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you might produce far less trash than your neighbor but guess what you're paying the same price for that collection in the future technology from folks that alphabet might help municipalities charge people by the pound of trash they produce and even for what kind of trash you're putting in the bin so part smart trash bins that can perhaps scan what you drop in the privacy advocates find this a bit troubling but you know that's an argument for a different day they're calling this surveillance capitalism by way of rubbish but hey this may very well be the future of trash surveillance capitalism that i got you know i was throwing a limited apartment and i was throwing with my grandson trash down the chute from the upper floor that is where does it go i said it goes into the center of the earth when it comes up as lava in hawaii now if that were the case that might be a good remedy that's not the case and i think too often you know we're stuck with ya figuring out is more lest you talk about recycling and if you recycled maybe
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that gives people a sense that you know it's ok that i'm have so much waste because i recycle that's not necessarily case that is actually a myth slogan be damned even though recycling efforts by us individuals have really shot up over the past few decades it's even become hip it's a thing that you that everyone does now some top scientists are saying that this might even be the reason a lot of americans are producing more garbage because they're justifying their justifying the trash output because they're recycling now meanwhile packaging is getting more and more elaborate materials are getting cheaper so surprisingly recycling in many instances have been been not been able to really set the amount of trash we're putting out fantastic report thank you so much for the good. and time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return conservative commentator steve walz burgard y.o.y.o. media will give us their take on the new media landscape in light of the a t. and t.
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time warner deal being approved and comcast putting in a bid for twenty first century fox plus the founder and c.e.o. after all market reports which helps us take a look at the business of golf as the u.s. open golf championship is underway as we go to break here the numbers of the closing bell already arrows on the big board everything is down flowing stocks notably ended their fourth straight day with turbulence taking a hit today on on the trading tariff you will be right back. when you also see that action the u.s. agrees on paris the us weekly's on the run and a pause although that if i'm can do a little from north korea i will think five times before i sign up something with trump because i don't know if the guy's going to keep his promise in the first place.
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and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and build a commission to do it like you know. this is my compass he is going to go to sunday home we need to do you know john. the only palestinians who gets the most help from his to resume counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the vision didn't know who could do this. and that's the zoloft at that age to have to display any of the most of that you had i don't know if you competed in the doesn't seem to do more in the middle there are some piss off. i think. russia took a real blow to its sense of self during the yeltsin years i remember even six years ago when i first came here people kept apologizing to me for how
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terrible everything less if this wasn't like america and for people to be ashamed of their country was so different and now i don't really see that i see people are more proud of their country and i think. you stalin in particular the great patriotic war in the victory there as a way to inspire nationalistic pride. welcome back bad news from workers approaching retirement age and russia's president vladimir putin is officially propose raising the age of pension eligibility under the draft bill discussed in a cabinet meeting the age for men will rise from sixty to sixty five well women's will increase from fifty five to sixty three mr putin reportedly moved the proposal on the advice of a former finance minister who is said to have asked two years ago for an economic program to implement in his new term as president some experts agree that the move
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might be of unavoidable citing russia's aging population and workforce one estimate is that the change could save twenty seven billion dollars annually. and there is more safety news this week in the ride hailing business as d.v.d. the chinese app will reboot its late night offering to prevent male drivers from picking up female passengers the changes being made after the media sensation earlier this year related to the murder of a female d.d. passenger these initial response was to limit hours of operation from six am to ten pm today the company now added service from five to six am and ten pm to midnight but during those restored. hours passengers will only be allowed to connect with drivers of the same gender only ten percent of davey's drivers are female leaving chinese women hoping to get home with d.d. with very little chance of getting a ride some critics say the change will now make women less safe when they are
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unable to get home late at night but the company will be protected from liability perhaps. and in u.s. regulatory news the top nations lawmaker regarding regulation of financial services the comptroller of the currency has affirmed that they believe housing and lending discrimination is real members of congress pressed the comptroller of the currency to clarify his views after he told two house members on wednesday that he had never quote personally observed lending discrimination though conceding quote many of my friends in the inner city across america would tell me that it exists on thursday the comptroller told a senate committee that disparate impact does exist the firming a regulatory term disparate impact that the obama administration coined to strengthen and forstmann of the nation's core lending discrimination law the community reinvestment act or c r a the o.c.c. is responsible for enforcing c.r.a.
