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if you didn't believe. this is a headline right now russia gets off to a flying start in moscow going to goes up against saudi arabia in the opening game of the twenty eight feet. from across the globe. reveling in the festival. plus we have unique insights and analysis from one of the best minds in the game manchester united manager.
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from a new center in moscow this thursday june the fourteenth tell if you had learned stories in a moment also you can get the latest developments on the call now though of course the greatest event in world football is finally here the world cup is now underway in the russian capital about half the entire planet's expected to watch the tournament over the coming weeks team out teams primed and ready to bring you the best of the atmosphere from all of the host cities as well so live now to our world cup h.q. overlooking central moscow. again russia is having a magical. go they are leaving saudi arabia to go through for the second. back in
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on the white house talking back to the joint i finally felt in one thousand feet if michael is ever to be watching that match great stuff nice. if in a really really good stuff for a very solid start it's also. as a great opportunity there because saudi arabia or it's not pretty you have to say that i think this could be more than two no but you have to say that after really nervous start russia sort of found their feet started to chase the ball down a bit put a little bit of pressure on the back four of the saudis and. score two goals to score from a corner kick not direct from a corner kick but it was passed out and then the cross and you saw the vulnerability of the saudi defense all looking at the ball and on the backs that was his inskeep who scored an easy header. and then and this is it it's a go if after twenty two minutes he had to pull up with a hamstring and that doesn't look good for him. to play make it
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a link in midfield and he attacked his neck and that's it and then you could just sense it with everyone looking at it and thinking oh my god what's going to happen here but you know when players take the opportunity when the opportunity is there charizard came in and he scored a great goal it was a little you know a long ball up a bit of pressure on the defense and the ball eventually ended with with him and to defend it was diving and he had to love the chip over both of them and then he put the ball inside the box up to the top top corner and to know it's a comfortable lead but in all fairness russia should they should extend it if you take the opportunity and score as many goals i think can get some you think how do you that may be one option easy option as to perhaps trying to find me something that would be the wrong need to think. if i was a manager out i said go for it because these are not good they have very insecure that they're not very good at the back four they have a few players. it's going forward that can do sometimes but so far it's been easy
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for for the russian team to keep that under control but the back four looks nervous and i'm not very good and you know if you go forward that goal is to be had here and i think you know. i think you're a bright and maybe even if you fail mohammed said often they will score many goals against you sold them the ball falls over it's more the better those are important thing because they can count if it's a tight table getting through to the next stage could all be about the number of goals of scholes a very important and if you have the opportunity to score many goals take the opportunity think. again i've done right it's only three games so the better you can get out of that that the better you can get out of every game the better you are in the three came you don't have many opportunities and i say if this saudi team is showing the level that they are at today you're a go i was someone like suarez and then obviously if you keep with more. they will
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school articles so the more they can get the better ok well it looks like they're just coming out for the second half to you in the meantime as you would guess it is a busy time for sports reporters around the world so here's a quick glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes in the media center illusion he came with alexy are shifting. despite expectations by some in the media the game seems to be a lot more fun than it was destined to be by journalists two nil at half time goals by. from f.c. cross and. goal at the brink of the time by dennis chair a chef russia leads to nail the saudis have been pretty active as well especially their fans. stand behind the goal of fagan i can see if there were chanting old all throughout the house but right now the game seems to be pretty much in russia's favor the dominating that had much more chances but injury set back to go if it seems that he may be out of the tournament with a hamstring injury that's the. speculation right now we'll see whether that's true
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but you substitute definitely proved to be very effective and we'll see how what the result will be in forty five minutes ok you have ships and just recapping pretty much what we just said but in terms of the house we were bits afraid wormy perhaps you know having all this time support could put a bit too much pressure on nineteen but it turns out that wasn't the case i responded they have to live it they scored two goals it's a comfortable lead. everything as far as russia is concerned mount football is. as perfect as i said they should be they should be expanding on this lead and and you know the second half is just kicked off and russia straight away you know the chasing the third goal and i think that's who a should be. worried about russia's defense there was concern about that is quite an old line about how you think i think that the saudi arabia's had two chances which they should have hacked so there's a little bit of nervousness there but the first half progressed it got more and
