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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 16, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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cilia three things about iran in recent days but i don't think it's very likely that they'll be any change there and similarly i think in the case of syria i think we can expect more belligerence from the united states says yes he's doing a good job on korea when it comes to the middle east i think it's that he's being more belligerent than his predecessors you know michael is it because trump doesn't really care about the middle east he thinks letty is israelis and the saudis figure it out for him because north korea is that his nobel prize that's him that's all about him he's taken this he's taken on board i mean it seems you could interpret of doubt way because i mean his behavior in the middle east is in my opinion just disastrous go ahead michael before we go to the break. yeah i don't you and i have disagreed on this before peter but smart people can do that sure and i think the is his embracing of the arabs against the persians if you can go back to the ancient descriptions is trying to move the geo political center of the of the middle east
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back to the arab side away from its hungry and and formally aggressive neighbors and i think the difference between korea and iran very quickly is because iran exports its pain korea in internalizes most of its pain except for an occasional threat to blow somebody up and so i think that you can take korea and iran in very different sips but both of them are being dealt with fairly aggressively by this administration and i think i think successfully thus far well we haven't come any closer not just to dream and spawn that all right gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the old world order state with our. lateral and they lend against property and what happens prices are artificially pumped up and jacked up and some people can't afford housing to the way to fix the
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housing problem in the u.k. is to take away this fractional reserve banking as property so that prices would come down to the level that is traditionally affordable by the average person in britain. i think. russia took a real blow to its sense of self during v. yeltsin yes i remember even six years ago when i first came here people kept apologizing to me for how terrible everything was that this wasn't like america and for people to be ashamed of their country was so different and now i don't really see that i see people are more proud of their country and i think. britain has used stalin and particularly the great patriotic war in the victory there as a way to inspire nationalist pride. in a world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. let. the. kids think. not.
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talking to. their own local saying i'm done i'll soon in that are equal in it's own citizens only those who are still small. don't. live up to those putting the onus is on this is a. welcome back across like we're all things are considered i'm peter bell to remind you we're discussing the old world order. ok let me go back to john in washington i think one thing that is clear and i don't think we there's really much disagreement about is that donald trump seems to be
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almost obsessed with undoing obama's legacy ok i'm just putting that out there ok so john i mean if trump is juxtaposing his foreign policy to his the his predecessor what are the confines and you've met already mentioned that it's more realistic i would agree with that ok but what does trump want to achieve in his first four years in office because presumably he wants to be there for eight what kind what's trump world look like let's say after eight years go ahead john. well i think i think we've already covered some of that but yeah he he wants to distance himself from his predecessors and to make his own mark not just distance from obama but even republic recent republican presidents so i think trump is much more numerous he is able to tally up costs and benefits and maybe a tendency to look at things in zero sum terms and he relies much more on
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feel on charisma and deal with his perceived dealmaking ability and so he's prepared to strike off a new directions and in the case of the korean problem i think this is long overdue the policy of strategic patience i think was abysmal failure and i'm actually surprised that some of the people who are behind this policy are showing up now and criticizing trump's initiative so i think he's done a great job on korea and let's let's hope he can pull it off now there was a reluctance among the japanese but i think they've accommodated themselves to that prime minister obvious policy is beginning to shift in the direction of trump and of course in south korea he has a progressive president and who is very supportive of what he's trying to do so who knows maybe we'll get progress on the korean issue which is the most pressing
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security issue in the world right now i would argue and. george that john just mentioned charisma i mean i if i remember my mocks baber a very well you know i thought charisma died in maternity i think this is a this is one of the i just think i think it's a fascinating now it's a fascinating point because that's why the rest of the world doesn't understand him they don't understand him because he is a correspondent figure because the europeans and their postmodernists mind couldn't see charisma if it had been the face going had george. yes you know you're absolutely right about the the next wave of because it was after it was john f. kennedy that there was reintroduce that term charisma and so on the people were thinking back on that relaxed way that. so yeah i think that's right that he is a somebody who is a charismatic figure and he's a you and he does want to shake things up but you could also look at the on the
