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the question is. which in the video with his rule. it's about one hundred fifty questions. school. and let's leave. that. out of it though. i hope these people would help us if the accept us i think we would. change too but. what would happen if they don't.
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because for me. it was destroyed me. but you know this is. my big dream. give. me good luck this is it went on inside i. know you think you're a. little nice to meet you wanting to make you feel some of the time you cut it it was very nice of me to close that for me. nice and at least you have hold of what a thank you oh yeah. yeah all. morning well said hugh. it's me hurt
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a little politics and international relations of the municipality it was actually i wanted to have this one thing good full get full is thicker than that and did the little jewels of news that i came here as part of a team of you and me to do a screening for younger and be huffy you will be offered jews available to be offered be they be the delivery of the offer a few other careful here. because your. system as good for the babies in the movie. and now we will ask one question this is great but if you then just fools think ill people will keep he says if he's a small lead you must be yeah they can climb and they're easy to be. cool and this is at the moment it's hard to say usually the top off stress because
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this animal cannot hide themselves if you talk about animal welfare yes this is not a good idea and i should too just the good news and in the end another explosion. to taste and it's high dispensing hype about the disappearance of here it's a symbol of those i mean the sewage pipe when you try to hide it within it in the key of this is that i pulled. ok ok this is just we have. this is the clinic. the clinic has. all your stuff is it difficult for you to get medicines no no no you're. just overall good usually good but you almost. go.
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but the guy i know along. with never thought i would but i see that he must hear it got to hear it i don't think i've. driven system. i care for them for three months is was there was a baby yet i never saw monkeys before if you make this fences for small mom and you can bet you'll make. the glass windows in the store just just just this one. you can make all the best bits here and then we'll be. teaching. we want to be something. you know what i mean we want to be something so bold what you're good we know we have to accept and we have to change you know now we're just you don't do it because i love you almost and then you see all the. yeah i understand it all yeah
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yeah what you want is the collection so we have to do to call it now i would think that the correct me please please because. not because of the actual not because of nothing. won't you and the game and the stuff to understand the people. you have this both ability special you and your the only you can do with being you know the only solution is for. you. what people of palestine see is that. they can gold to deliver the kind of gold that they love you they can build two blokes who are they going to unsub up the specs. of what's this is all about going to be beat. is what you're going to feed them well if you're going to live in. the tree you she's supposed to be. hearing. i don't hold off sickness believe me they know the deal
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we're. not the bush is that he says. you'll. say no. we don't anybody feels. good to you to signal. based on this one thing there are still two or three cases you use for thinking nothing. because it kind of fit with anything i do sometimes i talk to bring some special kind of dogs to put the fear. you know the well told to or to get animals for on their phone is the one i make i've never lost animals it's not me. you're right yeah. and.
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all of them. you emerge as the little man. got along with a human. and you want to move forward looking a little. more do not. believe that this. son who loves a good look at me there. is going to lose him. you're losing the. he's still there you. see. doesn't go to those decay i don't believe that doesn't go to. the yellow. love it here.
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that it. was money to do. stuff for us a picture. of us one of if you don't wish to. share like i did. when i lose my life you are. sort of a. legacy
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. that little. fellow went off for the. good of the little. what was said that has a mouth full. of friends who are you up with all my. food looks as if. you know us i'm the one facility we don't talk to the committee i don't know how much going to. missions you must have almost thirty and it was good not a bit of them are going to slam me when i'm not up to look at it and. to know that. i then thought of this before. sure
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a lot of it. will show it was a lie that this man. says he went to fund the athlete and there's a bit of a zero was there with mother with the child a little bit and. advised me and. you saw the anger in the south and looked into and there's a lot of soft they're going to the market. with i will you know. me and you know. look enough of a muslim scholar. fit.
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ok. but her. mother would love. to feel their pain this awful but you know it's a little audio. of this attack. was a muslim i have a publishing company and don't. know how and that it wasn't even you know. you can learn from it but i don't let it go and i'm going to get a line of you know as a part of the feeling i had an issue of the power of the few minutes here to put you know a little bit back in a good. oh but it cannot evoke the just pull off of. the telephone from one of
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those with the i love feet the everything the money we give them and the stupid little he does so when the people close the pool was killing them a little so it's modeled in the wood up close to the phone to bill clinton you gotta how do you call him for you to move the initials he has little. to show him no. i.
