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when i read it over we were allowed to see you in every every free at the beginning and then the next three as well and then obviously you are going to get us the final so i have to do that we're sure. thank you very much and. a very interesting everything so thank you very much for spending this hour from now the brilliant thank you. world cup festivities kick off in moscow with the russia. artie's top hundred fourteen world cup manchester united manager jose marine your picks out he thinks will be fighting it out for glory i'm a journalist of course will people will say that i'm doing emotional joel let's
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sing. yamma beat. you know the news broke someone's the french ambassador and he demands an apology after emanuel micron lambast the italian decision to turn away in migrant rescue boat. hours following the opening ceremony hosts russia kick off our own a top flight squad is primed and ready to bring you the highlights over the next month. i did gentlemen good evening and welcome to. the. world cup to our beautiful studio here right in the heart of moscow let me use my coach which of the championship of the next month peter schmeichel the great they have very very safe pair of hands and then a fantastic present have got to say you are safer and the studios will sit here
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dusty for that and i just want to say there are two things i think that you're going to benefit from by changing into aussie during this chairmanship warm we're going to bring you the expert punditry inside people inside the game play is now i just hate to say love josie bring young people who will know the things that you could never possibly have experienced the other thing is. just listen carefully apart from the clinking of being classes you can hear i think if you visit. some and in the background it's a wonderful scene wherever you're watching us from in the world i just want to get deep breath and just so caught up because that's what it's about it's it's a world cup and it's here and russia risen bracing it and i hope and i believe the fans are bracing it and it's something to enjoy doing things for the hump it's i think so and it's so nice that it's finally here we've been talking in preparing myself i travel around to all the eleven host cities i've seen all the stadiums
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have been very excited about that but we're away we're on you know studio here with a view over the curve of the red square there where the big sort of opening not officially opened but that's a big concert that today the russian president will be there the future president will be there i'm going to. actually join i believe you just. go for it on it's the tomorrow we have proposed again and it's just exactly what we waited for this is much about. isn't it as well as just watching the football it's embrace of the host country in the culture it is the meaning of and we hear a lot of of her talk or the running into any every world cup. now we hear it's all about football i and the river and the forward to that and we can see thousand of football fans have already dealt with him russia you saw before you can hear them who are they taking in the whole state is before this opening game that we have tomorrow between russia and saudi arabia just have
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a look at this to you and you. are saying. you know. if. i. put out that it was have a bottle but i got put on my boat. well frankly i'm not sure if i should be making any noise right now to look at what is going on behind the night one to well it's one of classical music and oprah and the other people football have come together
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to become one an unusual makes from the first glimpse but that's only the first glimpse of course to put in behind me placid domingo is a massive real madrid found for example and you know the people watching him they're the best proof that football and classical music go together very very well i says not the only offensive that most was told to football fans there's a light show going on on the rules of the bolshoi theater and in the other parts of most away fans santa was opened it features. a massive plasma screen so fast can gather together and cheer for their favorite team and of course on a way here we could see a lot of groups basically moscow city center is bustling with all the fans of the old people who have come to moscow to watch the main football events of the planet's i don't see too many spanish fans down there oh no that's because the spanish french today might be a little bit upset have some return. because their countries football association
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sorry this morning to sack a coach and that is two days before that huge game against portugal and i got a role here because we had to dismiss the manager of the national team they have provided no information to the royal spanish football federation we learnt it only five minutes before the press conference because it has to be a message to all employees of the rule spanish football federation that this is no way to act with chairman of the president of the spanish football so if you got really angry. because flight it is the song is only played in a job his name is rubio yes it's only put in the job for one month and he simply turned up this morning and said no because he felt that the conscious being disloyal that he hadn't informed the football association and also a month ago on may the seventh he got elected on the promise to make the football for a fan of spain stronger so he's played with his muscles today but i think he's learned
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. the spanish team and he had always been a coach for the rock up he's landed them in with the payment given the culture but you really want to have you know two days before you start the world cup i think if you're always being honest and if you haven't been sat next to his boss in a press conference he probably said i'm slightly sold myself when i heard this news but it was much more diplomatic than it is a big question has been spain's director for point paula that everyone respects and . it's been a. one everything there is to see to win maybe a baby apart. piece by piece someone that the players will listen to but he's a different voice he's not the voice that they've been preparing with and this is where the tricky part comes in so the coach he's been looking at everything the player. so. he knows exactly what he wants to do against portugal he's got his eleven names he knows he's prepared for that game and now someone else with