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other side he is consolidating the russia china block and really you know he campaigned essentially that he hadn't said it explicitly to break up that russia china block whether that's feasible or not that that's a different matter but he wanted to break that up because you know in the he has i think has a sort of that next only a real as them about him which is that this is a this is a bad thing for america when russia and china close together so what is dial doing is is pushing the two of them together and he you know he's done nothing in order to to improve relations with russia. and everything that he's doing now particularly when he's actually hitting the europeans for having the temerity to get their gas cheaper from russia than from america that's only going to. american block exactly. the horror of it they want to get
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a better deal oh my goodness my god i'm glad george brought that i'm glad george brought that up because i i you may know more about this than i do but my sense is that steve bannon was kind of an influence on trump out ways that you know the u.s. and and russia shouldn't be enemies maybe they won't be great friends but they shouldn't be enemies but believing that they could pull russia and china apart in two thousand eight hundred i think is kind of naive now that train has left the station it's not going to go but we have to remind our viewers because west western media won't do it who is meeting during the. the seven halfway around the world the chinese and the russians ok at the same time that i lament that very much and i think this whole ridiculous russia gate thing has derailed relations maybe for a generation and and i find it lamentable and john can speak to this i mean how the mainstream media and the democrats have just you know just gone into trying for this north korean thing if it doesn't work it doesn't work but by god history's
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going to remember that he tried he's not going to have a chance to try with russia michael go ahead. yeah i i don't know that i agree with george completely i don't know if trump is bent on separating china and russia as much as he's bent on joining them together perhaps our interests in north korea are virtually identical and i think that was the reason for the china russia meeting at the same time while the singapore meeting was going on much of the same discussion was going on in that meeting and the chinese had very very successful and conciliatory moves to help with his policies with regard to their boat the deployment of military forces. trump has recently asked for russia to be re answered to the g. seven making the g. eight of the g. eight plus water whatever it is and is regularly saying well the three things about germany he although they struggle over over trade and other issues i think there is an understanding that by the trump of ministration that there is some interest in
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having equal trade partners and if you call we's think of trump in the focus of trade and trade deals his it is conciliation or his bluster as it may be from one day the next about these guys is about making the deal yeah more than about having permanent relations or permanent enemies that's a very that's a very fair point you know john one of the things the this is where the when i started out with america first in the in the in the liberal order see michael just hit the nail on the head i mean this is ministration is very focused on the balance sheet what do we get out of it see but america's allies either an envelop did or absorbed it or you know i don't know they think in terms of values all the time western values all the time and they're not practiced very well the european union is not particularly democratic ok so i have a lot of these populist movements coming up the fact that trump was elected also talks about how people feel about the country i mean we had the the democratic
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primary rigged i mean you know democracy and all these other things people talk about it's a lot of it it's hypocrisy and that's why trump if you agree with disagree them in a way is kind of a breath of fresh air because you know where you stand all the time go ahead john. i think the main problem with. the mainstream u.s. approach to foreign policy is the absence of self reflection i agree let me give you a quick example everyone's talking about the north korean gulag and oh my god they have. so many people in jail no one ever thinks to look at the comparative dimension of this the there is almost almost one percent of the u.s. population is incarcerated it's the highest rate in the world now they stick around for a long time they don't die off so i suppose you could you could say that in defense
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of u.s. prison policy but we're very quick to condemn other countries and never really suffer reflect what is the matter in our system so i think that. i give trump credit. reluctant to say this too much because i was brought up as a democrat i've been a registered democrat all my life but this is a kind of crossover leader and i think he is attracting as maybe it was george that said this he said tracking crossover voters so let's see what happens if he makes a go of korea i think he's got a second term ok and i think it's that simple oh i think it's still going to be the economy but if he can go on the campaign trail walking around with that medal that nobel prize with a medal maybe that'll impress some people here i know some of his base is
