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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 16, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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well i mean i've had really the benefit of both i guess been fortune up to you know be in the union. aftra sag whatever it's called now and also you know in the contract get bonuses based on ratings but i've got to take exception with what mitch says where there are predictions now of over four percent growth in the economy which people said could never happen under trump and his tax plan you have less people on food stamps more people working in every category black hispanic female you have consumer spending back on track reaching a big highs and the most recent report every economic indicator is up up up up up way beyond the stock market which is also way way up and mitch is you know crying about how unfair and how people are struggling and if nobody is happy and bernie sanders my god if you want to run i'm going to socialism please do because it is such a losing issue we are thriving in this country thanks to the trump policies and the
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undoing of the obama policies about a niche. well i feel like i'm watching an episode of the twilight zone where the rights are really the bottom line is the fact that wages have not kept up the disparity grows larger and again you're not going to eliminate that but there can be an injection of a little bit of fairness what i would tell people to do if they want to fight is talk about it i don't really see it is as large of an issue till the two thousand and sixteen campaign and then hillary clinton that did it and as well the bottom line really is we're going through a time when the rich are getting richer the poor getting poorer and you can't stop that i understand nobody is crying about it but what we are saying is people need to make a living wage and the only way people a lot of people i actually know who work at the airport and are members of unions is they have multiple different jobs your same day a lot of people are driving over mitch we tend to view this issue in terms of c.e.o. pay compared to assembly line wages but let's talk professional services as an
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attorney you know what the contingency model is we see in lawyers t.v. ads we don't get paid unless you do as opposed to the caste system in big law firms where partners make a pile of money lots more than the lowly associates pick your poison is this less an issue for white collar workers why i think it is obviously the more highly educated the more you can earn obviously disparities are grazed among black women only beaten negatively by a span equipment and on and on and on you can have gender disqualification issues between male and female they are about eighty percent of what men do historically it's held the ballot that i've never worked for a big law firm fortunately or unfortunately but what i do notice with people who do a lot of contingency work actually. is that lawyers are taking much fewer cases unless the cases are more or less a lock right and that actually puts
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a disadvantage on a lot of other folks but that's how the economy is evolving. thank you mitch cesar and our team is miami studio and from our bustling new york bureau steve malzberg from the steve malzberg show. it's father's day weekend i hope it's a happy one for you but for many dads it is not we're going to talk about equal parenting rights and responsibilities next this is the big picture on our team america. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see if that.
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does in rather trendy over the past few years to talk about the new world order fair enough the recent g seven combat in canada and trunks decision to engage north korea for just two weeks samples pax americana is undergoing a significant transformation. now this financial survival john today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different . oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy we just have to give my phone and say ok i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury item bill again from that you know what money you want to hire. thank you so much guys of course.
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it's father's day weekend and for many dads it's a tough one. i want he says she goes to the pollution but i'd like to know what lawyers it says that a woman is a better parent simply prefer to offer sex. as a feel good book a. statement. about half of all american marriages end in divorce with kids caught in the middle dustin hoffman's oscar winning performance and kramer vs kramer took us for a ride on an emotional roller coaster as its mission statement the nonprofit national parents organization seeks better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers
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and joining us from boston is its founder and chairman dr ned holstein ned welcome . terrific to be here thank you dr these numbers that i'm about to read you are a stunning cording to the census department six children raised by single parents count for sixty three percent of teen suicides seventy percent of juveniles in state operated institutions seventy one percent of high school dropouts seventy five percent of children in chemical abuse centers eighty five percent of those in prison eighty five percent of children who exhibit behavioral disorders and ninety percent of homeless and runaway kids these numbers sure seemed to make the case that it's important for children of divorce to maintain relationships with both
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parents functional relationships is it your experience that conversely kids who have those relationships do better in terms of these woes i just checked off. i think it was h.l. mencken who said there are lies damn lies and statistics but these unfortunately happen to be pretty accurate not to mention the vast majority of these young mass shooters who most of whom have lacked any real relationship with their fathers and what we do find is that the children whose parents have separate or or divorced but who have lots of time with both their parents do way better in life and on all of the kinds of measures you just mentioned you know i hadn't thought about that mass shooters thing but you're right every time one of these gun nuts strikes the seems to be a common thread. the split couples who do make it work how do they make it work. they have to start by understanding that both parents are important
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to the kids the kids love both parents they can't stand to to to lose effectively lose contact with a parent it hurts them very very deeply right in the heart and they act out and so if the parents understand that instead of being caught up in their own vindictiveness or anger that should motivate them but unfortunately the family courts create a winner and a loser dichotomy and basically seduces people into having custody battles because if you win the custody battle you get everything you get control over the children you get you can take revenge on your ex by not letting them see the children you get the child support often you get alimony you get the house you don't have to move etc or the apartment and so you know so why not what human being would rather be a loser than a winner we all want to be the winner so custody battles ensue and they carry their own long term bitterness and all of these things add up to the detriment of the