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. and as we reported yesterday in light of a t. and t. time warner is decision this week by a federal judge who ruled that the mega merger could go forward comcast has offered a sixty five billion dollars deal all cash for twenty first century fox the bid set up a fight with the walt disney company which also seeks to acquire fox here to take it all on as conservative t.v. radio host steve malzberg and lionel lionel media thanks to both of you for being with us at the end of this week steve the media landscape is changing in a way we have never seen what does it mean for businesses and for consumers. well you know i think the decision in the time warner eighty and t.k. said the judge just summarily dismissed every single argument that the department of justice had and i think it speaks volumes we're in such an ever changing constantly changing media landscape that this that that particular merger and
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others that are might follow are really a battle for those companies to grow and survive not to monopolize i mean you could who really sits in front of the t.v. that much anymore you tube has a billion viewing hours a month you have facebook and google dominate two thirds of the online advertising you have programs that i never even heard of that people constantly say to me or just see this did you see that it's either on netflix or one of the other services so the idea that there could be a monopoly and people have to have to watch c.n.n. and h.b.o. and they're going to raise the prices on these poor people is ridiculous we don't even know where all this is going but if the future is unlimited and it's constantly changing. line of what's your take on all of this. we're looking at something that cannot possibly be. explained or emphasized enough we're going from the buggy whip to particle physics and were it not for this particular deal had
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judge leon said no had he said we are not going to and anyway and by the way i never rode dark times though i've lived it but here's the thing you would have never been able to go from one extreme to the other without this merger we're seeing something right now it's all going to be streaming it's going to be streaming everything right now sticks and tennis all of that is going to go by the wayside and what a.t.t. represents are millions and millions of consumers that for example netflix and others go directly to cable what's that cue the crickets. this is beyond explication and i'm not even in any way exaggerating on this well that may be why steve you know disney is also going after fox and disney's c.e.o. robert iger as a socially we don't wage his future in winning that media war and and there might be somewhat of a corporate grudges as you know dating back to two thousand and four when comcast
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actually tried to acquire disney what do you make of that one steve. well you know they came to kind of a tentative agreement from from the reports of disney and fox and then comcast came in and comcast you know has lost and previous attempts in the past one of them you alluded to so they really need a win here and i don't think they're going to stop but on the other hand as you correctly point out disney needs this content they need the movie studio for their future plans so it's going to be a battle royale going forward without without a doubt but i but you know it's going to be interesting to see what the department of justice does if want to when when one of these companies agrees with comcast because this is not a strictly vertical merger as a time warner this is more horizontal they both are competitors and they're both going to form again you know a bigger company again i hope it goes through whatever it is but i think the justice department definitely they might still appeal the eighteenth tee time
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warner but i think they'll definitely fight the comcast disney or the fox disney merger you know we had an attorney andre barlow who is a regular on the program and he was in the courtroom every single day on this and he's just said what you did steve that you know this is going to have to be real little gated that it was really sort of a silo decision with regard to time warner in a t. and t. and lionel how does the u.k. sky news figure in all of this that people want that one to. well i think this is a harbinger part of of what's happening around the world though their regulatory scheme is a little bit more interesting they're more content content sensitive you almost have to plead your case your your your viability and the propriety of your of your corporation that's by the way many people believe that fox news has believe it or not damped down some of its more outrageous aspects in order to comport with this but be not mistaken and i can't say this enough if you don't allow these mergers
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steve's absolutely correct this is horizontal it has to be because you have different components cable is not going to exist anymore that's going by the wayside phone companies going to be delivery systems content content is king think about this netflix is bigger than disney movie that flicks and they laughed at that netflix hulu amazon google they've changed the complete battleground of this everything that's all that is ancient we haven't even seen what's going to happen in the immediate future part this is cataclysmic can you said today and i could i could sense the urgency line oh hey i need a ten second answer from both of you news breaking this afternoon oprah winfrey signing a deal with apple to compete against netflix and amazon ten second steve go i guess you're not running for president lionel what do you play. goes to show you the future apple and not
