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i. ate years in the making and the twenty eight hundred fifty four world cup in russia is here the biggest event in football kicks off in moscow in just a matter of a few hours. i. found some across the globe have been out in force in the russian capital reveling in the best of atmosphere. just not away from the football today in some other world news the un condemns israel's actions during clashes in the gaza border which left over one hundred twenty eight hundred civilians dead. their good day for me kevin now in this sunny thursday the fourteenth of june here
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in moscow just after midday huge day for our huge huge day for russia with just a few hours now from the opening ceremony of the twenty eighteen feet for world cup football fever as well who truly into overdrive over the coming weeks we'll have the latest from the games the fans the players from all the host cities across this russia the biggest country in the world the told me kicks off here in moscow at the luzhniki stadium just a bit later today with a match between host russia and saudi arabia is at six pm local time. so while the tournament hasn't quite officially kicked off yet fans have been out in force anyway the center of moscow has been crowded with thousands of people chanting and singing.
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yeah. you. could you beat up ok breaking news moscow has been taken over by friendly forces meeting fans from all over the world and i'm here on a mission chanting as part of football culture and i want to learn chance from different parts of the world. i don't know exactly what these guys a chance and usually but i know the channel which will make them happy guyse most salah books up close how is yours a good guess i'm on a mission can you teach me any of the egyptian chance.
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that oh you. know i mean. i know met a on se oh yeah my. day in the circle proper stop drop of fancy stuff. oh ah i was. the hero of the show but i know you don't want to josh. but i wonder what they will be chanting tonight. the cars up. on the way. yes. arabian fans in moscow one of the largest representations.
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one. good start so much more to come on red square in central moscow opera stars added a little bit of refinement to the celebrations. which. carried the message that music can sport are universal language is that can unite people then standing like show on the front of the iconic bolshoi of course there are eleven host cities across russia all holding their own special events so many of them headed south to speak some fans down in the resort city of sochi. to get anyone. at the beginning we were a little bit scared to come but everything turned out great we were given
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everything we needed we met a lot of people not just from russia but from other countries too and there is a very good atmosphere here. russia is very very beautiful fantastic. when i first came to sochi i was surprised by the city the infrastructure is great everything's very clean i expect a great atmosphere tomorrow and also the people here are very kind. it's very beautiful we were surprised by the place the culture everything corsage probably know what is coming so top flight scored following all the twenty eighteen world cup of events here with the latest and today peter schmeichel and artie's neil harvey. good evening our welcome to our tease coverage of the twenty eight teams playing
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for world cup i know you're watching at home because they still will go what else would you do right now i'm very pleased to say alongside me throughout it so it will be a great day peter schmeichel twice voted the best goalkeeper in the world you're looking very well by the way i think. and i just want to say pieces here especially basically cut for me because i'm going down to join the football fans and have a few beers say and i'm going there that's where there's a big concert tonight opening officially opening of the world cup the world cup you can smell it it's here so many friends already here have a look at this. like . i.
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was when i put in both. the first match of the tournament kicks off with russia taking saudi arabia let's see what joins in the rain you have to say about the opening match. pressure for russia. the world cup at home. the world is watching them and this is the big chance to qualify used to be the first. your abs that in spite of some talent is the knife team is a team from a different reality and russia has to win it and you can find more of the manchester united manager predictions if you had a. dot com you won't think he was talking nonsense if you think so challenge and head to facebook or twitter use the hash tag match for your make your
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own predictions and prove who is not joined by the chief executive of russia's football players union everyone i speak to those are rushing to sort a little bit apprehensive about the policies where we are says russia is the most important game for us because the games with. your wife will follow and the mood that will be the first game is very important we have a lot of. people who are saying our team is really really bad i don't think so i think it's about that we have a lot of young guys we have some very old guys like russia which i mean all for sports you know it's just good enough when you see very old how would you say what are your years younger than thirty six thirty seven was still hopeful for all four running around like that big tournament but still i think their training picturing a lot will show what they got.