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child and so we're setting the incentives in exactly the wrong way the incentive is why don't you to come in here and have a big battle and we'll figure out who wins whereas national parents organization offers shared parenting which says why don't you try to come in here stop worrying you're both going to still be parents you're still both going to have rich and deep relationships with your kids and let's just sit down here and work out the problems instead of trying to be a with trying to be a winner and to to be victorious over your ex partner whom you now feel very vengeful towards so just by setting the incentives differently shared parenting leads to better outcomes for everybody in the family not most importantly the children but people tend to think of it as something that's that fathers what they want father's rights it's actually also better for moms they don't have to be stuck in the role of giving ninety percent of the childcare. look we will never close the
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gender pay gap unless we have shared parenting because if you have about a third of all mothers as single parents that who has the energy very few people do to pursue a rigorous demanding career that pays well and also take care of the children eighty or ninety percent of the time so this has benefits for everybody it's common sense and not only common sense it's supported by the research and the children love it well and these kids are not just sensitive but they're also very observant and very smart and you can't spin them telling them hey you get two sets of christmas presents it just doesn't wash right that's right it does not it does not wash you know this is our t. so can i read something from tolstoy that is so beautiful about this this is about a child about eight or nine years old who is desperately missing one of his parents and the child is stereos and this masterpiece of course is anna karenina in this
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case is missing his mother not his father but it works both ways so he would be taken out for walks in the park and he would tell a story i wrote every woman of full graceful figure with dark hair was his mother at the sight of such a woman such a feeling of tenderness was stirred within within him that his breath failed and tears came into his eyes and he was on the tiptoe of expectation that she would come up to him would lift her veil. that she would that all her face would be visible she would smile she would hug him he would sniff her fragrance feel the softness of her arms and cry with happiness just as he had one evening laying on her lap while she tickled him and he laughed and he bit her white ring covered fingers. that's that's tolstoy we tend to think that he didn't say it. we tend to think of the contemporary marriage as breaking down but as you said it's
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tolstoy the divorce was a source couple but that that child that child will feel the same way about his or her father took exactly the divorce industrial complex does a brisk business and marketing messages like the one you're about to hear speak to vulnerable consumers listen. preserving your relationship with your top priority for. so was the need to protect the assets in the river secret life support. we're committed to helping you to a very difficult or a list process. now how have the courts which you mentioned before and the legal system generally which is a for profit enterprise made it difficult for parents to enjoy equal rights and responsibilities. well really in
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a lot of ways the first way is by failing to give joint physical custody of children to the parents and pretty much automatically cookiecutter rubberstamp giving sole physical custody to mom and dad gets every other week and other the growing number of exceptions to that but it's still in the single digits or low double digits in terms of percentages and so that's the first way the second way is there's no enforcement of that even that little meagre every other weekend does not get in forest the guy can show up for ten weekends in a row. when he's supposed to have the kids nobody's home knocks on the door nobody answers no explanation he goes to court he asked for the court to enforce its own order which the court has said that this is i don't agree with every other weekend being in the best interest of the child but that's what the court has said but they won't. force it so that's number two number three at the federal level we are
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spending five billion dollars per year to enforce the payment of child support ok as far as it goes we are paying one percent of that amount to support the fathering fatherhood fatherhood so to speak where the relationship of the father of the non-custodial father with his children one percent of what we're paying so in other words the message there is the only thing that matters is the money and the other stuff doesn't really matter much there's also the law doesn't force by the way mom's parenting time just try being a non-custodial parent who brings the whole the kids home late from your meagre one and a half days of quote visitation with that child just try to bring in that home that child on the next morning instead of sunday night and you'll see what the law has in store with you for you here's another one that people don't know about about only for over forty percent of the kids in the united states are born out of wedlock the government wants very much to determine somebody
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who is to what they call establish paternity which means find somebody to pay child support they have a whole system worked out with every hospital in the country that has an obstetric ward to get into the hospital while the newborn baby is still there while the mom is still there and sign the form that says yes on the father because once he does that he'll have to start paying child support now here's the interesting part. of course this man has been told by his girlfriend that he is the father so right joyful and he's not there's no tends not to be much skepticism or many of them english is their second language or they're teenagers they don't know what they're doing they sign the form the interesting thing is the government discourage is a d.n.a. test to see whether that's actually the day and so they don't care whether it's actually the dad all they care about is get. a signature on the form so that child support will be paid by somebody and they don't care whether it's the right person
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i'll give i'll give you i don't want to turn this into a speech but i'll give one example that really throws that into relief there was a case a few years ago in which it's not a divorce case a couple has a baby mom's in the maternity ward she gives birth and about a day later they discharge mom and the baby and about three hours after the mom in the baby and the father discharged and go home they discover that they made a mistake and they sent the wrong baby home with mom and the hospital instantly corrected its mistake called up. retrieve the baby got the right baby it cetera but they also offered a fifty thousand dollar. judge not a judgment but a fifty thousand dollars settlement to preclude any possible lawsuit so in other words a three hour mistake of sending
