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the spirit. is. in that. diminish the handsomest and. you are what you are quaters well that's saying maybe old the meeting couldn't be
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more true and timely yes that baloney one in your head with about one hundred first names on a million preservatives that one yet this afternoon is now you or at least a part of you along with all the potato chips fast foods and factory farmed meat and pesticide covered greens that you decide to put your body we are what we eat and we are eating many and what we are eating many experts now believe is dangerous to our health and possibly responsible for the epidemic of chronic health conditions across the united states and around the world this is the heart of a new documentary entitled eating you alive which takes a scientific look at the reasons we are so sick who's responsible and how we can win back our bodies from a dangerous diet sean stone recently sat down with merrily jacobs one of the producers of the film to discuss just what is eating us alive. thanks for joining me today i want to start by asking about your new documentary eating you alive tell us what is the purpose of this documentary. the sun really appreciate you having me
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on the documentary was actually born out of our own experience our own journey our production team was introduced to the information around plant based lifestyle and it all the benefits that. we were in treat and the levy but thought why not just give it a go you know you never did it's not like there is any downside to it so or any negative side so we thought that we would try and actually can avert the director. by this partner he was the one that initially said you know i really like. try this but i don't cook which of you willing to help support me and that you know in that way and i love to cook and sound like sure you know my family on my side could benefit from this little experiments and then when we heard when we mentioned it to the rest of the production team they said well why don't we all stood together so
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we did and we all experienced such transformational change and results that we were questioning why didn't everybody know this it seems like the answer and i know a lot of people would you know take issue with that and want to argue that point but in our own journey in our experience in our observation of others there really is no other way to achieve the kind of results that we're seeing with that occasions and procedures and that type of thing it really is just about food. food yeah and so the what you're addressing though is chronic illness and that's i mean essentially what we're seeing with americans is an overall inflammation problem an issue of bloating and that's why there's so much obesity in united states and the numbers seem to have a chronic heart issues and other diseases that seem to really be deriving from an essential inflammation right. yes even really and just to go even more basic than that it's you you have the total body breakdown you know if it's the car engine
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doesn't have the oil and the fuel that it needs and all that type of thing it won't run and at a very basic level that's our body if it's not being fueled with the things that it needs on the cellular level to operate function properly then it breaks down and disease is the exhibition that breaks down. so essentially when you approached you know this this documentary. and you're basically saying look we're going to approach it really as from a perspective of a plant based diet like what was the actual like was there an experimentation process was there any kind of experimental application that you that to portray for example i know some documentaries they've shown the guy that went to mcdonald's right and he ate mcdonald's for a month basically in his whole body fails so what was the sort of experimentation or proof that you had with this documentary and well first of all it started with their own experience you know we dove all in whole foods plant based whole foods
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no added oils no highly processed or refined foods like sugars or flowers. and just seeing the changes in our whole team that was one side of the experiment so then we started looking for stories and people who would experience the same thing because we didn't really want to make the film about us we're more behind you know more people than we are on camera people and so we really want to tell our story but tell it through the stories of hundreds of others. so we interviewed approximately about one hundred five folks across the country on the majority of them absolutely war physicians in all honesty physicians who had not only treat their patients with this protocol primarily and then used you know procedures and medications as the follow on it if it's needed but suspicions who were experiencing chronic disease themselves were suffering from the results of that and once they went down this path healed themselves reversed their condition not only treated and came to kind
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of a maintained maintenance but a reversing the damage that had been caused which then moves into prevention of getting the damage to begin with in the first place so preventing chronic disease on a whole is kind of the goal so this whole comprehensive message we wanted to tell to enable others everybody you know the masses the world around as to how you can not only treat but reverse and prevent all of the chronic diseases that are really the top killers more than any terrorist activities more than guns more than you know just anything that you want to think of that we start mindful of the statistics you know or this this and this early killers chronic disease is our number one top killer more than any of those things combined wars and all of that so it seems like we should be addressing this and yet we're not so this film like really to put it and hands in the public to say you don't have to wait for somebody
