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so russian. no matter how far the team goes we will follow it in the car and so the longer the team stays the longer we drive and we were up for that we were excited. a lot of russians started sending us messages on instagram a lot of them were offering. to give us a tour of the city. they were showing off their all of us because they love the car . because if i'm seventy years old my tracks are easy to use other transport would be too easy i'd learn nothing but the country car.
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very intensive. the joy visit. to the south just. is enthusiasm i hope tonight here on team we've got one of the very best minds in the game chose a merino and he's been making his predictions he's already mapped out which countries he thinks are going to make it out of the group stages and on to the quarterfinals now he's putting his formidable insight into who he believes will make it through to the end. portugal and brazil the festive portugal people will say that i'm doing emotional jol and i think. yeah might be the best of all for sure from the final i
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will first of all go for the school. and comes into germany. i know what i want. in brazil germany is the revenge of the result. so brazil will finish so. you know it does mean is not just. like. a come to. extra time penalties eleven they take a penalty. that is the one more penalty and that's less penalty one takes let's see another one takes one. and they leave to go to magic. was a very funny exercise but. in all probably they don't even go over the group phase and probably some of the teams that didn't
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include in the last sixteen probably there are going to be in the quarter finals and the semifinals and finals football isn't predictable and that's the main reason to be the beautiful game and hope you enjoy them. it will be totally different i don't understand why do you need another just i want to know well you can never have too many merinos so for the world cup we found the perfect co-host for you so much expertise from just a movie and don't miss it funnel to guys i'm not going to work with him he will take all the attention and i. another co-host. for more of the manchester united manager predictions head to r.t. dot com and if you think you know any better you can challenge him if you just head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tag match merino a quick update on the teams now there's some good and bad news for egypt their star man mohamed salah returned to training at least he suffered a shoulder injury in the recent champions league final it was unclear until now
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whether he would be able to play in russia but the liverpool striker still unlikely to feature in egypt opening game against uruguay on friday. on to brazil's training session on your screens now is neymar he seems over his recent injury scares brazilian superstars bouncing around armed with eggs the sculpture is a particular unusual way to say happy birthday to one of their teammates but neymar barely the ringleader of all that got himself in the process. wow throughout the month long tournament we will be with you in every host city giving you a taste of the action starting today in fact three hours from now five pm moscow time peter schmeichel the nazis neil harvey will start our live coverage of the russian capital.
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from kim summit in singapore we certainly rich when it comes to optics but what about the substance both leaders are clearly looking for a win in process has started there are plenty of obstacles ahead and no shortage of
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people whose worst nightmare like come true peace coming to the korean peninsula. some of headlines now and as the world left analyzing. tuesday's summit between the leaders of north korea and the united states the american president explained what was key to bringing kim jong un to the negotiating table without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here i really believe you know we had sanctions and all of the things that you would do but i think without the rhetoric you know other administrations i don't want to get specific on that but there is a a policy of silence sometimes i felt foolish doing it. but we had no choice a summit in singapore was full of mutual reassurances but as more and because the ever ports north korea should look to the example of other countries who place
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trust in u.s. presidents in the past. what's not to like a new nuclear disarmament deal potentially one less country with nukes where all bets are off one of us and we have this truly historic moment on film. and. so why does kim jong jr seem to suspicious could be anything poison assassins' or trump just waiting to backstab him the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal come to think of it america's nuclear deal to seem to last exactly as long as the incumbent president take the
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rainy and deal brock obama his partners worked on it for years so much work so much effort just for trump to tear it all up don't forget obama negotiated directly one of the worst disasters the dumbest deals ever negotiated except don't feel sorry for obama just yet george bush his. also struck a nuclear disarmament deal with gadhafi the two leaders discussed that this agreement should help to bring a painful chapter in the history between our two countries closer to closure it worked gadhafi gave up his nukes and what does a bomber do well he goes then bombs gadhafi is army alternately allowing the rebels to gruesomely murdered him we came we saw them died. it's almost like something out of game of thrones and we aren't even done bush screwed
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over bill clinton stop and roll back north korea's potentially deadly nuclear program we'll continue to implement the agreement we have reached with that nation get smart it's tough clinton had worked for years to make a deal with kim jong un's father to prevent then north korea from making a nuclear weapon and bush tore it up as seems to be tradition north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving. states like the and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil trump is one for tradition in fact he has a habit of tearing up documents memos papers when he's done with them he had a bunch of guys at the white house whose job it was to piece back together that people he shouldn't have torn up literally had to spend hours per