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a child home with the wrong mother was worth fifty thousand dollars but every day we're standing babies home with the wrong fathers who people who are not actually their fathers wow they won't do the d.n.a. the government cares courage is the d.n.a. test you know in real life it doesn't sound nearly as comical is that episode from the dick van dyke show thank you dr net holstein from the national parents organization i appreciate your time. and that is the big picture if you missed any part of this week's show or if you would like to share it thanks in advance you can where you'll find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch any time anywhere on any device and on father's day if you still have yours give to a log book and if you don't still have your dad that you have found as i know. that you never really leave show. holland cook in washington back next week
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and on twitter in the meantime question more. i think. russia took a real blow to its sense of self during the yeltsin years and i remember even six years ago when i first came here people kept apologizing to me for how terrible everything was that this wasn't like america and for people to be ashamed of their country was so different and now i don't really see that i see people are more proud of their country and i think his you stalin and particularly the great patriotic war in the victory there as a way to inspire nationalistic pride and. i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a russia defending its national interests in a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image
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of such a hard guy. and i would only blame him for not caring about american public opinion anymore because it seems like no matter what he does there's an unfair response number less what i'm saying is it's gotten very personal. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report someplace special someplace new someplace exciting where are we stacy we are in dublin money come and i think that's enough every time i spend for them so i'm going to ask you to put that right over that money come from this is exciting this is homemade stuff here look at this very talented on the riser report. kaiser can't come out of our first for
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a month as cars are almost as good for owens because they're all about money i've chosen some headlines with money as a topic for this first episode from money cause that's great yes you know while we've been here now i have there been summits in singapore but there was also the g seven meeting and canada where justin trudeau is i have your eyebrows fell right off just just like it was the fellow is america ron paul ron paul his mark and his eyebrow american style right up yes but over in switzerland as well they had one of their referendums you know how if you get one hundred thousand people to sign a document you can ever referendum on anything when they had a referendum called the vulgar elds so the tweet from wall street journal rhes swiss voters rejected the vogue elde initiative which would have put the swiss national bank in charge of all money creation appending the banking system so it would have ended basically fractional reserve banking it was something like seventy
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percent voted against this so it did not succeed at all but we're going to talk a little bit more about that so it's interesting that they would even consider this so they understand that the central bank of switzerland is acting malevolent undercut commercial banks that they've they said the commercial banks should not be able to print money by issuing loans. they create money so they wanted to take that power away from them that said that commercial banks like j.p. morgan deutsche bank goldman sachs that they could not create money they could only lend against their reserves one hundred percent reserves that only the central bank of switzerland was going to be allowed to print money just like in the case of america would be the u.s. federal reserve would be allowed to create money where the treasury is yeah exactly so they voted it down but they're aware of it they're aware of the. effects of fractional reserve and that money is created by loaning it into existence or
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there's no there's no collateral banks have no reserves against loans they they they loan more than one hundred percent of reserves of three hundred percent of reserves in the case of deutsche bank they've loaned an infinite amount against nonexistent reserves it's not there's nothing in your bank except maybe some old gum wrappers there's nothing there to collateralize those hundred ninety trillion ponzi scheme of derivatives of deutsche bank that's why it's going to go out of business but nevertheless i want to turn to this other article and it's martin one of one of the chief opinion makers at the financial times wrote a piece an opinion piece saying that the swiss should have practice that they should take the power to create money away from commercial banks because commercial banks have proven themselves to be not good at doing what they're supposed to do now i'm only going to read a an opinion piece about martin moss opinion piece because the financial times is
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behind a paywall and i guess they want to make money off of the financial times i don't want to give them the money so i'm going to read this headline here martin lost a swiss should vote for of all gelled switzerland is trying with the idea of removing the ability of banks to increase money supply in a bow on sovereign money or more geld the question we put to a referendum on june tenth and as i said they voted against it max martin was at the f.t. is with out with an indoor. spent today i'm curious terms saying that finance needs to change and experiments he says banks have lost the right to be arbiters of money quote the advantage of the vogue proposal is that it is a credible experiment in the direction of separating the safety rightly demanded of money from the risk bearing expected of private banks with money and ambiguously safe it would be far easier to let risk taking institutions bear the full consequences of their failure to write well america there was the glass steagall act that was came in after the crash of one nine hundred twenty nine and the
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resulting in the depression and the securities act of thirty three and thirty four were introduced in glass steagall introduced a step or a bank's. activity as guardians of people's wealth yes and their cause it's their deposits from their speculative behavior and some merchant banking and i don't know speculative behaviors so they have to separate these two but then that was all under clinton bill clinton you know got rid of glass steagall and the banks have gone back into this framework of using your deposits as their risk capital and whenever they make a bad loan they get bailed out by the state so we saw this in the savings and loan crisis we saw this as some private crisis is just banks gaming the system banking game and now martin wells he's an establishment player so it's interesting that he would make the suggestion that the swiss banking system should embrace this a non fractional reserve a wholly backed reserve bank i mean if you apply that to the banks in the u.k.
