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there. you go. you know he. has the. so today then we've got three fishes lined up you probably want to offend anyone by saying that today's headliner is going to be spain against portugal that takes place at nine pm moscow time the earliest i mean watch today's uruguay versus egypt featuring style football is muhammad and luis suarez and it's six pm moscow time as
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the underdog clash morocco against iran we caught up with their fans in some places but. i am with the road we're never going to go where did you come from for me. to be going to meet them and treat your tree once you don't need to be. nearly. broke probably don't we choose zero two zero. don't listen to your i'm going to beat morocco three zero goals by john knox side are also going to ask on these i get it that much is going to take place in the bills and it's arena ahead of the total peter schmeichel explore the northern cultural capital of russia than for us.
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i'm innocent it is bush stadium and i have to say looking up fashion is everyone watching football you would have a great view. but then end it down and there's no page but don't worry that's because this is a smart stadium they rolled the picture out and when they needed there was back in and the way they rolled it back again is. purchased normal wheels it looks absolutely. spectacular. and takes about ninety minutes each way. i've been told that saying peter's pose is a fantastic thing and i'm so weak it's a find out if that's the truth. my first stop the peterhof palace where the sas used to come every thought my it's summer residence and it's beautiful and i got the privilege to turn the fountain on.
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the chairman of the top man in the foundation is a pizza place and he happens to be one of the season passes for the walk out on top of being one of the best in this world and i just say i had to see it play something i thought i'd go yeah. ok. i want to say i want to see you the way you play your very very aggressive and this is what i really like that this is nothing aggressive this is special but i don't mind if number three is doesn't work without personal football is your passion as well absolutely i play football for my show called a lot of the same things for example conductor orcus. she of course where's the orchestra where something where
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the most important of all is to play for the audience. next is one of the catch up with an iranian player who is considered number one in his national team. my parents my sister have now moved here they had to support me they made me happy and when i'm with them i feel protected also give me emotional strength to play you know being here helps me a lot when i play before coming here i didn't know because. it wasn't really important for me whether it was an islamic city or not and now that i'm here i'm happy people of all religions here have been really good to me everyone's been very supportive right as mentioned also plenty of a year ago. for europe quite football is the number one sport one of their fathers told us just how important it is for them.
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to go the. way i did try to. tell. you about the thing when you're trying out with your final challenge here and you get a. feel for what you can see you got away with it. shout it. out of the i love it. and i don't therefore. i don't. feel. i get that now i did forward. that on the question of.
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whether the i can get something out of it to. you tube long. as you are with the front. i'm a little. i was. going to. joke about that guy. yet to be continued absolutely there venturing rushes of course only starting as well as all huge coverage of the tournament but a try catch of the soldier old truck and they can join us for the coming days weeks
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plus of course more expert analysis those key thing next put inside them all the guys here on this channel we see international. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one little question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but probably would you. agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go.