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while the only games at six pm moscow time will start our coverage at two pm just a couple of hours from now can tell you manchester united boss the plane joe said marina will be joining us live. the russian saudi arabia have both held their final training sessions as we heard just now they both say they're going to be going all out for victory here's where the the playing.
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well of course perform of this is already been that huge shock for team spain yesterday wednesday the country's football federation x. the head coach just two days before their opening gave against portugal julien was sacked after accepting the job to lead real madrid next season they'll be replaced by fernando aero here's how former spain a barcelona midfielder shabby gave us his thoughts on the move. but others might. i think it was the correct decision otherwise a pretty complicated situation would have emerged. in particular but if you short range with young ones realize it now i want to send my best wishes to the national scene so that it doesn't the fact that it seems concentration on the place really well immersed in the competition on my best wishes to the. next great story next for millions of russians hosting the world cup of course is a dream come true but that hasn't always been the case it took a real but
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a great huge determination to get the beautiful game established here in the first place now our team money is to trace the roots of football here in russia and it leads all the way back to scotland as a direct to the report. at the end of the nineteenth century so the russian empire his first official football match it was played at the hippodrome and st petersburg in between horseracing the public reaction that it wasn't such a beautiful game. gentlemen sportsmen in white outfits were running round in the mud splashing down with full force. and soon turned into a chimney sweeps there was an women thing laughter among the public. over a decade later things began to change football started to gain a foothold in russia but not without some serious help from a russian born scottish merchant and sports enthusiast named this and so in fact the history of russian football can be traced all the way back to glasgow
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shipbuilding was. back in the day in the mid nineteenth century and it was one of the shipyard murdoch. who was recruited by the russians sought to become an engineer with the role fleet it's his grandson who is to become the leading light football in russia and somehow be unraveled this story i've managed to find and knowledgeable in from the clan let's face it. itself sandy let's face it after him self he started up football in russia organized leagues he was chairman of the association for two years we are very proud of him we're very proud to lead is important to the macpherson's and to scotland at large but a scotsman was there to start off russian football how does it make you feel thinking about those links or i think it's very proud i've personally i've never been interested but i would love to go one day you know when there might make a pilgrimage i think we should be watching the world cup with great interest i
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think sport is a marvelous uniting influence throughout the world probably the two greatest things in sport are the olympic games and the football world cup they bring nations together the life of us to make this an end it miserably due to his prominence and position in the russian empire revolutions swept the country and he was imprisoned by the bolsheviks he died of time in jail in one thousand nine hundred it's a known where his body was buried but in the loo theer in smolensk cemetery in st petersburg there's a senator in his honor. we also found the great granddaughter of arthur macpherson lady betty glass who only very recently discovered she was related to the footballing trailblazer it was a great discovery because i know about him but very little about what he did until . he must have put a lot and. it's good it's good for points of view because it's
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a really rough and such a big country that it's amazing that the influence yeah pleased. so that is somebody who did so much as had his is in is recognized as such a place host to the world cup it might be worth remembering the remarkable story of all from macpherson without him the tournament might not be happening here in the dealer today altie. you know world a big part of the news lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig
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deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now watching closely watching the hawks. so we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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i get sixty minutes past me day here most going away from the football for a minute the other stories today it's at least someone the french ambassador in rome president mccrone criticized italy's decision to turn away that migrant rescue boat. is the latest for you. earlier this week humanitarian vessel was denied the right to dock at a port on italy's island of sicily the rescue ship was carrying over six hundred migrants including many unaccompanied minors and pregnant women they had been rescued off the coast of libya but are now currently on route to the port of lengthier after spanish authorities said that they could dock there well the french president has been scathing in his attack of italy in regards to the situation describing the country's actions as being cynical and irresponsible italy is fierce
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criticism by france and is demanding an apology. the french ambassador has been summoned by a foreign minister on behalf of the italian people will ask for an explanation for the insults directed not only against the government but also against the nation which is among the first in the world in terms of generosity or solidarity to tell it to the french and the humility to apologize the story will be closed and we will work in the interests of everyone. present he said to the top of the cabinet meeting that under maritime law it's dictated that in cases of distress those with the closest coastline have a responsibility to respond and he's believed that sicily but it has its image that meat is on the french island of corsica actually off with the best to do that before they were criticized harshly by the central government in paris so some
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including italy suggesting that they some double standards when it comes to migrants and france they've also now asked france to take on nine thousand migrants from their own country. on the basis of the agreements a migrant reallocation from two thousand and fifteen france committed itself to welcome one thousand eight hundred sixty migrants and instead in three years they took six hundred forty so i ask president mccrone to move from just words to action and to. more morning welcome the nine thousand migrants front a promise to work and as a sign of concrete generosity and not just words. when the meeting on friday between the french and italian leaders did look to be in jeopardy is this war of words has been escalating but we understand that it will possibly still go ahead meanwhile a meeting between the italian finance minister who's due to come to paris to meet the french finance minister it was initially cancelled but that is said now to be back on these are tense times though between these e.u.