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day. piecing together the puzzle. and here we are generations of presidents generations of betrayal double crossing and deception and it seems that hasn't been lost on kim. and antiterrorism probes been launched in austria after chancellor sebastian kurtz received death threats it believed the threats are linked to the government closing seven mosques and expelling dozens of em arms over alleged links to extremism with more details here's our europe correspondent peter oliver sebastien courts is hard line against what he calls political is alarm has seen the austrian chancellor on the receiving end of death threats this all started after courts announced on friday that seven mosques would be shutting their doors and as many as sixty in moms were facing deportation six of the mosques run by the austrian turkish islamic union are
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accused of having links to extremism as well as being accused of harboring hate preaches one mosque run by the group in vienna where they caused a stir back in april when pictures emerged of children as young as four years old dressed in turkish military uniforms and saluting the turkish flag sixty in moms are also having their residence permits reviewed two of those of already being told that they have to leave the country could says he's sticking to promises he made while campaigning but a. parallel societies political islam and radicalization have no place in our country the federal government is taking action against these undesirable developments the decision to close the mosques which are accused of promoting turkish nationalism is being strongly criticized in ankara where president erda one has accused the chancellor of fanning the flames of religious hate your material
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says it's you could cost you dearly you must know that closing a mosque in austria and deporting religious men could start a new bottle of the cross and the questions for which you would be responsible at just thirty one years of age could became chancellor at the head of a coalition between his conservative austrian people's party and the right wing freedom party no immigration is alarm featured prominently in the campaign and as we've seen from this latest move continues to play a big part in the policy that they're interacting however since the chancellor is receiving death threats it does seem that this is a policy that isn't going down well with the whole of austrian society peter all of r.t. berlin or the german chancellor faces a government crisis after locking horns with her interior minister over migration policy i'm going to merkel's rejected a so-called migration master plan proposed by horst see how awful it is to reject migrants right at the german border if they've either applied for asylum elsewhere
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or been refused in another e.u. country local rejection of the plan provoked outcry in the bundestag this latest to our over migration policies was sparked last week a failed asylum seeker was arrested in iraq suspected of killing a fourteen year old girl in germany earlier this month her body was found near a refugee center in mind. international relations professor peter schulte thinks germany has to bend to pressure from across europe and address the flow of migrant even sweden and denmark and of the netherlands and france have a fortified theory on systems against the intro off illegal in the migration so i think the german government has to dance as well according to the majority of that you know opinion among other european member states and i think then zero of a knows this very well and she is on the up and therefore in that kind of search. and in the end there will be a kind also of
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a compromise but. this very strong influence of the of the variances the party of the of to see to your. finally six spanish youngsters who formed a collective to bring abandoned village back to life are facing jail time after being found guilty of illegal occupation. we thought that. this village could be. good for our project. twenty four some of the solar panels allow us to kind of fill my notes were aware and supply for an idea that we bring the water that was. the source. when we know that
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these west illegal we we try to get that. with local government the government refuses in the. name and with us anyway we keep working here because we think it is good for them and this is good for the region and we have this problem with the publication in spain. and so on there are. so on with less people in spain. we spend a leaf those on process of euro will spend all their money with. their local government that don't want us here we know we said for economic reasons fear a hundred thousand eight. hundred in a stable government
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a lot of mon the. neighbor from. military on this. really nice with us they really support what we are doing it is just like hope. we would really feel this. because we trust on what we're doing and we hope we come. to. this. right that's it for now the mind of a big news that we learned half an hour ago at the expo center in moscow in the fee for congress and who's going to host the twenty twenty six world cup and it will be the three nations of canada mexico and the united states toasting that event now focus can shift back to this year's event here in russia kicks off tomorrow with the first match our special coverage gets going like to call them bright you're
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watching all to international. shows seem wrong. with just don't. get to see out of the state comes to educate and in detroit equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and