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different eyes is going to look at that game and maybe pick one or two other players with might. upset the rhythm yet whatever anybody says. this is not how they would have wanted to enter the competition is coming here they are the second favorites to win this welcome after president of course and most experts most pundits across the world they have to miss a second favorite they could still do it but it's going to be it's going to be to fit political think the chances of being anything to do in this time that were really good i think with a cherry on top i suspect a lot of people back spain probably feeling very uncomfortable now and also just a marine you know another big name hosts for this sort of a pick spain to advance from group b. and i wonder now would he make the same choice with the arrow in charge or would ask him for a period for more of what is mapped out i hope you've seen this he's not up front that anything's going to go from the group stages into the last sixteen and then on
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to the quarterfinals now he's giving us the protections will be the last two teams that. bush will resume excessive force will be able to say that i'm doing emotional jove . and i sing. yamma be biased or forceful for the final i will first of all go for the still. and doesn't in the german. nor the want. brazil germany is the revenge of the resilin. so brazil will finish so. and you know it does mean is not just.
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likened to a country with. extra time penalties the level is that they take a penalty. that is one more penalty and less penalty one takes to see another one it takes one. in their lives to go to match it. was a very funny exercise. but. in all those probably didn't even go over the group phase and probably some of the teams that didn't include in the last sixteen probably there are going to be in the quarter finals and the semifinals and finals football isn't predictable and that's the main reason to be the beautiful game would you enjoy doing. it to get totally different i don't understand why do you need another just i want to know well you can never have too many merinos so for the world cup we found the perfect co-host for you so much
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expertise structures that maybe you don't miss it funnel to guys i'm not going to work with him you have to call the attention and i want another co-host and you can find more of them i just know how to manage his predictions if you had a meeting. dot com you won't think he was talking nonsense if you think so challenge ahead to facebook or twitter use a hash tag much more you make your own predictions and prove is there nothing on the cd just like it's a big call it. a lot of people i see from home from a lot of different countries mexico. euro why america for us to for such as i was here two weeks ago. without even reading this but i'm coming in a couple of days ago with very looks like the world cup is here we've got the old thing i was going to write this. so everyone i speak to knows a russian team has sort of
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a little bit apprehensive about politics where worse is russia and saying. well we'll see tomorrow because i think that it's the most important game for us because the games with. your wife will follow and the demo that will decide the first game is very important we have a lot of. people for saying our team is really really bad i don't think so i think it's about the board we have a lot of young guys we have some very old guys like you should be all for sports you know is just good enough when you see very old how old is that far into the years i had to have thirty six thirty seven was still hoping for goal for a euro maybe like that big tournament but still i think the train picturing the louden will show what they've got for the whole cup favorites we think right across russia and people are already thinking about the future lots of countries want to be in this position now and fee for members of voting for the host of the twenty twenty six competition. this.
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enough. to be the first time this tournament is being kind of cost three countries thank you for nations when they favor a trade they are occupied since. the north american midazolam most a ready made wealth of experience with stadia already. build solar on the construction of a twenty twenty six competition with a full tank taking this sixty more than the current four month competing in a match ok here in russia no one has been able to escape the excitement even though you use you often never kicked a ball before and i'm not talking about. could. show
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she. was. right the united nations has condemned israel's deadly crackdown on protests along the gaza border a resolution was passed by the general assembly in new york with one hundred twenty votes in favor and it against. and it uses israel of excessive use of force against palestinians and calls for an international effort to protect civilians
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however the text does not include a us amendment blaming hamas for inciting violence representatives of israel and the us strongly rejected the document calling it one sided by posting the beef with the aleutian you all colluding with that there will be for organisation by boarding the beef with aleutian you out empowering hamas. the nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving today it is totally one sided it makes not one mention of hamas who routinely initiate violence in gaza. all right according to palestinian officials one hundred and twenty nine civilians have been killed in border clashes during the past week alone israel says its forces are acting purely in self-defense.
