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all international teams and i rushed them preparing for the first game here's what some of them have been saying about the tournament. oh. shut. the fuck. outta our. purpose.
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to keep. her. book. perk. me tell of course on the course. of gather the rushes made in the capital to celebrate the end of the month of ramadan among those celebrating a muslim fans ahead to see their teams playing in the world cup to. i'm in russia to support morocco's national to me today we are playing our first game in st petersburg this is also a great chance to visit moscow's main mosque to show the great the end of france going to europe mysterious great here muslims came here to mark the end of ramadan
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is different from europe and i'm taking part in first of prose of the first time. three fishes today at three pm moscow time you can watch your acquire. featuring star football as mom and luis suarez then three hours later it's time for the underdog just heard about there the clash between morocco and iran we probably won't offend anyone though by saying that today's headline is spain against portugal that's going to take place at nine pm moscow time we caught up with some of the fans in the southern city of sochi where that's going to kick off. a lot of people are much actually nicer in welcoming than we do. we anticipate a cold place in both temperature and personality but clearly we found the exact opposite of this place a super clean house super nice the people are nice. i haven't seen anything like those teams playing through the final training sessions before the match is going
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to take place at the fish stadium that was built for the twenty fourteen winter olympics miracle peter schmeichel took a trip that. broke and sophisticated and welcome to such and. such it was like the soviets call this it was where the in deep pain for the early days the politicians militaries and axes they all that their own designated sanatorium and this one for instance was for the teachers and the scientists. i wonder if they could see in you and that teammates will appreciate the salvia because this will be priscilla's home for the well called. one of the really really cool things about such easy conviction to be on the beach working on your son time in forty minutes later you can feel him snowboarding skiing whatever you fancy and the world cup is in june and even then you could do it so we
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were pretty well i think about two thousand five hundred metres even if you go and ski the still a lot of things to do up here the for instance i'm going to go for. one of the big attractions. truth is of course the all to draw in lisbon fulfill no one raises the issue of harassed votes and hamilton twice have won it. and in a minute i'm going to see if i can do exactly what these guys have been doing in the last four years.
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profile of the players now this is competition is the world cup dead view for several spanish players one of them yeah go i suppose who's one of the top scorers in the spanish team we spoke to him proud of the championship. it helped me spend time with my family and to be with my. perform better on the field just held a great deal of status and well having my family around but it is true that i haven't played a lot for the past so frail but i've always known that i. needed was some time that i could trust in my coach the most important thing was to keep working day on friday night every week game of the game even if it sounds awfully like america we have high hopes for the twenty eight sixty four world cup in russia so also in the
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post to. play for your acquired football is the number one sport one of their fans told us just how important it is for. failing to try. to get. the title challenge. and why you. feel like. you. got. to. shout it. out of the i love it. therefore. i don't.
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i think that. you are. yeah a lot of guys work to achieve adventure in russia only just started. the big. it was
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a. course promise as well to bring you the very best coverage the very best analysis and insight in all the games right through right here on this channel r.t. international.
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most people think this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest. truth to stand this is just the right questions and the right answers. question. this is us international law. thanks for being with us to other news now away from football for a bit donald trump has apparently admitted that crimea is rightfully part of russia that's according to online news outlet buzz feed the comments reportedly came
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during last week's g. seven summit in canada. picks up a story. according to buzz feed at trump told leaders at the g. seven summit that crimea is russian because everyone speaks russian there on the second day of the summit truck made a few comments in regards to russia saying it used to be the g eight before russia was taked out and he also called for russia to be reinstated saying that they should be at the table so that they can solve the world's problems together naturally some leaders were opposed to this including and merkel but first some background crimea joined russia after a referendum was held were almost ninety seven percent of the population voted to join russia and international observers were present this for a referendum but it's pretty big that this is all coming from a u.s. president so we'll just have to see what happens here meantime white house spokesperson sort of son has declined to expound on it though. i don't wear any comment like that i know it's been reported but i'm not going to comment on
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a private conversation i wasn't part of that i don't have information on. a series of terror attacks in paris on the thirteenth of november twenty fifth you know still very fresh in the minds of many people that the assault on the theatre in particular has been a source of confusion and public debate since eighteen families of lawsuits against the government over responded to that tragic night. spoke to attorneys of the families was one of them making a surprise revelation to. one of the darkest movements in morton french history series of coordinated terror attacks across paris one hundred thirty people killed ninety of those at this popular music venue. while the tear up was unfolding inside the battle plan outside what eight soldiers
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from and tear up the trolls the parliamentary inquiry later revealed that they were told not to intervene moreover they were also the people giving their weapons to the police sticking rigidly to army protocol. now eighteen families of victims have filed a lawsuit against the french state demanding answers. only led they. they were described in the media as the force specially created against the threat of terrorism so why was this force which had the chance to intervene was told not to get up if the soldiers had entered the battle a lot night or if they had given their weapons over to the place how might that have changed what happened on the heretical night in paris they said what question you want answered is why it took two and a half hours for the order do not gauge to be given when the officers were there