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spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chimes for that. and makes this minute. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murderer i would prefer and it be the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying is just no really hasn't and then we hear even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace
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that's going to give them justice and we come and say. we've been through this this isn't the way. ratings and salutation. i don't think you need me to tell you that history was made this week oct watchers yes u.s. president donald trump a north korean leader kim jong finally made good on their promise of reaching some sort of an agreement to end hostilities and the nuclearize north korea. now i know after the war of words in the words of war between the two leaders in the last minute cancellation of the meeting in last in the weeks leading up to tuesday's historic summit i wouldn't i wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that this would
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never happen but it did it even brought dennis rodman the tears it's amazing according to a joint letter signed by trump and kim the united states and the d.p. r. k. will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime in the korean peninsula now as part of that agreement north korea has reaffirmed its commitment to working toward. complete denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula in what one would you know assumed to be a show of good faith u.s. president trump agreed to call off the war games the united states and south korea had scheduled for this summer sounds reasonable to me hey you know but. yeah apparently not apparently not but it is a significant concession and it's interesting for the president of the united states to refer to us south korean joint military exercises as provocative because really that's the point of view of the north koreans if we withdraw our forces and
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that's part of the deal i can't support the deal that will lead to more conflict not less our forces in south korea are stabilizing asia they're trying to drive the side of asia china it is and that would be a bad deal and those military exercises serve multiple purposes not only do they deter aggression by the north but they serve other interests in the asian pacific region so i think taking those off the table is going to be to the detriment of american national security. yes according to your friendly neighborhood military industrial complex cheerleaders the ending of war games or you know for a bid removing the u.s. military from everyone's backyard as i guess you know far far far more destabilizing in terrible for a region. i don't know nuclear war i guess. well i'll let you decide which which you think makes more sense as we start watching fox.
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you get the. real thing with. the bottom. line what they like you know that i got. with. this. because i. welcome on the watch of the hawks i am tired of the turf and after a while it. even dennis rodman brought to you dennis was a tears over all this really but you know look you know hey we don't want to do stabilizes the cream from them slow or asia as a whole if we stop war games that would just be the end of the world. i guess right war games war war war and. pretty much everything but i think it's
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very strange and it's very strange to have this idea and it's reminiscent of of when obama was running. and ultimately was running for reelection as well what kept coming up is this idea of you can't talk to dictators without preconditions like oh my god he's going to he likes to talk to dictators remember it was all obama love dictators just because he said we need to talk in order to get peace and now all of a sudden it's the the script is completely flipped and you've got everyone you know fox news and everyone on the right saying like oh what a great job those two are look at everyone tarred to the point here as they are people who scream that we shouldn't dr bill it and none of us up your necessarily personal opinion that it was up your parents of donald trump i don't support i don't you guys are already raised about am i what i support a piece and i. support to use at all costs i know that's a weird thing to say i mean just to give an example stevens jim acosta tweeted out jim trump said he gave up nothing in the summit with kim jong suspending military
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exercises with south korea is not nothing thank you jim thank you i mean that's war . it is and you know so let's not forget how expensive these war games are talking about millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars that could be going to help our own people train for new jobs in manufacturing or feed or spend it on our immigration courts but why would we do that why would we doesn't make sense out of look you know for those of you out there who are you know maybe you're on the fence about the whole canceling of war games or you know or a small nuclear exchange or stopping war you know you these things are on the fence according to global zero even a regional war of one hundred killer detonations were produced by terror grams of black soot tara grams as five mill he kilograms that would rise up in the earth's atmosphere and block the sunlight there is of course to produce
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a sudden drastic drop in global temperatures that would last longer than twenty five years and especially destroy much over this protective ozone layer yes for a small nuclear i would rather have no wargames as a concession than like you know or kim jong room and you know their minds saying hey maybe we should just push the button yet no i would i would like that to not be how is it this is not a normal thing for people to sit and they really don't think about it all that it's all in the theory it's not human lives north koreans aren't people they're just these dolls that we know it's provocative it's this it's that you point out something amazing about this deal and you know the work of that that i have done covering it is an. organization like watch try to find and i especially from the korean war and to stop going on technically and north korea one of the four points that was made that. donald trump actually got on the table was.