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interested in that you know george i'm really glad that you know we're talking about this dimension of it because you know north korea is gulags and all that i mean what about beheading and stoning of people in saudi arabia i mean that doesn't really make any news in the united states i mean if you're an expert in the field you'll know about that it never makes the mainstream news i mean virtual genocide is being committed in yemen and western countries are involved in that never is ever mention but you know and that day and that's not to dismiss human rights violations in north korea but this is what they the liberals in the media always do they always attach these other things on that's why i am a proponent of the iran deal it was about one thing and one thing only it could have been a demonstration effect for other things later unfortunately that's where i disagree with the current president go ahead george. yes yes yes that's exactly so so whenever american talking heads and policy makers pundits come along and say whoa
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we americans we really care so much about values they only have a care about values about certain countries the countries that are regarded the adversaries of the united states so suddenly we really really care about human rights in north korea couldn't care less about human rights in saudi arabia human rights in. in the yemen i mean is israel can kill any number of people who are getting gaza and nikki haley would just shrug their shoulders and say it was all the fault of hamas and iran so you know like human rights is only of a brought up in as a not as i know the cultural to be the perceived adversaries of the united states and i thought well trump is refreshing live free of all this can't about human rights he nonetheless still comes up with this nonsense when it comes to talking about iran and of course you remember what he talked about syria remember all those
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beautiful babies and it was terrible that assad is an animal murdering the beautiful little babies so he's also not free from this kind of emotional moralistic rhetoric but if but the police on korea he has been refreshing the free of the right let me get let me go let me go to michael last word your dip a trump supporter the last thirty seconds go to you my friend. i agree and i disagree with george i think trump in finding his feet in the white house had a lot of influence on him and i think a lot of it was good a lot of it was bad and i think is he progresses he's going to be less talking about the beautiful babies although i also cringed when you were when you said that because you're right but i think you're going to have more real politic talk about real interactions with real countries as opposed to the. oh sure ok we're ok well acted by you to fade sort of about it's official on this program the new world order started thank you gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks to my guest in
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washington and in new york thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. next time in remember. oh oh
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. f.o.c. .
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my uncle with the kids in complete saying go boy tonight nobody. in the crew can tell because. it's not. going to. get. on the watch that i really. can show them the movies because of almost anything nicholson on the field in show has to certainly last. is not so much because of my hands it is a constant as it was a few months amalia's. i.
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day two of the world cup season six both thriller between portugal and spain with a hat trick from the one and only cristiana one although. i. i and friday's other two matches your why battle to a narrow victory over egypt iran defeat morocco one is that. also in the headlines on our team donald trump says a meeting with vladimir putin could happen this summer and suggests russia should be invited back into the g seven. plus survivors of the two thousand and fifteen paris massacre sued the french government over its handling of the atrocity here's from a lawyer involved in the case. or
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markham to the program from all of us here at r t h q thanks for tuning in this hour. day two of the russian world cup has drawn to a close the evening game saw a clash between two of the tournaments favorites spain and portugal and earlier in the day you're going faced egypt and iran played morocco here's our roundup of all the day's action from marty's very own world cup team and the heart of moscow. lead. a low down on if they want anything more than a nice day saying this will help the city go for the dying thought cordial and buy
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in for three three and i was thinking the show there would have been a week but it's for my money i dislike seeing mention i postulating if it is still on all of this show you say i love that much as unusual i wasn't as a political family knows. rules happen when i was not expecting to much. and again. i have to say that for me there was a game. we lost in the game after. the game chickens for the first time. the portuguese since aloof and those they were able to come up they were not afraid of the space behind the wall more confident that brought the team up. in the less than fifteen minutes. and was when. the free kick situation arrived intelligent experience christiane looking for that
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for that's tricky if you know a position that he loves and. amazing frick you cannot transfer that it's absolutely not do you feel it was a fair result overall three three are saying so because i don't think anything was perfect i don't think it was. able to be to be dominant for the ninety minutes we've got the goals to show you things so let's start with the first one in the very first minute here we are renowned with a penalty. good. like he's going to me still a very confident. he made a decision before he goes he goes i even if that be the course of those two that's not chance the ball is fast. enough not long after diego costa was causing all sorts of problems was nice and big man put himself at that and we can have a look at the second goal i mean this is what he's all about as. the picture has