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alone. and i'm really happy to join. russia. this special one was also appreciated me to just say to redo the team's latest edition to make it up as we go. look. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. over a good morning from ten eighteen here now my name is kevin i win this is the right away from the football world news this morning donald trump's apparently admitted that crimea is rightfully part of russia that's according to online news buzz feed
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those comments reportedly came during last week's g. seven summit in canada samir a car breaks down the story according to buzz feed at trump told leaders at the g. seven summit that crimea is russian because everyone speaks russian there on the second day of the cement truck made a few comments in regards to russia saying it used to be the g eight before russia was kicked out and he also called for russia to be reinstated saying that they should be at the table so that they can solve the world's problems together naturally some leaders were opposed to this including mccraw and merkel but first some background of crimea joined russia after a referendum was held were almost ninety seven percent of the population voted to join russia and international observers were present at this referendum but it's pretty big that this is all coming from a u.s. president so we'll just have to see what happens you know white house spokesperson sara sanders to klein to expand that he more on donald trump's remarks are aware of
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any comment like that i know it's been reported but i'm not going to comment on a private conversation i wasn't part of that i don't have information on. a series of terror attacks in paris on the thirteenth of november twenty fifth is still fresh in the minds of people there the assault on the theater in particular has been a source of confusion and public debate since eighteen families of no fog lawsuits against the government over how it responded on the tragic night shiela do burns he spoke to attorneys of the families with one of them making a surprise revelation to r.t. . one of the justice movements in morton french history series who would need to terror attacks across. one hundred thirty people killed ninety it's the news at this popular music venue. was. done while the taro it was unfolding inside the back to
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con outside what eight soldiers from and tear up the trolls the parliamentary inquiry later revealed that they were told not to intervene moreover they were also the people from giving their weapons to the police sticking rigidly to amin protocol. now eighteen families of victims have filed a lawsuit against the french state demanding answers. only lead they can do they were described in the media as the force specially created against the threat of terrorism so why was this force which had the chance to intervene told not to. if the soldiers had entered the batticaloa last night or if they had given their weapons over to the place how might that have changed what happened on the heretical night in paris to say luther what question or one answer is why did two and a half hours for the order to engage to be given when the officers were there from
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the beginning. the army however insists the soldiers had taken all measures possible securing the area around the battle and protecting the fleeing victims the military intervened spontaneously they arrived where police were already present the military secured areas around the battle plan in coordination with and at the request of the internal security forces but now one of the lawyers representing the victims' families has made a startling claim to r.t. saying that the allegations come from a member of the gendarmerie who wants to remain anonymous. on the minds of the bats a clan a tank there was a squadron of gendarme assigned to protect the house of then prime minister valve's this squadron was alerted immediately and deployed to the site equipped with assault rifles they entered the batek land and extracted a hostage of a woman and they were able thanks to the hostage to get information about the
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situation of the other hostages inside but then this twenty six man squadron received a very curious order they were told to stand down. and he claims there was also another yet ready and equipped with emergency medical supplies but they also not deployed. if this equipment had been available to help. well that this vision to intervene was being taken it's possible people would have survived surely the question about this and to tear open ration sin to know and its role is one who if we spend so much money only. just the political masquerade to make people believe. we clearly see people were massacred with kalashnikovs just a few meters from this unit and that they had terrorists. but were told not to pull the trigger locks he has asked the police to respond to these allegations so far no
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response has been forthcoming but these are questions that the families of some of the victims at the vatican want on sustain they want to know what happened that night and whether more could have been done to have help than the ones that people ski. paris. the winner of the iraqi parliament relection souse been supported by washington has announced that he's creating a coalition with pro raney and forces and actions caleb maupin explains this morning that's not quite the development the u.s. was hoping for that the target al saud or the iraqi cleric whose bloc won most of the seats in the recent parliamentary election has now announced he's willing to form a coalition government with an iranian backed militia so much for washington's hopes that he could be used to counter terror rons influence he can be irrational he's better than the iranians taking over what a let down for all those american media outlets and think tanks that hailed al
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solder as a new hope for iraq and more importantly a potential ally against iran that's interesting because if you wind back the clock george w. bush said that he was an enemy of democracy for a long time his brigades were actually killing us troops let's not get stuck in the past we are very well aware. of our all solder and his background and his positions now yes. now it might have been a sign that the long time pro or reigning in cleric was changing his tune when he did some international traveling and met with the saudis but that was just smoke and mirrors at this point outsiders aligning himself with a cleric who is so pro reigning in that he actually fought for iran during the iraq iran war this is another fail in washington's effort to roll back to iran's influence. very very concerned about increased terrain and influence in iraq president obama with through our forces there and it makes it much more difficult
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to calculate the growing iranian influence in iraq we must also do what we can to limit the extent of our reigning in the influence in iraq now the first prime minister after the us invasion is bringing in al jaafari he ended up being very friendly to iran now as foreign minister he speaks very highly of relations good relations between there on the rock the results for both countries and in practice they have proved to be in the interest of both countries the second prime minister now the vice president al malaki was supported by washington but he ended up being very friendly to iran too and after milly's he went down the new guy also couldn't resist iran's friendly gestures al a body is also friendly to the islamic republic next door or one of the you will have the u.s. has. invested. my money. i mean what it took a minute for was eventually. iran it was going to open and
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they realized that the war against iraq has been brian mcnamee. you know now the usa is adamant that it wants iranian influence out of iraq however its efforts are proving to be rather futile now there is one iraqi leader with a very good record of fighting the iranians his name was saddam hussein and he is long gone. now it turns out that when you destroy a country you also create a vacuum and somebody is going to fill that vacuum even if it's somebody that you don't like. r t new york. or russian schoolteacher was facing a backlash after posting swimsuit pictures of herself on social media when he said she was bringing her profession into disrepute that but along came a groundswell of support springing to her defense.