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more secure. and you know. these are not quality players they're not good enough to put any kind of pressure on them but they look to be gaining a lot of self-confidence and actually again as a first half progressed russia played better football so you know like they've got all the support they. have building the confidence up and they've started the second half exactly as and after the first show in terms of any pace that has caught your eye other any was it just a good general team for the thing is a big star small or off small of story is you expect him in a game like this to shine and he's actually not played very well he's act one past successful everything else has done has not been successful so that in a way and he's a quality player we know that he will pick it up there's no doubt about that but that's going to give the rest of the team a little bit of confidence in the. without him playing at his best they can still
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play ok all right peter look thank you we'll let you go and have a look at the rest of the second half we're still talking again a full time fingers crossed is still there a victory in the offing for russia to wait and see. nationality arabia has its thirteenth supporters to the not all russian an illusionary case so we can take a look at something. really. i owe. him arriving at the stadium ahead of today's game thousands of turned out in fact and it's pretty much a carnival atmosphere as you can see and also the saudi crown prince is at least miki also supporting the national scene there and before the match he met in fact that the world cup mascot savvy vaca the wolf and signed a football for him so far the mascot though didn't bring his team much luck at the still time with. mike how would you as
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a marine you know he's at the game he's going to be back with us giving us his analysis of how things have gone a bit later on but earlier he was predicting a russian victory. checkers off by showing his name not so lots of wrong i'll be happy because. no expectations no positivity no optimism everybody expects the world and it can be in this moment in his auto with this players preparing for everybody for their. for their country pride for their let's do it for the country let's do it for ourselves let's do it against the ones that don't believe in don't believe in those so i think can be can be a good thing for them. at least i think my general. asian used to have.
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the russian teams with a certain identity i think they lost a little bit of their identity there in the search of that the talent is not in men's. but they have enough to have enough to win tonight they have enough to go through the the group phase and of course. later you will get the teams more talented with probably the best the best teams in europe the best teams in south america and then becomes a huge huge challenge but i would say that russia has has enough has enough to get . i would say probably the five points that you need to qualify. ok i was with a prediction there for russian victory the saving so far so good they are facing saudi arabia to nail the luzhniki fifteen minutes gone second half just under way so you'd think russian fans would be pretty happy with all of this well it's find out we can go to
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a fan zone now in the center of town there is hugo she's done. igor tell us what is it like down there you'd imagine that the a lot of people who fans. one who were just as you said were just minutes into the second half of the game and this game has really been a roller coaster ride for russian for russian fans a good talk with russia skating for the first time it's going for the first scoring the first goal in this championship then one of russia's forward players a very very very important forward player lance acquired but injured he had to leave the field and it is yet uncertain whether or not he will be able to appear in the next games now then russia scored the second goal so now it's two nil so of course of course russian fans are very very happy around me i can say that there is a majority of them just for you to understand we're just a few hundred meters outside the stadium where this game. game is taking place but
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trust me it it does feel like we are there like we're in the thick of it i mean it's like the stadium has been extended if you're hundred meters to this fan zone a lot of people have chose this open air venue preferred it to bars or comfort of their home and their living rooms for example because they can be understood after all you can get beer and snacks here too. just russia and saudi arabia fans who are biting on the nails right now that's for sure we've met people from untying and from brazil from germany per room mexico really all straight you name it from all over the world all of them have come here even those who don't have a team to cheer for in this match day they've come here to enjoy the beautiful game and they've all told us that so far they have been enjoying their stay in moscow so really this this tournament before world cup twenty team has a lot to offer to the players and to the fans. sure just saying doesn't it you go
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if you can't get it take it that fans line is the next best thing thanks for that and that was that you go to donna first in the center of moscow. the fee for president johnson scene i was a pretty enthusiastic when we did manage to speak to him just ahead of the ceremony today. putting the questions. the whole world cup will be the best ever i'm sure when i see the and then to see as many times when i see how russia stripped the. moscow strip for this game how everyone is looking forward to that. i'm convinced enjoy every second of it supports your team. then you know the pitch the sights but the motivation certainly there. meanwhile the united nations workers are getting into the spirit of russia's ambassador to you and i say she's leaving and ben is here is wearing his country's colors and watching the match
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there too he's in the center with the classes and he had a feeling for what life is like at the moment up in sim pages per game there tomorrow in morocco iran and going to watch that for us is out there at the moment is neil harvey neil good evening. we know good evening to you and you and to peter . get places actually watching the match is going to about where there's a bit later but we also saw we saw things were slightly more cars simply it is when we spoke you last are obviously a bit frantic down here in moscow but what is it like up there near. world on peter perk of the job it is a lot more relaxed here i mean that's the beauty of having a country this big that each of the cities has its own zone feel its own atmosphere it so character is probably though because football action just hasn't kicked off yet but come tomorrow and i think i've got to be in my helps get rid of that come tomorrow i think we'll see a very different st petersburg morocco against iran it might not be the glamour type of group based the first one to kick off but i think we're going to see
