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not looking at them. i'm seriously more scared of peru than i am of france i know what france and i know the quote is but if they have what i really do not know what kind of protein to example and it can be a nasty nasty shock if you're not prepared for the eleven they say one hundred percent it's not a lot of fun same support they have on here talking on the bench well all day out of the not to say i'll say this before we come up here we'll talk i was trying to have slipped away this proof has we're just going in a mental i actually spoke to or so this is how many fans have you brought here and he was saying to me fifty five thousand now i don't know if it is fifty five thousand but what he said but what there i mean for every game against them all i guess frogs and their guesses try they want to make it like a home toss the first will come up in thirty six years before you go to talk about to start this new strange thing yes nineteen years old and the rainy refugee incorrect daniel. i mean what a story absolutely amazing story i mean we do the local football obviously we do the premier league back in australia but when these type of things come up it
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doesn't matter where it is what around the world they're just an amazing story so from january we had heard of this kid didn't go through any of those traditional paf ways all it done was to play straight football and we picked him up as soon as we saw him that we sort of thought you know what he's a player that australia has not thought you know he's a player that could be maybe one day touch wood like a christian eriksen i was going to have to leave it there thank you very much and i think you just played maybe somebody else but it just to give you an idea how big these guys are. out on the folks who will not. be goalkeepers ringside fans for the tournament second matches a heavyweight clash between spain and portugal last taking place in sochi on friday . reports now from the bronx so what a cracking start he was rushed to the world cup for the first world cup eastern europe and particularly for the host nation what a beast it's given them i mean even in this into the music in the background you can see by but it's dark that a bit of a party started to take place here in sochi where you could hear the russians you can tell. i've been watching the matches and started to come out into the olympic
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plaza here to celebrate he says distinctively hearty festive mood ahead of what will be an incredibly important group the match between portugal and spain in the fish stadium behind me there i mean after everything that's been happening would anybody be surprised if it was a draw who knows what the score will be but the fans they'll be here on friday to cheer on both sides of this magnificent arena that was what the host and also the closing ceremony host for the sunday twenty fourteen winter olympics because last may that we people here actually because the celebrating and afterwards if you struggle to the beach will come on the pebbles and then go for a drink and celebrate along there because we are at the black sea resort of sochi it's been thirty degrees today we're in this most southern point but the eleven host cities we need to georgia but a big party is just starting i think after that russian victory and i think it's about to carry out. i mean i was a little earlier as you know and he made a prediction about portugal against spain this is what he said.
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portugal and spain nor pressure at all because they know that both for going to qualify so i can imagine for us to emerge with dupion champion. risk to say probably the best team effort on. the mansion are to boss also told us to tell you that having christiane are now though doesn't guarantee success for portugal. there are. two very first. possible issues where us was. the portrait is worthless all the. better than the one that you. put into the. source is probably a good. it is one of the best matches if you can pick i'm sure and my sadness
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a course which could have run out. here but when there's so much. seeing. one scene is one of the real madrid another season although in the portuguese national team there are two different people what about all this this trouble that we call a power play i think it is a little bit of i'll play for the president. i was out and i for the players to take i think you would think to be tomorrow. feel separate sitting at the feet to moral. every single yes speaking about it can create a difficult situation for them out of the group phase i think there's a matter of the result tomorrow they're going to to do with this so they're going to have like a couple of weeks to. adjust the situation interview where the for the novice in spain we hear all we do look at it will be always
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a big. ok those predictions there for tomorrow an awful lot going on tomorrow three matches to enjoy but i think we should just enjoy the moment pressure of one five million going for the world cup with the. welcome back had said from the world cup let's look at some other world news now donald trump has said crimea is rightfully part of russia according to online news outlet buzz feed the comments reportedly came during last week's g. seven summit in canada america broke down the story for us. according to buzz feed trump told leaders at the g. seven summit that crimea is russian because everyone speaks russian there on the second day of the cement truck made
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a few comments in regards to russia saying it used to be the g eight before russia was kicked out and he also called for russia to be reinstated saying that they should be at the table so that they can solve the world's problems together naturally some leaders were opposed to this including and merkel but first some background crimea joined russia after a referendum was held were almost ninety seven percent of the population voted to join russia and international observers were present this for a referendum but it's pretty big that this is all coming from a u.s. president so we'll just have to see what happens speaking at a white house press conference spokesperson sarah sanders declined to expand on donald trump's remarks. anywhere of any comment like that i know it's been reported but i'm not going to comment on a private conversation i wasn't part of that i don't have information on. which in years now the united nations has held an emergency session on the saudi led offensive in the yemeni port city of data the ground operation is the largest so
