by fifty percent this year from four hundred percent to two tissue from four thousand to two hundred thousand hiring intentions of also been cut in half i'm not sure if this is a skilled labor situation or if there is an undercurrent in the economy that again has me a little worried going into the second half of the year about the resilience the robustness of economic growth a danielle were pressured to time but love to have you back in the next few days to talk about what's going on with the traders circumstance and just really that's going to impact the economy all also daniele de martino both thank you as always for being with us thank you appreciate your time. and videogames has delighted us for years and at this year's eve three video game expo it's no exception all the heavy hitters are there from sony microsoft the nintendo each one trying to get the one up on the competition now while there may
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may sound like good stuff let me assure you this is big business will billions of dollars on the table total value of the video game market globally is expected to be worth more than ninety billion dollars by twenty twenty. and that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on directv channel three twenty one dish network channel two eighty four streaming twenty four seven on pluto t.v. the free t.v. app channel one thirty two or as always get us up at youtube dot com slash boom bust archie we'll catch you next time. tell us stunned is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill so as to miss it to be like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is going out on sunday all mediated you know chango it up just
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can. just one day left before teams from all over the world start to compete in russia's twenty eighteen world cup something happening right now one winner is set to be announced on wednesday as meeting right now these are live pictures you're seeing about from moscow to decide who's going to host the tournament way ahead in twenty twenty six we'll take you live there is that continue. on this morning a ball. positive for this year's world cup match the united manager joe same arena gives us his predictions for the final leg of the championship. brazil the first of course will be able with. emotional.
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yeah might be. in the news after your story summit in singapore donald trump starts a new era in relations with north korea but questions are raised whether pyongyang couldn't really trust washington. morning eleven am wednesday morning here in moscow live from artie's h.q. it's kevin zero in with you good your end so we're starting with this that it's with first the events of the main event of the football calendar the fee for world cup per set to kick off in just one day in russia with everyone from players to fans and referees geared up for this huge competition to take place here in moscow on thursday between the host rusher and saudi arabia. well russia world cup host cities are welcoming all the dial football supporters that arrived early to watch their teams train thanks to the supporters anticipation is building across russia
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where the games are going to be played mexican fans are putting on a fantastic show getting into the mood of bright national costumes and some breyer's with supporters really getting into the spirit of things we are as fans from france what their hopes were for the team led to the senate minority will be disappointed if we don't make it to the final score that well i think that we can get to the final although i'm not sure i could say we will win. we want to win we want a second star while most international fans arrive by plane some decided to challenge themselves and use an expected means of transport. us. was. our first claim to be in the us. since a. few years ago i have the first match her with over the way in
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the first match the other ticket the finish. but. you are trying to. we will drive the russian any all the car because it wouldn't be the same the joke is to try to rush a lot of. the russian car you are no matter how far the team goes we will follow it in the car and so the longer the team stays the longer we drive and we were up for that we were excited for.
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a lot of russian started adding us and sending us messages on instagram a lot of them were offering. to give us a tour of the city and two they were showing off their own lot to us because they love the car thanks. because i'm seventy years old. why trek series eighty two used other transport would be too easy i'd learn nothing try out the country car. the old one which are all you need to be very attentive on the route of the drivers of holding me taking photos this is such as.
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i but before the action ahead of the next four weeks there isn't even a task for the organizers to form right now for the doing it right now they're looking ahead to which country is going to be lucky enough to host the world cup in twenty twenty six it takes that much reclining the vote is underway very shortly in moscow it's going to be between morocco and joint three way by the u.s. canada and mexico. where it's all taking place that's an interesting when we look at the politics of it regarding mr trump except for what he's recently said about canada and mexico but hey let's not talk politics let's talk sport alexei whatever whoever picks up this great honor to get the world cup in twenty twenty six it's going to be a massive logistical financial commitment that's where they've got to look at it so early isn't it. absolutely in the case of morocco that would be at least sixteen billion dollars of investment if they win the right to host the
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twenty twenty six world cup other candid obesity north america the north american big comprising of the us mexico and canada most of the infrastructure is ready and in fact the more row can bid scored only two point seven of the total evaluation by the inspectors that's barely passing the needed threshold while the north american bid scored for now today obviously is a historic day for thief in many ways because this is the first key for congress to be completely transparent all member nations today that's two hundred seven eligible to vote will be casting their ballot for choosing the twenty twenty six world cup host country in a completely public and transparent way that's something that's never done before for president giani in frontino this is a big step forward yesterday he was strutting his stuff on the pitch against the football legends today he is presiding over what could be his penultimate before congress asking the president the election is next year but today it's obviously
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about choosing the country which will host the twenty twenty six world cup that is something we will know shortly after noon mosco time and it's scenes at least on paper as i mentioned before that the north american bid is very strong that it would likely win the right to host a twenty two twenty six world cup however things may happen and particularly because of the political situation here is my explain as to what could potentially be that today's old if you can there is one obstacle on the world cup is journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the u.s. president introduced a travel ban for a number of arab countries due to new entry regulations with the currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant risks to discrimination free entry to the country. he is also building a wall on the border with
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a country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance of a no mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not all countries for one donald trump isn't their president. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid
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hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the u.s. and now add that to the football federation's of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse the u.s. has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobbying against the u.s. bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations. today's fee for gianni in frontino this rain is going through massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into a voting for the us. russia ski r.t.
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well twenty twenty six will be the biggest since the total began in one hundred thirty it's going to consist of forty eight teams sixteen more than the current former football consultant and former fifa communications director walter de gregorio earlier told colin bray his expectations for the vote today it's easier to try and host this massive tournament in place or does it make more sense to try and solution absolutely want to and this would be kind of the only factor the need to go to morocco already when you have one single country but different states it is very complicated and you can imagine if you have three different legal systems in all. it's for sure more more complicated than if you have one single country but at the end of the money is talking if you see the per the forecast is more than fourteen billion u.s. dollars for four for the united bid and i think seven billion still.


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