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look look look. at least somebody kind of feel. down the length of all along was a little salt in the soft blue as they're going to look at if you could piling up the mexican saddle on my mention of the police release look.
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please. please please please please. please please. please. please please please. please please. pledge. look look look look look please please please please please. please please. please please please. come and you. would like
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look to. look. lead. others who want to listen spread was no my littlest was. it sober as far as. the future of this is loose me to the moment of them i wish it was so much love and
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thanks. jennifer you. feel the love of sometimes in the glow of the wind that moves above from the. lead on the side of the sun we don't believe it would go to see. yourself must do to. tell us. all you have to remove the. love of the second losing movies. oh how. i
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want to. go back to you. sometimes they are there they say camels good morning nothing. to back out it's enough you know me. i don't say i want him to find the gases from the sausage feel half the cow so i set aside to call it just how. it is that is having i was told he had a bit of flair. idiot. in myself. with my mom did he think that there. was no need to do that only the first set my.
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heart. on. all. the world. and i got it from internet. and turned a lot of little mick relations with another country has. been around. for been so since a lot because there were a lot. of doors with people not getting out of there for. what they have to do to other people what is your. hour. or all day. think there was the. it called calculus or. the only ones who i think did it to me. out of
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a part of us when. they asked me what how we can help you. if you want. to start competition it should be. yes i'm. not there it. does give me the reason we want to went after years of course as if we cannot enter. we are sick but it. is a bit i don't think there is a. vision the only get it. he did to me know i have a philistine has a talent. and until he has or doesn't if he had the it thought of mom would you know how the. children you will remember the feeling for them it was a little bit like
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a new york to hear although we talked to him jenny yeah and to deny that would not go much and he was above the magical bucket in the middle of the day you similarly swallowed it when you keep it that way and. i didn't. feel the vision i mean in my life i think and. in this below. me and oh my you may use i don't know to look allow them. to do you can myself. and i didn't have a negative view that others here at measure that they can think of a few no less conceptual bullshit and then again in the service of the in the top of their own b.s. you will only know them in console t.v. cameras so you can also really i don't want a lot of the scenes that are on the other they must overcome the slow laws of.
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and then i'm unclear. how i'm going to. come along. in our fall that. unless they come with no money senator. welcome. to me now.
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for me i do but i love them. that's why i started to work for wildlife moments in race in the in the study. when i started. with the right tools to make it as more than. before it was not know that you know it is six cases and all designs. and all the states or wrong things in sight and all the world zoo is changed so i stopped all the change in this book. but. ultimate
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was designed. for this the minimum standards. it's neither of those things. one. of. them. look.
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busy these days. i. think of. past.
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so what we've got to do is identify. by the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow can only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy would be successful. to sit down and talk. to. kids in the.
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middle. east you don't consume don't you then and i can do it on j. film for saying i'm done we'll soon enough that equal distances assignments are what equals this tells me. because i don't. know me i'm doing movies that devotional putting in a serious resume tossed out of the astrodome vault the sitting on. again the political will and the focus. will cause the extinction of the to. the telephone and to prevent dissent.
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had a clue how to continue to be ready. just on the other one hundred percent of how much you know he. talking about i think you know to think you know hell if you'd actually met him if you did misattributed. him into tariffed model for skinny is a little bit hot model to be put on pixie. sort of honestly be some of the finest in the sea super slightly. out of the i want to see shocking millionaire the cream on top of the no. i had a thought of going on. to milan but the had. made nigel mathy. spotted it's only been more often carla and that have been made up when i look at her books are fairly sure you. get that one follows the end of the five
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hundred two he and a little kitty and i wanted to move to the. i mean the in the air and make a little out of the. shafts a little deja vu however should have an admiration. for the. middle. market value. philos of a soap opera. much richer than allowed a lot of the hell. yeah you know how to do well in the end of the day. to a lot of books if all the help in getting. it as it has if you can hear it in well you have. if i needed all the stuff you don't mean i want to be but. ok move.
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because i. feel so look. like. i know but there is this if you can call that a machine please don't listen to nothing as a listener that. the stews me. that. i don't know. if that was about to look at. keep up with that stuff at least.
