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for a bomber just yet george bush his predecessor also struck a nuclear disarmament deal with gadhafi the two leaders discussed this agreement should help to bring a painful chapter in the history between our two countries closer to closure it worked gadhafi gave up his nukes and what does a bomber do well he goes and bombs gadhafi is army alternately allowing the rebels to gruesomely murdered him we came we saw he died. it's almost like something out of game of thrones and we aren't even done bush screwed over bill clinton started roll back north korea's potentially deadly nuclear program we'll continue to implement the agreement we have reached with that nation get smart it's tough clinton had worked for years to make a deal with kim jong un's father to prevent then north korea from making a nuclear weapon and bush tore it up as seems to be tradition
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north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving it's states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil trump is one for tradition in fact he has a habit of tearing up documents memos people when he's done with them he had a bunch of guys at the white house whose job it was to piece back together the people he shouldn't have torn up we literally had to spend hours per day. piecing together the puzzle taking and here we are generations of presidents generations of betrayal double crossing and deception and it seems that hasn't been lost on kim. and on your old
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british girl has been placed in rehab for an addiction to online gaming her parents say she was playing for ten hours a day without taking a break. the game in question is the online multiplayer survival game fortnight which has taken the world by storm hundred players are dropped onto a virtual island but only one can make it off it's incredibly popular with over forty million downloads since it was launched last july but the parents of the nine year old are calling for its ban. we had no idea when we let her play the game of this addictive nature or the impact it will have on her mental health this is a serious issue which is destroying our little girl's life and someone needs to
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step in to ban it before it becomes an epidemic the developers behind for tonight have yet to comment on the incident it's not the first case of gaming addiction the world health organization has already classified the condition as a mental disorder and said many are addicted to video games but we put the issue up for debate with psychology expert and former hacker john sattler. son he's fourteen and. she plays for him and i see him played a lot the great thing about as i see him interacting with kids all over the world there are lots of ways to communicate with people around the world other than video games and our children are losing a little bit of a site as to what's real and what's maybe virtual i think video games a pall of all coach and now the story that broke recently of annoying your old was how to have because of being on formula we don't blame the parents i don't blame the children but computer games on bond i just don't see the use of them i don't
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see how they're productive there is such a tendency to spend so much time on the computer at least that studies show that the more time they spend in front of a computer or on their phones the more likely they are to have depression and other mental disorders it's been says studies by the university of california for example in twenty fifteen well computer games are actually being found tarnishing increased memory especially in three d. games there are many ways to increase memory certainly pen to paper or pencil to paper all sorts of memory games that you can play with a book think games also can teach them you know what you can maybe they can be good to be a study being sensible you know if your kids on it for many many hours and there's a problem if a child runs a boss a couple times i was going to be a problem so it's just about moderation i think it's just sensible use of the time interacting socially though is really important thing that children are losing you
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know they start to feel like their friends live in their computer when indeed those aren't real people those aren't real friends that are in their lives especially with children and they're in their young formative years where their brains are still developing with the increased risks of mental problems because of it i see no reason to you know make video games part of that when they're just all together not necessary we'll be back in a couple of minutes after the show break. actually as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad feel like let's say i'm a like your police response back of the fight. thank you for. the story that's right if you looked at slavery.
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is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and dismiss it like. this isn't my cup of tea is going to be all maybe. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who are on the vision to look at this. and know it is unfair to this lady of the muscle that you have and i'm going to compete in the gaza machine to do more. don't piss off.
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now co-host on come on has been getting to know fans from around the globe on the streets of moscow and getting the lowdown from some world cup trends a year ago i kind of work at the confederations cup i hope you like to get people from around the world all together enjoying our beautiful guy we have a fantastic stan collymore show episode we're going to be. we've got the passion of the funds coming.
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from graduations to mexico canada and the united states they're going to house twenty twenty six addition but we're here for a fantastic initiative in moscow generation m i six parts of the cuts all twenty twenty eight and goes all across asia and the middle east to help disadvantaged children. oh oh. oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh. oh oh i need to be joined by. legend. joins us today so we thank you for joining us why are you here today always here with the kids the big smiles on their faces tell us why you're here supporting generation my isn't. going to.
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be going to. the. ice is that all. of us moving. abroad in my generation amazing. stuff in the space let's move to the world obviously incredible breaking news there are cameras everywhere here for you today because everybody wants your thoughts on the spanish manager i want to move now on to the next level has gone heroes come in as
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a world. a player of experience in a spanish dressing room how important now is it for sergio ramos for. big name players general p.k. that you know very well and you know very very well to lead in the dressing room it's what is a difficult time. i mean to me and. well you need. something. a little bit. less than a special. going to. your body they. are going to.
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get ok but i'll get in with. me but other. people in. the bank are press that want to come. on. down right i will. get in i said.
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we. want to. be on a spectacular. spying. can they still win it even with these problems do you think the still squad the mentality the quality is still you know for spying to win the world cup something that you have done t. so with us it would obviously a common feeling just fine and then it. didn't all go into the but i want to get off on this this heat i'm thinking as a diet spittle is biased a bit of a biased about all of this out of the stuff that was done to how this is going to
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handle. it all the other of us by no matter what i'm going. to. bring law. finally a man that you know very well the id's grand farewell boss along in the coming now andres iniesta another legend like yourself. how important will it be for him to go out in style. i'll. be honest by now. by no other mean a loss but the loss or sadly they are. a little bit on the list but deals are going to steal a little bit in a span and among which i've been among which i've been in most in a most laws and in most. other i spent most. of
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it. down there see. the other know. when i. say. you are the only one. and i just. want to continue. thank you so much for joining me on the stand callable show sweater better aspiring young ok. thank you.
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i. never thought of seeing.


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