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the the. the. rebels cross live now to dr who is a political analyst thanks for being with us here on our team international so. thank you the the un has condemned israel's use of deadly force do you think that politically that this will actually change anything in practice well no because this is nonbinding but what it can do is exert political pressure on them to act and i believe part of what was passed today was something along the lines of a resolution asking for some sort of action but having just returned from israel and having studied this i agree with the ambassadors that this is
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a vital mistake and if people knew the true story about israel it regarding hamas this vote would not have gone this way so the u.s. called this resolution one sided and biased why do you think washington is concerns are being ignored on an international scale. i'm not sure it's either complicity to be honest with you or it's unintentional and maybe people truly don't understand i've noticed there's a vast misunderstanding among the rank and file americans that i talk to regarding what is happening truly on the gaza strip but a lot of times these deaths in fact i think that ambassador healy referred to this in her remarks a lot of times these deaths of these palestinians are actually because they're using civilians as human shields and a lot of times in fact almost all the time the violence is actually initiated by hamas certainly not by israel having been in israel recently i can tell you i was
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very surprised to learn that there are hospitals for example right on the borders right on enemy borders where israel takes in treats in many cases save a lot saves lives and then returns those in acting violence against them back to their countries there's a massive charitable effort on the part of israel to. spread kindness and to do the right thing so i'm surprised that this isn't more well known among international ranks and of course in the u.s. so you mentioned hamas and the position very new also we clearly know the united states side we clearly know the israeli side we know the palestinian side do you see any prospect for the border standoff between israel and gaza actually been resolved. i sure hope so and i can tell you as i said having just traveled to israel and talking to people in the knesset and other
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places that that is certainly the will and the intention and the good faith efforts of the people that i spoke with the leaders especially that i spoke with in israel i know that israel has the united states full support. you know initiating peace there to the best of their ability but it's very difficult when israel is of course completely surrounded by enemies and the gaza strip situation is one where hamas continually initiate violence against israel and then in turn blames israel for the very violence that hamas is creating and so it's a very frustrating situation i know for most israelis that i talk to are very interested to hear thoughts started you know who is a political analyst always a pleasure to thoughts on this. all right switching gears now president trump has repeated his call for russia to be invited back into the g seven saying that member states already spent so much time talking about moscow you
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know we spent probably twenty five percent of our time talking about russia and he said to me so it wouldn't be better if they were you know i'm not for russia i'm for the united states as an example. let me put who was sitting next to me today instead of one of the others and we were having dinner the other night in canada. i think and probably have a good relationship with him or i'd be able to talk to him better than if you call somebody on the telephone and donald trump already made this call last week at the g. seven summit happened and he called for russia to be reinstated to the group he said they should be able to rejoin the body when he said that it sparked quite a conversation. as for the presence of russia in the g. eight we will see for sure italy was traditionally a supporter of the russian presence in the g. eight if there will be any conversations about russia's future in relation to this particular group they have to change their ways they have to change the route that
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they're taking and the sort of activity. involved in the reason russia was expelled from the body that this took place during the situation regarding crimea there was a referendum in crimea ninety seven percent of the people in crimea voted to leave ukraine and join with russia and it was in response to that that the g eight dropped dropped russia became the g. seven but now we have this proposal from trump trump is steadfastly calling for russia to be readmitted into the group and for the g. seven to once again become the g eight former u.s. diplomat jim john just believes that the g. seven would benefit from inviting russia back. well of course russia should be in the g. eight this is a forum for dialogue it's not so much a formal body but avoid for the world's top see the leaders of the top economies to talk to each other i think mr trump is starting to feel his stride a little bit he had his summit with him he slapped around everybody at the g.