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from the beginning. the army however insists the soldiers had taken all measures possible securing the area around the battle and protecting the fleeing victims the military intervened spontaneously they arrived where police were already present the military secured areas around the battle plan in coordination with and at the request of the internal security forces but now one of the lawyers representing the victims' families has made a startling claim to r.t. saying that the allegations come from a member of the gendarmerie who wants to remain anonymous. on the minds of the bats a clan a tank there was a squadron of gendarme assigned to protect the house of then prime minister valves this squadron was alerted immediately deployed to the site with assault rifles they entered the battle and extracted a hostage of a woman and they were able thanks to the hostage and to get information about the
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situation while the other hostages inside and then this twenty six man squadron received a very curious order they were told to stand down. and he claims there was also another the ukulele and equipped with emergency medical supplies but they also not deployed. if this equipment had been available to help v. well the decision to intervene was being taken it's possible people would have survived surely the question about this and operation sentinel and its role is why have we spend so much money on them wasn't it just a political masquerade to make people believe that they are protected when we clearly see people were massacred with kalashnikovs just a few meters from this unit and that they had terrorists in this site but were told not to pull the trigger r.t. has asked the police to respond to these allegations so far no response has been
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forthcoming but these are questions that the families of some of the victims at the vatican want answers to they want to know what happened that night and what more could have been done to help help their loved ones so that davis gave r.t. paris. a russian schoolteacher was facing a backlash after posting swimsuit photos of herself on social media and many said she was bringing their for her profession into disrepute but then at the blow a groundswell of support sprang to her defense.
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story with a happy ending you gotta love it that seems so false multi-age cute is funny lunchtime a great weekend of world cup football action if you look forward to get all the latest news on the guy who's behind the scenes stories the atmosphere with some
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amazing commentators you probably seen already radio peter smikle make us a nazi don't call me your first choice this world cup twenty eight say they're a moscow is kevin i always say hope you continue to enjoy the program so and have a great weekend.
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no not. after all see i. told you. i think. russia took a real blow to its sense of self joining the yeltsin years i remember even six years ago when i first came here people kept apologizing to me for help terrible everything was that this wasn't like america and for people to be ashamed
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of their country was so different and now i don't really see that i see people are more proud of their country and i think putting his years stalin in particularly the great patriotic war in the victory was there as a way to inspire nationalistic pride. and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember mr loving you i committed these to my combustor years. to study hall meeting. with. the only palestinians it gets the most help from his two recent counterparts i don't think this is about those who in the world under the bush did not believe that it is. and that is a lot if that is to harpers ferry them a salvage yard i don't know if you competing in the doesn't seem to do more
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commitments last time piss off. donald trump claims there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea question is based on what exactly will take a look at that on this edition of politic. we're going to politicking i'm larry king fresh off his meeting with kim jong un president trump boldly proclaimed that thanks to his leadership the nuclear threat from north korea has ended is that claim premature who gain more from the summit in singapore and how well is impact politics here at home lots to cover on this episode we begin with david jolly former republican representative from tampa florida joins me from tampa all right david what's your characterization of the
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summit. donald trump is wrong to suggest there is no longer a nuclear threat there was very little substance that came out of this i think we can all applaud diplomatic talks as being better than conflict but the reality is north korea won this initial summit and one of the leading south korea papers actually said that just this week kim jong un got everything he wanted he got recognition from the u.s. president he got to stand beside a u.s. president the first time we have ever seen that donald trump really didn't receive anything other than assurances that they might keep talking and a reaffirmation of a north korean agreement that was already in place with south korea so donald trump will continue to sell this as though he has changed american foreign policy and in some ways he has already a sat with a dictator who's adverse to american interests but did nuclearization was not achieved in this summit and i think there's reasons to doubt that it will ever be achieved don't you think there's reasons for hope. of course the and this is very
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this really is important larry and i'm glad you asked that diplomatic talks are always better than conflict i think that what a lot of americans are wrestling with is the the trust gap with this president right the notion that he might sit and talk with kim does that really reflect a foreign policy or does that reflect donald trump trying to seek a certain place in history that perhaps others haven't had it's not that the latter is wrong but it reflects a lack of substance there was no preparation going into this if you were to ask donald trump today since he has met with kim what he meet with rouhani what he meet with the cuban regime what he meet with assad this is not a president prepared to talk about the complexities of foreign policy when it comes to the actual threats we face on the world stage broad's obama proposed the same thing he said he would meet with north korea without preconditions and most republicans slammed him. we were one of those republicans who slammed obama the.
