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nor the shuttle no communication with the id joke and look at the joke so you could not see. it was you were you. during your own wooden. doesn't make it. so funny due to christoper to. conquer the kids in can gauge they go. and take your hero up and you know sort of thing up to one of the last on. kin eight in the body. given no clue what they're going to. cause or not and if you're
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a percentage and. hold out. for my hero well. either you know. c.g. put. i understand the. fear of also your. path. to walk down where you're going to community on the truck dr. walks to talk you are. on top of your.
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rock which got caught in a talking. snake. and you know you are going to give a night's. thought swords near kasi dynamite it all. on dick dr chua soi you. whom you are. donal. when we were growing. it formal well almost i was thinking it's a. joke
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you need to know that i see any children but i think my sunni i'm going to go to mosul this google. and is about the muslims like on that i cannot take so it all because i know so little you know. she not i'm old you can beat it if you can. do. you go stick down on this and. it's. going to get. me. you know that's. why. i. she would call them that neat. guy.
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on call. for help. in. iraq causing pause in their top. up. crew lindsey and. plop me do two things. for us and that i don't need like are more than what you are or i assume that they are told there is a world there yes and that i thought the heater in it up. was inside of it i. see it all there is unity does it all on the arms out or your gate i got a little for you or your gate up. for you call our local power three not to talk.
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to one or more you're. wrong. life you can face and they can hear if they want. to go out there do you know anything. about how they were like i don't think i can did talk or take. me can i tell you. they're. going to. give nothing to it stick with it and all that. chilling moment. it is seeing the cynical and that kind and they. do. take it still. taking.
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omar yeah it's just an all you got to know all i see you are this you know you know i really don't know how you do it or that i got out i got. the sunrise and it's going to go down there you are not you're going out on what the last. digits any of us you know what tony allen oh it's an ink on the out i need to do i come out to know. there must be sorted out on the new wall norco no. money no knowledge and want to cause i know those are the messages sedately this because the net years on though it's got local youth radio call in moscow this is another story. he cannot go another few more so when was i to do it in this could all these young men sort of thought he could not do it cause they got there years
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ago listen instead of talk now come on touch create a guy you all said about to go on like i also wanted to know what common touch got so to your schtick she new york a suit so kind meet sure will sort of. thought you talk to me nice on me because the signing when you are setting i show you to trust. console or. football not sure you know. shortly to disagree come to do another me now market more for me not it that night for you see you when you sought the group that kind of fill me also like that site on a good. must. i must.
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have clearly known quite well and do not choose what i'm here to share not fully open those years if you the. say can't because i want. i'll only dachshunds. quite a bit. and costing less than i miss out of the stuff. hair you. put on it's not got pretty dope all. over to talk. thanks. optician honored to have of course the whole. course of auk the. photo there's no article on.
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nikon. or one hundred skill your own thoughts that it. simple say to you and your analysis of that and. masterful. or total voting skill or not the water who are going to do. wine or what i did. thank you all i don't get all calles i type it off i'll disappear in a sort of. nineteen wishin i dates the show good job thirty two only money at the second night of my sunday but honestly it's all i see come gamely sinister to psychiatrists and i doubt that's so not a full story got up to you money in the sun in june and. the engine enough to last till the day i took
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a neat boy out chordate. where i gots. eat again any night it should go should night. bilking up you could took you need a whole place and not cool not to go a new home go on the snake to keep so you got no choice got to come back.
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f.o.c. clearly. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would
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prefer and it's meaningless in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we more executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no really the present and that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished. the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. past guys are financial survival guys liquid assets not those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind no assets mean to place an.
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order. to force or to put a total of zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. of us. to the normal skeletal us of a c o o. o. alling i'll give you the deal. well you can. tell. us now leon it wasn't always such a good thing. that workers were going to say you know it was. all . over. said he was going on a month or so he did know about the wonderful some ok thing with yoko. ono would i be so coy that i doubt them a couple got all of the oh come off them what about the prof taking up. the
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brochure i got my future with. almost no. boss who will. tivo talk. talk to. me. while now inside of the can you will keep them with your cuppa so you might wonder if you had all oh i got totally got caught up on the top. of the real challenge you broke around right. from a would i you could you think of off guess up annoying moment but they all got the . ball i thought i was up off. the. cyclists you. think would i trust you when every day
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could i get through what you know no there were plenty ones where she wasn't. cynical to trust a gritty to took an okie. dokie did you decide could she find you and not be i'm sure she must wonder she is still challengers like one can go on to glory i know you're not asking the right so you know steve to be off the. hook if. oh oh no joke i'm willing to play no. sense to. me when you say saying the times i. say this in class and saying you know get it out the eco muscle of. course my school he went to understood and took me social economy with us in what i did to dylan and go mouth so you could end up with the alter still in there on the movie every morning where he will moved a little as it were a little too good you know under the old digits and you know. how to do good
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tomorrow. you know you don't you're not jewish you got to sit down to decide that you can go home i mean mind up do you know your book on the residue of her group are you sure you can or will be the new rich me. to the cinema you got to move to you but instead of my he do say he would i do need to. be a good. mom. you have never thought of it did no moment of it a clue no more. than you or you don't know that and it is easy one day citation of what i meant you know we did nineteen it and let our knuckles did it i mean you did it and i'm glad it understood or not got its start up my. car you go to one must check it all. out here it is and so it will. because if i survive.
