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what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever know mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole countries remark of the united states is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people they're not whole country for one donald trump isn't their president. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the us and now add
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that to the football federation's of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse the u.s. has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobbying against the us bit why should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today is on the giani in frontin as rain is going through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into a voting for the us. alexi russia ski r.t. . so let's look at my shoulder and check out that's the mexican delegate there is
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check out what's happening those two hundred seven nations represented there. just before the big twenty eighteen world cup they're going to vote on whether it's going to the united states mexico and canada that's the mexico representative speaking or whether it's going to be morocco spirit of questions over the north american bid fearing it could lose out of course if the vote of century because a referendum on the popularity us president donald trump the very man has proposed to build a wall between him and mexico and of course all the latest trades with canada but you know everyone's hoping that sport will come first as for the moroccans but there's a worry there that basically i'm going to infrastructure put together what they're how would need a lot of extra work and everyone's making the bid look at the itinerary here seems to people have been going on a little bit longer than we thought they would be the thing we're looking for is the invitation to vote an electronic voting system that will basically open for two minutes and then close when we go to the we think it'll be in about half an hour's
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time we'll get that will know who is going to be the host for twenty twenty six when talking to which the twenty twenty six world cup is going to be the biggest tournament since it all began in one thousand nine hundred thirty it's going to consist of much bigger teams forty eight sixteen more than the current format football consultant and former fee for communications director walter de groot earlier spoke to collin bray but his expectations for the vote you're saying i'm a shoulder it is it easier to try and host this massive tournament in place or does it make more sense to try and absolutely absolutely want to and this would be kind of the you only factor in are the neutral go to morocco already when you have one single country but different states it is very complicated and you can imagine if you have three different legal systems in all. it's for sure more more complicated than if you have one single country by the end of the day money is
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talking and if you see that the forecast is a more than fourteen billion us dollars for four for the united bid and i think seven billion still enough but it's half for the more. i think that there will be the main reason for all other for voters to go for united told trump in trying to get the african nations on side morocco jumped out in front in that do you think has the upper hand in terms of trying to wrestle votes or at least support or you just mentioned trump you know for me trump was the best campaigner for morocco and . i don't want to quote what he said about the africans it might be difficult for some countries to evolve. for the united bit purely because of geopolitical reasons and because of the trump and miss ration that will be for sure something negative for united bit. auntie marty we've got the very best minds in
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the game i can tell you just said marine has been making his predictions he's on our team he's already mapped out which countries he thinks are going to make it to the group stages to the quarterfinals and now he's putting his formidable insight into who he believes will make it through to the end. portugal and brazil the festive portugal people will say that i'm doing emotional jol and i think. yeah might be the best of all for portugal for the final i will first of all go for the school. and i was into the german. i know what they want. in brazil germany is the revenge of the result. so brazil will finish so. you know it does mean is not just.
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to come to. extra time penalties the level of play is that they take a penalty. that is the one more penalty and that is less penalty one takes let's see another one takes one. and that leads to your image it. was a very funny exercise. but. in all those probably don't even go over the group phase and probably some of the teams that i didn't include in the last sixteen probably there are going to be in the quarter finals and the semifinals and finals football isn't predictable and that's the main reason to be the beautiful game and hope you enjoy them for it to be totally different i don't understand why do you need another just i want to know well you can never
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have too many marino's so for the world cup we found the perfect co-host for you so much expertise from just a movie and don't miss it funnel to guys i'm not going to work with him he will take all the attention and i. another co-host. well for more than munch the united manager's predictions head to our site r.t. dot com if you think you know better by the way you can challenge him just head to facebook or twitter or use the hash tag match marino now a quick update on the team's itself to do some good news on a bit of bad news for egypt their star man mohamed salah has returned to training at least that's the good bit he suffered a shoulder injury in the recent champions league final it was unclear whether or not he'd be able to play in russia but the liverpool striker is still none the less than likely to feature in egypt opening game against uruguay on friday over the team brazil their training session on your screens there is neymar he seems to be over his recent injury scares the brazilian superstars bouncing around armed with eggs the squad chose an unusual way of saying happy birthday to one of the team
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mates labor was apparently the ringleader of that but the best possible tradition got egged him self. ah. ah. ah well as i say he got a crack a few eggs to make an omelet throughout the month long tournament will be in every host city giving you a taste of the action starting today at five pm moscow time star goalie peter schmeichel an r.t.s. neil harvey will start our live coverage from the very center of the russian capital. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. nor middle of the room sick. when the real news is.