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far in the three year yemen conflict groups say he will worsen the country's humanitarian crisis but saudi arabia insists the goal is to remove the rebels from who did and bring it back to legitimately or his point boy who has more on the u.n. meeting. well this closed door u.n. security council meeting was held at britain's request after the saudi led coalition launched a full scale attack on the port of data the saudi led coalition wants to wrestle back control of the strategically important port but the problem is that yemen has been suffering as a result of the civil war for some three years now and the concern is that this new offensive is going to make the situation in yemen even worse although for many it's hard to imagine how it could get any worse the war there is already described as the planet's worst humanitarian disaster and aid agencies have been sounding the
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alarm throughout this conflict but they are particularly alarmed by what's happening now how data happens to be the port where seventy percent of yemen students supplies come through and the u.n. and the red cross have had to withdraw their staff from the port city and a full scale attack on her day to put even more yemenis at risk of starvation and it could force hundreds of thousands of people from their homes as well as aid organizations are warning so it was britain that called this meeting the foreign secretary boris johnson had tweeted earlier that yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis and that he brought together key international partners to stress the need for humanitarian access it. and a political solution but what boris johnson didn't mention in that tweet is that the u.k. is practically saudi arabia's best friend on the world stage especially when it comes to the arms trade the british government has licensed over four point six billion pounds worth of weapons to saudi forces since the war started back in
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twenty fifteen and about sixteen thousand yemeni civilians have died since twenty fifteen when the saudi led coalition first started bombing iranian backed the rebels there so campaign is in the u.k. say this isn't about a u.n. security council meeting what's needed is a change in policy from the u.k. government and there are questions over whether a security council meeting or a number of them can achieve anything while the u.k. continues its policy of arming the saudis. the united nations has condemned israel's crackdown on protests along the gaza border where dozens of people have been killed since march resolution was passed at the general assembly with one hundred twenty votes in favor and eight against israel and the united states were among the countries opposing the statement as it failed to condemn hamas which controls gaza and washington's ambassador so the document would
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simply play into the hands of the islamist group the nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day it is totally one sided it makes not one mention of hamas who routinely initiate violence in gaza the need to protect our people under this occupation remains. unquestionably and why should that be offending anyone. we're just asking for a simple thing we want a lot of civilian population to be protected israel claims the actions of its soldiers are necessary to defend the country's border with gaza but rights groups say the use of live fire goes way beyond self-defense.
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this is a vital mistake and if people knew the true story about israel it regarding hamas this vote would not have gone this way a lot of times these deaths of these palestinians are actually because they're using civilians as human shields and a lot of times in fact almost all the time the violence is actually initiated by hamas certainly not by israel the claim to trying to blame hamas is just a distraction it's a form of deception which they want to try to mislead the people from seeing what's pretty clear you've got unarmed protesters who are in gaza they're you know hundreds of yards from the so-called fence and they're being shot by snipers. with
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with live ammunition and this is what's going on there is a clear recognition that it's wrong and that there's no future in continuing this kind of old pressure. or that does it for me i'll be back in about thirty three and a half minutes with a full look at your news you are watching the internet. this is rather trendy over the past few years to talk about the new world order fair enough the recent g seven combat in canada and trunks decision to engage north korea for just two weeks samples pax americana is undergoing a significant transformation. of the plate from many clubs over the gays so i know the guy even saw you guys.
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football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending student twenty million up one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game but great so it will transfer. the thinks it's going to. donald trump claims there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea question is based on what exactly will take a look at that on this edition of politic. we're going to politicking i'm larry king fresh off his meeting with kim jong un
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president boldly proclaimed that thanks to his leadership the nuclear threat from north korea has ended is that claim premature who will gain more from the summit in singapore and how well is impact politics here at home lots to cover on this episode we begin with david jolly former republican representative from tampa florida who joins me from tampa all right david was young characterization of the summit. donald trump is wrong to suggest there is no longer a nuclear threat there was very little substance that came out of this i think we can all applaud diplomatic talks as being better than conflict but the reality is north korea won this initial summit and one of the leading south korea papers actually said that just this week kim jong un got everything he wanted he got recognition from the u.s. president he got to stand beside a u.s. president the first time we have ever seen that donald trump really didn't receive anything other than assurances that they might keep talking and a reaffirmation of
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a north korean agreement that was already in place with south korea so donald trump will continue to sell this as though he has changed american foreign policy and in some ways he has already a sat with a dictator who's adverse to american interests but did nuclearization was not achieved in this summit and i think there's reasons to doubt that it will ever be achieved do you think business reasons for hope of course there and this is very this really is important larry and i'm glad you asked that diplomatic talks are always better than conflict i think what a lot of americans are wrestling with is the the trust gap with this president right the notion that he might sit and talk with kim does that really reflect a foreign policy or does that reflow.


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