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well we are not so you can. say shits and conquer all you don't know what. my cousin did. do. but i see what i've done because you're still i don't come you're tied up with the right underskirt all mouth and also know what i'm going to do you know up on no need to you the sunday school model christ out the way must this not this on jew and on side not the tookie me i'm all tools on the course as you go to the net that in fact you can not trust this one a lot though got no cut because when it's got it they make on this my stuff so it is so they they all told you to say council so i had to create the kind of
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a new start a plan i just adore you stuck with them and i suppose you're stuck on i do i don't feel still shit there to scope with much and. not that look at me thank goodness this is real but i want to wish you nothing this need to stick around i. thought it all got on only in my state. steps but you both are not the yuletide that. old school money still can i got up close to the room with you know my house sites and awful for jobs so you taking the toolkits of the cars over to come on did fixed it so someone die next. when your total. cop you go off for an awful catheter society. that is not on the final passage that it is not.
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cut out for you so not here today and you got it i got you to the house i got a coffee shop. up. and it is just. it up. oh oh oh. yes so it's not on the school to starts now. not the kind of what i can smash i'm going into the show. me annoyed. because from then on this is this almost all in this book i mean this is for you talk about the call you don't want this go well car you can i did call million the day it was share with friends they can go whole hog that i thought he was going to die thing miskolczi you know they can call you cried to the school book which meant on this night. family to. use. mine to get what they wanted let me know and. they often asked what little you know
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i just thought oh. my goodness chris on them ha ha ha when you got to know. their look at them up there he called what do we call the hope this is the only. thing that's very. positive. thing was the way of the world are various peoples are you able to move. it was enough to. take you to the center of it was because the little people who are watching over the weekend you're going to. take a look i. can assess. only if you can get it. and think you've got a kind of
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a. cult just my easy to say well i gotta start out by saying the you know what they say what's that but the outfit. that you only see if you want to ask i know this guy will say it's zero point they all start like you know if you caught on to what a lot of money that is that was a lot of difficulty with that. crowd it's it with if i said i'd like a modern. monday when i die i still don't want to be sad is that i know you just. they're not going to do that i don't for something very dark and conquering this one like i don't know a pretty a lot of them on their own so cannot be smallest to put it that i understand because it when i thought it was the victim seeing the stare you cut out the you can't it's not exactly a one as they want us to do it until i see that the couple you did i'm going to. see boom and i recall the night or not i thought that i thought the last. thought
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they got off that i would have though caught on the walk i think got off on the exhibitor all. four were there even if that involved think of them almost all of you will cross to tell you all about the winner of the war your post that they will be very visible not a for us or for the waterfall or the top of the on any. further monday if. you know it all from what i see it's all those are there in the room that is all you know the story is that you know that part of that all you do you know my dear you are also a lot of one of the hottest golf balls of all for. all the latino community and although you said the girl you would also bother doing you also get there for all the male clinical being posted when i got on the i'm going to go see that it is .
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smaller than a card game called and i this was it was not there but i do what i get out of this on assholes on no call it. is not some of the because. it is a constant because you have a million as she. doesn't she chases. since it's. much harder because there are. three cities today it's just easier to get. more often though that's also put a little bit on. sources told us well you know if you are trying to.
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learn more i'm going to skip home most of them. feel closer to him. or what started to start a. family will work stuff for. a larger cruise or for a book but. if so it will see. the. full house on the communal just like with me not to call yes i stopped you before you. went to see it that's the difference. one year and nobody looks good will it rains in greece you know it's. soon you get it. when you get it or can you it's so no one will come and want to know you know where you
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should like to. twenty civil civil discourse on still austin's going to bring that to me which will cause i gotta think i'll go to you can't thank you not upstaging to dot all the mothers and you will see did you know i thought you know no fun got three adult who will you maybe don't care to go see maybe i don't know if it will cost them all or photo she called me to my us about the uk says the aussie saw all those on the bus or creation i'm. vocal about it still process leading me to. some very major crisis that sword and shield is only or still on the scale also a ceiling on which the are you know you're going to kill steal the seal. will be subtle than we do the next one you do that right if you think you know what hit us or not so what is was in. i don't sugar go up to this
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of course it's called i don't we should or should not tommy will call up the nine disco. number two hundred looking for key elements the local. to walk or coffee cup of coffee cup for your cup move to get a clear cut it took off on that if you think about it or you look up. at. the how do you go to mumbai i don't discard all the group who know. what you're getting on the moon because a good understanding can win on appeal you can show the subtle mind must. be knighted by. the more. but he cannot. talk sekai the no games taking me to court that's a story for you to talk he didn't i know look i'm
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a welcome one off i'm from magic on it with a little stick now my command. was just. numb took off it's a need i think so you're not going about its effect the sort of the understeer want to commission dust. that. funny stuff.
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can manage. does she don't consume don't jell you then doesn't do it on jellyfish dealing with the stink on the assume that equal distances on songs are what he calls a stance make that connection don't assume because i don't we don't see how in the . movie that those of putting in a song is a downside to us at all to the sitting on. the. exists is harder than kentucky. with all of this group the voices of people from street families leave.
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a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone or the goal was to show that there was a laugh to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. that it. did.
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have a nice. day for. fifo world cup draws to a close and with four games it was the busiest of the tournaments with lots to talk about doing the talking for a start manchester united. on the great day himself michael. was from iceland since they were babies they were eating a lot of meat on breakfast immediately. it's a big day for this michael family. you know to have a son playing in the world cup in the game just finished off nigeria to kneel in russia's western.


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