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else to to help you with this this is within your power your control you take the steps you can actually reverse your disease and live a much healthier you know vibrant life and be economically free you know financially free from the burden of debt that surrounds health care and pharmaceuticals and all the rest of it of course there strikes me that a lot of the problem stems with our education system. i mean the government itself is basically offering this food pyramid that every kid sees right and everyone knows that food pyramid with like the base staple is the breads and the grains and then you have you know like i have five helpings of fruit and vegetables as the like from vegetables are mixed together one obviously is much more sugary than the other and and then you know your portion of meat and so essentially it seems to me that you're putting that on its head in a law or in a in a way and it's largely combating to me the major industries that have promoted this dietary lifestyle for so long which is you know industry is basically behind cows
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and dairy right everyone should drink milk and you should be you know you should basically eat your corn which is you know a lot of having a lot of corn syrup in our things because obviously there's subsidies going to the corn growers and really it's a small farmers anymore it's big grow big you know about agriculture big industry so what do you see really driving this overall narrative that we've grown up with about how we're supposed to eat. you know and i think it's in part a i wouldn't say that it's all of the conspiracy you know to start with that people have ill intent or evil intent so that's how this all grew i think to to a large degree it's ignorance ignorance to begin with i think there's enough science out there to prove that what we're talking about is viable truth and can change things in a radical fashion but now we step into the conspiracy because now there are financial benefits to the way things are. the pharmaceutical industry probably
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would cease to exist at the level that it does were it to everyone take this step and take control of their health and there would be no need for these chronic disease drugs that are really what supporting the pharmaceutical industry to its success at this stage of the game and then obviously when you talk about the again take so the heat from the dairy and the chicken and you know animal anchor. culture of and then all the grains that are grown to see the animals not necessarily just the humans but to feed the animals and then the by products that come out of the use of those grains it's like what we've got it's grains well what other by products will it get out of them like the corn syrup that can be utilized which is incredibly damaging because we were never meant to eat it in that fashion. so so then we get into the conspiracy because now somebody there's a profit to be made so they want to protect their interests and i think that.
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combined ignorance then with you know motives and you just have an all around the prosecutor disaster so i think it comes back to the power of the people you know honesty we can expect really government and we have seen i think at this point we've advocated our power to governments and then we expect governments to you know turn around and take really good care of us and that i think is a false belief you know revolutions and anything major that ever changed in our world in our world history things that impacted the change came from just people the common people who decided that they had enough and they wanted to take back the power and i think our health care industry and and our chronic disease burden all of that is coming back to the very same philosophy if you want change
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you're going to have to take the steps to make it you can't say i want change oh and by the way you need to start initiating policies and the lobbying for this and that and the other thing so that i can experience that change it can't be that way you have to be intentional you have to be responsible and you have to be passionate about wanting it and driving for that change for yourself and once all that power comes together from the common people's heart demand these chain. then industry follows the law government follows the law you know it all come later but it has to start with. the yearly warming of the ocean surface and parts of the pacific ocean is known as el nino southern oscillation can upset ecosystems dramatically in tropical and subtropical climate which is why nasa is use of something called ally da are lighter could be the key to saving the amazonian rain forests
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lighter light detection and ranging technology creates a digital reconstruction of not just the top layer of the forest canopy but deep into it three flights over the forest with leider using three hundred thousand laser pulses per second in two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen and twenty sixteen allowed scientists to see exactly how the delayed rainy season and hotter temperatures caused by all means. nasa found that the mortality of trees in their branches was upwards of sixty five percent higher in years and el nino was active all because of stress and we're seeing it in rainforests around the world you have to remember hawk watchers everything we do affects nature and as we hurt the environment through pollution we are affecting the planet. here's about effect being a more positive endeavor in the future for us and the lives in the rain forests of
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the atlas. and that ladies and gentlemen is our show for you today and remember everyone in this world we are not told your love them enough so i tell you all i love you i am tyrrel been ter keep watching those hawks and have a great day and night everybody. when you also see that action the u.s. agrees on paris the us weekly's on the iran and pulls out of that if i'm kinda little from north korea i will think five times before i sign up something with trump because i don't know if the guy's going to keep his balls as they in the first place.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent raise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first check and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only.
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