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you know i know that i question the president's policies when it came to iran for very much the same reasons i don't recall a similar instance with north korea but look when barack obama approach working with iran the question wasn't whether or not we trusted the american president the question was whether or not we trusted the foreign adversary i for one did not i do not trust who are rwandan i do not trust iran in this case i don't trust north korea and i don't trust kim jong un the president has decided to place his trust in a dictator who we know is one of the greatest human rights violators of our time perhaps the president is correct in placing his trust in him we should all hope for peace but there are reasons domestically within the the american political system to question the president's judgment in this case you know a lot of people dislike donald trump in the united states and whether that's fair or not that should not inform our assessment of his policy decisions but distrust
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is a fair question whether or not people trust this president when it comes to competence and his ability to reach deals is an open question for a lot of americans a lot of people support the president but a lot of people question. when the twenty eight thousand elections. nothing at all i think it does anything it him though i think it emboldens people who believe donald trump truly is right on everything the republicans who consider him one of the greatest republican presidents in history those numbers reflect that but i think for those who oppose the president it is over issues that in many ways are are different than what we're seeing on the world stage just matters of trust is matters of whether or not this is a president who treats the institutions of government in the same way that past presidents have i think all americans can wish for peace we can wish for reduction and conflict but i don't think the president's going to get
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a bump out of what comes out of the north korea summit oh there was one said in the big alexion in the united states is the economy stupid if that's the end soon with the u.s. unemployment rate down to three point eight percent the lows since two thousand trump gets credits to that. look like he's the favorite to be reelected. you know there are a lot of people who will vote on whether they think we're going in the right direction or the wrong direction and for those people the economy as you said is as bill clinton's campaign rightly noted is the preeminent decider for a lot of people i think the president his election if you will is do a lot of credit for this macro economic confidence recognized for coming off an obama administration that approached regulation in a way that really crimp corporate profits really crimped employment a lot of critics of donald trump would suggest he hasn't done much different but i will tell you that the corporate confidence is
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a direct reflection of the fact that this president has come in and said we're going to reduce regulations we're going to increase profitability and as a result we're going to reduce unemployment and create greater jobs that is a macro economic trend yes this president deserves credit for one of the issues that the president will have to wrestle with whether it happens or not and whether he can affect it or not is there's a difference between economic growth and wage growth if if american people are paying more for their health insurance if they're paying more for gas prices if they're not actually seeing their take home wages go up we've just seen the fed increase interest rates which will increase payments on credit cards and on mortgages does that affect a voter's mindset at the end of the day this president presiding over a growing economy and that is a tailwind for him this should speak very favorably politically for his reelection effort to do an article in the atlantic the senior white house official summed up the trim foreign policy doctrine as we're america. what's your reaction to
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that. he represents a certain hollow nationalism that has infected the republican party in the past ten years and it's unfortunate. we all take pride in our home countries we certainly do as americans donald trump has seized on that from little issues like whether or not football player stand for the national anthem to whether or not we're getting a fair deal the deal on trade to whether or not he's going to increase the defense budget in some cases those are real policy differences from past presidents but what he is really selling is this isolationist approach to foreign policy it's a dangerous game to play larry it is certainly rings true with a lot of people particularly in middle america who believe in the strength of the country and we don't want to lead from behind that question and are skeptical of these international alliances but the president also has to be very careful what he has done to those international alliances freedom has been withstood not just
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because the united states but because of our allies as well the president has to be very careful with how he has offended some of those allies and his first sixteen eighteen months david jolley is all those things feel. good to be with you larry thank you while the president exude victory lap on north korea rumblings about the chaotic nature of his presidency and unhappiness among his staff continue at home an article in sunday's new york times called stevens day of john kelly calling the white house a miserable place to work and reports that he's questioning how much longer he and others devils can go on working who is president and sort about all is with chris whipple award winning journalist author of the new york times bestseller the gate keepers how the white house chief of staff define every presidency and that has now been out in paperback including a new chapter on the trump presidency he joins us from new york. in terms presume
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how that some white house rigs in the presidency is being defined what do you take away from the singapore summit well you know it's the latest example of how this is a president for home process and discipline are anathema you know chris hill the former negotiator described this as speed dating you know the walk up to the to the actual summit somebody else said that well now maybe it was more like internet dating where the guy who shows up is shorter than he looked in his picture but in any event it was it was absolutely unprecedented clearly you know none of the details had been worked out and at the end of the day you had the president of the united states giving an awful lot away in return for quite frankly an empty pledge it's just not clear what denuclearization would be it's not clear
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how we would ever get there and it's frankly looks like a. gaudy photo op but all of the difficulty tales lie ahead we surprise that will happen that the g. seven summit. yes and no i mean this is donald trump as human wrecking ball that's that's been his style and it's certainly. you know look at work for him. on the twenty sixth floor of trump tower at work for him in the campaign i don't think it serves him well as president and again to go back to my area of expertise i just think that donald trump desperately needs his own version chief of staff of a james a baker the third somebody who can walk into the oval office close the door and tell him hard truths and one of those two.


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