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but i was on the un security council to ask the whole the thing with little so they can go into the city without any fight it's a noble calling thank you and that's it for the show we're back on monday with award winning scientists to investigate the significance of humans appearing in four seconds to midnight if history is reduced to a single day till they keep in touch with us but social media will feel more than twenty nine years to the day of the death of legendary muckraking journalist and author iof stone. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it's meaningless in the death penalty just because i think that's the
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fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying the news just moved to the present and that we're even many victims' families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way. it's. the little over.
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the long haul not gone it turns out as you go on here all you're going to. go. for it among the dead with others so you can get out of the one in the. league. one of those us that someone's on good young souls of that's what it is about. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero the cost load. bug load.
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to. use out of them which no. one is. going to. get such a good the first. day was movie the only rules i'm going to the. you all. are going.
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to during the subsidiary learn to not eat only spiros soup is sold. only will you will withdraw sit there. and any what karen got to most of them is all to monitor these am. move to the. humble group or to mother number i'm going to deal with your mother when you were allowed under one of the us enemy good talent for most of it is. more on tick down going down. kept its own production work to my. the loan for this house where we go shares a record who's having a pot of about it would have had to go to a woody to ones all this in a war so chances are they're going to need it seriously though. move on soon old orders over the phone. and said i want your money i want us to
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see the. motor is if you call noisy for the event has had on somewhere in the game months ago go to various overthrow slower so. the mother. who visit is soon to pass pick up enough to sing on it so who are those and who want to show sins are also oh oh oh you don't go to get a will. or we do know its name is head of it all we knew about paul on the lot and owns. some without all. those things are you to be the. so it is on time what it is that the civil ones are not on the outside that's all.
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if i go by you now. it's just. you got to want me. he certainly wouldn't show some skin cells in time when we were switched between. before the economy was in the city didn't force a few. hundred in with school which pretty. much reaching the city to get us. here is that it also going to matter to one testicle to know that. you are part. of the poor to see it done good schools who go on not have conditions to call. when he was an increase concluded or tell you. it is your not like the only two.
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pop other than those in pop other than yours well the opinion i wasn't is that others pay money for the ones on what bothers me about them i don't care much for. the all. i hear thing. complain i was you also can. talk out how. to. put. into his talk in english or toss. it's someone she knows i'm sorry and call i'm told i want. all. i want to get off the boat and others will get on boats because ok to nukes and other they keep their money you know what sometimes i think when i talk about some of. this one small kids i got up this is a kiss on your name is a song that you can just feel just so.
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catchy. that. you just. try to pull it. back he killed. the kind of thing that. he.
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was going to. run. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. but that was not the.
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hundred. committal you're always up. for you always. turning cops have always been on the run for. even one will go along with oil officers are going to want to know. the only thing you can do about all of them that he even household i want on his own caucus are just his injuries or other you know. or. there will be looking only we
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don't go. there are you guys i'll call you on the hole you have on her bus and look at you can. you don't loan also up there won't you go. running and. then when the little men like don't work on your voice and. you don't know. they will hang it up with you know you want to. hear about it on lies and. well we all know who name on it on the name on. ramadan other than him he didn't turn it down when you predict the current you can you get it your it's a clue to the good even if no one in which jesus got there and you know it's movie perfect for the.
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clique. and it will eat nothing but the least oh shit oh. shit that. to tears honest says that it was a missile wouldn't you don't think i'm telling mr munder going to want to watch you want to sign a condom not what this is a small. note in the middle of all the time. you've just met on the. numbers and it turns isn't true on those old days has a settlement of on the i'm sort of thing that comes into anything that's. come up
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in what is the. wood in that i got in the us in one chance and. that. took a. particular because that's he could not help at all on the point of left liberal it being that it. would have little to do with the pillow to his eyes. all the credit counseling. and audit committee feel and all your total. knowledge of god and we will begin to look to claim a little bit on the woman joke do all of us come down with all the people down south of paris was told but is on one of those and you are. uncertain. sometimes celt.
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tell us tell you something as you go. this is a little silly this. period . cut.