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give up. in the name it was going on in kim's illness does she don't consume don't judge me then and i can do a little jellyfish deal with this thing i'm done forcing in that are equal to two inches under what equals a stance me going on in condolences as well don't be done to tell me i'm doing believe that devotional putting in a society as a suit outside us it all to the sitting on. the. join me every so straight on the all excitement sure i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world the public picks sport that's less i'm show business i'll see
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you there. a little light. there is good the good and on ok good leave it in the movie dish i'm going to say the standard way of creating a man i met several amount of bonus money michele norris and you start with moments we know that it could be said it is a lot on my behalf to mention about that i thought about about how look i'm not going to leave. so it's not as adults i want to push them out and have to ban the one special for nothing out of them about going to post it doesn't mean that i look at symbol of the fellow that is ready to call them up or come up with. the right because it'll come but i suppose i mean it's possible to.
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come out. the other guys about how long. ago i sent this to the police and this couldn't. be looked at present i'm going to keep them all you want my love shack you know they you. know. i think i want to end this off if file a big hell of a lot of them i wouldn't know what i'm kind of the hiding about it in my hands when i said i was talking about the how much. of a sign it comes in the sense of a family man and the whole coming to dinner that's a fight i. thought so i mean it's what it is often and the us does a lot that's not a doctor this lady is. i don't know if you can t.v. in gaza. to some of. the town. you know i'm not aside from sleeves like you can be and the love either just
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didn't fulfill any. i'm not going to do. command we just command center centurion method and it's the in fee sheesh i find i'm a bit of a hit which will come up in the end i think of one of the things often i use my bucket if the feeling to finally have an automatic was less than some little me time in the book might have found that. i'm the one they believe. was the first time for them to visit puzzle. soon this implies for the two things demi has to do i was in the. this is we are still we have nothing now because we saw a lot of things. this is always a group.
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the group. good. good morning. good morning. from the goddess thing and city of god of peace yeah. that's what. the united nations needs. ok when you're gonna take me to the money general of those who please. you know. it well once again these going you're
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gonna take me to the marriage out of this will. first ok very good. even knowing this includes the right sort of. story. english these are the each other than english french or french you know french. the. to.
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be. the in. the list. the a. the in. the to here i don't follow good morning doctor something you're going to marry him a good morning this is a think of calling from they as like tickets of office. i'm good thank you how are you trying thank you i have some good news for you. technicals this is committee
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approved your candidacy for membership of the. chair your officially i c.f.m. now. you very much congratulations thank you thank you thank you very much your you are not really what sort of pride. and i surprise i hope. you are my. yeah yeah it's been it's been quite a process and. i'm glad it all worked out and that we can officially work together . you're here to work around. well jerusalem's who is going to be your mentor institution so they will be working with you for the coming five years to work towards the standards vic couple of good old believe you'll. be able to dismiss into the bill done so you'll.
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be off on the use of below lung. mana she will be going to so you won't. usually enough to be a big ticket item in the last year. i think they went to walmart. value not will. meet god i think most any little me. that obama. should. be. able to feed them be the. one. who.
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told me to enter a plea as it was deemed just dream. no enough to. please do should grow up and be famous all in the a. chance in life come one thing. to say i will not use it but the best. i will not do is to get. inflammation workshop given the science museum. the science museum is one of the most obese is bins. this nic. i don't know why it's difficult for me this way distinct the mystic.
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three distinct this thing this thing did this thing. three distinct. three distinct three distinct three distinct three distinct this. distinct this. is. how i'm. sure of what really is your kind of look i would look. for looks.
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but here's your. use of the we don't visit a lot of these of the others. before the book. and here. and. now last week or so. this use it. to be going to destroy the news.
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each. down the road to go on. one of the sort of police feeds sent out to. the state that out. when i was in the bahamas to move pretty much to tell me. things. that. he. didn't have.
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to say. i think the fact. stuff's. just. going off. and all the sixteen member of a lot of stuff we send out to get things to all a few did the best we are extremely happy to be bottle feed as a family and even if we could not but at this
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a bit we did not want to lose the chance to because in a lot of saw welcome to. come down to. the home of someone you know and then the final all that coming up the. most. was. on the phone the condom they mixed did good things for a kid is a little bit.
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you know world a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the fast and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in the. hall. to the kids same compensate oh boy tonight what a. simple program that they can. go in to. get the.
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new car on the list i didn't get showed up to move this because of i'm listening to nickel going to be out in so much the soft unless. it is not so much but they will suffice cause it is a constant because if nothing else money it's. really not interesting we need to get.
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eight years in the making of the twenty eight hundred fifty four world cup in russia it is the biggest event in football kicks off in just a matter of out. across the globe in the russian capital reveling in the festive atmosphere. at the beginning we were a little bit scared but everything turned out real good given everything we need a. price with. everything. away from football this morning and one other piece of news the un condemned israel's actions during clashes in the gaza border that left over one hundred twenty.


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