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neighbors and this is not a spot that is likely to blow over very easily. the u.n. has condemned israel's excessive use of force during clashes in guards of the left over one hundred twenty palestinians dead since the end of march israel and the united states strongly opposed the vote though they called it boy and one sided while the palestinian side so that a resolution was simply was not enough. the nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day it is totally one sided it makes not one mention of hamas who routinely initiate violence in gaza the need to protect our people out of this occupation remains urgent and questionable and why should that be offending anyone. we're just asking for a simple thing we want a lot of civilian population to be protected israel's actions have been condemned
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numerous times by humanitarian organizations and the israeli defense forces have been seen using live rounds against protesters but israel says its forces is simply defending the country's borders. the the. this is a vital mistake and if people knew the true story about israel it regarding hamas this vote would not have gone this way a lot of times these deaths of these palestinians are actually because they're using civilians as human shields and a lot of times in fact almost all the time the violence is actually initiated by
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hamas certainly not by israel the claim to trying to blame hamas is just a distraction it's a form of deception which they want to try to mislead the people from seeing what's pretty clear you've got unarmed protesters who are in gaza they're you know hundreds of yards from the so-called fence and they're being shot by snipers. with with live ammunition this is what's going on there is a clear recognition that it's wrong and that there's no future in continuing this kind of old pressure even the. lawyers for a russian company that allegedly interfered in the u.s. presidential election in twenty six states may be blocked from seeing evidence in the case against it that say if u.s. special counsel robert mueller gets his way he's asked a federal judge to impose limits on information that could be shed now. says the documents contain sensitive information on investigative methods and sources
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prosecutors also claim the data could be used by russian intelligence services to impede further investigations executive director ron paul institute dynamic adams told us is trying simply to save a fabricated case mauler is scrambling to try to avoid giving evidence which may not exist the whole nature of the indictment itself was full of holes it made no sense and now that he's being told to put up or shut up he's panicking inciting national security inciting you know the hysteria that's already been created it's an example of him being caught in a p.r. stunt not expecting anyone anyone on the russian side to answer the claims to answer the accusations and then when they have his bluff has been called in so he's taking out any effort he can to avoid facing the issue. as prosecutors say they've uncovered evidence proving a number of other individuals and companies are continuing to interfere in u.s. politics down in mcadams again says that if that's the case it's absurd not to
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share the proof the idea that you're accused of a crime when you're not allowed to see the evidence against you is ironically this is an absolutely extraordinary case robert mueller the special counsel is now bulking in claiming well russia is still meddling so i cannot put this evidence i cannot let the defense defend itself because it would aid the russians in their continued meddling in i don't know what in america certainly to me it doesn't sound right it sounds like again they're trying to escape a trap of their own creation just put it remind you robert mueller took over that federal government probe into alleged collusion between donald trump's campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen u.s. elections three companies and thirteen russian nationals fell under investigation. eight hundred nuclear activists have been arrested in belgium after breaking into a military base they claim the nuclear weapons stored there for the last sixty
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years and kept there illegally in a symbolic gesture the activists acted out the theft of a warhead which they say they'll give to nato heads of state at a summit in brussels next month to some sort of as a clinical going to we're here at the prajna bruegel air base it's a belgian air base with american forces who are here to oversee the nuclear weapons secondarily twenty warheads held in the belgian illegally given the belgian to sign the nonproliferation treaty so we're here with zoe a member of the include party in the belgian parliament and a group of activists have come here to condemn the illegal placement of nuclear weapons. this is why i can see all the activists say they want to remove all u.s. warheads from the country they also believe the government should sign a un nuclear weapons ban treaty according to estimates there are currently twenty u.s. warheads in belgium or one hundred fifty was sent to other countries by american clothing some non nuclear countries officially to one of the activists told us it