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a regular media corporation though that is media conservative commentator steve walz bergan line of one old media thank you both for your time a great week and day. and there we go to talk to business of golf as the u.s. golf associations open championship started yesterday golfing sector stocks including elway has been doing gangbusters not only this year but last year as has the last five years in fact as has the a question a company the owner of title is golf but the business of golf is more than just about those companies and here to help us get in the details of the founder and c.e.o. of strong mark hillary ward which hillary first of all let's set the stage i mean thank you for being here as always yes that you're welcome ok so set the stage how did golf get so big ok so golf obviously started in scotland most people know though they say that it was probably because of the dutch the dutch would go there
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with the dutch had this sounds of ice hockey game and they called it kalf and that was many many years ago and but it had a big surgeons in the us is what they called the big five and of course that was gary player i'm jack nicklaus on the you know obviously he was playing all that time with all of palma and with lee trevino told once that it was huge that was because of the advent of television it became this mass sport that even though everybody could afford to play it they all watched what out there affected television have when tiger woods came onto the stage it was two thousand and three and that's when golf industry had its big the now they talk about all these young guns there's a lot more interest one tiger is back although not at the moment in the u.s. open he's not even probably going to make the cot but it's the young guns as a lot of interest in jordan speed than index players those others jordan eberle and rory yes and i think a lot of them they actually they grew up watching tiger they were inspired rory mcilroy actually grew up an island of course with a lot of rain and lousy weather and he actually reportedly. chip go falls into the washing machine when his mother well was it wasn't washing things and she got very
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annoyed with all the clanking but this really rock and roll remark arroyo jordan speech and then ernie els as well o'neil's and phil mickelson how did all of. you know you've been there for a long enough rickie fowler when he was would be a bronze as well yes and when i think of ricky i think of you know the promotion here i mean i think rocket mortgage and i think farmers insurance co's are how do these folks yes so how do these folks make money other than just winning golf tournaments ok so when it goes to once it's probably only about something like twenty eight thirty percent of their income they also make a lot of money not just on the winning but from licensing from the sponsorships that they have also from golf course design so there's lots of other aspects and just advice in the industry as well so what do you see is the future i mean should should we be people be investing in some of these golf starts is it going to be out there still is a good place to put money well that's been in debate recently they say with a grain of america the aging of our car there are more people who are tiring and
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technology has had a big impact on the game callaway has a lot of new products that are more dependable they hit it straight or they hit it father and of course things like all of the bush net all of the gulf equipment and technology around tracking the ball and sing with a g.p.s. in rio you know absolutely yes before we go and i'm glad we finish with this is stead of tar start with that you mentioned tiger and yes you know he triple bogey the first hole every time and you know what it is magic championships everybody talks about is going to make it what's he going to do for golf but golf doing very well without him i mean i know that viewership increases right yet but are still doing ok you're totally right bought it increases by about fifty three percent and if he's there in the final day the rating saw over fifty percent but i think it's these young guns we just mentioned and some of them but you mentioned ricky fowler he's very good with social media they all are they're all tweeting now they're on instagram so they've got this young generation young generation interested in them as people and that's a lot different and i think that's what's. generating a lot of the interest and then you say you have this combination of the graying of
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america the young guns which is given some energy to the industry who are forward which the c.e.o. and founder of straw mark thank you we really appreciate it work about take care. and that wraps it up for this time the end of our eighteen hole for the we couldn't catch boom bust on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network channel to eighty or so dreamy twenty four seven on pluto t.v. the free t.v. app show one thirty two or have always hit us up at you tube dot com slash boom bust r.t. we'll catch you next week. this in rather trendy over the past few years to talk about the new world order fair enough the recent g seven comes out in canada in trump's decision to engage north korea for just two weeks samples pax americana is undergoing a significant transformation.
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in my uncle the kids seem completely stable boy tonight i did. see the proof that they can. go into. the home. that i didn't get showed up to move this because of a mess and in the court of appeals you can show. them we must. does not. cause it is a. i
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. did it. and. in the end it. does she don't consume don't eat and i can do is only joking dealing with the saying i'm done we'll soon enough that equal distances muslims are what equals this tells me. this will be done soon only i'm doing a deal with that to those you know society is this is a time started us it all took the sitting on.
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day two of the world cup so you say six goal thriller between portugal and spain with a hat trick from christiane the rinaldo. last. in front of other matches your boy battle to a narrow victory over egypt iran defeat in morocco one step. also in the headlines on our t.v. doll trump says a meeting with vladimir putin but happened this summer and suggests russia should be invited back into the g seven. plus the survivors of the two thousand and fifteen paris massacre sued the french government over its handling of. trustee r t hears from two lawyers involved in the case.