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nice to get a story of the happy i think that's it from all th q so far this morning coming up to ten twenty nine in the morning a great future weekend the world cup football i should look forward to don't forget for the latest news of the games behind the scenes stories and huge atmosphere information commentators like the radio fetus michael make us a naughty don't call you'll first choice for this world cup thirty eight c. here in moscow this friday morning it's kevin always saying have a good day and thanks so much for watching.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside dives. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred and twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great so one more transfer. and thinks this minute. hello and welcome to cross top where all things considered i'm peter lavelle has
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been rather trendy over the past few years to talk about the new world order fair enough but what we are experiencing now is the end of the old world order the recent g seven in canada and trying to the station to engage north korea are just two examples pax americana is undergoing a significant transformation and the old order is fighting back tooth and nail. talking the old world order i'm joined by my guest john merrill in washington he is the former chief of the north east asia division of the bureau of intelligence and research at the u.s. state department as well as author of korea the peninsular origins of the war also in washington we have michael flanagan he is president of flanagan consulting and a former congressman and to new york we cross to george samuel lee he is a fellow at the global policy institute of london and author of the book bombs for
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peace all right gentlemen cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it michael let me go to you first here i think it's pretty fair to say after five hundred days in office we're beginning to see what an american first foreign policy is under donald trump so my question to you is america first under trump compatible with the post world war two liberal order that the united states herald into into being and is. two thousand and eighteen a significant date for that order that appears to be well changing if not breaking down go ahead michael. thank you peter i think that the their american foreign policy your question presupposes that we've been the same since the second world war and i think while we've had very likely goals from administration administration that are very similar i don't think we've had the same execution of that foreign policy and i think you're seeing a very different execution of the foreign policy one that's more trade centric one
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that's less interested in in making a macro once over the world got to embrace everything deal but taking deals a bit at a time much as a businessman would and i think you're seeing a level of foreign policy interaction and product that is unfamiliar to many in the structures now but is in no way bad and i think that that's giving a lot of pause to professionals who have been doing this for years and excellently for years but different doesn't necessarily mean wrong and i think in the right direction i'm not i'm not judging i'm five i'm not judging if it's right or i don't know what i'm going to be describing i'm describing it because i don't know if it's right or wrong it ok and i'm glad you brought that up because i'm not talking about the new world order because i don't know what that is ok but i do know what we've had for the last seven years ok let me give that more or less the same question to john because michael gave a kind of from an american point of view but there is
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a lot of american allies around the world that see it very very differently than the current occupant in the white house go ahead john well i think the asian allies are coming along. he's he's right trump's foreign policy approach is different than his predecessors it's more realistic more hard nosed and even a little more improvisational i think there's a tendency towards neo isolationism and there are doubts about alliances particularly when there is a perceived asymmetry of burdens and interests yet so. i think he also feels the traditional alliance management emphasis that we've we've had has fostered excessive dependency and created moral hazards so he's trying to solve in my opinion trying to solve some problems and he's a disruptor ok george your turn i mean and i think you see that with korea it was ok i think you can see it in
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a lot of different things right now in this sense and i think these tendencies towards isolationism and or overblown i think john really mention and i mean a lot of people have. benefited from american large jets particularly in trade and security i mean you know the united states is willing to go to guarantee the security of europe borders but not its own country i mean you know when is this going to stop enough is enough go ahead george. yes but that's always been the key to america's overwhelming presence in the world it's been the leader of this massive bloc this massive nato european union bloc and that's given it america this huge influence now. america had to pay a price for that that the price it paid was that it was running massive trade deficit with everybody because you know in return for their not contributing very much to military spending america gave them. privileged access to