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was crucial that the show the government that these weapons should be removed. i've been to a group we decided to enter his face risking five years of imprisonment each person playing it. cool we're going to remove those nuclear weapons from the village and to integrate those you know we're going to be going to the united states it's not illegal to come out of the country so we really like them to be a way that is why people and even more that they gave to the people so. nuclear weapons making the actions and all together gave that message i can tell you so far has been no meat it's coming from belgium police on this case it's midday twenty five so it looks small g.h.q. so far this thursday for the snow by the world cup kicking off today keep checking on my site called huge section there with the latest twenty four seven and of course full coverage here on the t.v.
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side of things to lined up for you right up until the very last gold in four weeks i'm kevin ollie thanks for watching tonight. oh oh oh. oh. oh god oh. god. john manning james olmos. you don't kill zone don't you know you've been talking to the hotel there on the stand on the bus and in that article going to insist on saying it's only those instances and if i don't want to. cause i don't leave them
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sit on the wall will they want. to those off putting their noses on is this a downside acid of all the sitting on. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i am erica as or this is the closer for well let's get into the show hey max i want to show you a hockey stick sort of chart you know it's
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a good time to do it during the stanley cup well one month treasury bill eels this is quite remarkable going back to two thousand and nine to june twenty eighth you see that it has soared ninety one fold from its low in june twenty fifteen when it was point zero two percent now it's one point eight two percent a nine year high that's a remarkable ninety one fold increase and they yield it's just it's on the one month treasury bill you know that shows that banks don't trust each other so banks are not lending to each other so credit is freezing that's what a credit freeze looks like we saw in two thousand and eight and then the global financial crisis and sued and it required a twenty trillion dollars worth of fresh central bank printing of money to bail out the banks and then they used the money to increase their balance sheets and risk by a huge factor and now are at the stage where it's going to collapse all over again but in
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a much more spectacular way so that's what the that's what that's telling us if it if that continues then yes we're on the verge of another leg down of the global financial crisis it did start you know this soaring of the yield started right as trump was elected so the bond market is moving in one direction stock markets are booming obviously and that's done well under trond and part of it and i'm going to get to that in a bit is to do with all the share buybacks as well and trumps new tax legislation which has seen repatriation of overseas fund so thank shares hitting all time high . as well this is another chart from the same guy facebook all time high apple all time high amazon all time high netflix all time high now is that one hundred all time high you see they're doing quite well maybe the bond yields are not doing as well but certainly the. share prices are doing well yeah absolutely
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monopolies are alive and well in the platform stocks like amazon and facebook others that dominate the space yes so those are all the big online social media platforms they're all doing well and there they've been soaring in the nasdaq is that a new high the last time we saw this high was back in two thousand and two thousand right when the dot com bubble crashed last one now is this sustainable is this not well we'll street dot com they look at it and you know wolf richter over there does a lot of analysis of the housing market of the auto market of stock markets of bond markets and he says you know he looks at what's overvalued what's not and he gives some reasons for it so it's a good sign we've interviewed him many times but his article here on these dot com shares and there are soaring valuations in the soaring stock markets he's got an interesting explanation for this huge new prop under the stock market.


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