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five portuguese years the portuguese a goalkeeper india will cost the cross to score in the middle of five red shirts but everything starts along the ball we train all the beer was the only one in spain that capable of step and then as i was saying a tough time ever i must be ready for the experience play a strong player too i think you should be happy for that for the duel but a little bit of more protection for the second ball and all the red players were not able to kill that second ball and then it will go short your chance for the keeper now just before half time great goal for portugal great time to score a goal right now there again let's say this one. is my boy. is hurts me to say. you know this is a bad it's a bad mistake is a mistake but it doesn't it does united player of the season fantastic performances
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that haven't stood for the best but. the good thing with the best is that in the next match you with not afraid confident to go and read it will help us to use it will we. face so then when in fast time and i thought certainly looking at this game you could tell there's a lot at stake a lot of pride at stake today you can sense it was rivalry between these two teams and when they came back i of course it wasn't long before we got another goal was let's see the next old i think was an equaliser there for him. at the end cost. possible because. sometimes. sometimes we manage as we feel a little bit like be treated by players the seasons on the beach sometimes in the heat they're not able to sing. sometimes it is a little bit of luck of leadership on the beach because sometimes we are not able
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to communicate is not possible some of the others to mark the less the less position on on those on to be challenging in the year by a top player like the skids and then we also missed the second ball in the face of the ball but is a very good rule to concede the second off starts you have to go slowly do you have the will to try to create emotional problems with a team that is losing two one and you give them the chance to get into the game with a battle show i case that made it say to me and then i went ahead didn't know it with a great strike and ana's this show you this unity unstoppable unstoppable you think he knows that this was how it doesn't need to see the ball in the internet to know that this is for the fly of the ball is beautiful it's the ball we used to call the three fingers which is the external part of of the food no chance for the keeper because it will give them an impossible fly for for him is
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a fantastic shot but. we challenge in the box we can have been see over there for has the press not to commit too much maybe was afraid to try to make a penalty but you have to make it short and to try to win the ball there and then the ball comes into a space where a natural comes and probably. often and this was more focused in close the inside space even probably the manager told him that natural is not a very offensive fullback so. more important for him to close in space than for example in the other side jordi alba which is a play that he's getting there pulled time so it's probably the goal. you don't feel that you are going to lose your sleep because of it because it is a google now that scoring that freaking but what are planning for the first minute
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until the last minute you always felt he was the man on the totally just just looking at his face you can sense that he's the one out there that might changing and this is. what i used to call. the feeling of the game. the specific intelligence of playing football. in knows that the team is in trouble he knows that the team is not creating. and this frustration on the beach because nobody could see portugal to score a goal and didn't know that one of the possibilities he has is a set play and we call that off time that he was is good on these on these on these and on that and on bet was on set pieces that position is a position where i saw in train free kicks for hours after training sessions asking one of my assistants put me the wall stay with me give me
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balls. and he was looking for that he was giving his body to pick a he was waiting for that contact. i don't think is a four if i am the referee probably i don't give that fall because i know the nature of the players i know what christina was looking for in spring but he's been clever his is is to be in control of every detail of of the game he gets the free kick he put the free the ball down and i felt like i was looking at him for about an hour. is running on twenty three is not the best on. free kicks i think for the number of free kicks it takes in the clear when international team is not scoring as much in the past couple of years as he used to from a chester united and in the first years in in in real madrid but this one is a critical one this one is is a crucial point is not just the crucial point is. the what can affect the
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self-esteem the self-confidence the way to approach the next two to match is the rivalry what it means for the portuguese people that is at home. and it has these little. these little touch does a little extra a feeling of final free kick in the dying minutes. top corner jackson talk corner and he's. kids first man because a command they don't have taller than that. i think the wall is correct the position is correct and the problem with christian is that he can go both sides and gives the goalkeeper a doubt. and there is also another possibility the top free kick because now sometimes they are doing which is to go under the wall and gives a big question mark are you going to jump yes or no so now.


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