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u.s. markets it didn't matter very much because the as long as the dollar was the world's reserve currency the trade deficit would eventually eventually all go back to america anyway and into finance but now trump has sensed that that american economic supremacy is on the challenge and the rise of china and the china russia block that is a real serious challenge to the united states so he's now trying to shake this up and saying ok now the a this block that we're. it is of they really have to jump to it they have to follow our goals they you know they you know what we want whether it's in the middle east or anywhere else they will have to follow where where in the polish state they say ok well i guess we have all foibles such as rail and you don't really agree with it but it doesn't matter will over look at now they're trying to doctrine is that you have to really follow it because if you don't follow
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us then you will pay a price and so we and we see this with the in the case of iran america's not just walked away from the j c p o a it's actually imposing yandell tease on the europeans who are actually sticking with the agreement and so that's what. he's trying to consolidate this block in order to confront at some later date the new colossus of marginal in the world which is china in alliance with russia you know michael and i tend to agree with george there but the issue is is that it's not really a bloc of even remotely equals it's one country calling the shots if you don't fall in line you'll be sanctioned like the u.s. is saying she did scold him quote adversaries infos i mean that that is kind of a upping the game of sanctions would you agree yeah i were america bitch i mean that's kind of what what the administration has been talking about with the america first policy for your forgive my my use of the vulgar the the
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administration really has is not driven ideologically to have won world borderless society is as perhaps the obama administration was leaning toward and is not looking to have a pax americana as the neo cons and the bush administration were looking for i think it's looking for global leadership in the finance sector in the trade sector and i think trump is absolutely focused in that direction and where there is some big line crossed like chemical weapons or the belief of use of chemical. it's to step away from that argument here or to be able to talk about some really egregious behavior by a world actor the administration is going to shrug and move past that and i say we have bigger fish to go but with michael and players like russia has ever been michael you know critics particularly in the liberal media saying you know trump wants to move away from a rules based. international order well i mean if i take what you say logically
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speaking then the united states doesn't give a hoot about the united nations is going to unilaterally bomb whatever country it wants it will impose sanctions on any country it wants me to walk away from the deputy of the united nations i mean that's the extreme ok that's where this is going to and that's why i'm not talking about the new world order because i don't know what it's going to be john go ahead and jump in there i noticed you were reacting. well i think that's that's a little extreme way to put it what we've seen trump do in the case of korea is settle a long festering problem and break with traditional prescriptions and being being willing to sit down and have a dialogue with the leader of north korea i'm calling him the leader of north korea because one of the things that american media do all the time yet is they call him a dictator or a tyrant anyway he's having a conversation and he's trying to bring to bear i hope he's successful he seems to
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have had some success so far he's trying to establish a degree of a poor and to schmooze the guy and hoping that that will bring him along and will be able to make progress so let's see how that plays out i think so far he's been doing a pretty good job on the korean issue even some democrats are beginning to realize that although belatedly george i i am one hundred percent behind donald trump. my engagement of north korea absolutely if that's what it takes for peace that i'm on but i'm on board ok and i just hope that it's not sabotaged by even his own people around him i worry more about who is around the zero in the oval office then and then who was in singapore george yes yes the that's exactly so i don't think anyone is going to sabotage the north korea deal within the administration simply because north korea has not become tromps baby and it is easy.


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