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if you can pull the regional ridgetop a little differently purely going to be we still believe you'll be in the natural something of a drink yes channel i'm still. am still if you don't. believe that'll be your world feel. the feeling that you have been going on before the love of the basic thought it was a man because that will slay share the blame to suzy's they are stealing any of it from that but if you look at the time and date you're alive then. i thought the going out looked the study hall maybe and it gave me yeah no charge no doubt just hoping they should make you question that you choose to do you. want.
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to know what it's. doing or. that plans to expand their job as they move or you don't know father john cans from the a.t.o. this week and did look at them and said you're on the redesign for this week as as. you want it with them can you give us or months by i don't know to whom you'll let me just get a letter to. you. but if you like to help us if we should feel we should do least would you believe me because i wasn't going. to meet him to give you maybe you did try to give me the you know maybe ms told me you know to get a seat ok a member will fit all of the committed to do it looking for you like in it this is in my capacity as selfish to him first the idea is i'm not sure and tingles
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we can only. if you leave gets filled with stool so. to give a little it's. not a political is a left belongs to culkin get out of dollars from cooking the books it. is a yawn see yet. you're its biggest that's a little bit most is right that's what i'd be surprised if we have some influence but. i can fly i can fly. something that should be. very tender so you can go for. it was very unusual to get you to look very special care you can be telling me through a flawless yet i'm touching you can go down didn't come to cancel possibility of
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change in this is broken maybe can i get it now it's a perfect life but in my that i found in my political views you know that. the part i can give that's why i know that when we can deal with these balkan you're going to make us is typical of the feeling that this country you don't need you know it's not for something that search. you think this may be this too perhaps this is good take on you don't need me the whole thing was there for the i feel this big chair sandwich because. then i will. see you this week.
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the first. i believe something which. we have a lot of plans for the food show this will. and mike was for that to change just. formally and he's. sixteen years. can divide. but money just come from very fast and go very fast. indeed go over and other people. saw. this is liberal and. if people start to understand you start to understand you're not understanding. believe so then the other bit with. you was. a very good mother who
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understand what i need but the minute. i mean for the do not move for me. but some of the gun. i think. of the thing. how difficult was that i think for. me. this is a big vision. pick up. point it is really. a. big game if this is the work.
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of. the people. but. yeah it's needed that general down the public and international relations office saturday at qalqilya municipality in palestine. is so close no good. miss you think i want to ask you about the have you guess you summited do even what about the lit is the news of our lovely kids you really. carry. your.
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yes yes you see about how we will be used by this visit. i love you to thank you for your influence in following. our application. you see it is so far so good you are fortunate to think in pakistan i. do politics. but the bar. business my son. was one of the this is a little of us all the time going to the. visit of the local mosque about something. that.
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i was. ok i'll. always. have a problem. and so will. do my some little hold and i said look here and he said you know that i say listen you know the long . haul work and the. hope of the. and it will go how do you tim. said and what he how are you i think if you have those who want closure how difficult. is it going to ship you know that other could have been able
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to go with the book it needs he just moved to bottom of the canal to some kind of i will not understand one of them to something how about you plead with him to some time couldn't he has i'm not clucky ethel kid and you could tell that i live she looked up the local equivalent to clinics and a clean mobile if you know and if you want to know how to jump in a vacuum and you did not call me distraught and that he made a comment i made it very back. to. eat. eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat. eat. soup.
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feel in the field in the field in my uncle the kid same company stable boy can i nobody. can see but no proof that they can. go into that. kind of quick. move on the what i did on the bench about the movies because of course i'm listening to the michael going to be out in show or so. and i must. say is not so much of a thing as i was it is it sounds as if he was us you see
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a million years. in a world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. when a loved one is murdered it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder of her and it be illumined death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found
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innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no way that hasn't been that we're even many of the dems families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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this is eighty years in the making and the twenty eighteenth world cup in russia is the biggest event in football kicks off in moscow in a matter of hours. thing. fans from across the globe have been out in force in the russian capital reveling in the festive atmosphere. we'll have a unique insight and analysis from one of the best minds in the game manchester united manager. hello from moscow this thursday june the fourteenth you can get up to speed on
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global developments and our team.


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