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elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissive to do it loving you like hitler this isn't my cup of tea is going out to the saudi army ended up paying their own shot without a job or they shouldn't. the only palestinians it gets the most hopeful is jerusalem counterparts i do things isn't that those who in the world under the old vision did not look at the issue. and that is the if you have managed to display any of the most of that you had i not going to compete in the gaza as you do look. don't put this off.
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look look look look look look look look must look. look look look look a little bit of a hundred bucks just to look at things you talked. about on your put up a little bit of the not having the course don't. own the euro although. that's not so good are just like that all clear at. least it. was. then and i can join don't care there are no cars hangup on that of course and all came out i was so similar read those rankings don't don't do as it is ok to be then and i consider them to can and can do is make us all we don't shun them it
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does show a pattern also in that other equal or did you enjoy it also means what you could just make up going on in condone was guess what though we don't. think of you are bad at all so what do you mean as his. uncle does is to face a telephone call. who knows all. ok. don your social feeling that i saw it all. so counting down hung up. on me pretty soon now you were saying or what intel mentioned. without welcome a ticket causing. it or in your do not id. order go die make all the men that jessica to take up the door in
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mineral turn out their ticket then. later . the alligator will be like oh shit don't eat the new duck i didn't my usual. the at. the at. the end it in a. low end low in the at.
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the end. of it. i mean. god the hour hoolan the earth. oh. oh oh oh whole. load.
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to settle for some guy. good old boy. meat with the pseudo holy child in the mud and right well it's just good when it's as you were as you were trying to look at all that for. that long. lived all over. again just regular check and they had. a. lot of the money the ball was a time i done if not for that says if you don't those on there i am from no took his own could they ask me.
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off. off off load . does it out on their own the. fact that you really don't want twenty five years or more years.
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to get it done become young the both of you. but the complete some of the children are nuts if you look at the cut the tail got a couple to go but when it comes to move it was coming from there you. got to get. them to not get it all to. the president to cut. out you know get her out. sleep sleep sleep sleep. sleep sleep. sleep.
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cards against homes and you know music came in so i took them back in so that's good if they sing in that we see that once again what it took turns on its own we dance you don't we dance sanguine you with puns even as a person i said your piece of me talking to me that's so funny someday soon they will say it's a long time smoke and i'm going to sit in the midst of mocking going out of the city or voice you could he goes home to cottle we didn't see me stoned on just him going we're going to end you when you get instant. that is your coffee mug and also do you want to get out over the top of course if we can you don't get that at all oh man i had a cleric in yemen that is one of those are that if he wanted to retire as a question you could possibly go to them again by what i call them said in the meeting i thought well how come we're. going to take it out so you want it what he called thank you so it's not that it's that sort of order he was told about that and he can take that. look up there over the globe which it was. good
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that we're told is good for the money but when done we got a whole little going to go along with that we don't look at least . look. at. all. we're going to go to. the. river.
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was my mother's there's a. buck or two there. you know you know sometimes touching i'm going to be such a loser what is it would. you do the one who is doing this in your school. little daughter you know the little you know. loads of it up to the digital comes already of getting out of i know some of it is not real jettisoning it's almost kill it with you if you don't have an issue lou although. it will be a book movie with those folks who did it it will probably get to go. to some distant north atlantic or those who used to get the goods at the honestly
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believe you will. you still believe that the. eternal doesn't outnumber the. good comes out of this thing it's kind of humbleness that it comes. time to do it the newest you've done it as much love me time when putting up with the to the guy you took a poll ninety five novels in the public eye humble in some people some time out from the presence of the klan because of the job interview when you switch off.
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the. ceiling. and. yeah. the. in the. evening you.
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to think. the.
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average is lateral and they lie. against property and what happens prices are artificially pumped up and jacked up and some people can't afford housing due to the way to fix the housing problem in the u.k. is to take away this fractional reserve banking as property so that prices would come down to the level that is traditionally affordable by the average person in.
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mexico found her in full voice in moscow ahead of their clash against reigning champions germany on day four of the world cup. bring their thunderclap to russia and secure a shock draw against heavyweights argentina. and while the world enjoys a celebration of football a british newspaper publishes then removes a series of pictures apparently showing the darker side of life in the host nation the photographer claims the paper misrepresented his work to create a false narrative of. italy's tell me stories and our exclusive world cup coverage had to r.t. dot com here on our to international the kaiser report is coming up thanks for tuning.


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