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seven except for mr conti from italy who is his new best friend just watching theresa may melt down is worth the price of admission right there i talking now about eight summit with with mr putin to that austria has volunteered to host and that angler merkel has actually endorsed i think he feels that he's sort of breaking free of some of the shackles of all this russia collusion nonsense and if it makes people's head explode for him to suggest things like that i think it makes him all the happier. it only has some into the french ambassador after president criticize italy's decision to turn away a migrant rescue boat are discovered to be has more. earlier this week a humanitarian vessel was denied the right to dock at a port on italy's island of sicily the rescue ship was carrying over six hundred migrants including many unaccompanied minors and pregnant women if they had been rescued off the coast of libya but in now currently on route to the port of
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lengthier after spanish authorities said that they could dock there well the french president has been scathing in his attack of italy in regards to this situation describing the country's actions as being cynical and irresponsible italy is fierce at that criticism by france and is demanding an apology. the french ambassador has been summoned by a foreign minister who on behalf of the italian people will ask for an explanation for the insults directed not only against the government but also against a nation which is among the first in the world in terms of generosity solidarity and hospitality if the french have the humility to apologize the story will be closed and we will work in the interests of everyone as president is so took told a cabinet meeting that under maritime law it's dictated that in cases of distress those with the closest coastline have a responsibility to respond and in his view that was sicily but it has since
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emerged that leaders on the french island of corsica actually offered the vessel to dock there before they were criticized harshly by the central government in paris so some including italy is suggesting that there's some double standards when it comes to migrants and france they've also now asked france to take on nine thousand migrants from their own country. on the basis of the agreements a migrant reallocation from two thousand and fifteen friends committed itself to work in one thousand eight hundred sixty migrants and instead in three years they took six hundred forty so i asked president micron to move from just words to action and to my. morning welcome the one thousand migrants france promised to welcome as a sign of concrete generosity and not just words. while a meeting on friday between the french and italian leaders did look to be in jeopardy is this war of words has been escalating but we understand that it will
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possibly still go ahead meanwhile a meeting between the italian finance minister who's due to come to paris to meet the french finance minister it was initially cancelled but that is said now to be back on these are tense times though between these even neighbors and this is not a spot that is likely to blow over very easily tries to marcello for thinks of the perp french president's remarks could damage relations in italy nobody here can understand how president mark wrong can blame each. unknown money talent when their first heavy got very close to the nonpolitical attitude is france so basically what this up is that everybody's interests here in the fact is that the president the current said that. having a very negative and provocative act that you saw instead of calming down the crisis
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these apparently. excited celebrating it and this is something really worrying because they show is very very high between there it's a. wonder nerves are holding a twenty four hour vigil to mark one year since the grunfeld tower tragedy that deadly fire took the lives of seventy two people survivors and it believed to relatives will be gathering at the base of the tower on thursday at noon for one minute of silence there were also be church services throughout the british capital to remember the victims and ongoing government inquiry into the causes of the fire has been halted for the memorial events parties afshin rattansi spoke to the london representative of the fire brigades union about the anniversary. well i speak to my members who went into the family the my friends the heartbroken about what happened they knew that surely we're having servants we need to find out from the people on the scene from the victims from the firefighters from the emergency services what
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took place there's already anger at the moment but people a cake thing it contained you know it's you can feel it just walking around the say area i mean on one side you know at least once a week almost every other day i'm on one side here and you walk around and this is failing in the community as is it is is bubbling away there under the surface and everyone's having hope for this inquiry for this inquiry past of the deliver those answers to has to give justice to those seventy two people and if it doesn't. i think this may be a lot of anger of a dozen from a thirty one and a half minutes until i'm back with more news and headlines stay with us all. play. the lead.
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