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this is our to international coming to you live from moscow with me jacqueline vega thanks for tuning in this hour. day two of the russia world cup has drawn to a close the evening game saw a clash between two of the tournaments favorite spain and portugal and in the earlier matches you're going faced egypt and iran played morocco here's a round up of all the day's action from his very own world cup team all over russia . i am. a little more than i want anything more to say saying this will help you know the founding song in july fourth phase four three three now that i started thinking the
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show that with us last week with his former manager with this like thing mentioned i thought jamie actually still on all of this. love that much is unusual how was it as a political family and those. rules happened when i was up expecting too much. and. i have to say that i mean there was a. we. in the game to. get into and for the first time to show you some proof and those we were able to. do we're not afraid of the space behind the wheel more often than every other team . in fifteen minutes. and was when. the free kick situation arrived intelligent experience christiane looking for that
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that's tricky. position. and is intricate for transfer of it. do you feel it was a fair result over all three three are saying so because i don't think anything was perfect i don't think it. was. able to be too weak for me and for the ninety minutes we've got the goals to show you let's start with the first one in the very first minute. with a penalty. you did. like he was going to me stealing very often and. it is usually funny. he goes i even if that be the course of those two that's not true and the ball is fast passing. not long after diego costa was causing all sorts of problems was nice and big man push himself and we can have a second go i mean this is what he's all of this is. the future and has five
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portuguese years portuguese of all people in the post crossed the score in the middle five red shirt. everything starts with a long ball we train all year who is the only one in spain capable of and then i will sing out of time never must be ready for that experience but he is strong player too i think you should be happy for that duel a little bit of more protection from the second ball and all the red players were not able to cube that second ball in india and all those shots and for people now just before half time great goal for portugal great time to score a goal right now there again say this one. is my boy it is hurts me to say. no is. a bad mistake is a mistake but it doesn't do those united player of the season
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a pharmacy. that happens to be the best. but could sing with the best. in the next match you with are not afraid for them to go and read it to help us to use it well we. would love it face so then when in fast time and i foresee it me looking at this game you could tell there's a lot at stake a lot of pride at stake today you can sense it was rivalry between these three times when they came back i of course it wasn't long before we got another goal was let's see the next old i think was an equaliser there for him. at the end of cost an. awful lot of fun times. and the managers we feel a little bit like to be destroyed by players decisions on the beach and in the heat they're not able to sing. and sometimes it is a little bit of a look of leadership on the beach because sometimes we are not able to communicate
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is not possible some of the others tomorrow the less. position on on those to be challenging year by play like the skids and then we also missed. in the face of the rule book is available to concede the second most you have to go slowly the rule to try to create an emotional problem with a team that is losing two one and you give them a chance to get into the game with a little show i case that made it say to me and then i went ahead didn't know it with a great strike from a manifesto to show you this anti unstoppable unstoppable. force and how he doesn't need to see the ball in the end and had to know that just for the fly of the ball is beautiful it's the ball we used to call the sri fingers which is extra part of the food no chance for the keeper because it will give them
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an impossible fly for for him is a for six shots. we challenge in the box we can fire up and see over the past the press not to commit too much maybe was afraid to make a copy but you have to make it short and to try to win the ball and then the ball comes into a space where out of touch. and probably. often and this was more focused in close the inside space even probably the management told you that natural is not a very offensive fullback so. more important for him to close in space and for example in the other side of the album which is a play that is getting up all the time so it's probably the goal. you don't feel the traveling to lose your sleep because of it because it is a google now that as for now freaking but who want to play i mean from the first
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minute until the last minute you always felt he was the man on the trail actually just just looking at his face you can sense that he's the one out there that my changing and this is. what i used to call the. feeling of the game. the specific intelligence have clean football. knows that the team is in trouble he knows that the team is not creating. in these frustrating on the beach because nobody could see portugal to score a goal and he knows that one of the possibilities he has is a set play and we told it off and that he was he's good on these on these on these and on that and that was on set pieces that position is a position where i saw in train free kicks for hours after training sessions asking one of my assistants could we do all stay with me
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give me balls. and he was looking for that he was giving his wanted to pick a he was waiting for that contact. i don't think is for me if i am the referee probably i don't give that full because i know the nature of the players i know what christina was looking for in spring but he's been clever his is is to be in control of every detail of of the game he gets the free kick i put the free the ball then and now i feel like i was looking at him for about an hour. is running into history is not the best on. three kicks i think for the number of free kicks it takes in the club and in the national team is not scoring as much in the past couple of years as he used to from a chess and i did and in the first years in in in real madrid but this one is a critical one this one is is a crucial point is not just the crucial point is. what can affect the
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self-esteem the self confidence the way to approach the next two to match is the rivalry what it means for the portuguese people that is at home. and it has these little. these little these little extra feeling of final for a kick in the dying minutes of popcorn or chasing top corn and he's most kids first man because a command they don't have taller than. seeing the wall is correct the position is correct and the problem with christian is that he can go both sides and he was the goalkeeper of the alps. and there is also another possibility that top cricket because now sometimes doing which is to go into the wall and gives you a big question mark are you going to jump yes or no.


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