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a check away from football some of the day's news now is the world's left analyzing choose day summit between the leaders of north korea and the u.s. the american presidents explained what was key to bringing kim jong il to the negotiating table. without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here i really believe you know we had sanctions and all of the things that you would do but i think without the rhetoric you know other administrations i don't want to get specific on that but there is a a policy of silence sometimes i felt foolish doing it. but we had no choice that somebody in singapore was full of mutual support is more guarantee of reports north korea should look to the example of other countries who place trust in us presidents in the past. what's not to like a new nuclear disarmament deal potentially one less country with nukes where all bets are off all of us and we have this truly historic moment on film
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you can do to restore the nation. on earth. so why does kim jong jr seems too suspicious could be anything poison assassins or trump just waiting to backstab him the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal come to think of it america's nuclear deals to seem to last exactly as long as the incumbent president take the rainy and deal brok obama his partner has worked on it for years so much work so much effort just for trump to tear it all up don't forget obama negotiated directly and one of the worst disasters the dumbest
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deals ever negotiated except don't feel sorry for obama just yet george bush his predecessor also struck a nuclear disarmament deal with gadhafi the two leaders discussed this agreement should help to bring a painful chapter in the history between our two countries closer to closure. it worked gadhafi gave up his nukes and what does a bomber do well he goes and bombs gadhafi is army alternately allowing the rebels to gruesomely mud him we came we saw that he died. it's almost like something out of game of thrones and we aren't even done bush screwed over bill clinton stop and roll back north korea's potentially deadly nuclear program we'll continue to implement the agreement we have reached with that nation get smart it's tough clinton had worked for years to make
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a deal with kim jong un's father to prevent then north korea from making a nuclear weapon and bush tore it up as seems to be tradition north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving its citizens states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil trump is one for tradition in fact he has a habit of tearing up documents memos papers when he's done with them he had a bunch of guys at the white house whose job it was to piece back together the papers he shouldn't have torn up we literally had to spin our workers per day. piecing together the puzzle taken and here we are generations of presidents generations of betrayal double crossing and deception and
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it seems that hasn't been lost on kim. and he terrorism in austria after the country's chanceless bursting curt's received death threats it's believed the threats are linked to the government closing seven mosques in expelling dozens of demands over alleged links to extremism peter all over europe correspondent picks up the story. sebastien courts is hard line against what he called political islam has seen the austrian chancellor on the receiving end of death threats this all started after courts announced on friday that seven mosques would be shutting their doors and as many as sixty in moms were facing deportation six of the mosques run by the austrian turkish islamic union are accused of having links to extremism as well as being accused of harboring hate preaches one mosque run by the group in vienna but they caused a stir back in april when pictures emerged of children as young as four years old
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dressed in turkish military uniforms and saluting the turkish flag sixty him arms are also having their residence permits reviewed two of those of already being told that they have to leave the country could says he's sticking to promises he made while campaigning but only parallel societies political islam and radicalization have no place in our country the federal government is taking action against these undesirable developments the decision to close the mosques which are accused of promoting turkish nationalism is being strongly criticized in ankara where president erda one has accused the chancellor of fanning the flames of religious hate your material shed its you could cost you dearly you must know that closing a mosque in austria and deporting religious men could start a new bottle of the cross and the question for which you will be responsible at just thirty one years of age became chancellor at the head of
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a coalition between his conservative austrian people's party and the right wing freedom party now immigration is alarm featured prominently in the campaign and as we've seen from this latest move continues to play a big part in the policy that they're inactive however since the chancellor is receiving death threats it does seem that this is poor a. see that isn't going down well with the whole of austrian society peter all of r.t. berlin well we're just on the eve of the world cup some amazing news in to tell you first of all and seems the spanish football association which is tyria just sacked the national team coach just a day before the competition starts or moscow during law protecting announced on tuesday that he'll be taking the job of real madrid manager it appears the spanish officials are very unhappy about that move on as you can see quoting spain's f.a. president the spanish national team is the team of all spaniards there's a way you must accept the quote jewellers worked in
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a great way with the team but now we come out except he's actually in the case will bring you more than ramification that no one white samples well also that's a wrap for the news so far but bear in mind we're taking you live to that big twenty twenty six world cup when a vote here in moscow s.e.p. it happens any time of the next thirty minutes and we'll break into our regular programs for that call and see if the afternoon from a kevin know it all just a quick reminder download our app great with all this football around you can stay fully up to date r.t. dot com for that goodbye.
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them it was a little bit like up to you all to feel ok we talked to you jenny yeah and just about it would not go much below you look on the magical bucket in the middle of the day you said there was a what did you think you have to do with the. head of. the vision i mean mother i think. in this little. email oh my you may use a hello no not to look allow them. to do you can myself. and had a negative view that others here measure that they can think of a few no less conceptual bullshit and then again in the summer of the in a couple years you will only know them in cold p.d.q. myself you can also really i don't want a lot of the scenes that are on the go they must all become the pseudo was original
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improve the zoo. so this is the minimum standards. it's neither of those things. one. of. the . the the. little look.
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the disease these meetings. with. the. work up i. looked. out of work of cars. the past.
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the. what holds enhanced. you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. to want to be precise this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. bush. short term gains at the expense of a longer term growth sow the us to investing in the future then in products and employees you're taking all of future revenues if you're booking it today just like the man is buying back all the stuff in his own store yes he bought back all of the stuff in his story and he has a lot of revenue but now.


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