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the p.o.w. . working with in order to bring back the remains of soldiers that may have died on that soldier people that were lost and one of the things we never talk. to director of defense p.o.w. m.i.a. accounting office. actually said we are in close communication at the white house with the defense department of defense of the department of state that this mission will be part of the dialogue and i think what's interesting about this as people don't think about our report that was that was a major issue that he ran on and that's a big issue is bringing people ending that war and bringing people home and to me is is one good thing it doesn't erase any of the other things it doesn't mean i'm here whatever but. you know i don't want to forget before we before we run out of time on this story is that something else is not being talked about while we're kind of talking. i want to just real quick before we had that going is that this
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there's a joint military partnership between the u.s. an addict i'm sorry it was not a dictatorship i'm sorry it's a monarchy and saudi arabia that they both the u.n. and the red cross have announced the this week that they'll be evacuating staff from the yemeni port. in advance of what they know is going to be saudi and united arab emirates led coalition invasion they're planning on bombing the port the last remaining port and so this is why we don't we want to avoid war even if it is. from the top of. the united states immigration system is underfunded under resourced and saddled with political pandering disguised as policy we haven't had meaningful immigration reform for over thirty years despite the fact that the democrat demographics of the country have changed dramatically but the needs of our economy are wildly different than they were in one thousand nine hundred eighty six but because of this discriminatory policy is once again quietly being slipped into our
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law books on monday june eleventh attorney general jeff sessions abandoned it two thousand and sixteen decision by the justice department's board of immigration appeals that decided the victim of domestic violence was eligible for asylum sessions claims he is negating this legal precedent because quote the applicant must demonstrate membership in a group which is composed of members who share a common immutable characteristic as defined with particularity and is socially distinct within the society in question and that quote the applicants membership in that group must be the central reason for her persecution but this ingle most disturbing and conspicuous things about sessions decision is how bleak the gender bias is he continually uses she. she and her when speaking in general terms about immigration law even going as far as to state quote an asylum applicant has the burden of showing her eligibility for asylum now sessions' claims that the asylum laws are too broad and should include victims of what he calls private violence
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private violence according to jeff sessions is violence committed by gangs or domestic violence. we need immigration reform in the united states if only it's a refrain from caging crying children and to going back to the days when domestic violence wasn't a crime but a private matter and the group these clearly female abuse victims belong to jass is called womanhood when women the world over come to america for asylum because they are under the assumption that women as well as men are treated as equals in the us the women are not property here sadly the policy of just sessions and the lack of substantive opposition to it are putting the poorest most abused and neglected women in the world on the road to death. women are property in that they actually belong to can come here to the united states to get rid of a good safe from harm that's extraordinary blow my mind i have the need to be in
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a special group that specifically shows that why you're getting beaten up is because you're part of that promotes crazy too was it like it's not like the places they're coming from a bad part of the world would recognize the issues like these great this is really what he's talking about is he's trying to stop every couple of years ago we had a lot of central american women and mostly women and children coming up here because of the exact violence that they talk about that's really that's really awful i mean you know it's interesting because it's like you know there's a lot of what comes up to it it's like the talk about like oh you know gangsters are a problem but like i mean you're talking about places like el salvador honduras and guatemala these are the highest rates of murder in the world and one of the. door with a woman he reversed this decision on she was not salvador also her is literally one of the most dangerous places to be a woman in the world and he's like well i don't know if they're really really made are hell and.


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