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intensity because first of all these teams know that portugal and spain await them so in all reality they understand they have to take three points in this game there is a need to win another element these are two sides you don't get this far very often it's only a fifty periods in the finals for both morocco and iran that creates a lot of expectation for the players they might well understand this could be a wants a lot of time opportunities before the football biggest stage for the fans who knows how many more years maybe decades will be before they get a chance to support their team at the world cup final again that should create intensity in the stadium of fortunately both sides of a fairly defensive in their approach they both favor to defensive midfield is very sort of star jones in ringer would appear. a lot of parking the bus going on will they go for broke will either the coaches take a gamble on the picket cation they both have experience for morocco. renard who
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is a proven winner he's lifted the africa cup of nations not just one thing but two different countries. and ivory coast. in charge of the round of the manager who peter schmeichel we have left would probably be able to chat to me about because he was an assistant coach to alex ferguson a bunch of snot for many years in one of the big things he coached real madrid and then the portuguese national team in a world cup proven manager is that the very highest level will they take a chance with a big positive like we see russia be tonight a world they just sit back and think ok maybe a draw keeps us alive long enough to wait and see hopefully is going to be positive like we seem so far from it we get. my thanks and let's tell you something like this guy russia saudi arabia will be worth watching russia still ahead. second half just under way thanks neil we'll speak to you again. and we'll see you again so you know i've been a side long we'll see you next out say for the full time result i think russia
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against saudi arabia i said tail fingers crossed it's going to stay that way talk again light. at the expense of a longer term growth south here etc investing in the future in products and employees you're taking all that future revenues in your pocket today just like the buying back all the stuff in his own store yes he bought back. all of the stuff in his story has a lot of revenue but now the store is empty and he has nothing to sell so the next quarter he says my sales are zero because i have nothing in the store to sell i
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bought it all myself so. back all their stock they wanted us in the future and when it comes time to report. for us. this is what before. bringing you up to speed on our of the headline news now the un general assembly has voted to condemn israel's use of excessive indiscriminate disproportionate
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force against palestinian protesters over the past two and a half months since the end of march i.d.f. troops have killed more than one hundred twenty people in gaza the resolution one widespread support with one hundred twenty members backing it forty five abstained just eight states including the u.s. and israel voted against it the palestinian ambassador said he just wanted to see civilians protected while washington's ambassador claimed the vote would play into the hands of hamas. the nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving today it is totally one sided it makes not one mention of hamas who routinely initiate violence in gaza the need to protect our people under this occupation remains urgent and unquestionable and why should that be offending anyone we're just asking for a simple thing we want our civilian population to be protected i while israel
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maintains that its actions are necessary for defending its borders its use of live fire against antioch you patient protesters has unleashed a torrent of criticism from right groups. the. this is a vital mistake and if people knew the true story about israel it regarding hamas this vote would not have gone this way a lot of times these deaths of these palestinians are actually because they're using civilians as human shields and a lot of times in fact almost all the time the violence is actually initiated by hamas certainly not by israel the claim to trying to blame hamas is just
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a distraction it's a form of deception which they want to try to mislead the people from seeing what's pretty clear you've got unarmed protesters who are in gaza they're you know hundreds of yards from the so-called fence and they're being shot by snipers. with with live ammunition and this is what's going on there is a clear recognition that it's wrong and that there's no future in continuing this kind of oprah show. and anti-nuclear activists have been arrested in belgium after breaking into a military base they claim the nuclear weapons stored there for the last sixty years a kept there illegally a symbolic gesture the activists acted out the theft of a warhead which they say they'll give to nato heads of state at a summit in brussels next month to some sort of as a clinical going to don't agree we hear the clang to brutal and base it's a belgian at base with american forces who hits if you see the nuclear weapons