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lloyds has b.c. barclays bank of yes yeah right they would all have to be technically declare insolvency because they have no assets yet i mean you've actually been on stage here in ireland with martin wolf and he wasn't this radical back then but he's also suggesting that citizens should be allowed to put their own deposits at the central bank just like banks can and that's how they're able to spend money because they're able to borrow from the central bank at zero percent and then lend to us like ten. why is he making this converging convergence why is he coming to damascus why is he coming to the holy land well if you're i was financially because he's being pressured by a big coin yeah i understand we're going to get are a bit more of what we're going to get to that in a second but i want to finish up on the smartwatch story because the fact is when when banks are lending money and creating money in the u.k. i know for a fact that eighty five percent of all their loans are against mortgages and gets properties so think about destabilization in our western economies in america san
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francisco los angeles new york all the whole this problem portland seattle it's all lend it's on property by. bills backed by these banks lending money against that and of course with the as they generate more more more more profit for themselves because they can can they can basically created a ponzi scheme against which they're guaranteed to make money but it's causing destabilization across you know all the cities in america and europe right at the top producers as collateral and they lend against property and what happens prices are artificially pumped up and jacked up and so people can't afford housing the way to fix the housing problem in the u.k. is to take away this fractional reserve banking and property so that prices would come down to the level that is traditionally affordable by the average person in britain exactly if they were lending and actually creating an economy helping
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everybody that's what they originally were meant to do is lend to perhaps risky companies new startups or companies or businesses to grow the economy that would be one thing but the fact is they're just lending it all to a completely speculative. venture which is property and yet it's causing the economy to worsen because they're also locking people out from you know being able to move to new cities for new jobs because property is so expensive but they're not lending to companies are not what lending to small businesses in fact r.b.s. has done the opposite they smash and grab the assets using their ability to create money issue these loans that's why the u.k. economy is so vulnerable it's a bit of a model culture it's only property speculation i know from starting companies in the u.k. my employees were only interested in speculating in the property market the idea of
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having a start up or the stock price goes up when you create a technology company was completely alien to them well you mentioned that quine and was a big topic here at money comp of course we we've been speaking here for. quite a few years and now they're introducing crypto cop all of these events that have talk about money and banking there are having to introduce and being forced by between to recognize them and start talking about it and what is this so many contests of crypto conficker and this is here but this was an interesting story as well in the headlines while we've been here and this is from the c.e.o. of lazard and if you don't know who loves art are. probably the most powerful bank in the world behind the scenes they are not like you're not going to go it's not a high street bank you know i could go deposit your funds there but they are very very powerful in terms of how they can control the total banking system the bank of international settlements and governments so here is the c.e.o. of mossad bank and he says you can imagine crypto replacing the u.s.
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dollar quote u.s. isolationism could undermine the dollar status as the world's reserve currency and those are the chief executive officer ken jacob said to the extent that we have unilateral foreign policy and unilateral trade policy we're sort of tempting the world to find an alternative he said in a bloomberg television interview probably the greatest demonstration of soft power is the fact that the us has a reserve currency of the world so he says big going to replace the u.s. dollar more right on track from what we projected on the show five years ago some point the various nation states will have to give up and realize that their fear money currency system central banks don't work even martin what those one of the most blue blooded establishment hacks of the financial times is now essentially espousing to coin and so reserve banking over fractional reserve skullduggery and property market ponzi schemes in the u.k. there's quite a turnaround here but the fact that loans are bank is also saying this and they're
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the the most establishment bank french bank and you know felix rohatyn which was their c.e.o. back in the seventy's and eighty's orchestrated the municipal systems corporation or mack bond turnaround from new york city the. they go to advisors for the insiders of these various nation states and they have a great reputation and they are see the writing on the lot they realize that bitcoin is about to kill off deader than a bag of hammers but you and i have also said here on kai's report you heard this your first we did say on kai's report years ago that when us the us started using you know lateral power the fact that we're in a universal world led by the us as an empire they do they do have a lot of power but they don't because as soon as they use their unilateral power alternative spring up when they start imposing restrictions on people access in the global financial system to swift for example we said because it's going to be used as an alternative or goals or something like that so this is what we're seeing with statements like this coming from those are bank it's not like it's.


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