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capacity twenty warheads held on belgian soil illegally given the belgian who signed the nonproliferation treaty so we're here with zoe a member of the include pop. in the belgian parliament and a group of activists have come here to condemn the illegal placement of nuclear weapons. and the activists say they want to remove all u.s. wired's from the country they also believe the government should sign a un nuclear weapons ban treaty according to estimates there are currently twenty u.s. warheads in belgium around one hundred fifty was sent to other countries by america including some non-nuclear countries one of the activists told us that it was crucial to show the government that the weapons should be removed as. group restated entities risking five years of intrusion in each person they knew to call we're meant to remove those nuclear weapon from villages those you know we're going to be going to the united states it's not illegal to have them in our country so we
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really like them to be a way that is why people and even more that you gave to the so people so more though. nuclear weapons making the actions all together. and as things stand there's been no comment from belgian police on the military base break in but we'll keep across that for you. lawyers for a russian company that allegedly interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election may be blocked from seeing some of the evidence being used by prosecutors that's of u.s. special counsel robert mueller gets his way because he's asked for a federal judge to impose limits on what information can be shared mueller says that the documents contain highly sensitive information on investigative methods and sources prosecutors also claim the data could be used by russian intelligence services to hinder further investigations the executive director of the rumpole peace institute told us he believes mueller is trying to save
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a fabricated case. moeller is scrambling to try to avoid giving evidence which may not exist the whole nature of the invite it made no sense and now that he's being told to put up or shut up he's panicking inciting national security inciting you know the hysteria that's already been created it's an example of him being caught in a p.r. stunt not expecting anyone anyone on the russian side to answer the claims to answer the accusations and then when they have his bluff has been called in so he's taking out any effort he can to avoid facing the issue meanwhile miller's prosecution team say they've uncovered evidence proving a number of other individuals and companies are continuing to interfere in u.s. politics daniel mcadams again says that it's absurd not to share the proof the idea that you're accused of a crime and you're not allowed to see the evidence against you is ironically this is an absolutely extraordinary case robert mueller the special counsel is now bulking in claiming well russia is still meddling so i cannot put this evidence out
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to not let the defense defend itself because it would aid the russians in their continued meddling in i don't know what in america certainly to me it doesn't sound right it sounds like again they're trying to escape a trap of their own creation just to remind you probable took a federal government investigation into alleged collusion between donald trump's campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen u.s. election three companies and thirteen russian nationals have been challenged. right that's it for now we're back live with out teams will come by in central moscow in about thirty minutes from now thirty five minutes in fact i'm calling bright this is all to international.
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when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murderer i would prefer it be to limit the penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying news just moved to the present and then we hear even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way. for a world cup twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous is a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come up you have to go meet the center of the beach but always will and will solo a great british to get you out of the uk at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. to a low. and i'm really happy for joined out to him. for the thousand and ten world cup in russia this special one come on so if they say it needs to just say the radio. latest edition to make up a bigger. look. greetings
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and salutations here in the united states there is a lot that is right just and good but sadly there is a lot that is broken imperfect and at times downright evil and twenty seventeen one out of every seven children reported missing here in the united states was most likely a victim of sex trafficking and of those victims according to the national center for missing and exploited children eighty eight percent were in the care of child welfare services or foster care when they went missing in fact attorney michael dolce points out in newsweek that this is the trend and not the exception he writes that the outcomes of law enforcement efforts against sex traffickers repeatedly support the m.c.i. me see estimate an eight thousand and thirteen f.b.i. seventy city nationwide raid sixty percent of the victims came from foster care or
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group homes in two thousand and fourteen new york authorities estimated that eighty five percent of sex trafficking victims were previously in the child welfare system . and if the numbers still don't convince you that the foster care system here in the u.s. is dangerously broken well how about some testimony to california congresswoman karen bass a longtime advocate for foster care reform who recently told reuters that quote every youngster that i've ever talked to who was traffic traffic says the same thing they didn't come looking for me nobody cared they didn't bother to come now this doesn't mean that all foster parents are bad or the child welfare workers are all evil most often these are good people trapped in a underfunded bureaucratic nightmare but what these shocking numbers and testimony do tell us is that somewhere between the four to four hundred fifty thousand children that are currently in
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a system that could easily deliver or abandon them into the hands of true evil predators which is why we must demand reform and start watching the hawks. this is. the bottom. like you that i got. this. week. welcome everyone to watch the hawks am i robot and on topical or less. i said this to you before early on and today when you tell me about this story and it was i i have.


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